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Tech-Heaven Linda Nagata Katie loved her husband so much that when he was killed in a helicopter accident, she defies the family s wishes and puts Tom s body in cryonic suspension until technology can find a way to revive him But Tom s sister, a powerful senator, wants her brother to rest in peace But Katie is determined that Tom shall live again and will go to any lengths to ensure it.. Tech Heaven Katie loved her husband so much that when he was killed in a helicopter accident she defies the family s wishes and puts Tom s body in cryonic suspension until technology can find a way to revive him
  • Title: Tech-Heaven
  • Author: Linda Nagata
  • ISBN: 9780553569261
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Tech-Heaven Linda Nagata

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      409 Linda Nagata
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    1 Blog on “Tech-Heaven

    1. David says:

      I guess it deserves somewhat than 3 stars The depiction of potential social divisions crises resulting from growing population use of natural resources pollution may not be right on target, but it s the kind of attempted extrapolation that s important to SF Yet, that part of the book didn t satisfy me, perhaps for no reason other than my psyche.The first chapter Katie age 64 is compelling The second chapter age 34 has Tom s death , family controversy, the cryogenic idea, etc Then there s than [...]

    2. John says:

      Nagata discusses some interesting ideas about what the potential societal effects of cryopreservation and nanotechnology She even brings in some religious overtones about what it would mean to be frozen and then thawed What happens to your soul, are you really dead For all that, the story was a bit flat and the characters POVs weren t always consistent.

    3. Username says:

      This book was too long, I think it would have worked better as a novella, without all the building up that takes the reader back to the moment in the first pages A few flashbacks could have filled in the gaps One of the major problems was how cold andunlikeable was Katie the protagonist Meh

    4. Peter says:

      After her husband dies suddenly, Katie Kishida has him frozen and starts a long journey trying to advocate against the growing public sentiment against cryogenics and other potential life extension technologies, and supporting those technologies that will be needed to eventually bring him back the start of nanotechnology.I really like Linda Nagata in general Sometimes it can get a little out there with esoteric ideas, but her near future stuff is usually pretty solidly enjoyable.I guess everyone [...]

    5. writegeist says:

      While I m not a big fan of origin stories How things got to be the way they are, especially in book or movie series How many times do I have to see Peter Parker get bitten by a spider, huh Sorry Bird walk , Nagata s ability to handle the human and the tech elements without having one overwhelm the other is the biggest reason to read this origin After reading several of her novels, I am seeing that she is a master of creating a melancholic mood that draws readers into the way that future or even [...]

    6. Bob Rust says:

      Tech Heaven 1995 is a prequel that focuses on a world wide dispute involving Cryonics and Overpopulation.

    7. Tricia says:

      Less engaging for a sci fi nerdNagata s writing is good as always, but I missed the fast pace of the worlds she created in the other books in this series.

    8. Tomislav says:

      second read 14 July 2011I re read this book because it was selected as the July 2011 hardsf book of the month After about a year of keeping up with the yahoogroups and forums, this was my first nomination and after a few months it was selected.Once again, I was struck by the creative, but unlikely, paths that society moves through in the years after Katie decides to have her dieing husband frozen, and by the somewhat off characters that populate this book The thing is, though, that the ethical a [...]

    9. Robert Dormer says:

      Another re read of an old favorite 35 year old me got a lot out of this than 15 year old me did Nagata tackles some pretty ambitious and universal themes in this surprisingly literary sci fi story, using a virtually purpose made vehicle in the form of cryonics The focus here is a sly treatment of that question we ve all asked ourselves, what happens after I m gone While we occasionally see intriguing glimpses of another world through the eyes of the deceased husband, the main thrust is the worl [...]

    10. Brittany says:

      I really enjoyed reading this book The idea of cryonics and bioengineering to reverse aging and or do away with death completely as we colonize Mars is something that I wish would really happen The love angle was interesting, too Truth be told, I never cared for Gregory Tom was where it was at for me, trudging along in a semi conscious state in a mid purgatory plane of existence while being instructed and led by his Familiar What a romantic premise and story, I really enjoyed it a lot The ending [...]

    11. Mitchell says:

      Interesting take on cryogenics and to a small extent nanotechnology So 4 books in I m willing to say Linda Nagata is a fantastic author who I hope somehow gets her books back in print rather than buying them directly from her, which is what I did Anyway, this book isn t perfect I found the dream sequences quite irritating But otherwise interesting ideas and good writing 4.5 of 5.

    12. Cindywho says:

      A friend recommended me Nagata s SF series I believe this first one was actually written as a pre quel The pacing and science are interesting and thrilling, but the characters and plot are a bit Ayn Randish flat and overblown but definitely fun enough to read March 28, 2006

    13. Zlatko Đurić says:

      Amazing book with great thoughts about the futureLoved the book Personally the alternate time bits were a bit off and I am not sure how to fit them in, except that it all made sense in the end.

    14. Chet says:

      Did not finish it Could not get into it.

    15. Ryan says:

      For a book with such a promising opener, we spend far too much time exploring a tired morality tale about cryogenics and the religious right What the heck was the lesbian freeclimbing about DNF.

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