Strange Flesh
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Strange Flesh MichaelOlson THIS IS A STORY ABOUT SEX AND GAMES The only clue we have to our brother s whereabouts is this place that doesn t really exist Ten years ago, Blythe Randall broke James Pryce s heart Now she needs his help Her enigmatic appeal lures the elite hacker into his most tantalizing, and most personal, assignment yet.A Harvard dropout employed by Manhattan based RedRook SecurTHIS IS A STORY ABOUT SEX AND GAMES The only clue we have to our brother s whereabouts is this place that doesn t really exist Ten years ago, Blythe Randall broke James Pryce s heart Now she needs his help Her enigmatic appeal lures the elite hacker into his most tantalizing, and most personal, assignment yet.A Harvard dropout employed by Manhattan based RedRook Security, James makes a living finding people who don t want to be found, pursuing their digital tracks around the globe, flushing out criminals, and exacting creative high tech revenge on behalf of his clients But this time he s following his target billionaire multimedia artist Billy Randall into an exotic and treacherous world a virtual one.Capping off an erratic, increasingly violent series of stunts meant to plague his family s media empire, black sheep Billy sends a video of his own suicide to his older siblings, aristocratic twins Blythe and Blake In it, Billy jacks out, reanimating onscreen as an avatar in a decadent online world called NOD The performance is pure Billy he has always been obsessed with the Bleed the moment when real and virtual selves intersect, where actions in one life breed consequences in another.Blythe uses her influence to install James at GAME, a downtown media collective and one of Billy s recent haunts Posing as a documentarian, James gains access to a small band of artists and programmers, contemporaries, and in some cases enemies, of Billy Randall, whose top secret project represents the holy grail of virtual reality Meanwhile, James learns that as part of his most recent scheme, Billy himself has designed a lavish alternate reality game, an escalating, high stakes virtual landscape of strange flesh.In order to find him, James must play along.. Strange Flesh THIS IS A STORY ABOUT SEX AND GAMES The only clue we have to our brother s whereabouts is this place that doesn t really exist Ten years ago Blythe Randall broke James Pryce s heart Now she needs his
  • Title: Strange Flesh
  • Author: MichaelOlson
  • ISBN: 9781451627572
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Strange Flesh MichaelOlson

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    1 Blog on “Strange Flesh

    1. Leish says:

      I had high hopes for this book, the publisher information even describes it as such If The Social Network was sexier, if Ready Player One forgot its safe words, if The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was a boy you d have Strange Flesh, the most seductive, high tech, high octane literary thriller about alternate reality games and virtual sex ever written Well Ready Player One was one of my favorite books last year, and I was looking forward to reading something somewhat similar.Unfortunately, I had s [...]

    2. Claudia says:

      I got to read an advance copy of Strange Flesh and loved it Full of larger than life characters and gorgeously written, this novel kept me entertained from beginning to end I m still thinking about the high powered twins Blake and Blythe, their out of control half brother Billy, the salacious Olya, the tortured Gina, and most of all, James Pryce, the gifted but flawed hacker who narrates the story As James hunts down Billy, we travel with him through an underground world of avatars, sex and dang [...]

    3. Nick says:

      I was lucky enough to read an advance copy of this book and it is tremendous This is the next big break out book Think Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but so much , and much deeply felt Instead of introducing a world of coffee drinking and streets with strange names, Strange Flesh takes us deep into the world of virtual reality with real and compelling characters whose romances, sex, crimes, and inhibitions are all utterly realistic and gripping I was fascinated and provoked but this is also a gre [...]

    4. Louise says:

      Couldn t finish this book There were too many awkward, trying hard to be clever acronyms and portmanteaus.The blurb of this book somewhere says it s a mix of Girl With The Dragon Tattoo but with a main protagonist, and Ready Player One That s partly true There s some mystery involved and plenty of deviant sexual behavior, but the book revels in it for the shock factor, except I wasn t shocked I was just mildly bored that the author had to resort to that to make the story interesting And it s lik [...]

    5. lafon حمزة نوفل says:

      view spoiler I m still reading this but.I m gonna start off by saying I don t swear much and that is very true , but holy fuck, this book is weird What s even disturbing than that is that I m somewhat familiar with the darker places on the internet, and yet this novel still creeps me out And I m only half way through I ll have to revise my review once I finish it though hide spoiler Edit I m now finished.Ummmm OK Not entirely sure how I m gonna review this I guess I ll start with the obvious Th [...]

    6. Leslee says:

      This hovered between two and three stars for me With a title as evocative as Strange Flesh, and a promising first forty pages, I was ultimately disappointed by what turned out to be a rather pedestrian noir tale that was a roller coaster ride but in all the wrong ways The comparisons to Ready Player One are rather apt in that this is a book filled with references Olson casually tosses them out and alludes to a fair number of works from the Marquis de Sade to Urotsukidoji but ultimately it feels [...]

    7. Cheryl says:

      James has a niche for finding people His talent as a skilled hacker helps That is why when his ex, Blythe Randall has come to James She needs the best Her brother Billy has gone missing Billy is also a genius He has created a virtual gaming world known as NOD It seems that Billy has literally taken this new world too serious as he has disappeared within it I picked up this book with no expectances of whether I would like this book or not The concept of it was intriguing A virtual game world fill [...]

    8. Faye says:

      On Movers Shakers list comparisons to The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and Ready Player One both 5 stars Okay, you ve got my attention.15% read Ugh What am I doing Such an obvious first novel Michael Olson assumes he has to provide a definition of all technological and sexual terms Exactly where is this guy planning on finding an audience that knows nothing about either Very old nuns Okay, maybe, but people that understand neither and want to read this book Where are those people 25% read How is [...]

    9. Mike says:

      I remember joking once with a friend that the next logical step in the world of motion controls and haptic feedback was porn In a world of Real Dolls and Japanese robots it becomes increasingly obvious, and likely disturbing to many people, the direction in which the sex toy industry will go Ernest Cline s Ready Player One, along with films like Tron or The Matrix, touch upon the nature of artificial reality and its impact in society in a very straightforward manner Rare is the mainstream novel [...]

    10. Jessica says:

      Heartache and a passion for hacking have comprised James Pryce s post college years Unsurprisingly, when he s offered the chance to work for his lost love, Blythe Randall, James quickly takes the job She and her brother, Blake, need his cyber spy services to track down their wily half brother, Billy, who s sworn to destroy Blake, and has the cash to back up his threats James s investigation launches him from a lifestyle of casual sex with strangers into a virtual reality of deviant sexual behavi [...]

    11. Allizabeth Collins says:

      Review When I started hearing about Strange Flesh from other reviewers, I knew that I wanted to get my hands on a copy, and Simon and Schuster was kind enough to send me an ARC Others were equating it to 120 Days of Sodom, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Social Network, and Ready Player One, books I had thoroughly enjoyed so I was definitely interested Unfortunately, I felt that Strange Flesh was lacking many of the components the aforementioned books contained Yes, the main character was h [...]

    12. Albert says:

      Strange Flesh, the first effort from Michael Olson is a distinctive foray into the digital world of sex and games and the harsh instrusion of reality in the form of bloody murder and suicide.Harvard dropout and geek extraordinaire, James Pryce is a marvel at finding anyone and about anything in the virtual world when he is hired by his long lost love and her brother, Blythe and Blake Randall to find their estranged broher Billy In the midst of doing so he meets a collection of characters and the [...]

    13. Jehiel says:

      While solid, yet unremarkable for a majority of the time, the plot really kicks it up a notch right before the climax In the last 100 or so pages, it went from a solid yet forgettable 3 stars to 4 stars and a ending that will stay in my mind for a few days.Taken as a whole, it definitely has its flaws In a way it was painfully mediocre Then at a certain point it felt like the author dumped the rest of his plot points on the table and decided to speed through them from the crazy climax to the won [...]

    14. Aaron Schooley says:

      I was lucky enough to be given an advanced copy of the book I was fully engrossed from the first page and relented in reading only when the final page was turned The characters were captivating and believable, and while the protagonist was loaded with personality flaws, he remained a prince to the end As a software engineer gamer the books main themes resonated home with many issues I have dealt with over the years I feel anyone raised in today s age technologically driven age will find a way of [...]

    15. Anna says:

      This book was so compelling Once I got into it, I couldn t stop myself It s twisted and fascinating, and I never saw the end coming I loved it.

    16. AlenGarou says:

      Vita reale o virtuale 3 stelle e mezzoSono abbastanza onnivora in fatto di libri, ma ammetto di non aver letto moltissimi thriller Questo, tuttavia, mi ha in qualche modo catturato Il tema principale, possiamo dire anche lo sfondo della vicenda, molto attuale e centrato su problematiche sociali riguardanti il boom di nuove tecnologie di questi ultimi anni infatti, la vita virtuale sta lentamente diventando quella pi reale Non ci sono limiti, regole ogni desiderio pu essere realizzato, anche il p [...]

    17. Stefi Il Giardino delle rose says:

      Per questo libro non avevo grandi aspettative e devo dire che alla fine non mi ha ne delusa ne entusiasmato Le premesse erano decisamente stuzzicanti omicidi, tradimenti e cybersex, ma in realt ho avuto difficolt ad entrare nella storia fin dall inizio, molto probabilmente per gli inutili termini tecnici e le lunghe descrizioni, che a parer mio fanno perdere un po il filo del discorso, e per quel mondo virtuale lontano anni luce dal mio modo di essere.Solo continuando a leggere ho cominciato ad [...]

    18. Angela says:

      Such a weird book I don t even know where to begin.It was very much an adult Ready Player One if Ron Jeremy was co author, and instead of solving riddles, the character was searching for how to make the perfect sexbot It kinda made me uncomfortable, but the mystery was interesting, and theUnmasking well deserved.Nobody was likable here, and I like that It does happen in real life, so why it bothers people in books I have no idea Everyone was either shady, manipulative, or sociopathic, and it mad [...]

    19. Christopher says:

      This was one of the first books I have read by this author While the testimony on the back says strangeFlesh sexgames , is odd but brief description of what lies inside Combining a mix of hacking, a game of cat and mouse, murders, robotic sex, suicide, gaming, and a family s odd history gives this book a cyberpunk feel He is paid by Billy s twin siblings Blythe and Blake, who have a complicated history with their brother to say the least.Focused on exposing Billy Randell, James is chasing him De [...]

    20. Virgil Larson says:

      The tone of this book is young heterosexual male fantasy set in a world of computer hacking and online game development On this background is told a tale of sibling rivalry and revenge Twins Blythe and Blake Randall are recently graduated from Harvard and now running the family business, which strongly resembles Comcast Their estranged half brother, Billy, has taken his share of the family fortune to the online gaming sector Billy is convinced his siblings caused the death of his girlfriend, Gin [...]

    21. Jeff Raymond says:

      It s taking a lot for me to not write not my genre, not my genre over and over, but I think it s just that this was not that good.The story revolves around a mysterious suicide, which then brings our hero into a corporate underworld of sorts where people are inventing virtual reality sex robots So there s plenty of virtual reality robot sex, plenty of reality reality non robot sex, and a murder mystery that plays second fiddle to all the virtual sex being had and discussed in the book.It s reall [...]

    22. Robin says:

      I m kind of kicking myself that I actually bought this one Ugh I read the starred reviews in PW and Booklist, and I decided I needed to read it Uh oh Expectations Having finished it, I have to say I m rather shocked at the praise They describe it as a headspinning literary thriller it did have a lot of big words allowing me to make use of my kindle dictionary woo , but my takeaway tended toward pretentious cyber hipster melodrama I found it difficult to read as I really disliked all of the main [...]

    23. Tami says:

      I haven t received my copy yet, just received notice I had won 2 6 12Received my copy last night, and hope to start soon Have 4 plus current read in front 2 22 12Started yesterday 3 18 12James is a hacker He works at a security firm that specializes in finding people that don t want to be found The Randall twins need his help finding their half brother While still at Harvard, Blythe Randall broke James heart and now she is asking for his help Billy, the half brother, is actually hiding from the [...]

    24. Melissa says:

      I received this book through a First Reads Giveaway.I really liked this book This is a totally different genre from what I normally read, but I was interested in the online fantasy world aspect mixed with a plot involving sibling rivalry and unrequited love The tagline alone pulled me in This is a story about sex and games And it surely delivered Virtual gamesMoney gamesSex gamesLove gamesEvil gamesDeadly gamesAmidst the many games and pawns in play, I actually learned a lot about the age of vir [...]

    25. Karen says:

      I really wanted to love this book being a long time user of some of the places mentioned in this book namely second life and imvu and definately have been linked to some of the seedier sides However, I found that this book was so difficult to get into that it took me well over 300 pages before I could find myself getting interested in the characters I started to suspect the answers to the mystery early on but found the book difficult to read with too much unnecessary technical gibberish which wa [...]

    26. Emily says:

      This book was brilliant Michael Olson s characters are strongly written, thoughtful, and, something you don t see a lot in fiction, honest Not to say that main character James Pryce doesn t lie, but that his thought process and reactions to people and things are completely believable He speaks and thinks and reacts like a real human being, which was what I liked best about the book.I grew up with a computer in the house and I think that anyone raised in today s technological age can find somethi [...]

    27. Tasha Robinson says:

      This was a pretty unusual book Not the quick read technothriller I was expecting, but something denser and better written It has a bunch of hallmarks of an airport pulp book cutting edge technology, an overly skilled mercenary hero, a preoccupation with the porn industry and how technology is changing it but it reads like early Neal Stephenson than a quickie book It s smart about technology, with just the right amount of detail for verisimilitude without getting too dull or dense, but it s luri [...]

    28. Lindsey Lang says:

      i actually received a free arc copy in the mail from the publisher and it sounded interesting enough to start right away this was definitely an interesting read i found myself not able to put it down for too long needing to know what was going to happen next i d recommend it to anyone not faint of heart as there is obviously a lot of sex and violence but it s necessary to the story too i ll keep my eyes open for anything else by this author as i also enjoyed the pacing and the way the story was [...]

    29. John says:

      Sterlingcindysu lent me this ARC This is a very good thriller that takes one into a virtual world most of us would rather not know about but touch with every day on our computers The story has to do with dragging that virtual world into the tangible one we touch and feel You feel less secure with our communities even this one I see young men caught up in the gaming world a Second Life, literally and figuratively, and this book shows where this could go at the extremes Virtual sex, Sade, and porn [...]

    30. Georgiann Hennelly says:

      I won an advance copy of this book James is a super hacker for a security company, he gets a special assignment to find the stepbrother of some super rich college friends The stepbrother plays and creates a lot of virtual world reality games and they fear he has disappeared into one of them.James investigation takes him deep into a virtual world of sex, sadism and crime In some parts it reminded me of the book the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo I feel anyone who is into online gaming and virtual re [...]

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