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Always Lynsay Sands A wild and passionate love affair brings our hero and heroine together Neither can resist the attraction they feel for one another and everything else takes second place.. Always A wild and passionate love affair brings our hero and heroine together Neither can resist the attraction they feel for one another and everything else takes second place
  • Title: Always
  • Author: Lynsay Sands
  • ISBN: 9780843947366
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Paperback
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      272 Lynsay Sands
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    1. Naksed says:

      I like humor in HR They don t all have to be epic, five hankies read I have literally laughed out loud at some of the stuff Judith Mcnaught and Lisa Oscar Wilde is my hero Kleypas come up with But a convent bred medieval virgin who tells her husband to whip out his cucumber and wiggle his seed on her so they can consummate their marriage is not my cuppa humor I honestly didn t make it past the second chapter This is my second DNF of 2016 involving cucumber in sex play.

    2. Alyssa says:

      Review posted on The Eater of Books blog Always by Lynsay SandsPublisher AvonPublication Date November 24, 2015Rating 2 starsSource eARC from Edelweiss Warning this is an adult book, and for the eyes of mature readers Summary from New York Times bestselling author Lynsay Sands returns with the unforgettable story of a reluctant bride and groom who soon find common ground in the bedroom .Bastard daughter to the king, Rosamunde was raised in a convent and wholly prepared to take the veil until Ki [...]

    3. Laura the Highland Hussy says:

      Review posted on Got Fiction I read this one a while back, and I remember enjoying it It looks like Avon is giving it a brand new cover and re issuing it November.Rosamunde is the daughter of the king, the bastard daughter But he likes her and provides for her She is raised in a convent, and then one day her father tells her that she has to marry one of his knights, Aric The problem is that she has been raised in a convent, and instead of becoming a Bride of Christ, she s now becoming a bride to [...]

    4. Edwina " I LoveBooks" "Deb" says:

      I DISLIKED THE HERO ARIC King Henry II has a beloved illegitimate daughter Rosamunde Rosamunde has been raised by the Nuns in a Convent Just as she is about to take the Veil Henry marries her off to Lord Aric Burkhart Aric has been cuckold by his betroth Delia and now is available to marry Kings Henry s daughter The marriage takes place very quickly at the Convent and the Consummation of the marriage is even quicker The new couple is then sent off to there new castle and land holdings with 4 lar [...]

    5. Katie Michaels says:

      You know that a book is not the right fit for you when you spend the entire thing waiting for the hero to stop being an idiot For me, generally the hero of a romance is the most important part of the story and Aric was just a big, fat fail The book begins with him swearing off marriage because his betrothed cheated on him But the King rules out his plans for an extended bachelorhood when he decrees Aric shall marry his illegitimate daughter, Rosemunde.So Aric is against getting married from out [...]

    6. Jane Stewart says:

      It was ok as a typical romance novel, but nothing special.This might be good for borrowing, but I wouldn t recommend buying it I had no major problems, but it didn t grab me or entertain me as much as other romance novels Rosamunde was the illegitimate daughter of the king and grew up in a convent Just before she was to take her vows, her father arranged a marriage for her Her husband Aric was previously engaged to someone who cheated on him He feared Rosamunde would do the same, so he kept her [...]

    7. Leona (Books Inside The Keep) says:

      Disclaimer I received as an ARC courtesy of Avon Books via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest reviewFrom the laugh out loud moments right from the start to the tender moments between Aric and Rosamunde I was completely captivated I really didn t know what to expect since I ve only read Lynsay Sand s Argeneau series, but goodness was I pleasantly surprised The opening scene between Aric and Robert, then King Henry, Aric and Robert, had me so engaged with these characters that I readily knew that [...]

    8. Jen (The Starry-Eyed Revue) says:

      This is one of those stories where you re just sitting there, screaming at the characters to effing communicate because that would solve all their problems That, and the hero not acting like a jealous arse the entire time because his previous betrothed couldn t remain faithful Also, I knew who the culprit was almost from the start I hate that.

    9. Susan says:

      Fun book, with the author s trademark humor and bit of intrigue to spice up the romance Rosamunde has been raised at the convent and is just hours away from taking her vows when her father shows up He is determined to marry her off and has brought the groom with him Aric had just ended his betrothal to a woman who was unfaithful He s seriously considering remaining unmarried when the king arrives The king won t take no for an answer and Aric soon finds himself married to the beautiful but innoce [...]

    10. Judy says:

      Rosamunde is the illegitimate child of King Henry Her mother was deeply loved by the King.Aric has just found his fiance cheating on him with another man in a stable He goes to his friend Robert to drown his sorrows in drink and proclaims never to marry King Henry has other plans for him and drags Aric and Robert off to the convent.Rosamunde is to say her vows the following day and then she will be a Sister Father has a different idea He is marrying her off this very day.As another Sister explai [...]

    11. Angela says:

      The hero of the story, Aric, ruins this book He s moody, jealous, irrational Honestly, I can t think of a single redeeming thing about him The story itself is pretty weak, and extremely predictable I kept thinking that their must be a twist at some point, but nope It all plays out about how you d expect.Also, the idea that a bull wouldn t harm someone if they fed it apples is maybe the stupidest thing I ve ever heard Word to the wise don t try this at home

    12. Desi says:

      3.5 stars Some very amusing scenes here and there Just the right amount of royal intrigue to hold interest yet not be tiresome And no overly annoying characters I didn t feel any particular emotional connection to the characters, but it was fun to romp through their world A nice light read.

    13. Kimia Safavi says:

      I love Lynsay Sands s book, but this one was not my favorite with heroine being airheaded and hero being mean at first and then jealous.I must it was very funny and sexy but not my favorite.

    14. Samantha says:

      I own this book Review to come on my blog storyobsessedblog.wordpress.c

    15. Beth F. says:

      Wow, I m odd woman out on the rating scale for this book Four stars, four stars, five stars, four stars And then me One star Dang Reviews on sold me on this book because they all described this book as hilarious and funny and a romance that doesn t take itself so seriously I found all those descriptions to be true and enjoyed that aspect of it immensely HOWEVER, I also felt that many of the scenarios in the book did not always tie in Mainly, I think the biggest barrier for me with this book was [...]

    16. Bambi Unbridled says:

      I have yet to read a historical by Lynsay Sands that I didn t love, and Always is no different This book had so many laugh out loud moments that I was afraid to listen in public I have gotten strange looks on the elevator before from people wondering why I am cackling at nothing as they can t usually see my bluetooth headphones Anyway, I digress.Our heroine in this story is Rosamunde, bastard daughter to King Henry II and his beloved mistress also named Rosamunde She is convent raised and set to [...]

    17. Britta says:

      Rosamunde is the bastard daughter of the king of England Training to become a nun, she has lived at the convent with the sisters for her entire life That is, until her father shows up with a terrific specimen of the male physique or what she assumes is a great example since she really has never met such a man or warrior before and tells her that she is to marry Rosamunde is one day away from taking her vows as a nun when Aric shows up, marries her and consummates the marriage She s bewildered by [...]

    18. Megan Altorfer says:

      Aric broke off his betrothal after finding her in the stables with another man between her legs He sent word to his father and rode to his friends castle Robert Shambly to drink himself in oblivion That is where his King found him King Henry was worried about his daughter Rosamund is he were to die But her mother wasn t Queen Eleanor but his previous mistress who also bore the name Rosamund King Henry was on his way to offer to another when he had heard of Aric breaking off his betrothed and dec [...]

    19. Kari says:

      I thoroughly enjoyed Always I am a big fan of Lynsay Sands vampire series, but I also love her historical romances When I pick up one of her books, I know I m going to get lots of humor, mayhem and steamy bedroom scenes In Always, Rosamunde and Aric are forced to marry after meeting for like 5 minutes She thought she was going to become a nun, but her father had other plans for her Aric has been burned by love in the past and has no desire to marry ever It was a lot of fun watching these two fal [...]

    20. Dianne says:

      I was asked to review this book and was thrilled at the time because I didn t know that this was a re print Most of Lynsay Sands books are fresh and humorous, but with this book, except for a few passages, this book was not fresh or humorous Perhaps at the time it was written it was, but I don t feel that this book withstood the test of time.The characters are one dimensional and clich d Bossy, male yes I m sure this was historically accurate, but that was then, the author is writing for the now [...]

    21. Norma Smith says:

      What can I say about Always You have the kings bastard daughter raised in a convent who is about to take the veil, when her father arrives to marry off his love child to Aric one of his most valiant knight Aric is given very little choice in the matter Rosamunde is disciplined that any thing sexual between a man and a woman is sinful Neither Aric or Rosamunde know any thing about each other but, marry any way With his mind made up that no women can be trusted Aric orders his wife to stay inside [...]

    22. Caroline Yamashita says:

      Que livro bom O Rei mandou, Aric obedeceu.Mesmo ele tendo jurando que n o se casava com ningu m depois que sua ex noiva foi pega nos est bulos com outro.Ela iria tomar o v u daqui um dia, mas o o rei, seu pai, mandou ela obedeceu E Rosamunde se casou no mesmo dia com Aric E jurou perante Deus e a seu pai SEMPRE obedecer seu marido.Ela foi educada para ser freira, e o que fazer em sua noite de n pcias N o poderia ser dif cil, s sabia que era desagrad vel, ainda mais com seu pai esperando do lado [...]

    23. K says:

      After the last historical romance novel I read by Sands which I found sadly lacking , I was a little hesitant w this book But then I remembered how I have liked some of her other historical romance novels and her writing So I figured, why not give it a try And I must admit I was pleasantly suprised Overall, I enjoyed the story and found myself rooting for Rosamunde and Aric However, I must say that the innonence and naitivite sp of Rosamunde was annoying at times, but what can one expect when yo [...]

    24. Donna says:

      I enjoyed this medieval story Rosamunde, bastard daughter of King Henry, was raised in a convent after her mother s death She planned to become a nun as that was the only life she knew She was of marriageable age when Henry, fearing for her safety if he died, brought Lord Aric to the convent to see them wed.Rosamunde knew nothing of men, except what an older unknowing nun had told her, so adjusting to life outside the convent was frustrating Especially with a husband who did not trust women Aric [...]

    25. Jody says:

      I liked this one but I tend to like all of Lynsay Sands books.cially her vampire, just wish she would write historical vampire fiction stories like the ones done with Hannah Howell.Anyway this book was funny in all the incidences of not obeying, bellowing and dealing with the animals It starts out with Aric breaking his betrothal to some slut Anyway while he is drowning his sorrows, the king drops in to ask him to do him a favor Well that is something no one can really refuse.cially when it is [...]

    26. The Book Junkie Reads . . . says:

      Audio can make things a bit bearable The flatulent horse stole the show That was a damn shame I love a historical romance I not so keen on those that forces marriage upon our heroine But this young lady was fun, lively, and dutiful to a father the rarely paid her any mind Bastard daughter to the king, Rosamunde was the bastard daughter to the king and raised in a convent Aric was spare son that just found himself promising to love, and honor the king s daughter This was not an over the top roma [...]

    27. Rgreader says:

      Always is an average historical romance It began good but soon became tedious with drawn out 1 road trips 2 attempts on heroine then hero s life Oh and the smexing was dull I skimmed a lot Just didn t feel the chemistry The romance build up so bland Disappointing since the beginning was so intriguing.If one likes humor then this book owns it Don t expect much from the romance It will disapoint.

    28. Laura Beth says:

      Lynsay Sands has such a wonderful sense of humor that comes out in her books This book also has such loneliness expressed as well that it made me cry as well as laugh In addition it has a horse in the great hall dressed in the lord s tunic Just picture that You must read this one.The couple fell in love as they should and survived the plot against them as all historical novels should entail It was a great book.

    29. Lisarenee says:

      About Rosamunde, King Henry s illegitimate daughter, and Aric The King feels his life is in jeopardy and forces his daughter and Aric to wed He wants to make sure his daughter is safe with a husband he trusts in case his fears are realized So a girl who would have become a nun is suddenly forced to be a wife Kind of funny, but not my favorite of Sands historicals.

    30. Jenna says:

      I just finished reading Always by Linsay Sands If you are looking for a cute and witty read I highly recommend this I loved the style of writing that the author has used, and how she balanced the characters They had wonderful chemistry, and I felt that they completed each other This author always does a fantastic job, and this book was no exception.

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