Ilona Andrews Renée Raudman
Fate's Edge
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Fate's Edge Ilona Andrews Renée Raudman Audrey Callahan left behind her life in the Edge, and she s determined to stay on the straight and narrow But when her brother gets into hot water, the former thief takes on one last heist and finds herself matching wits with a jack of all trades Kaldar Mar a gambler, lawyer, thief, and spy expects his latest assignment tracking down a stolen item to be a piece of cakeAudrey Callahan left behind her life in the Edge, and she s determined to stay on the straight and narrow But when her brother gets into hot water, the former thief takes on one last heist and finds herself matching wits with a jack of all trades Kaldar Mar a gambler, lawyer, thief, and spy expects his latest assignment tracking down a stolen item to be a piece of cake, until Audrey shows up But when the item falls into the hands of a lethal criminal, Kaldar realizes that in order to finish the job, he s going to need Audrey s help. Fate s Edge Audrey Callahan left behind her life in the Edge and she s determined to stay on the straight and narrow But when her brother gets into hot water the former thief takes on one last heist and finds h
  • Title: Fate's Edge
  • Author: Ilona Andrews Renée Raudman
  • ISBN: 9781452603285
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Fate's Edge Ilona Andrews Renée Raudman

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      Ilona Andrews Renée Raudman

    1 Blog on “Fate's Edge

    1. ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans) says:

      Buddy reread with the Awesome IA Army Of Utter Awesomeness aka the eye candy IA Addicts.Previous rating 4New rating 104 stars 4 FREAKING STARS What the bloody fish was I thinking when I first read this book I must have been very high or very drunk at the time Or both Damn, I wonder what I was taking back then, it must have been seriously powerful stuff for me to give 4 pathetic little stars to this Awesome Piece of IA Awesomenessss Conmen and congirls, and bloodshed, oh my Magic and magpies, and [...]

    2. Anne says:

      OMG Bad boys, right I loved Kaldar when I met him in Bayou Moon, so I was excited to read his story And he didn t disappoint Neither did Audrey, for that matter I loved the snarky back and forth between those two, because arguing is the spice of every good relationship.Ah, ah, ah You know I m right, ladiesNow, I don t mean the are you fucking my sister arguments I mean the kind of everyday battles you fight over the small stuff Remotes, covers, thermostats, driving skills, and who gets the good [...]

    3. Gordon says:

      We really had fun working on this one, Ilona got to put in her Ocean s Eleven and Leverage elements and I got to put in my disdain of Prosperity Preachers, plus there is romance and fighting Bayou Moon is still my favorite but this is a very close second Oh, crap, am I damning my own book with faint praise Probably, they should put that on there as a blurb, not as good as the last one but not completely terrible either.

    4. Robin (Bridge Four) says:

      Re reading with all my fellow addicts at Ilona Andrews Addicts IAA agains that makes it 3x but I don t care I love this series After Morning Star and Calamity I need something I know I m going to love or risk falling into a severe book funk.This was just perfect.Kaldar can pull anyone out a book funk Plus George and Jack helped a ton.The blond boy called out I m terribly sorry, but is there any way we could grab that cage off the porch We won t disturb your dalliance Dalliance Another boy emerge [...]

    5. Nicole says:

      I wrote this short review long ago but forgot to post it, so here we are actual rating 3 stars, 1 star removed for reasons I ll state later But now that I think of it, this book is closer to 2.5 counting the problem that made me lower my rating It was so meh.I avoided reading this book for months and now that I finally read it, I m relieved One book left before I start the innkeeper chronicles I enjoyed the first 2 two books quite a lot so you might wonder, why didn t I want to read this book Tr [...]

    6. Jo ★The Book Sloth★ says:

      3,5 StarsBR with the awesome IAA gang.Hook is my Kaldar It fits perfectly I wanted to love this book I did want to, badly It didn t work that way though Although IA s usual charm is still there, in the badass characters, in the great dialogs, in the bickering couple, in the freaking awesome side characters, this book was just a tiny bit too slow for me to love.Kaldar and Audrey were great I loved how Kaldar could charm the pants off a nun and how Audrey could con her way into anything Still, Kal [...]

    7. Melindam says:

      I would write a review, but it would be 33,33333 % gushing 33,33333% swooning 33,33333 swearing fealty and undying love to Ilona Gordon, so I will spare you.I will only use some keywords like awesome, fun, conmen women, spies, politics, crazy family, adorable racoons cool wyverns It offers thrill, chase, excitement, laughter, heartache happiness in abundance.Go and find out the rest for yourselves, if you haven t read this book series It s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo worth it.

    8. Felicia says:

      Why did this sit on my Kindle for so long unread Because I m a dumbass This book was SOOO fun I ve said it before about this series, and I ll say it again This author knows how to write kids in urban fantasy that I don t want to get shipped off to military school and never see again I LOVE these kids characters And honestly, i think I wasn t crazy about the love interest from the last installment and that s why I was slow to read this, but the book really matched the leads up well Top UF author [...]

    9. Katie Michaels says:

      The Edge series has turned a corner for me with this book Don t get me wrong I enjoyed the first two But in each installment, I felt like I had to work for it Now, for the first time with this series, I was able to jump into the story with both feet from the beginning Maybe it s because I am already familiar with the world building and many of the characters, but I don t think so I think it s of a change in focus This book felt much honed in on our main couple and their adventure, while the in [...]

    10. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ says:

      This third installment in Ilona Andrews THE EDGE series may be the best one I ve read yet The Edge is a semi magical border land that lies between two dimensions a magical version of our world the Weird and our normal world what the Weird and Edgers call the Broken because their magical powers don t work here Only a few people can cross over the magical borders in either direction, and Audrey Callahan is one of them Audrey is one of an Edge family of gifted and dedicated con artists, but she s t [...]

    11. Alexa says:

      My favorite of the series so far DOur new leading lady, Audrey, is just as awesome as any other IA female character But I liked her better because she was different Most IA females are snarky and wouldn t worry about kicking some behind if needed Audrey is smart, great at what she does but she s not snarky Sarcastic yes, funny too But she was a bit softer I liked the change Kaldar was also amazing He was funny and direct, so refreshing I loved the interactions between then and I was 100% sold on [...]

    12. Melanie says:

      1 On the Edge 2 Bayou Moon Buddy Read with Ilona Andrews Addicts IAA So, Kaldar s book was everything amazing that I expected it to be, and then so much I still think I like On the Edge a little , but it definitely surpassed Bayou Moon I mean, this whole series is great, but if I m ranking them, this comes in at a close second I also loved all the different POVs In Bayou Moon it seemed to only be about Cerise and William, and we didn t get to see Declan or Rose until the epilogue In Fate s Edge [...]

    13. Kristen says:

      This review is dedicated to all my IA loves The tangent I have been reading The Edge series with a bunch of wonderful IA lovers I did not review the first two books because real life was smacking me in the face I decided to review the 3rd book for three main reasons A It has been my favorite of the series.B oOSarahOo is being her normal annoying self AKA amazing C Life stopped bitch slapping me in the face Thanks life By Sarah being her normal annoying self, I mean that she won t get off my back [...]

    14. Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog) says:

      I would be such an easy mark for Kaldar Mar, he would just smile his seductive smile and I would hand him over all my worldly goods Granted, he may be disappointed as he will mostly come away with books then he can carry and Xavier the Xbox but it is all there ripe for plucking Luckily Audrey Callahan isn t as gullible as I am, so she would probably manage to keep her Xbox if she had one and most her books I reckon Kaldar would take a few, just because he can but, will she keep her heart I mean [...]

    15. Angela says:

      4.5 StarsThis book started a bit slow for me There was quite a bit in the beginning in Jack and George s POV, which was interesting, but I was really looking forward to getting to the story.Once Kaldar what a great character, full of life, charm, and loyalty and Audrey met the story really picked up and I couldn t stop turning pages, staying up far into the night to continue reading.If you ve read Bayou Moon you know Kaldar of the Mar family He s taken a job with the Mirror in order to gain his [...]

    16. Orient says:

      Fate s Edge has action though, I think this book was a little bit slower than the other books , romance, magic, love and danger, just a great mix I know I will repeat it, but it needs to be said once Andrews team has a wonderful skill to write I liked Kaldar in the second book so I was excited to find out about him in this, third, book He s such an enjoyable guy to make a great read and I was so eager to know about his adventure I like his humour, audacity, rebellion against rules and loyalt [...]

    17. Erica Ravenclaw says:

      No spoilers and colorful language abound On the Edge Book 1 Bayou Moon Book 2 Ah This, again, took me awhile to sink into I m not sure why I find the beginning of all of these books so tedious, but somehow I plow through, because I know how worth it, it is to finish They are so good I think I had forgotten how negatively I felt throughout most of the entire first book, yet I gave it a descent rating, they won me over with that ending That seems to be the theme of me and these books.Can I just sa [...]

    18. Monty Cupcake ☠ Queen of Bloodshed ☠ says:

      Listen, I see the appeal of Kaldar, I really do, but this book initially took forever to get into I found the pace at the beginning to be slow and I became so irritated at the plot device of including Jack George, that I stopped reading I probably wouldn t have read this due to the aforementioned abhorrent plot device, but I did it for the IA BR What s right in this book Kaldar He s a sly charismatic fox I imagine him kind of Zorro piratey He s a crazy Mar and can kill with his awesome sword fla [...]

    19. Allison says:

      I m really behind on writing reviews lately I want to get this one out there since I ve already finished the last book of the series, so I m going for the random bullet point method.Things I liked The humor and fun of having a conman and conwoman as protagonists I really enjoyed the heists Kaldar is such a loveable rogue There s plenty of witty dialog in the middle of serious jobs Jack and George have large roles to play I like how this series has romance, but also has side characters to help ba [...]

    20. Jen says:

      Audio May 2016Audrey and KaldarWhen I pick up an Ilona Andrews book I start it knowing that I need to pay attention Fate s Edge, the third book in their Edge series, was no different They immediately throw a lot of terms at you You are introduced to the Edge, the Broken, the Weird, the Hand, the Mirror and so on The first 100 pages of the book must be read slowly so you don t miss any of the terms or what the Andrews are trying to show you to Once you get past the initial info dump, as always, t [...]

    21. Emma says:

      There s loads to love in this third instalment of the Edge series I thought Kalder and Audrey were a great match loved Jack, George and Gaston s involvement too The action was pretty much non stop and I really enjoyed the heist vibe I thought the ending was hurried and a bit twee, compared to the others though, so I had to knock a star off.Still recommended

    22. ☕ Kimberly says:

      Fate s Edge takes us back into the Weird and shares Audrey and Kaldar s slow burning romance Of course, the Andrews writing team weaves an intense fast paced story around their relationship.Sadly, while I liked this couple, and the story was intense, they were not my favorite of the Edge series.Audrey Callahan is a thief who has a seriously crappy family She is cunning and quick with a lock pick, but please do not give her a sword When she steals something for her father and learns it will fall [...]

    23. -y.a says:

      4.5 starsThis was my favorite of The Edge series by far

    24. Vicky (the Blowtorch-Wielding OotCDCB™) says:

      Time to worship at the IA altar I m inaugurating a new shelf just for this.How do Ilona and Gordon do it How do they manage to write awesome worlds with cool magic kickass heroines fan myself heroes quirky banter gory goodness LOL scenes cute kids cool pets, and then shake it all into a cocktail of pure awesomeness Who knows I suspect they made a deal with the devil But whatever it was, it worked Random awesome quotes I absolutely cannot pick the best ones when really, the best one is the whole [...]

    25. Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) says:

      4.5 STARS Posted onUnder the Covers While FATE S EDGE is really the third book in The Edge series, it was my first delve into this alternate world of The Weird, the Broken and The Edge Though I worried that I would be lost entering in the middle of a series, I soon found out that I had no reason to be The writing team of Ilona Andrews may create a vastly unique and complex world, but they are considerate enough to add in a few details here and there for new readers who would like to try this ser [...]

    26. Jilly says:

      This has got to be one of my favorite Edge books I loved William the Wolf s wolfy brain in the last book, but I also fell for Kaldar Mars He is one of those charming characters of questionable, but funny, morals A pickpocket, conman, and manipulator who is now working for the Mirror, Kaldar is sent on a mission to retrieve a potentially dangerous weapon that other thieves took and placed in the hands of the bad guys It takes a thief to catch a thiefart doggyBut, he meets his match in Audrey, the [...]

    27. Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ Rabid Reads says:

      What is it that we love so much about con artists Whether it s Neal Caffrey on White Collar, the entire crew from Leverage, or something like Kristen Ashley s Play it Safe, it doesn t matter I love them all I love pirates too And scoundrels and rogues.And KALDAR.

    28. Kathleen says:

      Lots of bloody murder, swearing, profanity, one or two sex scenes 2.5 stars Maybe I m a grouch, but I can t quite find three stars in this book I liked Book 1 On the Edge much better, and Book 2 Bayou Moon, is my favorite so far, cuz I adored William the wolf, and Cerise was one impressive warrior Book 4 update Steel s Edge is great, too Characters Kaldar, the secret agent who works for the Mirror, and Audrey, a lock picker par excellence who is forced to help Keldar The boys Jack and George, an [...]

    29. Mrs. Badass says:

      How on earth to start this review I could start by saying that I think Ilona Andrews writes SUPERB Worlds and Characters I could say that Ilona Andrews has the most Fantastic imagination when it comes to monsters and villains I could say that Ilona Andrews writes witty and funny dialogue, which doesn t feel forced or cheesy Unless they want it to, of course But if I said all those things, what would I tell you about Fate s Edge That would be the end of this review, and I then would tell you to r [...]

    30. Phrynne says:

      I really enjoyed this book I liked the new characters very much but I also enjoyed having Rose and Declan, William and Cerise and the boys all back and having important parts to play The relationship between Audrey and Kaldar was delightful and some of their banter was really entertaining I really liked this series from the very first book and so far it is still good May there be many

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