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The Hoopster
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The Hoopster Alan Sitomer Andre Anderson is an African American teenager with a bright future He loves to play basketball He loves to hang out with his friends He loves to laugh Andre has skills, brains, and heart He also has a dream Then he is viciously attacked Now everything he ever believed about the world has been called into question Even his deadly jump shot How can a man get up wheAndre Anderson is an African American teenager with a bright future He loves to play basketball He loves to hang out with his friends He loves to laugh Andre has skills, brains, and heart He also has a dream Then he is viciously attacked Now everything he ever believed about the world has been called into question Even his deadly jump shot How can a man get up when he has been unjustly beaten down Andre is about to find out Andre is The Hoopster.. The Hoopster Andre Anderson is an African American teenager with a bright future He loves to play basketball He loves to hang out with his friends He loves to laugh Andre has skills brains and heart He also has
  • Title: The Hoopster
  • Author: Alan Sitomer
  • ISBN: 9780786854837
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Hoopster Alan Sitomer

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    1. Matthew says:

      The book that I am reviewing is the Hoopster, by Alan Lawrence Sitomer The book is about a group of boys that start off playing basketball, until it starts getting deeper into their lives Like when they talked about where they worked and what they did at that job They also explained about their personal lives like what they do in their free time Or even what they like and dislike But during the book my favourite part was the part when they first step on the court and it s almost like your there [...]

    2. Vardan says:

      The Hoopster by Alan Lawrence Sitomer is a very emotional book with one of the best characters that I have ever read about This book is about an African American basketball playing youngster, Andre, who enjoys writing He works at a writing company, so when his boss gave him a front page writing assignment, he worked at it for weeks His final draft was about racism which turned out to be very popular the next day He received a great amount of letters and attention One night, when Andre was walkin [...]

    3. Alison says:

      Sitomer, Alan Lawrence The Hoopster Hyperion, 2005 12 14 With a title like The Hoopster and cover art depicting an African American male holding a basketball, readers might think this book is solely about life on the basketball court, but it is much than that Andre Anderson has got it all a summer internship at Affairs magazine, a fiery Latina girlfriend and stellar basketball skills to boot But when Andre is asked to write a personal essay on racism for the magazine, his perfect world gets dis [...]

    4. Ken says:

      3 1 2 stars, really This is one of those books that kids would probably be forgiving of than adults, and kids are the target audience, SO, from a YA perspective, a 4 and an attaboy for Call Me Al What I like best is the humor and the banter between the friends Andre young black protagonist and Shawn young black protagonist s young white friend Cedric, Andre s cousin, is an interesting kid because he s the clown in the book and creates tension by using black humor at a night club comedy contest [...]

    5. Josephc says:

      I chose this book beacuse to tell you the truth i seen a basketball on the front cover and though it was going to be about basketball The book started out in a neighborhood where lots of teens where out playing All the kids out where playing a game of basketball Also all the kids where also hanging on the court side litening to music.Andre Anderson is the main characters name in the story He plays basketball with his freinds most the time Andre also has a job i would say making magazines at a pl [...]

    6. Will says:

      This book is about a basketball player named Andre who is also writer for a magazine When his boss gives him a chance at the front cover article he writes about racism The next day two guys find him as he is walking to his car and beak his hand and they tell him to stop writing Great book and I would recommend reading it

    7. Mack says:

      this book was a kinda controversial, it involved a young african american male that is training to be a journalist and ends up getting beaten up by some racists he ends up ok though i enjoyed reading this book.

    8. Angel Zapata says:

      The Hoopster Book Review By Angel ZapataBy Alan Lawrence Sitomer Spoiler Alert During his I Have A Dream speech, Martin Luther King Jr believed that one day, his children and other people in the future will not be judged by their race or the color of their skin, but by the actions and characteristics that define them This book that I have read recently is an urban fiction story called The Hoopster By Alan Lawrence Sitomer This story is about an African American teenager who is threatened and ass [...]

    9. Devin Palmer says:

      Alan Sitomer s book The Hoopster is a realistic fiction book It describes the life as an African American boy who has a background in the sport of basketball Andre Anderson has a normal life as a teenager He loves basketball and brings basketball into real life situations and a way of living He has a pretty normal family that loves him very much and hopes for him to succeed in life Andre Anderson had a dream of becoming a journalist He loves to hang out with his friends and loves to have fun and [...]

    10. Dillon Rice says:

      The Hoopster is a very good story about how to cope with big problems in life Andre Anderson is an amazing basketball player with a great girlfriend and a very good internship for writing articles Everything is going right for him and his life couldn t get any better until he writes a controversial article on racism Many hateful,racist, civilians take the essay the wrong way, causing many big problems for Andre Andre is jumped and injured very badly After this he refuses to have any social inter [...]

    11. Jaki says:

      This is a good book for teens about prejudice and the ways people deal with violence I am going to teach it in my classroom.

    12. EricRead says:

      Its cool You know got bad language in it which is funny but its sad kinda like All American Boys.

    13. Lucas says:

      Spoiler Alert Have you ever had dream that you were passionate about but kept getting knocked down by either society or just people of your community because you were making sure or making people of your community aware of your dream or passion Well young adult Andre did matter fact he got beat up just because he was saying in his writing the truth about racism The theme of this book is realistic fiction.The story starts by Andre playing basketball He goes up against a guy named Shawn First poss [...]

    14. 3NoraE says:

      This book is about an ambitious young black boy named Andre, he lives in a time where some people were still racist it s hard for him because he s best friend is white But that doesn t stop them from being friends his cousin Cedric is like the cocky one in the family, they all love to play ball but each have something they are good at Like Andre is a writer, Shawn is a artist Cedric is a comedian Later on in the story they learn to slowly achieve those dreams The story starts to take place once [...]

    15. Jamir Jackson says:

      The Hoopster by Alan Sitomer is a fiction novel and it is about a black teenager named Andre Anderson and he loves to play basketball with his white bestfriend Shawn and his annoying cousin Cedric Andre has a goal to become a journalist, so he is trying to make sure that his spot is safe and on lock down for magazine job in the summer His friend Shawn thinks that Andre spends too much time working and not enough with his friends outside his free time, so he introduces Andre to a friend of his na [...]

    16. Andrew Caparell says:

      Can you recover when your whole identity and world collapses around you Many of us are defined by our personal skills and gifts How would you feel if everything you worked so hard for was taken away in a split second Would you be able to rebuild and persevere Well in The Hoopster by Alan Lawrence Sitomer a teenage African American boy named Andre has to do just that He is on the right path to success on the court and off He is a basketball player with a deadly jumpshot and a writer for a local m [...]

    17. Imani ♥ ☮ says:

      Pretty good storyline Some of it was a little toodramatized but overall a really good book I just thought about something, concerning the titles of this book The Hoopster , Homeboyz, and Hip Hop High School All of the aforementioned titles are, well, to put it bluntly, are in some way stereotypical of African American culture.Homeboyz GangstersHip Hop High School RappersThe Hoopster Of course all Black people are good basketball players.And the thing is, none of these stories really fit the titl [...]

    18. Nshslibrary says:

      Basketball is an interesting sport for most people Some people like watching basketball games, but others like to play the sport Andre in The Hoopster loves to play basketball with his friends In the beginning of the story Alan Lawrence Sitomer writes, A hard beat pumped from a radio by the fence Ten players, twenty sneakers, two rims, one basket that s all there was That s all they needed 1 He is able to hook the reader during the first page, which makes The Hoopster an interesting lead.The sto [...]

    19. Lea Martin says:

      Hoopster is not the book your expecting to be As you look at the cover you probably thinking this book just all about basketball and thats it Wrong it has to it than that, dont judge a book by its cover literally As it came to it, I only read the book because I thought it was all about basketball, Dont get me wrong it has basketball stuff in it But its not all about ball, this book has such great details and you can just picture everything in your head because of how the details are I really li [...]

    20. Jacari Lenoir says:

      Andre Johnson loves to play basketball like any other kid, with his white best friend Shawn and his relative, Cedric A basketball players biggest dreams was really to go to the pros right Well, Andre s dream was to become a journalist So to work on that he got a little summer job that was like a little magazine company Andre meets this girl name Gwen that he was introduced to from Shawn Shawn always felt that he wasn t focusing on his social life Andre was asked to write an article on racism by [...]

    21. Demarco C says:

      The hoopster was a really good book to me because it was one of my only chapter book that i read that had to do with basketball.i picked this book because my best friend told me to try it out and i did and it was deferentially worth it because the book is very organized and has a good voice.The setting was on the basketball court because it had to do with basketball the whole book and it was also at the main character house who was name Andree main conflict in my book was right in the middle wh [...]

    22. Leonid Musheghyan says:

      I chose this book because it was still about the Anderson family, like in Homeboyz, but only it focuses on the oldest brother, Andre Andre Anderson is a hard working, basketball loving person who is an editor for a newspaper After all his despise towards his boss for not giving him a chance to write a piece changes in one day He gets called into his boss s office where he gets an opportunity to write a piece for the newspaper Andre decides to write about the African American community and after [...]

    23. Kaliahya says:

      Andre Anderson is a black teenager with a bright future He loves to play basketball He loves to hang out with his friends He loves to laugh Andre has skills, brains and heart He also has a burning dream to be than anyone thinks he can, both on the court and in the field of journalism.But when Andre gets his chance at the big time he incites flaming passions in areas no one ever expected, including the heart of his smart, ambitious, hot girlfriend, Gwen, and the hateful soul of a vicious gang of [...]

    24. Narek Aloyan says:

      I chose this book because I decided to change my book reading routine and read a book about sports The story I read was completely different than what I expected Andre, an African American and the main character, is a superb writer who works at Affairs magazine as the printer is suddenly given the task of writing about racism His article raised the amount of readers and he was given a raise but his good fortune was short lived when he got ambushed by a viscous gang of racist and they broke his r [...]

    25. Isaac West says:

      I read a couple of books this trimester However, the best one by far was The Hoopster by Alan Sitomer I think that this book can teach you a lot of lessons, but at the same time it can entertain you about basketball and the life of a teenager Andre goes through a lot for his age, but I think it will help him and me after reading the book to be a better person in the future.The main characters name is Andre Anderson He is black teen that lives in America He and his best friend Shawn go to the cou [...]

    26. Isiah says:

      The book I have chosen is called the hoopester and is written by Alan Sitomer This book takes place in a big city I choose this book because my interest is in basketball and this book caught my attention and also this book caught my attention Also this book is not just focus on the scheme of basketball it also shows a challenge that an African American person had to go threw named Andre Also I like to read a book that you learn a lesson from like over coming a problem that almost made you want t [...]

    27. Pablo Pachalian says:

      The Hoopster is an excellent book written by Alan Lawrence Sitomer This book is about a teenager who loves to play basketball, and gets a job at a newspaper article about writing on racism His greatly loved activitys are shortley ended when a racist gang jumps him in a parking lot I really enjoyed this book It not only mixes urban everyday topics but also teaches us many morals Some morals include the fact that revenge is both yourself s and your enemy s loose and that racism is something that s [...]

    28. Shaun Harris says:

      I chose this book because Marco reccomended it to me This book is amazing and it is about a 14 year old boy who is a local hoopster at his parks basketball court He basically Owns the Court But when Andre becomes famous for writing an article againist racism in a popular magizine, he quickly becomes a target to people who disagree with him Andre is badly beaten and slips into depression Now no one can reach him and his family and frie nds can not save him My favorite quote is when Andre is playi [...]

    29. Katie C says:

      Andre is an African American teenager with a love for basketball, and an a dream of becoming a journalist Andre has skills on the court, brains in the office, and heart in everything he does His best friend is white, his name is Shawn, he shares his love of basketball and wants to be an artist Life is going great, both boys have bright futures ahead of them, that is until they get viciously attacked The beating is racially motivated, and one of the boys becomes maimed for life I chose this book, [...]

    30. Evan Bennett says:

      The Hoopster by Alan Sitomer is a great book The way the author ties action in with sadness is amazing I really don t like reading but this kept me turning the pages This book is about a African American boy that loves to play basketball If you like basketball you should read this book Andre Anderson is an African American kid that loves playing basketball with his best friend Shawn and his cousin Cedric Andre gets made fun of a lot by his friends because he also loves journalism One day Andre a [...]

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