You Shall Never Know Security
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You Shall Never Know Security J.R.Hamantaschen For years, J.R s stories have been acclaimed throughout the underground horror world For the first time, these surviving stories have been collected in one anthology These are stories that challenge expectations and reject the staid conventions of the genre These are stories that don t compromise.Above all, what readers understood and appreciated was that these storiesFor years, J.R s stories have been acclaimed throughout the underground horror world For the first time, these surviving stories have been collected in one anthology These are stories that challenge expectations and reject the staid conventions of the genre These are stories that don t compromise.Above all, what readers understood and appreciated was that these stories were about something These are stories that, in the finest tradition of H.P Lovecraft, Thomas Ligotti, Dennis Etchinson, and T.E.D Klein, articulate what you be always suspected that life is a losing proposition.. You Shall Never Know Security For years J R s stories have been acclaimed throughout the underground horror world For the first time these surviving stories have been collected in one anthology These are stories that challenge e
  • Title: You Shall Never Know Security
  • Author: J.R.Hamantaschen
  • ISBN: 9781466239920
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Paperback
  • You Shall Never Know Security J.R.Hamantaschen

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    1. karen says:

      on saturday, when i was having this book signed in at work, the guard chuckled at the title, and murmured, iiinteresting had she known that one of the last sentences i had read before coming through the door was, no, not the image of his sister s vagina carved out like a halloween pumpkin she may have chosen a different wordthis is a collection of horror stories fusing the quotidian with the ineffable all of the stories start off in a or less familiar territory that slowly starts to show cracks [...]

    2. Will Byrnes says:

      When I got into work at 11 30pm that night, the first words I heard were, Hey, Byrnes, a package came for you It s in the closet I had no idea what Nic was talking about I put my Red Bull and Vitamin Water in the pint sized fridge at the back of the office, and then settled in at the dispatch desk I would have asked him about the delivery, but all I had left of Nic, our late day dispatcher, was a fleeting glimpse as the outer door closed behind him The phones started ringing before I was even ab [...]

    3. Char says:

      This book is a kick ass collection of weird and dark stories In the very best tradition of weird tales, Robert Aickman and Thomas Ligotti among them, this collection stands tall There s some nihilism here, there s some Lovecraftian angles here and then almost smack dab in the middle, there s some major laughs I think the lighter story was perfectly placed, because my main complaint about the last Ligotti collection I read was that it was toonihilistic, resulting in the urge to kill myself about [...]

    4. Trudi says:

      Solid collection of unsettling and weird with a capital W short stories First, I want to put a plug in for Crowinator s review here It was her review that brought the book to my attention and made me want to read it I also love how she breaks down all the stories and gives you a chance to figure out if this collection is for you or not And hey, the best part If you feel like taking a chance, the ebook is on sale right now for 0.99 cents That is some serious bang for your buck What have you got t [...]

    5. Aloha says:

      We go through our daily routine, surviving economically and psychically, taking what comfort we can from life s pleasures, hoping that we can count on our beliefs, belief in ourselves, belief in others, and belief in our world In the delicate world of our psyche is a built in distaste for anything that creates conflict in our beliefs J.R Hamantaschen s 13 short stories is a collection of philosophical horror These are not horror of the type in which the monster chases you, and, in the end, you t [...]

    6. Jacob J. says:

      If Horror can be a genre, so can Madness.Complaints Not About the Book The wonderful thing about literature in our modern era is that one can feel almost elite, sophisticated, and elegantly antiquated by the mere mentioning of a writer who isn t a pundit, a preacher, or a reality television star I can only speak for my country, the U.S.A Reading, among a significant amount if not a majority of my generation is viewed as a vestigial and archaic entertainment And it s so boring and time consuming [...]

    7. Crowinator says:

      Actual rating 3.5 starsI love horror, but I ve never been a huge fan of the gore for gore s sake variety though I appreciate gore a lot when it s integrated well I prefer psychological horror, weird situations delving into the intersection between reality and madness The thirteen stories in this collection are my favorite kind of horror ones with a slow build and mundane situations that seem only a bit off, then grow and disturbing the they are developed They are cryptic and suggestive not ev [...]

    8. Jason says:

      The type of story within You Shall Never Know Security is a favorite of mine to read, so my opinion on J R Hamantaschen could be considered biased The stories are weird and very dark They re also intelligent and linger in your thoughts after reading I found that I had to stop sometimes just to digest what I had just read.You Shall Never Know Security is full of raw emotion and themes that are the obvious result of some very deep thought Each story is actually about something They are real even a [...]

    9. Katy says:

      Please note I read this in February 2012 I m just updating the formatting and adding the disclosure that the author provided me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own.Book information Genre Dark Urban Fantasy, Lovecraftian short storiesReading Level AdultTriggers Weirdness, violenceRecommended for Fans of Lovecraft, dark fantasyMy synopsis and musings on the book This is a short story anthology, with stories in the vein of H.P Lovecraft dark fantasy stories, [...]

    10. Marvin says:

      It took me longer than usual to read this fascinating collection of stories by J R Hamantaschen because I read many of them twice Once to experience the exceptional style of the author s writings and another to figure what the heck he was writing about.Before you misinterpret the above paragraph let me say that it is a major compliment Hamantaschen can really turn a phrase His fiction merits attentive reading But he also has a rather dense style of writing with themes and plots that can send you [...]

    11. Lea says:

      Some really interesting ideas, unfortunately marred by poor editing and I m pretty tolerant of those kinds of errors, which should give you an idea of how badly this one needed further proofreading Most of the stories are told from the point of view of younger men I found that somewhat off putting, as the angsty insecurity became tiresome At the same time, I m not necessarily faulting the author here I m probably just not the demographic he s writing for It s possible I would have rated this hig [...]

    12. Kimberly says:

      3.5 5 YOU SHALL NEVER KNOW SECURITY is a collection of 13 tales from J.R Hamantaschen These stories vary greatly in theme, but one thing I can say with certainty is that they all have that haunting, lingering power that leads you to dwell on the significance of each, as well as possible hidden ideas embedded that come to light upon further reflection While I wouldn t classify these as all horror by any means, I enjoyed reading just about all of them, and the twisted viewpoints each of them prese [...]

    13. Sheila says:

      Got this in the First Reads program, hooray Thanks so much for the opportunity I appreciate it 2.5 stars somewhere between OK and liked This is a book of dark fantasy horror stories a genre I quite like I think a lot of the ideas here show promise I especially enjoyed the last novella, called There Must Be Lights Burning Brighter, Somewhere However, the grammar and writing style aren t quite there yet Maybe after some writing experience

    14. Brett Talley says:

      I don t read all that many anthologies I prefer reading novels, just as I prefer writing them So when I do read anthologies, I don t finish them unless they are good You Shall Never Know Security by J.R Hamantaschen is good In fact, it is very good indeed.I think there is something wrong with J.R and I mean that in the kindest way possible His stories display a sickly twisted diabolical nature that is difficult to achieve Whether it s the tragically beautiful A Parasite Inside Your Brain, the de [...]

    15. Randolph Carter says:

      Some people shouldn t be allowed to write I read Ligotti, Barron and now this J.R guy and I m crawling the walls at 3am trying to let a little light in so I can get to sleep At least someone else understands why I talk to myself in the bathroom Would you pay 300 to save someone you didn t know And what about a zombie with poor eyesight You think you have problemsA little advice, hide the razor blades and sleeping tabs this is one creepy bleak batch of stories.

    16. Melki says:

      There s nothing wrong with this collection The stories held my interest while I was reading them Sadly, there s also nothing particularly memorable either Other than leaving a hazy vision of nasty things with pointy little teeth, they ve drifted out of my head forever.

    17. 11811 (Eleven) says:

      Smart, dark, depressing, and humorous Good stuff.

    18. Kristine Muslim says:

      You Shall Never Know Security is a short story collection that is intended for someone who is looking for a quick fix It equates to a B movie Some of the stories especially the piece entitled There is a Family of Gnomes Behind My Wall show remarkable daring, but I m put off again and again by the extremely clunky prose and the preponderance of ellipsis All of the stories can really use a thorough do over plus a lot of editing For example, the story A Parasite Inside Your Brain was enjoyable unti [...]

    19. trishtrash says:

      There are thirteen stories in this collection and none of them are called You Shall Never Know Security That, as it turns out, is J.R s personal message to the reader Prepare to mutter what the goddamn hell and look up from the book and find a good, solid, ordinary object in your home to focus on by way of relief before being dragged inexorably back down into his almost conversational narratives on things that are horrible than most people can be bothered to imagine Truly dark fiction, it turns [...]

    20. Jon CarrollThomas says:

      J.R Hamantaschen is the guy at the back of the bar secretly planning to kill you Don t worry, you re safe for now any death that he could realistically deal you couldn t possibly live up to his caustic imagination, and the last thing he wants is to be a disappointment.He needn t worry His debut anthology, You Shall Never Know Security, makes a hell of an impression and forebodes a long and distinguished career writing dark fiction The stories feature a variety of themes and tones shaped by the u [...]

    21. Quinn says:

      I wrote an entire review of this book, which I then lost.Here is the short version I loved these stories I will definitely re read them JR Hammantaschen is a wonderful talent who should have a long and successful career.The longer version discussed several stories at length, but it s late and I m tired and aggravated So let me just mention, briefly, some highlights College was thought provoking and sparked a lengthy discussion with my husband regarding the nature of ethics Jordan I ve abbreviate [...]

    22. Addy says:

      As a person who is skeptical of authors I ve never heard of, this one was definitely a gem The stories were written with depth and creativity Some were gross, others disturbing, but always left you wanting and pondering what you just read It was a joy to read and can t wait for from this author I will definitely give this book a reread It had me asking alot of questions, but I had the opportunity to read this with someone to make the experience even better I definitely reccommend this to lover [...]

    23. Bryan says:

      Great collection of weird and thought provoking tales Not all of the stories were a direct hit, but the ones that were are stories that will stick in mind for a long time The author touches a raw nerve with several of the stories with my favorite being the last novella of the collection.

    24. Ctgt says:

      3.5 bumped to a 4 Only three or four stories here that didn t really move me.Really liked Wonder, Endemic and Jordan but my favorite was There Must Be Lights Burning Brighter, Somewhere.

    25. Seregil of Rhiminee says:

      Originally published at Risingshadow.J.R Hamantaschen s You Shall Never Know Security is one of the best dark fiction collections ever published It contains fascinating, disturbing and beautifully written stories that range all the way from dark fantasy to horror.The last decade has been an exceptionally good decade for dark fiction, because several good authors have emerged and delighted dark fantasy and horror readers with their disturbing and unsettling stories J.R Hamantaschen is one of thes [...]

    26. Majanka says:

      You Shall Never Know Security is a horror short story collection by author J.R Hamantaschen I m a big fan of horror novels, as you may or may not know I m especially fond of ghosts, but I ll take anything as long as it gives me chills Zombies and gore fests aren t always my preferences, but I enjoy them once in a while J.R Hamantaschen s collection is unique in that it dares to venture outside the box of what s considered normal and reasonable for the horror genre It tells us creepy stories abou [...]

    27. Eric says:

      I m going to begin with the caveat that, on the scale, there are four stars that present a variance in how much I enjoy a book, and only one star that states that I dislike it There is no variance for how much I dislike something contained within the rating, which is unfortunate because I do believe there is room for disliking a book as a whole, yet respecting it This is all just conjecture and academic however, as I don t even necessarily respect You Shall Never Know Security, though I respect [...]

    28. Kevin says:

      As a friend recently reminded me we are influenced in our reading by what came before I ve just finished with a ton of old ghost stories from the turn of the last century, very slow and deliberate and plodding Stories meant to be read aloud to friends sitting around a fireplace with glasses of port in hand, you know This book is a radically different style, very modern and rapid, and so it took me a while to adjust I had the same criticism with some of the stories as I do with M R James or Bierc [...]

    29. Justin says:

      This collection features thirteen stories of J.R Hamantaschen s dark fiction His Lovecraftian influence appears in the weird, cosmic elements rooted in a bleak reality where life is a losing proposition A Lower Power A woman recounts her relationship with a man who isn t who he seems to be This was very jarring in how we love we can be ourselves, our ugliest parts and all in front of our loved ones 4 5 Wonder The narrator conveys a sinister, vengeful message to someone who wronged them This was [...]

    30. Matthew Hunter says:

      Futile, all is futile That s the message J.R Hamantaschen bludgeoned into my head repeatedly while reading You Shall Never Know Security And why should I know security based on sentiments like the following from There s Always Something in the Misfortune of Our Friends that Doesn t Displease Us These humans were a joke It knew that much Their petty, stupid worries, these worries that meant so much to them and so nothing in a cosmic sense A job a family a social life The external signifiers of a [...]

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