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The Grey King
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The Grey King Susan Cooper Fire on the Mountain Shall Find the Harp of Gold Played to Wake the Sleepers, Oldest of the Old With the final battle between the Light and the Dark soon approaching, Will sets out on a quest to call for aid Hidden within the Welsh hills is a magical harp that he must use to wake the Sleepers six noble riders who have slept for centuries.But an illness has robbed Wi Fire on the Mountain Shall Find the Harp of Gold Played to Wake the Sleepers, Oldest of the Old With the final battle between the Light and the Dark soon approaching, Will sets out on a quest to call for aid Hidden within the Welsh hills is a magical harp that he must use to wake the Sleepers six noble riders who have slept for centuries.But an illness has robbed Will of nearly all his knowledge of the Old Ones, and he is left only with a broken riddle to guide him in his task As Will travels blindly through the hills, his journey will bring him face to face with the most powerful Lord of the Dark the Grey King The King holds the harp and Sleepers within his lands, and there has yet to be a force strong enough to tear them from his grasp. The Grey King Fire on the Mountain Shall Find the Harp of Gold Played to Wake the Sleepers Oldest of the Old With the final battle between the Light and the Dark soon approaching Will sets out on a quest to call
  • Title: The Grey King
  • Author: Susan Cooper
  • ISBN: 9780590433174
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Grey King Susan Cooper

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    1. mark monday says:

      boy meets boy antics ensuey with Old soul meets boy with dog with old soul old king wishes they never metck boy with too many siblings meets sickly boy with some serious father issuesttle weirdo meets his match in another little weirdo the latter teaches the former how to pronounce Welsh wordsper powered boy meets albino boy with golden eyes the former teaches the latter the meaning of friendship, power, and why old kings are bad news for everyone.Ancient Immortal Being meets Boy Lost Out Of Tim [...]

    2. Nikki says:

      Normally, The Grey King would be my favourite of the five books that make up this sequence Something about the setting in Wales, and Bran s loneliness and arrogance, and of course the tie in with Arthuriana, and the way that it begins to bring in some moral ambiguity when John Rowlands questions the coldness at the heart of the Light Somehow, I didn t love it as much as usual this time possibly because I d just spent a lot of time debating the merits of Greenwitch with various people, and thus [...]

    3. Maggie Stiefvater says:

      Happy sigh I just finished rereading this one again last night With the exception of the first book in the Dark is Rising series, I love all of them atmospheric, dreamy, and creepy, the lot of them And steeped in old folklore and told in lovely prose so that they feel like they grew out of the ground instead of being written by a modern author I cannot recommend them highly enough but do read them in order.

    4. Nikki says:

      I somewhat put off reviewing The Grey King after finishing reading it, because I m not sure what there is to say about it any I ve rhapsodised about it at length the use of mythology, the casual use of the Welsh language, the home ness of the landscape and the people The shades of grey and the adult touches when it comes to Owen Davies and John Rowlands, and Will Stanton s interactions with them There s some beautiful passages, especially the section spent in Craig yr Aderyn, and some genuine mo [...]

    5. Nikki says:

      It s pretty much a tradition for me now to reread this series at this time of year, so I wanted to get it done before we move into 2013 The 2012 reread of The Dark is Rising sees me struggling with anxiety and depression issues, and I nearly didn t get round to reading this, this year But it is my comfort reading, so it was a good idea that I just planted myself firmly down with the book in hand today the same old battered copy as always, of course.To my mind, this is the point in the sequence w [...]

    6. Lexish says:

      This is one of the most well written young adult books I ve ever read They don t write em like this any There s a reason Susan Cooper won the Newbery Medal for this Her incredible, melodic descriptive language and her ability to interweave history, mythology, legend, and good old fashioned fiction bring this book far beyond a traditional boy with special powers book If you appreciate the English language and if you have an interest in history and legend, this one is for you Susan Cooper did her [...]

    7. Ben Babcock says:

      I ve been making a slow tour through Susan Cooper s The Dark is Rising sequence for a few months now It s undeniably an important series in the fantasy canon, but my personal reaction to it has been ambivalent I have been rather disappointed with the novels as stories They re brilliant examples of methodical mythological remixing Yet in adjusting the tone of the books to aim them to her younger audience, Cooper also seems to feel it s necessary to remove a great deal of the complexity and subtl [...]

    8. Nikki says:

      This one is probably my favourite book of the series It always makes me feel hiraeth One day, I need to visit the parts of Wales these books are set in, really And get someone to coach me on how to pronounce them the section where Bran teaches Will is quite helpful, but not as good as hearing someone say the place names Alas, I speak very little Welsh.I think Bran is my favourite character of the series Barney s cute, but Bran has depth, with his troubled past and how much he has to deal with T [...]

    9. Lightreads says:

      The really upsetting one I d been calling it that in my head all along, but I didn t realize I didn t actually remember why It turns out this upset me so much as a child that I literally blanked out the relevant details I remembered about two pages before it happened, in the same horrible swooping lurch that Will experiences as he realizes something bad is about to happen Animal harm, man, that shit fucks you up profound.Anyway I found this intensely interesting It follows on very well from Gree [...]

    10. Nikki says:

      The Grey King is possibly my favourite book of this sequence and I swear that s not only because it s set in my home country It s a lovely, lovely book This is the most layered of the books, I think by which I mean this is the book that has the most to offer for people of all ages There are the open and obvious emotions of Bran grief, pride, arrogance and the complex grief and guilt of Owen Davies, which I m not sure a younger reader would be able to fully understand The characters in this boo [...]

    11. Nancy says:

      Another slim book, at a YA length, which I think hurts the arc of this story to some extent, comprising the harp AND the sleepers While the author s writing never feels hurried in description or tone, it seems that time could have benefited the details and the character development of the story.Things happen quickly, even if described leisurely ly whys or why nots are left unanswered why Will s memory loss, when it came back so easily why Bran and Cafall s initial behavior, except for irrelevan [...]

    12. Pam Baddeley says:

      This is book 4 of the sequence and we are back with Will and with out and out fantasy after the previous blend of adventure story with fantasy and the Drew children s return.Will is sent to Wales to recuperate after a serious illness which not only weakens him physically, but makes him forget that he is an Old One, last of that mysterious group who serve the Light and oppose the rising of the Dark At first he is unaware that he has to perform a quest to regain another object of power to help the [...]

    13. LPG says:

      Okay the series has turned enjoyable again It s funny, I think Cooper realised she d made Will close to infallible in the previous book, so she s whacked him with a memory loss inducing illness at the start of this one A bit ham handed but I m just so thankful she realised the corner she d written herself into The illness is also an excellent excuse to move the whole story to Wales Cause dontcha know When you re recovering from a life threatening fever, rainy Wales is the PERFECT place to do it [...]

    14. Ben De Bono says:

      I m beginning to think that this series would be better titled The Dark is Stumbling Around Awkwardly Without Ever Accomplishing Much In this volume our heroes take on the Grey King, a villain who we re reminded every other paragraph is powerful and evil than any other encountered so far.Despite this impressive reputation, the most evil things he manages to accomplish are a killing a few sheep and b making one small patch of ground briefly change shape He also seems to have it out for sheepdogs [...]

    15. Tim says:

      So, I ve been reading Cooper s Dark is Rising series, which I somehow never got to as a kid despite hearing so much about it, and knowing it won a ton of awards This one, for instance, won the Newbery, one of the biggest American awards for young adult fiction And the overwhelming sense I ve come away with so far is why Don t get me wrong, there are moments of good description, and good story telling But it is hung on a framework that doesn t really work Sure, in theory we have an epic battle go [...]

    16. David says:

      July 2013 rereadThis fourth book is where the Dark is Rising sequence begins to pick up its pace and become epic, weaving the final battle of the Dark vs the Light into a retold Arthurian mythos Rereading it as an adult, I began to feel again a little bit of the magic that so entranced me as a child when this was my favorite series ever.In The Grey King, Will Stanton, last of the Old Ones, has been sent to stay with an uncle in Wales to recover from an illness, thus continuing to contrast his h [...]

    17. Nikki says:

      The Grey King is possibly my favourite book of the sequence, and definitely one of my favourite books of all time The things I noticed in this read through my full review, of an overview of all the times I ve read it, is here were mostly about the Welshness of it, and about the complexities of Will s relationship with the Light and humanity, and how exactly Bran is related to the Light.John Rowlands little speech about the coldness at the heart of the Light always strikes me it s a moral ambigu [...]

    18. Steven Bell says:

      This book wasn t quite as good as Greenwitch but on the whole it was still a huge step up over The Dark is Rising For the first time Will actually feels a bit like a proper character We get a sense that he actually has personal interests and we get to see him make actual choices that have consequences.This also benefits from the decision to keep Merry Merriman on the sidelines so that Will can t just be walked through everything That was something that made The Dark is Rising eternally unbearabl [...]

    19. Stephen Polidore says:

      So far my least favorite of the series, it did have a good ending though It was able to tug at my emotions but lacked a certain amount of structure which left it less satisfying Hopefully the final book picks back up.

    20. Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all) says:

      I remember devouring this book when it first came out and loving it It was my favourite of the series, partly because of the Welsh setting, partly because I was King Arthur mad, and partly because, hey I was fifteen or so I ve remembered it fondly all these years, and after the disappointment of Greenwitch, I told myself Never mind, The Grey King is next, you love that one Well, I did forty years ago Now, not so much I can t condemn the book much it s me that has changed and when I say changed , [...]

    21. Kristina says:

      2018 ReviewThe Grey King by Susan Cooper is the third or fourth book in her Dark is Rising series Will Stanton must continue his quest to find the Things of Power to help the Light in their power against the Dark A serious illness sends him to an uncle s sheep farm in Wales to recuperate There he meets Bran, a very strange boy, and his faithful canine companion Cafall They both are important to Will s quest Even though I like this book, I dread reading it because of the terrible thing that happe [...]

    22. Sylvie says:

      Meh It gets 3 rather than 2 stars mostly because I finished it, and it wasn t a terrrible read Good parts I liked the Welsh setting and the bits and pieces of Will being taught Welsh, or at least how not to totally mangle the pronunciation I liked the sheepdogs I liked that it s perfectly readable without having read the rest of the books in the series I liked that it was an easy read I got through it easily in a couple of hours Which makes sense since it s a kid s book I also mostly liked that [...]

    23. Marsha says:

      In this installment of The Dark is Rising series, young Will is given his most formidable test yet Bereft of the ever present Merriman Lyon, he s forced to battle an ancient, formless evil There are no other Old Ones to help him, which emphasizes the peril he faces.Will becomes less and less like a child or human being with every passing book An unnatural maturity shines out of his eyes, so much so that other normal people are beginning to pick up on it A certain coldness is growing in his natur [...]

    24. Chris says:

      Cooper ditches her winning formula from Greenwitch, letting go of the three children from the first and third books of the series, and settling in with Will Stanton Unfortunately this means we re back to the magical Will, the last of the Old Ones, essentially watching as various mystical events happen around him He s a bit active in this book than in The Dark Is Rising the last book that focused solely on him , but the result is almost as boring Again the colorful British mythology stands out b [...]

    25. LH Johnson says:

      It is interesting to me that the first book to halt me in my headlong and gleeful devouring of the series was this book set in Wales, the fourth book in the series, set in the thin grey rain of Snowdonia It is not the Wales ness of this book that stopped me though partially, yes, it is, the dense nature of those mythological references that when they meant nothing to me, they very much meant nothing , but rather the way that this book did not seem to mean anything to me until those last few page [...]

    26. Lynn says:

      All my opinions about this book might not be helpful since I didn t read any of the other books in this series I am one of those people trying to read all the Newbery medal winners, and The Grey King was on my list Fantasy novels are not an automatic win for me But they aren t set up for failure either But this book just didn t work for me Mainly for the following two reasons 1 They kill a dog I really hate when dogs die in books But I especially hate it when there really is no point Characters [...]

    27. Neula says:

      This was my favourite of The Dark is Rising series as a child and some of the images and characters within the book have stayed with me over the years Re visiting this book as an adult I can see why Cooper s prose is beautifully crafted, the Welsh countryside is a place of latent magic where everyday things a pebble, a sheepdog, an overgrown pathway are transformed into powerful symbols, weapons in the fight between the Light and the Dark And in the centre of it all the character of Bran strange [...]

    28. Wendy Wagner says:

      A brief jewel of a book Here Cooper blends Arthurian legend with rural adventure, using young Will Stanton as a voice for the high level fight between Good and Evil In this book, Will gets a deeper sense of the value of his fight, but also begins to understand how the battle removes him from the human world, which he discovers is full of petty viciousness and wonderful goodness, all of it outside the concerns of legend and lore There is wisdom a plenty in this book, and the last paragraph so per [...]

    29. Jessica says:

      I know it s not a commonly held opinion among fans of The Dark is Rising sequence, but I actually have preferred the books with the Drews, rather than just Will Stanton, but this was still a great read I m grateful for the little Welsh pronunciation lesson Bran gave Will, otherwise I would have been way off the mark with the names My only complaint is not enough Merriman, but overall it was really exciting and I m anxious to start the final volume of the series.

    30. Rachel says:

      This was really a 3.5 for me.This is the continuing story of Will Stanton in his quests to acquire the Things of Power in order to defeat the Dark, and save the world.It s well written but I found myself wishing that the lengthy descriptions of the scenery and the various magical happenings weren t quite so well long.

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