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Little Miss Independent
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Little Miss Independent Julia Templeton Adelaide Bruce was just a girl in braids when her brother s best friend, Naval Captain Lord Drayton, left for war Now, five years later, Lord Drayton has returned to London with hideous battle scars that have made him a social pariah Adelaide doesn t see Roan s wounds, but rather the man she has always secretly loved Although she has been courted by a handsome lord withAdelaide Bruce was just a girl in braids when her brother s best friend, Naval Captain Lord Drayton, left for war Now, five years later, Lord Drayton has returned to London with hideous battle scars that have made him a social pariah Adelaide doesn t see Roan s wounds, but rather the man she has always secretly loved Although she has been courted by a handsome lord with marriage on his mind, it is Roan she secretly desires Roan is stunned when he is reacquainted with Addy Bruce In the years that have passed, Addy has grown into a true beauty and the toast of the ton He is not sure which surprises him her transformation, or the fact she is the only woman who treats him as though his scars do not exist When Roan learns of Addy s engagement to a rival, he must move fast or lose her forever.Please note LITTLE MISS INDEPENDENT is a short novella 9,700 words that was originally published in THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF REGENCY ROMANCE The story is a sweet romance no sex.. Little Miss Independent Adelaide Bruce was just a girl in braids when her brother s best friend Naval Captain Lord Drayton left for war Now five years later Lord Drayton has returned to London with hideous battle scars t
  • Title: Little Miss Independent
  • Author: Julia Templeton
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Little Miss Independent Julia Templeton

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    1. Romancing the Book says:

      Posted on Romancing the Book s blogReviewed by NichelleReviewed Copy Provided by purchase for pleasureAddy has loved Roan since she was a young girl, she now wishes to prove to him when he comes back as a war hero whose visage has changed because of the war I loved their interactions with each other It was refreshing to see the heroine go after what she wants Roan being the damaged hero cannot believe that Addy who is beautiful and of marriageable age would want him The story had a lot of angst [...]

    2. Literary Ames Against GR Censorship says:

      Oh So close Fantabulously enjoyable Beauty and the Beast shorty, progressing rather well, as it crescendoshappyeveraftertheend Nooooo It was so abruptly ended I have burn marks on my ass, having skidded out of the story 4 stars anyway, but that extra star was available for the taking Thrown away, it was Thrown away

    3. Stacy says:

      I am pleased for this novel being free on since it s so freaking short I thought I was only a couple chapters in and lo and behold, 50% complete on my kindle Wah Anyway, very stereotypical romp in 1800s London Love me some 1800s London fiction so I really enjoyed it Super quick read and I kind of wished the author had drawn it out a bit , but hey, it was a freebie on.

    4. Denise says:

      Short but good.

    5. adelina. says:

      A very sweet story about man who has a wounded soul appearance and woman who loves him despite everything.

    6. SheLove2Read says:

      Sweet story about a scarred war veteran and a young debutante family friend I really wish this could have been longer than the 40 pages it was Just starting to get good and it s over.

    7. Brenda Carattini-Gonzalez says:

      Loved the writing.wished it was longerAs always, J A Templeton writes her stories and characters beautifully there is no surprise there I understand that this is meant to be a short story but this one seems extra short.I hope one day that J A Templeton revisits this story and decides that it needs to be a full length book The storyline was great but it ended so quickly that I realized I started to love the characters well after I had finished the story It was that quick Roan is hurt during his s [...]

    8. Deborah Carter says:

      I have one issue with this story, it was not long enough It was however touching and tugged at my heart strings The heroine, Addy, has been secretly in love with the hero, Roan, since forever Roan went to fight in the Napoleonic Wars He suffered an injury to his face and right side Roan has lost his fiancee , his mistress and his wounds are talked about Roan meets Addy at a ball and realizes that she has grown up Roan is impressed with the way she treats him and is interested There are problems, [...]

    9. Morag says:

      lovely easy reading, short story

    10. Chrissy says:

      THE REASONI chose to read LITTLE MISS INDEPENDENT because it was a Kindle freebie and also was listed as a romance without sex That would be a refreshing change to the romances I ve encountered latelyTHE PLOTRoan has just come back from battle with an enormous, deforming scar across his face His fiance has left him and the women from the English Regency who were previously fighting for his attention have now completely shunned him He feels like the outcast, for sureAddy, the younger sister of Ro [...]

    11. Lady Raven RAVE! says:

      A very high 3 1 2 starsI am a very very big fan of Julie Templeton and love her work I liked this book it was very sweet but it didn t feel like her best The story is about Roan and Addy, Roan has return of the war with battle scars to his neck, cheeks and hands cause by fire, the very once handsome Roan isn t the talk of the town any because of this as everyone look at him now as a monster, he is also Addy s brother best friend Addy for me as lovable as I found her she was very young at 18 thou [...]

    12. J.C. Cauthon says:

      This was a cute, quick regency romance read It is right at 10,000 words long, so most readers can have it read in less than an hour Because this was a quick read, there were several aspects that one comes to expect from a regency romance missing from it, but I think that it made the story even better Without all the extra drama that comes from drawing out a romantic relationship in a regency novel, I was able to really look at the characters and enjoy them for what they were two young people in [...]

    13. Tonileg says:

      This is story was surprisingly well written with a strong 18 year old heroine Addy Bruce She was born into nobility and English Regency society where is was already the belle of the ball in her first season in the London Ton We meet Lord Drayton right away and find out that he has survived from a near death attack and is left with terrible burns and scars on his face and body He used to be the hottest ticket in town, but now he is abandoned by his fiance and his old mistresses Addy has always be [...]

    14. Maggie Hesseling says:

      Who would have a man who is so scarred Addy She doesn t see them, or rather sees the man underneath, the one she s loved since the age of eight A wonderful little short story, which touches on the insecurities vetrans return with scars that can be both on the outside and inside Great use of language I love how Roan seems to be befuddled through most of it, but man enough to step up as well.

    15. Ewa says:

      I usually hate stories with heroines pining for this one guy for couple of years They almost always seem pathetic Addy was the opposite, she was great with her firm support for Roan I guess it s hard to write a short story You have to cram all the drama and conflicts in a limited word count As usual with this format I felt that the ending was rushed I m pretty sure hero mistaken love with lust Overall very nice story about decent people.

    16. V says:

      This novella, while fast moving, develops the feeling of mutual love and attraction between the hero and heroine in a rather believable way allowing of course for the suspension of disbelief necessary to the genre Well written and playing out exactly as the reader would wish, the only thing wrong with this story is its length Templeton would have done well to develop this into a full length book This read is certainly worth the time.

    17. Lizabeth Tucker says:

      Lord Roan Drayton returned home from the war horrible scarred, the subject of snide remarks and redirected looks from London Society Childhood friend Adelaide Bruce is one of the few who doesn t react to him as a monster, but as a man, one she desires.Wonderful set up, interesting characters, and fitting as I read this on Memorial Day An abrupt ending weakened the overall impact, yet this is still a good read 3.5 out of 5

    18. Emily says:

      Loved Loved Loved.I think this is one of the best historical romance novellas that I ve ever read It was simply sensual and delicious I honestly didn t want it to end I kept wishing it were a full length novel, so that the sexual tension between Roan and Addy would continue I envisioned a spin off with Addy s brother Jack This was a perfect novella.

    19. Niki says:

      I really likes the damaged hero but the heroine and her brother were idiots How did he not notice the suitor was a total drunk How did he not realize he made Addy feel like he wanted her gone Why was Addy leading on that idiot and why did she not care how that would affect her future prospects Too many irritating questions.

    20. Sheri says:

      After reading several other short stories recently and being somewhat disappointed, I wasn t expecting to like this one either However, I was pleasantly surprised It was a wonderful, sweet story I only wish the author had given it a little thought and made it longer Even so, I give it 5 stars.

    21. Book Him Danno says:

      This is a short story Regency Romance and the cover is very misleading A shot story that had a good flow up until the end and then it slammed finished I would have liked a few pages so that the ending had the same feeling as the rest of the book No sex, just a few stolen kisses along the few pages.

    22. Melanie says:

      This was a really cute story, passionate while only containing kisses, and overall I enjoyed it Unfortunately, due to the length, it feels rushed and overly dramatic Still a fun read, though, and I would definitely try from this author.

    23. Jenn says:

      I loved it I loved it I really wasn t expecting much for.99 and the story is short but very enjoyable Well worth the price I m looking forward to reading the authors other books.

    24. Trish says:

      I loved the premise of the story, a bit different It was very short, I think I finished it all in my lunch hour I would ve loved to have it drawn out a bit , I liked the characters a lot Would happily read by this author.

    25. Jackie says:

      So it is very short, it is also a sweet sentimental reminder to never judge by ones appearance as Addy s story proved without a doubt that looks do not make a person worthy but their inner character does

    26. Joanna V says:

      Just a very short story A scarred war veteran and the little sister of his best friend who has always had a thing for him Liked the characters a lot but there were way too many historical mistakes for the period Pretty meh.

    27. Carrie Olguin says:

      A short romance Not much conflict Hero and heroine have known each other since childhood In the year of her comeout, he returns home from war a scarred man.There are few obstacles to their romance so there isn t much conflict But the read is short, pleasant and entertaining.

    28. Denise Koopman says:

      Ok for me That s about all I can say.

    29. Victoria says:

      The perfect short romance story that I finished in hours

    30. Misty says:

      Good readit is a good short story maybe a little to short but I enjoyed the hero and heroine when u know it s right that s all that matters.

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