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Saving Private Sarbi
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Saving Private Sarbi Sandra Lee The true story of Australia s canine war heroLost for 13 months in the wilds of Afghanistan, this is the dramatic, heart warming and truly amazing story of Sarbi, the Army s most famous explosives detection dog the miracle dog of Tarin Kot.DescriptionPowerful, dramatic, heartwarming, this is the true story of Sarbi, the scruffy black Labrador cross trained by the AustralThe true story of Australia s canine war heroLost for 13 months in the wilds of Afghanistan, this is the dramatic, heart warming and truly amazing story of Sarbi, the Army s most famous explosives detection dog the miracle dog of Tarin Kot.DescriptionPowerful, dramatic, heartwarming, this is the true story of Sarbi, the scruffy black Labrador cross trained by the Australian Army as an explosives detection dog for the most dangerous combat mission imaginable.Thirteen months after Australia s most famous canine warrior went missing in action following an historic battle between the elite SAS and the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2008, she was found by an American Special Forces officer patrolling a village in a region known to be a Taliban stronghold Against all odds, Sarbi had survived her injuries, the enemy s weapons, a bitter winter, one brutal summer and the harsh unforgiving landscape on her own She was the miracle dog of Tarin Kot.Sarbi s story, and those of the other brave Australian Army dogs in Afghanistan, will resonate with anyone who has known the unconditional love of man s best friend, and understands the rewards of unbidden loyalty, trust and devotion It will appeal to all those who appreciate the selflessness of serving your country and the inherent dangers of putting your life on the line for others in a war zone And it will strike a chord with anyone who has experienced the magical connection with a dog.. Saving Private Sarbi The true story of Australia s canine war heroLost for months in the wilds of Afghanistan this is the dramatic heart warming and truly amazing story of Sarbi the Army s most famous explosives det
  • Title: Saving Private Sarbi
  • Author: Sandra Lee
  • ISBN: 9781742375571
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Paperback
  • Saving Private Sarbi Sandra Lee

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    1 Blog on “Saving Private Sarbi

    1. Kirsti says:

      I was so incredibly disappointed with this book the author seemed to care little for Sarbi s ACTUAL story, and decided it was important to tell us about background military history, facts about the breed, dogs in history and about a million other things besides Massive paragraphs with nothing to do with the dog, a quick two sentence burst about her, and then back to rabbiting on I mean, near the start of the book there is almost an entire page dedicated to describing the opening scene of the li [...]

    2. Brenda says:

      This is a difficult review to write, as I found some of the first half of the book hard going Sarbi and Rafi, sister and brother, and cross between a Labrador retriever and a Newfoundland, were both named by their owners Wendy Upjohn and children Gemma, Nic and Marcelo, after the characters from Lion King , Sarabi and Rafiki We read about Sarbi the civilian, and the enormous love, devotion and fun she and Rafi had with their human family You will laugh out loud at the games with the tennis balls [...]

    3. Sally says:

      Kane says read Jan 10 2014 Having a great affection for K9 s and working not a handler but medic with them and some of the soldiers in this book i know very well and have worked with for many years Cheers Guys and their handlers I couldn t put this down Great book on our lesser known soldiers, how they are picked out and trained and importantly the work they do and risks they haven t a care for to help other soldiers return home to see families The fact that Sarbi was lost and then returned is [...]

    4. Saturday's Child says:

      The story of Sarbi is an interesting one as dogs who are involved in combat like human soldiers are simply incredible and their contributions in warfare need to be acknowledged as well I just did not like the style in which this book is written.

    5. Nez says:

      Story about Sarbi interesting but I couldn t stand the style of writing Murdoch journalist what can you expect.I couldn t finish too annoying.

    6. Kat Perry says:

      Contains Spoilers This book represents pure joy for all dog lovers I really am utterly sure I am a dog person having listened to the beautiful audio version of this book, read in the laconic Aussie accent of Peter Byrne It is utter perfection, and a must read or listen.My own grandfather fought in World War II and was one of the Rats of Tobruk Like many other Aussies, I come from a family tradition of handing down stories of bravery and attending Anzac Day celebrations religiously 20 years later [...]

    7. Beverley Meacham says:

      While I agree with some of the reviews of the disappointed readers about the style of writing, the sidebar trivia etc, for me it was still a very interesting story Being an animal lover and having an ex military husband, so much of the story was still an eye opener It is after all non fiction and tells of the lengths so many people went to, to find Sarbi.

    8. Marion Brady says:

      A good story but it could have benefited from a bit of precis Maybe Reader s Digest could do it as a condensed book.

    9. John Davies says:

      Like another reviewer, I was a bit disappointed with this book While I enjoyed it, there is little actual story about Sarbi in here While I realise the difficulties involved, I would have loved to have read an actual account from the Taliban or hearsay from others involved in what happened to Sarbi after the ambush that separated her from Soldier D Even stories from others in the unit about how D reacted when he realised she was missing, how they tried to find her, ANYTHING but what we got What [...]

    10. Suzy says:

      Saving Private Sarbi is an Australian dog military book, about an explosives detection dog EDD Sarbi who went missing in action in Afghanistan after an historic battle between the SAS and the Taliban Sarbi, who was injured in the battle, was MIA for thirteen months in an area known to be a Taliban stronghold.This is a great book, however, being a massive dog lover, I had difficulty reading about the fate of many of the EDD s while they are on duty in war zones This book provides an honest look i [...]

    11. Sharon says:

      Great book, but not what I expected I thought the story would be about the dog, less about the history of the militarys use of dogs.This neverless does not make this a good book, but in a way enriches the story.I was disappointed that her missing time was almost barely mentioned I know that not much is probably known about her mising time, but in the book, you get the feeling that she was only gone for a few months, not 13 months that it actually was.Glad that her story ended well, and that her [...]

    12. Koalathebear Koalathebear says:

      Like many other people, I read this book hoping to read about Sarbi herself The author has a very affected style which sometimes got in the way of the story I did enjoy reading about the life of an EDD and I thought that it was interesting to find out what the army looks for when getting a dog I could have done without some of the extrapolation though

    13. Heather says:

      This was an interesting story about Explosives Detection Dog, Sarbi, who worked in Afghanistan for the Australian Army The risks she took to protect her human counterparts was amazing Although a bit dry at times, it was plainly obvious that the author has a great love for animals in general and dogs in particular.

    14. Diane says:

      After losing my adorable chocolate lab, I wanted to read the story of a hero among dogs While the story was great the book was dragged out, recounting endless unrelated tales which took the meaning away for me, maybe I was looking for something else Pity, because the dogs involved are such amazing creatures and true heroes.

    15. Robert Gemmell says:

      Have enjoyed reading books about dogs during all wars and how brave they were brought many a tear to my eyes by Lorna GemmellExcellent book to read a true story to hit the heart strings all books on war dogs are brilliant true stories

    16. Ellie says:

      I really enjoyed this story as it gave good inside into the battles our Aussie allied soldiers have to endure in the Middle East as well as what the EDD s go through to protect the diggers Well written researched Recommend

    17. Chelly Jones says:

      I absolutely loved this book Maybe it is my own personal connections to the Australian Army and also labradors But either way it is a fantastic tale tail and all true Well done Sarbi, seek on

    18. Leslie-ann says:

      Loved loved loved

    19. June says:

      This book is about Explosive Detection Dogs and really just uses Sarbi s story as example Nevertheless, it brings to light the amazing things that these dogs and their handlers do.

    20. Tess Thomson says:

      Although at times tough to get through with it s factual detail, ultimately, a fantastic read Very interesting and a heart warming end to the true story.

    21. Leonie says:

      Loved this book Dogs are the true unsung hero s of war Wonderful guy that was his handler.

    22. Carmen Boeing says:

      I loved it a couple tears but truly loved it So thankful my sister picked it up for me

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