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Benjamin West and His Cat Grimalkin
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Benjamin West and His Cat Grimalkin Marguerite Henry Wesley Dennis Today Benjamin West is remembered because he was the father of American painting and many like to think of him as the only American ever to become President of the Royal Academy of England But I like to remember him as a boy who wanted so very much to paint that he dug his colors out of the earth and made his brushes from his cat s tail Marguerite Henry. Benjamin West and His Cat Grimalkin Today Benjamin West is remembered because he was the father of American painting and many like to think of him as the only American ever to become President of the Royal Academy of England But I like
  • Title: Benjamin West and His Cat Grimalkin
  • Author: Marguerite Henry Wesley Dennis
  • ISBN: 9780970561800
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Paperback
  • Benjamin West and His Cat Grimalkin Marguerite Henry Wesley Dennis

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      251 Marguerite Henry Wesley Dennis
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    1. Patrick says:

      Apparently, Quakers don t believe in artI never knew this Its considered evil I guess So ironically, Benjamin West and His Cat Grimalkin is about a Quaker boy who loves art Ben does his utmost to study art, even behind his family s back He cuts pieces of Grimalkin s fur to make paint brushes, making him all patchy and weird looking This makes Ben s superstitious father think the cat is either cursed, sick, or possessed by a demon This book is one of those short books you can read in possibly two [...]

    2. Jennifer Wilkey says:

      One of my all time favorite books The story of the sincere desire of this little boy to pursue his talent is inspiring The characters are well written, the setting is unique Best of all, it is based on a true story After finishing the book, my kids and I were able to see an actual Benjamin West painting at the Cincinnati Art Museum We will never forget this story I even bought this book for my mother in law for her birthday She loved it.

    3. Emily says:

      This book is about how Benjamin saves a kitten from dying So the owners of the kitten give him the kitten Benjamin named the kitten Grimalkin just like him Later on his father got him a feather, and some black paint He finds out he is a really good painter His teacher does not approve of him painting in class His father signs him up for a really good school, and at the end he becomes the president.I thought this book was really good, some parts were boring but the rest were awesome I feel happy [...]

    4. Linda says:

      This is a charming book about a real Quaker boy who becomes the royal painter to King George III He is aided by local Indians who teach him how to make colors out of things found in nature Benjamin also shows his resourcefulness and determination when he borrows from his cat s tail to make paintbrushes The Quakers believe art to be worldly and vain, so Benjamin has to work to get his parents and church to recognize his talent and permit him to receive training Benjamin West became a famous and i [...]

    5. Luann says:

      This was delightful I read it aloud to my 9 year old son who loved it as much as I did All along the way he kept saying, She s a great writer I love this book And as we finished he said, If I ever have children, I will read them this book

    6. MacKenzie says:

      My boys loved this book and it was a great way to bring history alive for them.

    7. (F.O.P.) Friend of Pixie says:

      Based on the mostly true story of the Quaker childhood of 18th century painter Benjamin West From Logan I liked the the idea that none of this would have been possible without Grimalkin And I liked the adventure of it It was fun The Indians were cool From mama I read all of Henry s horse books as a kid, and I loved Dennis s illustrations I can t believe I d never heard of this book My son loves cats and he thought Grimalkin was amazing although we both agreed that Henry went a little too far ant [...]

    8. Kellyn Roth says:

      A really sweet tale of a little boy growing up in a Quaker household who wants to be an artist.

    9. Catherine Gillespie says:

      We read Benjamin West and His Cat Grimalkin as part of our not so great artist study this term We did learn a lot about Benjamin West s childhood years from this book, although our attempts to study his paintings came to naught When I asked Hannah to tell me about Benjamin West in her end of term narration, she gave many details about his upbringing but concluded with He became a great painter, and I ve heard he was very good Momfail for not pulling the picture study together, but I do think it [...]

    10. Wes Bartlett says:

      As part of our book club we were to read a book published the year we were born We received the book Benjamin West and His Cat Grimalkin in the store earlier in the week and it had been signed by Marguerite Henry and had a small picture of a cat next to her name When I discovered that this book had been published in 1947 I decided to read it It was really a Kid s Chapter book but it was well written and very informative about the artist Benjamin West I also have to admit that I waited until Satu [...]

    11. Joy says:

      My plan is to reread some kid lit this year, so this was my good start I found the Quaker language and views rather refreshing The Quaker s had no pictures A man s deeds are fixed in the hearts of his friends Not his fleshly image on a canvas Necessity can sharpen the wits even of children Not only did West have physical limitations as he became an artist no paints and paint brushes, but a whole mindset against the need for art I appreciated the statement of West s father as Benjamin developed h [...]

    12. Amy says:

      We loved this book There are tons of great jumping off points for a history lesson too I love how she really steeped the dialogue and vocabularly in the time period And it has a great cat in it great for us.

    13. Stephanie A. says:

      One of the few Henry books I did not read in childhood maybe that s the problem , this was a sweet little story, but the setting main character plot didn t leave a huge impression on me I did love the cat, of course.

    14. Gina says:

      Great kids book We love biographies that teach people who have not just done great things, but who were also good people.

    15. Lori says:

      I love to read books like this to my children It is inspiring to see how Benjamin West developed his talent and wowed so many people.

    16. Nicole says:

      I think every elementary student should have the opportunity to read this story Good descriptions of the history for Native American, early American, and Quaker life.

    17. Heather says:

      I love this book My mom read it to us when we were kids and I read it to my boys.

    18. Karen says:

      We read this book over a year ago, the kids and I really enjoyed it It came with our Beautiful Feet pkg of books.

    19. Lynn says:

      This is a wonderful children s book It captures the childhood of Benjamin West in a delightful way.

    20. Renae Deckard says:

      Delightful book about the Father of American Painting.

    21. Susannah says:

      my mom read this to me when I was little I can t even begin to describe how much I love it it s at turns whimsical and heartwarming I can t wait to read it to my son.

    22. Christian says:

      I LOVE it

    23. Lois says:

      Read as a child.

    24. Angelyn says:

      I don t know why but I really loved this one about the painter Benjamin West The kids liked it too.

    25. Jennifer says:

      very old book and very old fashioned, so hard to read.

    26. Awjtf says:

      very cute story I want to find out about Benjamin West

    27. Amy says:

      Simply a sweet story and a very enjoyable read.

    28. Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all) says:

      Known for her horse stories, Marguerite Henry obviously knew nothing about cats No cat on earth ever acted like the eponymous Grimalkin, however long their tails may be Cats do not snuff candles with their paws, herd cattle or sheep, or do any of the other feats of wonder that Henry attributes to the one in thisfantasy Very little is explained about the Quakers, though the Society of Friends is still comparatively little known today and might have made interesting reading She dwells on West s Am [...]

    29. Leah Markum says:

      Good little book from one of my favorite childhood authors I never read this one as a kid, but my dad lost my old books so I recently bought a Marguerite Henry box set that includes this book.Benjamin West is a 7 to 8 year old Quaker boy a day s ride outside of Philadelphia He and his large family run Door Latch Inn Quakers don t have decor because life must be strictly practical However, he dreams of painting He adopts a black cat from a German boy that tried to rescue it, and named it Grimalki [...]

    30. Jamie Gottlieb says:

      I d never heard of Benjamin West before reading this book The kids and I all enjoyed learning about him through this sweet little story about the childhood of the Father of American Painting.

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