Rachel Van Dyken
Every Girl Does It
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Every Girl Does It Rachel Van Dyken Amanda turned down Preston s prom invitation in front of her entire high school, but that was eight years ago.Somehow, her past mistakes always have a way of catching up with her, and making her pay Amanda s sarcastic wit mixed with Preston s insufferable ego make sparks fly in than one way.Preston, against his better judgment can t fight the desire to get under AmanAmanda turned down Preston s prom invitation in front of her entire high school, but that was eight years ago.Somehow, her past mistakes always have a way of catching up with her, and making her pay Amanda s sarcastic wit mixed with Preston s insufferable ego make sparks fly in than one way.Preston, against his better judgment can t fight the desire to get under Amanda s skin and mercilessly tease her, but when that teasing becomes flirting, and flirting becomes something dangerously , neither of them are prepared for the adventure that follows.. Every Girl Does It Amanda turned down Preston s prom invitation in front of her entire high school but that was eight years ago Somehow her past mistakes always have a way of catching up with her and making her pay A
  • Title: Every Girl Does It
  • Author: Rachel Van Dyken
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Every Girl Does It Rachel Van Dyken

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    1 Blog on “Every Girl Does It

    1. Kelly (and the Book Boar) says:

      Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum 3.5 StarsAs I wrap up my second week of all romance novels all the time I ve adopted a new life motto While it hasn t been all sunshine and roses, I ve been pleasantly surprised by some of my selections and have solidified my superfan status of a couple of authors Rachel Van Dyken being one I fell hard and fast for Van Dyken with The Consequence of Loving Colton She just gets me I like my romance to be flirty, to lean heavily on the comedy side of the Rom [...]

    2. A. Bookzilla. says:

      This book is hilarious and a very light read.I fell in love with Rachel Van Dyken s writing in Tear A Seaside Novel, but this one well, it s good for a laugh Yes, it s predictable and a little over the top, and I m not a huge fan of religion in books, but it keeps you entertained, and I actually managed to read it in just a couple of hours.Comparing me to a fat bear that sits and eats bamboo all day doesn t boost my self esteem.Amanda is a sweet, likable girl with horrible luck in men, and a hil [...]

    3. Katie W says:

      I was not expecting to enjoy this book as much as I did Amanda was asked to prom in front of the whole school by a nerd She turned him down Fast forward ten years Amanda runs into Preston again, only now he s a buff, cute hot fireman and she s definitely feeling some remorse for the high school rejection Maybe it s not too late to change her mindI love how flustered and crazy Amanda gets Sometimes she s pretty much outright mean, but Preston leaves her so confused and she just doesn t know how t [...]

    4. Laura says:

      Adorable Loved the characters, loved the banter, loved the off the wall situations that Amanda gets herself into Cute and leaves me wanting to read I would love another Amanda Preston novel

    5. Patricia Kiyono says:

      This is the very funny story of a young girl who makes a bad decision in high school and then REALLY pays for it later She cruelly turns down a classmate s invitation to the prom because he s a nerd, but the nerd grows up into a handsome hunk Somehow she is forced into going to Hawaii with him and sharing a bungalow with him and her misadventures are endless The descriptions are funny other than a surprising reference to a Korean supermodel s eyes and the ending is very romantic A fun read

    6. Erin Danzer says:

      I really enjoyed reading this book Ms Van Dyken kept me entertained throughout the novel Her characters were well rounded and had me laughing on almost every page The back and forth between the two main characters kept me wondering when they would finally hook up The fact that the MC had to redeem herself for something done in high school is something I haven t seen in a while Overall, I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun, contemporary adult read.

    7. Melissa says:

      All I can say is WOW At the beginning of this book, I kind of thought that there was no way that I was going to enjoy this Then I continued to read it and I laughed and cried during the book Amanda s constant inner dialogue and the back and forth banter between herself and Preston just made it even better A great read with such a great ending.

    8. Sarah Oxford says:

      I have never read a book that has made me laugh as much as this book, it was so much fun The main character Amanda is absolutely hilarious in a can t help doing saying stupid things kind of way I mean I was really uncontrollably laughing at points to the extent that my son kept asking me what was so funny and gave me odd looks.Amanda is great, she has weird reactions to things, she speaks before she thinks, she gets herself into all kinds of trouble, but she s sweet and harmless really The inter [...]

    9. Heather andrews says:

      Oh Preston, you re something else, wow what do you mean wow he repeats, his face drawing together in concern and then irritation Am I supposed to thank you for complimenting me after you nearly killed yourself and took me with you a few minutes ago Do you even know your name right now I just little his snarky replies, do you want me to be offering His lower lip brushes mine Kind of digging the sexy pet names Does that mean I can call you Foot Stomper Because, I find that type of aggression reall [...]

    10. NadaAbandah says:

      I became aware of Rachel s books totally by accident as a fan of Regency books check my other reviews to her House of Renwick series , I didn t expect to be very pleasantly surprised with this modern piece The book talks Amanda who once turned down the school Star Trek Nerdy fan in front of the whole school, only yo covet the hot sexy fireman he turned out to be The plot is very cliche and the outcome is yes predictable but the amazing page turning factors is the great lines Amanda who s tellin [...]

    11. Romancing the Book says:

      Reviewed By TeeReview Copy Provided By AuthorIt has been eight years since Amanda turned down Preston s request to go to the prom with him in front of their entire High School Eight years is a very long time for Preston to hold a grudge but is that what he has in mind when they meet up again This is a laugh out loud book, for you never know if it is time for her to pay back in Preston s mind, or is it Amanda feeling bad for the way she treated him in high school Amanda is very childish and jumps [...]

    12. Emma L Smith says:

      Seriously, Rachel Van Dyken can do no wrong What is wrong with me I m like my own personal fan club over here Seriously, I need to get out Anyway, this book was awesome I thought it might a little dodge because it was the first one ever and so might be lacking in some areas And yeah, there were little mistakes and wrong words and stuff but I couldn t care less Because it was awesome Preston and Amanda are amazing together They re so cute and funny and have really great chemistry and neither one [...]

    13. Zoe and the Edge says:

      Amanda s quirky humour had me smiling from the start She s such a nut She s extremely hyperactive and has half a dozen quirks, I could hardly keep up with them She s hates water, drools when she sleeps, fears birds, goes crazy on caffeine, adores bread, cries a lot, and has no filter When I get started, there s no alarm that goes off in my head that says, hey, Amanda, maybe that s an over share.My main problem is that she s pretty klutzy and Preston spends most of his time laughing at her Basica [...]

    14. Tangerine says:

      I wasn t sure that I even wanted to rate this book because it s so ridiculous I have liked and loved some of this author s other books so I will go easy on this one, it was her first book after all.Even though this book is ridiculous I laughed my ass off at parts of it The kind of laugh that is hard to stop, tears coming out of your eyes, and you re being stared at The kind that if you try to explain what s causing it makes you look and sound stupid It was over the top The heroine is immature an [...]

    15. Joy says:

      If you follow my blog, you know I m a sucker for snarky humor I m excited to tell you I found an author to watch Rachel Van Dyken has a fun, sassy voice and Every Girl Does It was an easy, humorous, read with several snort out loud moments Van Dyken s chick lit style kept me flipping the pages.Occasionally her humor hit a wrong note and the bickering between her hero and heroine was a little overdone, but I whizzed through this book in only a few hours which is a testament to the author s engagi [...]

    16. Sammy says:

      what can I say, this was a cute funny romantic one in one word RomedyI always love it when the girl is so crazy fun to be around , and the guy is so adorably sweet just loves her the way she is I mean what better way to live life , than laughing all the way with cute hubby.

    17. Rebeka Duran says:

      Funny but.Really O.oOkay this was a funny read.I usually love RVD but this book just didn t do for me.It could of been great.of there were of a story instead of ridiculous banter and they didn t keep talking about a naked cat most of the book.So much potential but sadly this was just a boring haha that s funny wow romantic wait are they seriously moving that fast kind of book pretty much sums it up.

    18. Adrienn Csép says:

      This was the author s first book and I loved it I started with a shy smile and later I couldn t remove my smile kidding my laughing because this book was hilarious I love Rachel Van Dyken s sence of humor she always makes me laughing so hard I m crying DAnd with this story with Amanda and Preston she made me laughing so hard so many times DNote to everybody Always watch out for the nerd guys you won t know who they will become DD

    19. Jan says:

      Nearly a 4Really liked the concept of this story, I thought it was fun and humorous Its a YA read not enough angst for me, the female character although fun became annoying, in her twenties sticking her tongue out and acting like a teen This plot had so much potential if only it had drama.But it was fun with a hea

    20. Becca says:

      A pure gem of a book from Rachel Van Dyken Full of humor and heart.

    21. SammiesBookBlog says:

      The Bet and The Wager will always be my favorite books by Rachel, but in a way this takes the cake It was HILARIOUS I laughed constantly like you usually do with Rachel s books I loved the whole concept and story The girl rejects geeky boy in high school and years later he saves the day and is a super hot geek sheek fireman They have mutual friends and end up vacationing together She is slowly falling for him and he keeps trying to assure her he is not paying her back for rejecting him all those [...]

    22. Kimm says:

      The new year entered on the heels of a fulfilling year of reading for 2012 I knew that I would have a lot of books to pour through if I wanted to keep up with last year s pace Fortunately, that isn t a tall order when you find new authors to fall in love with My favorite type of writer has to be one that writes both historical romance AND young new adult enter Rachel Van Dyken I first found her historical novel The Devil Duke Takes a Bride LOVED IT So, when I found out that she writes YA too, we [...]

    23. Pam says:

      I guess I am on the short list of people who didn t enjoy this book While it appears that the author was going for humor, I wasn t laughing And I won t even start on the numerous writing errors There were some sentences that I had to read several times, and yet they still didn t make sense There were typos galore as well A poorly proofread for sure.I didn t like Amanda She was immature and childish She was annoying and abusive She threw things at Preston, multiple times She was forever hitting h [...]

    24. Tina says:

      Omg, I don t think I ve ever laughed so much while reading a book Amanda is having a pretty crummy dating life when she runs into Preston the boy she turned down in high school Preston s all grown up super hot Amanda doesn t quite know what to do around him she feels bad for high school is wondering what Preston s motives are for pursuing her And this is where all the hilarity happens because Amanda has no filter between her brain mouth Such a really good, sweet, funny fast read I kept reading w [...]

    25. Marilou Go says:

      This book is okay except that it s too predictable and the heroine is nothing but crazy.d then there s this part in which her own bestfriend didn t recognize her very hard to imagine and the whole brad and angelina disguise Is that possible Well, I m still a sucker of happy endingsThat s why I will still give three stars

    26. Melanie says:

      I was looking for light, fun, quick and clean and this book delivered Preston, the geek, asks Amanda to Prom in a very public way and she turns him down Nine years later, they meet up again and he s now a hunky fireman The plot is a bit predictable but still highly entertaining and fun to read.

    27. Nicole says:

      This book is one hell of a crazy read I don t know if I turned into an anti chick lit girl but I hated all that blabbering in my head I think Amanda is pretty damn shallow too I don t even know why I finished this book It s so stupid.

    28. Angie says:

      Loved, loved, loved this book I m totally loving this author The humor in this book is fantastic My children gave me strange looks when I would literally laugh out loud I will recommend this book to others

    29. Emilia says:

      Totally and utterly adorable It was such a short read but I loved every minute if it It was so cute and funny Amanda has such a crazy personality She had me cracking up so much If you want a nice romantic comedy, then this is the book for you It s so worth it

    30. diana says:

      This book is hilarious and sweet Although some of the events seemed too unrealistic, I was enjoying myself too much that I didn t really care Amanda and Preston make the cutest couple 3

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