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Wicked Girls: A Novel of the Salem Witch Trials
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Wicked Girls: A Novel of the Salem Witch Trials Stephanie Hemphill A fictionalized account, told in verse, of the Salem witch trials, told from the perspective of three of the real young women living in Salem in 1692 Mercy Lewis, Margaret Walcott, and Ann Putnam, Jr.. Wicked Girls A Novel of the Salem Witch Trials A fictionalized account told in verse of the Salem witch trials told from the perspective of three of the real young women living in Salem in Mercy Lewis Margaret Walcott and Ann Putnam Jr
  • Title: Wicked Girls: A Novel of the Salem Witch Trials
  • Author: Stephanie Hemphill
  • ISBN: 9781461818052
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Audiobook
  • Wicked Girls: A Novel of the Salem Witch Trials Stephanie Hemphill

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    1. Jennifer Wardrip says:

      Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka Readingjunky for TeensReadTooIf you are looking for a story about some of the original mean girls, look no further WICKED GIRLS by Stephanie Hemphill is about a group of young girls in Salem, Massachusetts, who began identifying their own village neighbors as witches They accused many and the result was the hanging deaths of countless innocent victims.Led by Mercy Lewis, Margaret Walcott, and Ann Putnam Jr this group of girls, aged 8 18, devised a game to accuse vari [...]

    2. Angela says:

      This is one of the few times I wish I could give half stars, because I really feel in the middle on this book.On the one hand, I love the story Hamphill does an excellent job with the theory that these girls kept accusing people because this was the only way they would ever have power Powerful men were listening to the girls, servant girls were just as powerful as the merchant class Some of Mercy s stories were almost physically painful as she described the joy of being looked at as a powerful p [...]

    3. Paul says:

      Were the Salem Witch Trials just a case of Mean Girls gone whack Were the accusations and trials motivated by the need for power and recognition of adolescent girls Wicked Girls by Stephanie Hemphill raises these questions in the way each character was depicted and mirrored in the thoughts Hemphill chose to give them Of course, the cause of the trials and the extent of them will always be debated within our American history, and Hemphill chimes in with her thoughts in this uniquely written novel [...]

    4. Carrie says:

      Stephanie Hemphill uses free verse and three different character perspectives to tell a fictionalized account of the Salem witch trials in Wicked Girls It is a fascinating take on a piece of American history about which we know many facts but not the full story The novel opens with Mercy Lewis, a 17 year old servant in the Putnam s house, as she gives the reader an idea of what life in Salem Village is like cold, little to eat, lots of distrust of others The reader soon meets the other main char [...]

    5. Brooke says:

      Set in 1692, Wicked Girls, takes a peek into the lives of three teenage girls living in Salem, Massachusetts during the Salem witch trials The girls fun and games turn serious when the town folk and families think they have been afflicted, and begin to take their word in who the witches are in Salem The girls live for the popularity that being afflicted has brought them, because now people listen to them and their lives have meaning The only problem with their actions is hard to come clean once [...]

    6. Bethany Miller says:

      Wicked Girls is a fictionalized account of the afflicted girls who were responsible for the Salem Witch Trials The point of view of this novel in verse alternates between Ann Putnam, Jr a twelve year old girl who has high social standing in Salem Village, seventeen year old Mercy Lewis who is an orphan and a servant in the Putnam household, and seventeen year old Margaret Walcott who is Ann s cousin but of a lower social status than Ann The book follows the girls from the beginnings of the witch [...]

    7. Jackie says:

      The fictionalized account of three real young women living in Salem, MA in 1692ese seers named and accused many of the people that were tried, convicted, and hung for witchcraft Wicked Girls A Novel of the Salem Witch Trials tells the story of the interaction of servant girl Mercy Lewis, priviledged Ann Putnam, Jr and Margaret Walcott, a betrothed young woman I really, REALLY wanted to like this bookbut, I am not fond of novels in verse and now I know that I am not fond of novels in verse on aud [...]

    8. Sarah says:

      Based on real people and events that took place during the Salem Witch Trials, this book is told from the point of view of three girls, ranging in age from twelve to seventeen these are the girls that made the accusations of witchcraft Told in free verse format, readers learn about the motivations behind the girls afflictions which led to 19 innocent people being hanged.This book received starred reviews across the board Booklist, School Library Journal, Publisher s Weekly, Kirkus but I just did [...]

    9. Ennta says:

      Hemphill does an excellent job of using spare, evocative verse to set this period piece s atmosphere and sketch out her protagonists Unfortunately, that paucity of words leaves the characters little than stereotypes Nevertheless, this is a quick read with a unique execution.

    10. Lesley says:

      sometimes stories told in prose work very well, this one not so much for me.

    11. Linds says:

      This book was written in poetry verse instead of prose, I found this insufferable but some readers might like this choice.

    12. Julie Suzanne says:

      An interesting perspective on the Salem Witch Trials, this novel in verse was an entertaining and satisfying piece of my understanding of this crazy true story While The Crucible told the story from John Proctor s point of view victim in the form of a play, this is a collection of poems that narrate the story from the point of view of the afflicted girls the perpetrators So we get a story about peer pressure, mean girls, oppression, Puritan repression, abuse, class warfare, small town politics, [...]

    13. Loveliest Evaris says:

      I was bored and didn t want to do my Race, Gender, Culture homework so I sat down next to the bookshelves at my school s library and found this book I was daunted by the thickness of it I don t have patience for long books any but I flicked through it and was pleased that it was written in poem stanzas That shit is easy to go through.This is probably the first book in awhile that I read very quickly, probably because it was in such a form of storytelling Even so, it probably took me two days whi [...]

    14. Emily Wrayburn says:

      Okay, a confession I m not really a poetry person I m all right if it rhymes, and I can even sort of get behind it if I can register some sort of meter But free verse just confuses me I just sit there wondering why the prose has so many line breaks Okay, I can appreciate it a bit than that sentence implies, but I would still rather just read it in a series of paragraphs So when I realised Wicked Girls was an entire novel written in verse, I wasn t immediately sure I would continue reading it Bu [...]

    15. Katelyn says:

      I m not normally a historical fiction enthusiast and not that Wicked Girls is supposed to be an accurate capturing of this period in history per say, but there was something about the cover and description of this book that had me really wanting to get my hands on it I will admit that while I still don t consider myself to be a big fan of historical texts, I was glad I gave this book a chance.Stephanie Hemphill took me by surprise by writing the entire book in verse which had me about as excited [...]

    16. Tasha says:

      Through gripping verse, the story of the Salem Witch Trials is told from the point of view of several of the accusers themselves A fictionalized account, the book captures the lies and hysteria of Salem in 1692, embracing the theory that the girls were deliberately telling lies There is Ann Putnam, Jr who leads the group of girls despite the fact she is 12 and others in the group are 17 She is the daughter of a prominent man in Salem Her servant, Mercy Lewis, is also an accuser Beautiful and tem [...]

    17. Corinne Wilson says:

      A book of poems told from the point of view of three of the girls who accused so many of witchcraft in Salem, Massachusatts the girl who is ignored and unloved by her family, the beautiful servant girl who finds safety using their lies, and the girl desperately and jealously in love with a man whose eyes are always roving With the recent trend of novels in poetry, I m always a bit skeptical of authors who have chose this medium are they making good use of it, or is it done in the place of origin [...]

    18. Angie says:

      The Salem Witch Trials is a strange time in American History, but it s one that I find utterly fascinating and would love to learn about Wicked Girls is focused on three young girls who became the most prolific accusers at the time, even if their claims were not set entirely in truth This is a fictionalized account of real events, and I thought the verse format was a good choice for it Often times historical fiction especially those written on real events tend to be slow and sometimes feel draw [...]

    19. Rosa says:

      This fictional account of the Salem witch trials is told in verse by three of the afflicted girls When I first saw that, I actually returned the book to the library, sections of books told this way are okay but the idea of reading a whole book this way kind of made my head spin But I left my book at home last Saturday and decided to give this another shot In the beginning I found it confusing, I had to keep going to beginning where they gave a brief description of who the main characters were On [...]

    20. Kelsey Swafford says:

      Wicked Girls by Stephanie Hemphill is the perfect book for the person who wants to learn about history without the feeling of a typical, boring, fact after fact, history lesson The book is about the Salem Witch Trials and is set in Salem Village and is in the point of view of the girls who started the accusations It s written in poem form and mainly told by Mercy, Margaret, and Ann, who are three of the girls in the main group of accusers The main group of girls also includes Abigail and Elizabe [...]

    21. Christina Steiner says:

      Wicked Girls a novel of the Salem witch trials by Stephanie Hemphill is an amazing book It is a perfect book for anyone who loves to read about teenage drama and a good story about a struggle for power and control Wicked Girls is told from the perspective of three girls Margaret, Ann, and Mercy Each girl has their own moment where they are the main character, and in control of the group These girls are afflicted by the witches in the community, and soon started calling out names of these so call [...]

    22. Teril says:

      I read Wicked Girls this morning, and I was really impressed by the idea, or impression that I got from the book The Salem Witch Trials and the concept that what they were going on with the idea that these several teen girls were able to have afflictions and declare evil is wild The fact that these children were impressing the idea of witchcraft onto people in the community is simply impressive, and the fact that the community persecuted people because of it.The book sums it up in a way that bas [...]

    23. Courtney says:

      Told entirely in verse, this novel of the Salem witch trials is fantastic take on the events that took place in that legendary town It s already a fascinating historical episode, with lots of questions and few solid answers We know who the accusers were we know how many hanged as a result What we don t know is why any of it happened in the first place Hemphill s novel attempts to shed light on the minds of the accusers The narrative alternates between several of the accusers, each participating [...]

    24. Jada Codispot says:

      Set in the medieval time period, the three main characters are twelve year old, Anne, and two seventeen year old girls, Mercy and Margaret The girls develop mentally and emotionally throughout the story The girls begin with only one afflicted by the witches Later, with only the three girls knowing there is no such thing as the witches, they conjure a scheme to accuse regular people in society to being the witches They find ways to make themselves higher purpose in town than just the servant girl [...]

    25. Faye says:

      I ve always been interested in the Salem Witch trials It was one of my favorite topics in class So i knew that I would be interested in this book, it s written beautifully in verse It was a little slow paced long at times.I like how Hemphill stayed true to the characters, with the actual girls and the actual victims the girls accused during the trials Hemphill brings the characters to life, created voices for girls I really wanted to know what was going on inside of their young naive minds, when [...]

    26. Davonne says:

      Wicked Girls by Stephanie Hemphill is a fictional account of the Salem Witch Trials written in poetic verse It is a quick read and well written, though not as good as Hideous Love, Hemphill s fictional work about Mary Shelley Wollstonecraft I gave this book 3 out of 4 stars not because of the writing or any other mechanics of the novel but simply because the story was annoying I don t even know why I indulged in this story I hate the Salem Witch Trials, mainly because it was just a bunch of girl [...]

    27. Angie says:

      The events of the Salem Witch Trials are fairly well known Young girls started having fits and claimed to be attacked by witches Many were accused, some died, but most were eventually freed We do not know what motivated these girls to accuse so many around 200 people of cavorting with the devil Hemphill attempts to shed light on what might have driven these girls down such a path She uses the voices of three of the afflicted, Mercy, Margaret and Ann, to tell the story of Salem In Wicked Girls, t [...]

    28. Danielle says:

      Name Danielle Autumn ShurHemphill, S 2010 Wicked Girls A Novel of the Salem Witch Trials New York, NY HarperCollins Publishers.Genre Verse NovelFormat PrintSelection Process WorldCatReview Salem Village in the year 1692, all is not well Betty and Abigail were the first to be afflicted The Mercy, Ann, Margaret, and Elizabeth soon say that they too see the devil and his workers They are tormented by unseen forces They point their fingers and name the witches and wizards they see Little girls becom [...]

    29. Anna says:

      I really liked the story I read Conversion, another book about the Salem witch trials, last month and it wasn t as good a story as this one The characters were well developed I hated most of them, but they were definitely developed What I didn t like was the writing style Hemphill writes in free verse The problem is, her idea of free verse seems to be write however and space it weirdly and you re done It wasn t poetic, it didn t make you think, it certainly wasn t prettier All it did was annoy m [...]

    30. Kristy McRae says:

      Wow I don t usually pick up books that are written in verse, but the subject matter here intrigued me I was captivated by the viewpoints of these girls as they maneuvered through the time period of the Salem witch trials A great story, but also a really fascinating historical work, that gave me a whole new perspective on that time period I also liked the author s informational sections at the end, where she discusses the real life people who populate her book, and what happened to them This is s [...]

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