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Bleed Ed Kurtz When Walt Black moves into an old gable front house on the outskirts of a small town, things are really looking up for him he has an adoring girlfriend to whom he plans to propose, a new job teaching English at the local high school, and an altogether bright future His outlook and destiny are irreparably changed, however, when an unusual dark red spot appears on theWhen Walt Black moves into an old gable front house on the outskirts of a small town, things are really looking up for him he has an adoring girlfriend to whom he plans to propose, a new job teaching English at the local high school, and an altogether bright future His outlook and destiny are irreparably changed, however, when an unusual dark red spot appears on the ceiling in the hallway Bit by bit, the spot grows, first into a dripping blood stain and eventually into a grotesque, muttering creature As the creature grows, Walt finds himself and interested in fostering its well being At first he only feeds it stray animals so that the blood hungry monster can survive, but this soon fails to satisfy the creature s ghastly needs It is gradually becoming human again, and for that to happen it requires human blood and human flesh And once Walt has crossed the line from curiosity to murder, there is no going back Page after stunning page, Ed Kurtz gets it right This book was like memory lane for me, its luminous prose and unstoppable tension taking me back to the great small town horror novels of the 70s and 80s I didn t think they made em like this any, but thankfully, I was wrong For, with Bleed, Kurtz has not only written an intensely scary tale, but a timeless one as well Joe McKinney, author of Apocalypse of the Dead and Flesh Eaters. Bleed When Walt Black moves into an old gable front house on the outskirts of a small town things are really looking up for him he has an adoring girlfriend to whom he plans to propose a new job teaching
  • Title: Bleed
  • Author: Ed Kurtz
  • ISBN: 9781460974971
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bleed Ed Kurtz

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      Ed Kurtz

    1 Blog on “Bleed

    1. Johann (jobis89) says:

      It was no longer just a stain It was a living entity And it was feeding Walt Black has just moved into his brand new home, where he is met by an unusual brown stain that has formed on the ceiling He tries to paint over it, but it keeps coming back and its growing As it grows it feeds on cockroaches, rats but pretty quickly it moves onto human blood.This book has been my favourite read of the year so far SO DAMN GOOD It s clearly heavily influenced by Clive Barker s The Hellbound Heart , so if yo [...]

    2. Michael Hicks says:

      Home ownership is so much fun, let me tell you If you ever feel like you have too much free time and too much money on hand, get yourself a house Go on, get one You can thank me later There s always some damn thing or another to fix, and once you find one thing in need of repair, you can goddamn guarantee another ten issues, big and small, will erupt all around it The roof leaks and needs to be repaired, while the sump pump is on its last legs, and the fairly new refrigerator just so happens it [...]

    3. Bandit says:

      I seem to be reading Kurtz in reverse chronological order Which is neat from the perspective of seeing how much he s evolved as an author considerably , but also and maybe precisely due to that evolution it s something of a letdown Not terribly so, mind you Every book I ve read by Kurtz so far has been very different in theme and execution This one is his straight up guts and gore bloody disgusting frightfest fit for the most seasoned genre fans Every places comes with a story and some fixer upp [...]

    4. Benoit Lelièvre says:

      Well, that was interesting.Not the kind of story I connect emotionally to, but I ve enjoyed many, many things about BLEED The elephant in the room is the Clive Barker influence BLEED isn t a proper homage to the original HELLRAISER but its influence is all over this attic monster story I loved also the allegorical value of the novel The monster is a 1950s drive in goop monster which is great , but also a metaphor for insecurities and abuse which come with stressful life moves likebuying a house [...]

    5. Lou says:

      Walt a promising english teacher had many visions and goals in teaching his students about great authors and works of literature.He s a likable character and also his partner book seller They are about to be part of something that you would think only lies in the macabre horror books they love Walt seems to be under a spell as time passes in the story, he transforms character in his new home in to that of a very unpleasant and unlikeable character Its almost as if in a vampire like way this crea [...]

    6. Adam Light says:

      This book was a crazy blend of classic Stephen King and Clive Barker with Kurtz twisting around familiar elements to create his own brand of shocking gleefuly demented horror I really had a good time reading it I would recommend it highly to anyone with a strong stomach for gore There s plenty of that here, folks The storytelling is masterful, macabre and downright addictive I couldn t put it down.

    7. Ruby (aru.by) says:

      Walk Black, a high school English teacher, has just bought an old Gable front house on the outskirts of town The house needs some work, but Walt is looking forward to the challenge of fixing it up With his loving girlfriend and new job, things are looking up for Walt Until he notices a small stain on the ceiling in the hallway The stain grows, first into a dripping blood stain and ultimately into a monstrous being that feasts on human blood and flesh This was the bloodiest and most gore filled b [...]

    8. Adam Light says:

      My review for this book disappeared I don t know what happened, but that sure pisses me off Anyway, I loved this book because it was the first time in quite a while that a horror novel was truly horrific and unrelenting in a way that wasn t outright torture porn I recommend it to anyone looking for blood and guts AND story and characters that are well developed Some of the scenes in this book were so surprisingly brutal I was amazed Very well done

    9. Nick Cato says:

      Walt s a young man with a promising future he has just purchased a fix er up house out in the sticks, yet close enough to his new job as a high school English teacher He s also planning on proposing to his girlfriend Amanda He notices a spot on the ceiling one day, and after not being able to get rid of it, the spot begins to grow At first it becomes a bigger stain, then eventually, it turns into a pulsating lump And as it grows, Amanda notices Walt starting to act strange She ends up leaving wh [...]

    10. Char says:

      I read this book with our horror group at Shelfari.The main character, Walt, buys a fixer upper house He has a new job as a teacher and once the house is ready he plans to propose to his girlfriend and has already purchased her a ring This house is Walt s first step to obtaining the life he really wants Then he notices a small stain on his ceiling A stain which, within a few days, starts to spread and drip down The stain looks like blood.And so the nightmare begins.This story was extremely gory [...]

    11. Feli says:

      I got this from The Feast Box of the Nocturnal Reader s Box which by the way I highly recommend to everyone who is interested in horror, psychological thriller and sci fi.I really liked this book, although I have to say that this is clearly not for everyone and especially not for the fainthearted This book is full of blood and gore If this doesn t discourage you, then you will find an excellently written book which is fast paced and never gets boring There was not one scene which I thought was b [...]

    12. Sheri White says:

      Awesome book Started this morning and couldn t put it down until I finished a few minutes ago Review to come soon.

    13. David Bridges says:

      Another great read from Ed Kurtz Bleed is as disturbing as it is bloody fun Ed knows how to add a level of brutality to his narratives that I believe many authors don t know how to or don t have the guts to do I feel like in some horror novels there seems to be a need to have a main character with redemptive qualities Walt Black starts out harmless but as the story goes on those redeeming qualities begin to melt away It could partially be from the monster that may be influencing his mind, but al [...]

    14. Jessie Kettner says:

      This book was creepy and unique in all the right ways Love that I didn t see the ending coming at all, and the subplot that gives background to the origin of the stain on the wall.

    15. Anne says:

      Surprisingly good

    16. Ade Grant says:

      Okay, let s get this out the way first it s a bit like Hellraiser Right, now we can move on, because to become bogged down in comparisons would be to do this enjoyable quick paced romp through a hellish abattoir a terrible disservice.Bleed is classic horror tale in the sense that it is about a small group of characters in a remote setting, trying to deal with a peculiar scenario in which they should really seek professional help Of course, this is not what they do, and the story descends into bl [...]

    17. Ross Lockhart says:

      Ed Kurtz s Bleed is little bit Hellraiser, a little bit Daughters of Darkness, a little bit Crawlspace, and a whole bloody haunted house of awesome Kurtz drags his protagonist to hell via the darkest, most violent possible spiraling path, as a stain on the ceiling of an old house becomes something worse and worse and worse Surprising and sanguinary, Bleed is supernatural horror done right Brutal, bloody, and hooky as hell.

    18. Rena Mason says:

      This was a good book, very fast paced and an intense read.

    19. Benjamin Ethridge says:

      A thoroughly horrific tale Suspenseful and no holds barred, Ed Kurtz knows exactly how to make you cringe, gasp and have several minor heart attacks along the way.Recommended for any horror lover.

    20. Nichole Gray says:

      Walt Black bought a new house with the intention of proposing to his girlfriend and starting a new life together He moved in and begins work on the fixer upper A brown stain appears on the ceiling in the hallway that keeps growing despite his efforts to get rid of it It starts to grow tentacles that reach down from the ceiling and eventually evolves into a face and underdeveloped arms It must give off some kind of pheromone that bends people to its will because Walt starts feeding it and feeling [...]

    21. Arsala says:

      I got this book from the Nocturnal Readers Box, a subscription box that delivers horror books relating to a theme as well as bookish goodies that go with the theme July s theme was The Feast, which was supposed to be darker than ever I did not get that at all with this book I was halfway through Bleed before I decided it was not worth my time and decided to leave it unfinished.Kurtz s writing style bored me to tears he seemed to have a habit of telling rather than showing His descriptions were p [...]

    22. Nikki says:

      Well wasn t this quite the gore fest I anticipated that a book titled Bleed would probably be pretty dark and gruesome That it was If you like books about cannibalism this one is for you.A man named Walt moves into a new house in the country Life is good as he has a new teaching job and is on the brink of proposing to his girlfriend Amanda While fixing up his new home, he notices a small brown spot on the ceiling in the hallway He does everything in his power to remove the stain Somehow it keeps [...]

    23. John says:

      Haha what a riot A bloodthirsty rollercoaster of dark humour and grisly mayhem Sure, the story leeches hugely off the original Hellraiser but that didn t detract from the fun in my opinion.It reminded me of the Santa Clarita diet at times Some great characters here, the relationships between them could have been fleshed out a bit better, but the way the story flowed just had a feel of one of those cheesy 80 s horror flicks I actually mean that as a compliment, as the whole vibe of the book had m [...]

    24. Mireya Melchor says:

      Received this book from my Nocturnal Readers subscription box, and I gotta say I really enjoyed it The characters are well developed, you get to know them before everything turned to shit, which then leaves you confused on how you should feel the book wasn t scary, just creepy and gruesome af The only downside is I wish there was history and closure on the blood and the the girl can t say without giving anything away

    25. Sasha says:

      Amazingly stomach churning Gory and disgusting Reminds me of Little Shop of Horrors with an even grizzlier effect The story is told in a present point of view with flash backs peppering between sections Witness the gruesome rebirth in a classic backwoods setting of Wisconsin it was hard to put this book down Believe me, it s a must read for horror lovers.

    26. Anthony Cabrera says:

      This was a wild book The imagery was great, some points it was down right repulsive which is what I look for in a horror novel It was the type of read that makes you look away from the pages for a second because it is so good I would recommend this to any horror fan.

    27. Kylie Corley says:

      The book definitely had its ups and downs Loved how descriptive with the gore it could be It had me feeling sorry for some of the characters For me, it was definitely predictable, but still enjoyable.

    28. Rocko Stanfell says:

      It was really easy read Had great flow I really liked the main character and how he evolved through the book It s just the ending, I feel like it could of gone a few different ways and been better But overall it was good.

    29. Michael Koenig says:

      1 Didn t make sense2 Clive Barker shameless rip off3 Was so bad that its twist ending pleasantly caught me off guard, completely 2 Stars.

    30. Kimberly says:

      Well this was the most disturbing book I ve ever read

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