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Melt Into You
May 22, 2020 Comments.. 656
Melt Into You Lisa Plumley A sexy chocolatier and his under appreciated assistant discover you can t have too much of a good thing in USA Today bestselling author Lisa Plumley s delectable new novel After ten years of saving her boss s admittedly gorgeous butt, stifling her crush, and being endlessly inconvenienced, administrative assistant Natasha Jennings has had enough True, chocolatierA sexy chocolatier and his under appreciated assistant discover you can t have too much of a good thing in USA Today bestselling author Lisa Plumley s delectable new novel After ten years of saving her boss s admittedly gorgeous butt, stifling her crush, and being endlessly inconvenienced, administrative assistant Natasha Jennings has had enough True, chocolatier Damon Torrance is every bit as irresistible as the confections created by Torrance Chocolates The man is sex on a stick dipped in 70% Tanzanian Cacao But for the sake of her career, her sanity, and possibly her heart, Natasha has to go Money, success, women.everything comes easily to Damon Until Natasha hands in her notice He needs to get her, and his mojo, back fast But from the moment Damon rings Natasha s doorbell and steps into her personal life, he starts feeling things he never has before For once, the notorious playboy wants to be good Which makes it extra inconvenient that Natasha is suddenly tempted to try being a little wicked And the results may be sweeter than either ever anticipated Lisa Plumley creates charming characters Her books are a delight Rachel Gibson Raves for Holiday Affair A deliciously satisfying, cocoa worthy holiday read Library Journal A delightful story with utterly charming characters Romantic Times Book Reviews. Melt Into You A sexy chocolatier and his under appreciated assistant discover you can t have too much of a good thing in USA Today bestselling author Lisa Plumley s delectable new novel After ten years of saving he
  • Title: Melt Into You
  • Author: Lisa Plumley
  • ISBN: 9781420122114
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Paperback
  • Melt Into You Lisa Plumley

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      Lisa Plumley

    1 Blog on “Melt Into You

    1. Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog) says:

      Damon Torrance has led a charmed life, his family owns a very sucessful chocolate business, he s devastatingly handsome, people especially women are drawn to his charisma and it seems everything he touches turns to gold Of course, what would any sucessful businessman be without his faithful assistant Natasha Jennings has finally had enough after 10 years of being Damon s assistant and bailing him out of trouble he has finally one a step too far and despite the feelings she has for him she quits [...]

    2. Carol says:

      I was about 100 pages in and I realized that I did not care about these shallow characters and I wasn t going to waste any time reading this drivel

    3. Christy says:

      Retrouvez mon avis icilecturepassiondunevie0spo

    4. Dianne says:

      Melt Into You by Lisa PlumleyI am trying to understand what I have missed in this novel since I m so unhappy with it I don t mind allowing the author to make me stretch my disbelief However, the point that this author forces the issue makes me feel like overly stretched taffy I am ready to snap.When Natasha steps into the office of her new boss for the very first time, she finds him in a very compromising picture on top of his desk with a woman who was supposed to be interviewing him So Natasha [...]

    5. Ria Lize says:

      When I started reading this book, I thought it it was pretty much 3 stars for me The time skip became annoying, the characters became frustrating, and for the life of me, I couldn t see what Natasha saw in Damon.He was irresponsible, slept with any remotely attractive female he came across, and constantly took advantage of Natasha s kindness Needless to say, in the beginning, the hero did not endear himself to me Even so when the heroine had always irritatingly so , found the heart in her to fo [...]

    6. Marran says:

      Totally Did NOT finish this one s 288 pages I gave up at 164 I couldn t stand 100 pages of thist only is the man thoughtless,tactless and any negative form of less there is, he is also a complete an utter moron.d so is everyone elsewell the dog and the kid are OK but that s allI think this is one of the worst DNF books I ve tried to be honest

    7. Deb says:

      I picked up this book or like temporarily stole it from my friend since she reads slow and she stole my kindle first because a friend had bought it for a travel book That is just what it is A quick, easy read that has is humorous for the most part and witty However 2 3 through, it falls flat I wanted it to end quickly, but seemed to continue onward.

    8. Emily says:

      A soap opera, and not a fun one to read I gave it 2stars because it was readable.

    9. Shannon says:

      uggg could not get past the first chapter Maybe the male character redeems himself grows but he is just such a pig I could not go on with the book And maybe the female starts out good, but part of the premise of the plot is that she goes wild So whatever, no thanks

    10. Deanna says:

      cute, funny Laughed out loud at some of it

    11. Dark Faerie Tales says:

      Review Courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty A book of tasty treats.Opening Sentence Damon Torrence believed in a lot of things.The Review Melt Into You is a bittersweet, pun absolutely unavoidable, tale of love, not unlike the traditional storyline of an addict and the woman who has loved him and always will love him, secretly anyway And by addict I don t mean the drugaholic type, I mean addicted to the high life the fast money, faster cars and even faster women And, as an added bonus, compl [...]

    12. Ingrid Fasquelle says:

      Parue aux ditions Milady Romance depuis le 18 janvier 2013, Coeur fondant est une petite gourmandise parfaite pour oublier les rigueurs de l hiver Si j ai pris beaucoup de plaisir suivre les changes lectriques de Damon et Natasha, j ai bien failli ne pas poursuivre ma lecture au del du premier chapitre Je n avais pas tourn 10 pages que d j j assistais une sc ne compromettante Il tait persuad qu en toutes circonstances, la nudit tait pr f rable n importe quelle tenue, m me la plus luxueuse Aussi, [...]

    13. Jm says:

      Apr s avoir sauv les fesses et r v leurs propos de son d mon de patron pendant des ann es, Natasha d missionne Peu importe qu elle ne puisse plus manger tout le chocolat qu elle veut, peu importe qu elle ne puisse plus avoir tous les jours les yeux sur ce magnifique sp cimen masculin qui fait vibrer des endroits interdits chez elle Damon son patron qui porte si bien son nom a t trop loin dans sa derni re b tise pour qu elle puisse le sauver, et sa soudaine prise de conscience emp che Natasha de [...]

    14. Jennifer Estep says:

      Book Melt Into YouAuthor Lisa PlumleySeries NoneGenre Contemporary romanceSummary Administrative assistant Natasha Jennings has spent years getting her boss, chocolatier Damon Torrance, out of one scrape after another Finally, Natasha gets fed up with Damon and quits her job Damon has always counted on Natasha, and he realizes just how lost he is without her After he experiences a run of bad luck, Damon becomes determined to get Natasha back The long smoldering sparks between them soon ignite, a [...]

    15. A Voracious Reader (a.k.a. Carol) says:

      Natasha Jennings takes a job as assistant to Damon Torrance, heir to a chocolate company on the verge of meteoric rise Natasha has done her homework and if she has to give up her dreams to support her husband s then she wants to help Torrance Chocolates rise to the top, taking her with them.Damon Torrance lives by the mantra all work and no play makes for a dull person He considers himself lucky, he plays hard, works little and beds every woman who gives him the come on, which is all of them.Thi [...]

    16. Katie(babs) says:

      Melt Into You has an interesting premise with a hero who runs a chocolate empire and his assistant he relies on to help him get out of every jam conceivable But when Damon has a case of identity theft and his father is sick of his antics, he needs Natasha now than ever But Natasha has resigned from her post and wants in life Damon won t be deterred and ends up moving into her house, not realizing she has a young son and she s divorced Damon has one rule he has lived by don t fool around with m [...]

    17. Ellie says:

      Melt into You by Lisa PlumleyGrade C I d like to introduce your secret artistic side to my blatant seductive side I think they d hit it off Melt into You takes place over ten years as we watch Damon Torrance, a notorious playboy and owner of Torrance Chocolates and Natasha Jennings, his long time faithful assistant, work on their relationship After ten years Natasha is done picking up after Damon and smoothing over the trouble he causes Without Natasha Damon s care free life starts to falls apar [...]

    18. Bookaholics says:

      Melt Into You by Lisa PlumleyContemporary Romance May 1st, 20124 starsNatasha Jennings is the smart capable and entirely indispensable assistant to the playboy Damon Torrance But his last outrage has her turning in her notice of resignation, and from that point onwards, things only seem to get better However, for the eternally lucky Damon Torrance, that is the start of his descent for everything to go wrong He soon causes scandal and is put on leave by his own father Things get worse when his wa [...]

    19. Ada says:

      Rating 3.5 5I have to admit as I started this book, I was ready to give it a very low rating through the first handful of chapters It did not start out well and I had a very hard time liking our main character, Damon He s a playboy millionaire that goes through women and drink like that My dislike for him was so great, I was ready to give this book a DNF just to be done with him.But the saving grace of it all is that it s a Lisa Plumley book and I ve enjoyed some of her books previously and was [...]

    20. Trish says:

      I wasn t sure how I was going to feel about this book until its final pages I found myself frustrated with Natasha s weakness in regards to Damon s shenanigan s He was a player of the worst sort who had a serious All fun and no work complex What helped me continue reading and glad that I did was the humorous situations that Damon repeatedly finds himself getting into And he so rightly deserved But he realizes almost a little too late that the love he was searching for had been right in front of [...]

    21. Linda says:

      Natasha Jennings Knew That Torrance Chocolates Was Bound For Greatness, That They Needed Her Expertise To Take Them To The Top She Had Interviewed For The Assistant Job And Had Only Gotten Because She Was Married, One Thing Damon Torrance Never Bedded Was A Married Woman Put Before Long She Walked In On Paul With His Model In Their Bed.Damon Torrance s Good Luck Continued To Amazed The Media, He Was The Millionaire Playboy And Women Just Adored Him, Threw Themselves At Him And Everything He Did [...]

    22. Melwasul says:

      3.5 5 Au final, c est un bon petit roman d hiver par temps de neige L criture est fluide et agr able Malheureusement, je trouve qu il y a quelques longueurs certains moments et surtout scandale supr me le chocolat n est pas assez pr sent mon go t Il est l en tache de fond mais j esp rais qu il soit plus pr sent au niveau de sa cr ation, des diff rentes douceurs au chocolat qui sont cr es dans notre chocolaterie Bref je comptais vraiment plonger dans une mer de chocolat, et au final j ai eu un to [...]

    23. Lady Lioness says:

      3.5 stars for me I was drawn to this book by the chocolate theme, but it s really of a discovering yourself book Damon is not your typical hero He starts off like a spoiled, self centered, party boy, and only after he s lost almost everything does he start to mature He s harmless, but very much a boy for the first half of the book When he starts trying to prove himself to Natasha, then he grows up Even after that point, I kinda thought Natasha could do better I gave it 3.5 stars because Damon s [...]

    24. Anna says:

      I didn t love this book I didn t quite dislike it I m somewhere in between The characters are okay, but I didn t love either of them There are some major inconsistancies in the plot that made me insane.Supposedly, the hero has no idea that the heroine has a child FOR 7 YEARS of her employment with him Somehow, he missed her entire pregnancy explained by saying he was away on trips alot Assuming that the inevitable childcare problems were handled by the conveniently placed friendly ex mother in l [...]

    25. Amélie says:

      I like the romance between the two characters, but they are part of the story that could have been cut and also a lot of useless monologues IMO as they are too frequent and throw the reader out of the story in addition to not bringing new information we can deduce easily what the characters are thinking or they repeat themselves several times I also think that the change in the hero s character, or rather the revelation he has about himself that he doesn t really like his playboy life any, that [...]

    26. Leanne says:

      This book was a little far fetched but it really is just a good time read It doesn t take much to read through this book and if your looking for smiles this a great book to do that It will keep you smiling with Damon s wild antics and Natasha s easy manner She s a bad girl in a librarians clothing I don t really have much to say about this book because it wasn t the kind of book that you ponder or for hours after, it s what I call a feel good read, you read it and it gives you something fun and [...]

    27. Sonya says:

      Natasha Jennings puts up with a lot from her extremely self centered playboy boss, Damon Torrence She finally has enough and walks away He quickly realizes he can t get through life without her and does everything he can to prove he can change.This book was pretty much everything I hoped it would be after reading the synopsis It s a light,funny read, filled with snappy dialogue and just perfect for the beach Damon was so self centered, he was completely unaware of ANYTHING that did not pertain d [...]

    28. Stacy says:

      I wasn t crazy about the beginning, I really liked the middle, and again, not crazy about the end Her writing style threw me off a few times too with herRepetative use of repetitionI love that you.I love that youI love that you over and over in the same paragraph I realize that this is used by the character as emphasis for the depth of their feelings, but to use it over and over again, kind of irritating.The besdt part of the book is Damon off by himself Left to flounder in the world without his [...]

    29. Amanda Nissen says:

      It wasn t a bad book, but it wasn t a great one either Occasionally I wondered if there was going to be some sort of magic on it might have helped.It took place over approx 12 years, but was so unrealisticeveryone on the company loves her, but no one mentions that s she has a childd apparently hey boss that she works for and with 60 hours a week never noticed she got pregnant, took some maternity leave, etc It was ok, just strange and seemed to go on and on at the end I didn t regret reading it, [...]

    30. Tina says:

      2.5 to 3 starsThe first 10 chapters of this book were good, captivating and entertaining Unfortunately it kinda fizzled after that The story wasn t bad but it didn t really keep me fully engrossed I did feel a connection with the heroine Natasha and I liked her I found the Hero lovable but a little dumb My over all opinion is that this book was an easy fun read kinda fluffy , it was romantic and steamy but the overall story was just OK.

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