Lois G. Grambling Judy Love
Can I Bring Woolly to the Library, Ms. Reeder?
September 02, 2019 Comments.. 748
Can I Bring Woolly to the Library, Ms. Reeder? Lois G. Grambling Judy Love Once upon a time there was a boy who presented a well thought out proposal for his teacher, Ms Johnson, convincing her that bringing a pterodactyl to school would be a good idea The boy is back, and this time he has several reasons why bringing a woolly mammoth to the library would be advantageous to the librarian, Ms Reeder, and the library s patrons.. Can I Bring Woolly to the Library Ms Reeder Once upon a time there was a boy who presented a well thought out proposal for his teacher Ms Johnson convincing her that bringing a pterodactyl to school would be a good idea The boy is back and t
  • Title: Can I Bring Woolly to the Library, Ms. Reeder?
  • Author: Lois G. Grambling Judy Love
  • ISBN: 9781580892810
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Hardcover
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    • BEST MOBI "Ì Can I Bring Woolly to the Library, Ms. Reeder?" || READ (E-Book) ✓
      151 Lois G. Grambling Judy Love
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    1 Blog on “Can I Bring Woolly to the Library, Ms. Reeder?

    1. Amy says:

      The other day my second graders said, Mrs Hesterman, it s been a while since you have read to us We have been doing too many other things in the library So I listened to my kids and shared this book with them, having never read it before myself Oh how they loved it In unison, without my prompting, they would chime in together, CAN I BRING WOOLLY TO THE LIBRARY CAN I PLEASE I delighted in watching some of them react to the characters names in the book, Ms Page, Mayor Pinchpenny, Mr Penn This woul [...]

    2. Lisa Vegan says:

      First of all, I adore the illustrations The is wonderful detail, humor, and they re very pleasant to view.In a way, this is a book about how to behave properly in libraries, but as kids learn or review, they are likely to enjoy this silly and somewhat heartfelt story.It s cute, amusing, and librarians and library patrons of all ages are likely to appreciate it, particularly story time aged and slightly older kids This is a wonderful read aloud book and perhaps even better for independent readers [...]

    3. Peacegal says:

      Get ready to laugh out loud at the idea of a woolly mammoth marauding through a peaceful small town library Librarians will read about Mayor Pennypincher who always refuses to pay his fines with a knowing smile Wooly turns the old skinflint upside down and shakes the loose change from his pockets we sure could use one of those here

    4. Rick says:

      I really liked this story because it gave very subtle reasons why children should go to the library and read and why younger children should be read to.

    5. Pamela Powell says:

      VERY cute book about a boy who wants to bring a Woolly Mammoth to the library and tells the librarian all the reasons that would be good.

    6. Jennifer says:

      Hilarious A great read aloud.

    7. Bridget R. Wilson says:

      A little boy does his best to persuade the librarian to let him bring his woolly mammoth to the library What I thought This book is so funny I can t wait to use it when I have students from elementary schools visit the library I know they ll enjoy it The ending was perfect The illustrations are bright, colorful, and appealing My favorites are Woolly in bunny slippers and Woolly in the reading corner.

    8. Tam says:

      My 7 year old enjoyed this book.Excerpt Can I bring Woolly to the library, Ms Reader Can I Please If I bought Woolly to the library,he could finally get a library card.He could practice writing with Mr Penn you know, the new library volunteer Sometimes Woolly mixes up his lettersor makes them backward,but with practice he could print his nameon your library card application.And you could READ it

    9. carissa says:

      Will a child s woolly mammoth create havoc if he is allowed in the library This is a good introduction to the library for elementary aged children I especially liked the scene with the mayor who didn t want to pay his fines because he claimed he renewed his books by phone the previous week, even though he hadn t.

    10. Karen Arendt says:

      Cute story about visiting the library that also incorporates some rules such as letting librarians re shelve books, being quiet and returning overdue books While there are other books for library rules, the illustrations in this book are so colorful and detailed that students will enjoy looking at the pictures Possibly an additional purchase.

    11. Sharon says:

      Such a cute story with engaging illustrations This is a good choice for story times to remind kids of the librart rules or for parents who take their children to the library to reinforce how they expect them to behave Actually, it is a great introduction to the library for any elementary aged child.

    12. J.D. Holman says:

      This is a beautifully illustrated book, carefully detailed and wonderfully realistic The story is fun, too While most children do not have woolly mammoths to bring to the library, they may ask why their pet cat dog ferret gerbil can t come to the library This book takes what could go wrong to a new level Overall, it s a very lovely book.

    13. Courtney says:

      Not only does this book feature a library and talk about all the things that happen in a library but it also involves a HUGE woolly mammoth Mammoths don t really fit in libraries, just in our imagination I think that this book could be used both to teach about libraries AND to help readers learn a little big about mammoths too.

    14. Sarah Adamson says:

      A really fun story book and great way to explore library rules with your little ones I will be suggesting this for the school librarian A good fun and clear book about a boy asking to take Woolly the mammoth to the library and exploring how he would have fun and be useful too.

    15. Marfita says:

      Elaborately illustrated examples of why someone would want to bring their mammoth to the library, but it probably wouldn t be the best idea Melvil Dewey looks on in consternation Fortunately, Woolly gets homesick and the problem becomes moot Except he has a friend

    16. Nathan says:

      I liked these illustrations a lot The story was ironic, which I like, and it was a little humorous I can see kids getting a real kick out of it, if the person reading put some effort into it Quite enjoyable Still only 3 stars.

    17. Dee Toomey says:

      This child s book is a cute story, but best of all is the colorful illustrations Any child would love to be read Can I Bring Woolly to the Library, Ms Reader Sending to my granddaughter who lives many states away.

    18. Alice says:

      I loved this book I had to chuckle when one patron who happened to be the mayor refused to pay a fine because he insisted that he d renewed it by phone this author knows her way around a library Cute Cute

    19. Carmen says:

      A romping,fun read a loud A great book to be shared during storytime and the illustrations delight with every turn of the page Who wouldn t want to bring a woolly mammoth to the library especially one with fuzzy slippers, very cuddly, and who likes to listen to little kids read

    20. The Brothers says:

      A little boys describes to the librarian how his woolly mammoth will be the epitome of good behavior, adhering to all the library rules, should she allow him to come in.Very fun illustrations.

    21. Charlyn says:

      A child narrator elaborates on the assets and problems if the librarian would allow him to bring a woolly mammoth to the public library.

    22. ReadingWench says:

      Cute, fun and silly A great book for kindergarden or 1st grade storytimes 3.6

    23. Pat says:


    24. Robin says:

      Pretty much any picture book set in a library is going to win points with me and this one is a fun way to illustrate to kids how to follow the rules of the library in a silly way.

    25. Paula says:

      I like Lois Grambling and this book doesn t disapppoint It s perfect for Kindergarten storytimes and those interested in dinosaurs It also lends itself well to being a good read aloud choice.

    26. Stefani says:

      Definitely keeping this one on hand for class visits to the library Favorite page Mayor Pinchpenny, who said he renewed his books when he didn t Tsk tsk.

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