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Ramblefoot KenKaufman Exiled from his province Cobb Ash for a crime he did not commit, Raspail becomes the most wretched of wolves, a ramblefoot Now he must survive on his own navigating the treacherous outer fringes of the wolf provinces, dangerously close to where the new predator wages war on the wolf It is here, in an anarchic enclave where meatdrunk ramblefoots plunder the bountiful treaExiled from his province Cobb Ash for a crime he did not commit, Raspail becomes the most wretched of wolves, a ramblefoot Now he must survive on his own navigating the treacherous outer fringes of the wolf provinces, dangerously close to where the new predator wages war on the wolf It is here, in an anarchic enclave where meatdrunk ramblefoots plunder the bountiful treasures of man, that Raspail comes to prominence as a legend among wolves But Raspail has no interest in power, only Kileo, the love he was torn from With old foes waiting to assassinate him and Cob Ash recently allied with hostile neighbor Draguignon, Raspail will need to unite the lawless ramblefooots and conquer Cob Ash if he is to ever see Kileo again With a keen eye for the extraordinary in nature, and a portrayal of wolf culture that is both meticulously researched and then fantastically extrapolated on, Ramblefoot is a thrilling adventure that will immerse you in its sprawling mythology from the first sentence.. Ramblefoot Exiled from his province Cobb Ash for a crime he did not commit Raspail becomes the most wretched of wolves a ramblefoot Now he must survive on his own navigating the treacherous outer fringes of th
  • Title: Ramblefoot
  • Author: KenKaufman
  • ISBN: 9780578092454
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ramblefoot KenKaufman

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    1. mark monday says:

      Ramblefoot is the tale of the orphan wolf Raspail, his early life in the pack that adopts him, his various betrayals and misadventures, and his slow but rather obvious growth into Facet alpha wolf is is a long, digressive, fairly engrossing tale of adventure the wolves are semi anthropomorphized they are given many human attributes, but essential aspects of their nature remain resolutely wolfish Ramblefoot is an adult epic there is a ton of violence many throats torn out, animals slaughtered, at [...]

    2. Mariel says:

      There s a feature on that you can put in a question for requesting friends to answer Mine is Which book would you want to live in It s interesting to me which books these are for others I ve found some good books this way The kind of books that someone wants to be real That s what I want I have declined people who wrote something about how they wouldn t want to live in a book I love my life They probably wouldn t like me anyway Good for you, then But did they sob have to say Why would anyone wan [...]

    3. Manny says:

      I got sent Ramblefoot last week by the author He s a screenwriter with some impressive credits to his name Space Cowboys, Curious George This is his first novel.Well, I ve just finished it, and I m unusually conflicted about what to say It s easy to pick holes The language is clunky and there is a startling lack of proofreading It has a very unfinished feel to it But in many ways it s quite a worthwhile book The author wants to tell a story where all the characters are wolves, and not anthropomo [...]

    4. Kathryn says:

      note I was sent a free review copy by the author Ramblefoot is a debut novel, and has several of the usual weaknesses of self published debut novels typos, leaden prose, etc I did enjoy the story, but I can t really give a full throated recommendation for several reasons.One, there s a little too much tell and not enough show We re informed right in the first chapter that Raspail, the wolf protagonist, is headed for great things because of his character he s tough and noble And when I say we re [...]

    5. Loren says:

      From ISawLightningFallTHREE AND A HALF STARSNote I received a review copy of the following title from its author.It s funny how some books transform entire genres while others don t For instance, ever since a guy named John Ronald Reuel published a big book about a place named Middle Earth in 1954, fantasy has flung up worlds populated with dragon and orcs and dwarves But for some reason, the equally excellent Watership Down penned by fellow Brit Richard Adams never left quite the same footprint [...]

    6. Melissa says:

      This book was received as a free advanced reader s copy.This was a very wolfy book Well it would have to be, with a wolf as the protagonist I wasn t sure what to expect at first but was pleasantly surprised It was a unique tale involving animals, which usually is a good combination.Orphaned at a young age, Raspail clings desperately to survival, and is luckily picked up by some kindly wolves from another pack They hope that he will become a strong hunter for the pack and they see something in hi [...]

    7. Kenisha says:

      Full disclosure I received this book through First Reads program.This review is a WIP.So far I m very delighted with this book Raspail is an indomitable spirit, and it s a joy to watch his transformation from an orphaned pup to a valuable pack member Even when things take a horrible turn for him, he finds a way to persevere Most of the wolves are fleshed out and distinct in their characterization There are lots of betrayals, and inter pack politics which makes for a juicy story I m not really su [...]

    8. Holly says:

      I loved this story It was well written and felt true to nature I wanted to howl and run with the pack However, I don t think my husband would have appreciated that I found myself sympathizing with the characters, even the antagonists Poitu strengthens my desire to have a companion raven before I die I enjoy the relationship that she and Raspail develop I m not sure if this is an Adult or Young Adult story, but I don t think it reads well for the under 13 category Some points were dark the pregna [...]

    9. Abby says:

      I absolutely loved the way the wolves were characterized, without a deep sense of feeling and an animalistic bloodthirst The main character Raspail may be a hero, but he has alot of beastly and vicious traits that make the reader, unlike most talking animal fantasies, feel slightly afraid and hold him at a distance Overall, this book is so very beautifully written, with many twists and turns and amazing and fantastic characters, and i highly reccomend it to wolf lover or just literature lover in [...]

    10. Maddie says:

      This book wasn t what I was expecting but still worthwhile I enjoyed it I liked the writing and the story It was a good book I don t have really any huge critiques or comments to share it was just a good book.

    11. Matthew Zinnecker says:

      This review and many other book reviews can be found articlesbookreviewsandstories.This is a lost contemporary classic Ramblefoot tells the story of a young wolf named Raspail After his mother dies, he learns to live on his own from a young age Soon, Raspail is accepted into the Cob Ash wolf pack, he falls in love with a she wolf, Kileo, and plays with the other wolves all day, untilHe is framed for his adopted father s murder After going mute Raspail disappears into the forests, wishing he coul [...]

    12. GD Trekkie says:

      Mild language used in this review What an interesting book I borrowed this book from Prime and since I never heard about this book before I thought it wouldn t be good.It was pretty good Not the best I ve read but I was engaged in it and had to keep on reading it till the end The characters, stories and the plots were great I actually was playing Horizon Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds DLC which is based in Yellowstone and so I imagined the story taking place in The Frozen Wilds, I ve never been to Yello [...]

    13. Kara Jorges says:

      I enjoy the occasional allegory, particularly one about wolves, so when I was offered a chance to read this one, I went for it Though not overly realistic, it is a gripping adventure with a likeable hero and hateable villains.Ramblefoot is the colorful story of Raspail, a wolf who loses everything, but rebuilds a wonderful life for himself in a changing world When he is forced from his home and his true love at a young age, he embarks on an adventure and makes a number of new friends He travels [...]

    14. Justyn Simon says:

      It seemed at first like the wolf s side of a nature book,then things started to go down hill This was because the wolves have a strong sexual direse that got stronger as the book went on At one spot in the book, a wolf tries to rape another wolf, at another wolf cubs are giggling behind a bush because a wolf is on top of another wolf which causes the two wolves to fall over One of the oddest things it talks about, is one time when the wolves were following the scent of female wolves they notice [...]

    15. Clorin says:

      While definitely enjoyable to a point, Ramblefoot is definitely a testosterone filled tale Lots of male comradery makes up the bones of the book, while the main character s misfortune makes up the body It s about building up a legend in a style similar to a campfire tale than it is about being a necessarily good story.I would recommend Ramblefoot to people who enjoyed White Fang or The Sight, as it s a short read and enjoyable for those who can look past its flaws for a brief scene featuring se [...]

    16. Emily says:

      Excellent Think along the lines of Tailchaser s Song Tad Williams or Watership Down I absolutely enjoyed every minute of this book and highly recommend it I read the summary and thought umwhat but trusted the good reviews of and was not let down This book may have some younger readers but my closest comparison is Tailchaser s song because it s nature uncut which means blood, guts and other nature y things In other words, its not a childrens book

    17. Lastwolf says:

      Very disappointing Wish I d saved my money.Poorly written, little care being taken over construction of sentences and punctuation practically every sentence I wanted to rewrite I ve read better work from fourteen year olds.For how to write a book in this genre Mr Kaufmn should read Gary Kilworth s Midnight s Sun.

    18. Daniel says:

      Amazing Read, Surprised that this isn t popular This book, is the greatest story about wolves I have ever read It has, action, adventure, humor, good poetry, and a great romance No love of wolves or fiction should pass this book by READ IT You will have no regrets.

    19. Nicole says:

      Gory and often crude, but funny and interesting all the same I enjoyed this one.

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