Mark RaphaelBaker
The Fiftieth Gate: A Journey Through Memory
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The Fiftieth Gate: A Journey Through Memory Mark RaphaelBaker This gate here, I recognise it Behind it is a steep slope, a hill, fields, grass We would slide down it in winter At last, an incontrovertible test through which my father s memory might be vindicated Two lone gates that appear to lead nowhere Push, we scream, lift the latch and push No I remember too much now No A love story and a detective story, a study This gate here, I recognise it Behind it is a steep slope, a hill, fields, grass We would slide down it in winter At last, an incontrovertible test through which my father s memory might be vindicated Two lone gates that appear to lead nowhere Push, we scream, lift the latch and push No I remember too much now No A love story and a detective story, a study of history and of memory, this spellbinding new work explores a son s confrontation with the terror of his parents childhood.Moving from Poland and Germany to Jerusalem and Melbourne, Mark Raphael Baker travels across the silence of fifty years, through the gates of Auschwitz, and into a dark bunker where a little girl hides in fear As he returns to scenes of his parents captivity, he struggles to unveil the mystery of their survival.The Fiftieth Gate is a journey from despair and death towards hope and life the story of a son who enters his parents memories and, inside the darkness, finds light.. The Fiftieth Gate A Journey Through Memory This gate here I recognise it Behind it is a steep slope a hill fields grass We would slide down it in winter At last an incontrovertible test through which my father s memory might be vindicated
  • Title: The Fiftieth Gate: A Journey Through Memory
  • Author: Mark RaphaelBaker
  • ISBN: 9780732258047
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Fiftieth Gate: A Journey Through Memory Mark RaphaelBaker

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    1 Blog on “The Fiftieth Gate: A Journey Through Memory

    1. Velvetink says:

      Review now it s finished Freedom is not a happy ending It is a flame that dances in remembrance, inside the blackness p.314Baker s parents lived through the Holocaust and he writes about journeying back with them to Europe, their memories and finding some kind of hope and what it means to be Jewish There are some sections towards the end that are a bit confusing and disjointed may have benefited from better editing perhaps, but a thought provoking book The sources, biblio and info provided about [...]

    2. Uyen says:

      Though it made for an informative read, The Fiftieth Gate was at times confusing, with its abrupt time hops and unmarked dialogue I can appreciate the way Baker made unconventional decisions in the novel s composition, but ultimately, it didn t make for a compelling book Two stars.

    3. Michelle says:

      Took me a while but I got there

    4. Mgn says:

      I read it for school I wrote a killer essay about it but I really struggled to read it Baker s idea is interesting to research the Holocaust and team it with eye witness accounts from his Jewish holocaust survivor parents and draw a comparison between history and memory But I found it rather difficult to read as it seemed to lack some element to tie it all together I d enjoy it if it was logically presented and consistently narrated, otherwise I found it hard to motivate myself to figure out wha [...]

    5. Soph says:

      i literally cannot deal with mark baker

    6. Alice says:

      I actually liked Baker s Midrash structure What I don t like is that I have to write an essay on it.

    7. Text Publishing says:

      Combining precise historical research and poetic eloquence, Mark Baker s The Fiftieth Gate remains the gold standard of second generation Holocaust memoirs on the occasion of its twentieth anniversary edition Christopher R Browning Baker does with memory, what Rembrandt does with light He uses it to model, to imagine, to illuminate, to astonish Philip Adams

    8. Tara says:

      Baker conveys the journey through the fog of truth incredibly well Pattered between his narrative is the voice of his parents, clutching their memories close to their chests Does sharing your story make it stronger Or do you lose some ownership, something that tethers you to your origins He pieces it together with equal parts of pain and joy His mother s utter loss, who barely exists on paper His father s irritation as Baker demands fecks , and then the disparate excitement when finding the righ [...]

    9. Ruediger Landmann says:

      The Fiftieth Gate A Journey Through Memory is, at its core, historian Mark Raphael Baker s journey to record, contextualise, and understand his own family history the Holocaust through the eyes of his parents, Polish Jews who survived it as children His process combined interviews with his parents with meticulous combing of Polish, German, Russian, and American records He even returns his parents to Poland to their childhood villages and to Auschwitz to discover what memories these places will s [...]

    10. Andrew Montgomery says:

      As I joined Mark Baker on his journey through both history and memory, I felt countless emotions The way in which he approaches piecing together his parent s story is truly one of a kind a combination of documented evidence and personal experience At several points throughout the novel, I had to put the book down simply to contain myself countless tears were shared whether from happiness, sadness, anger, or frustration This novel was gorgeously written While Baker struggled at several occasions [...]

    11. Hermien says:

      Interesting would be the most accurate word for me to describe this book Even though it deals with the writer s own family it has the feel of a book researched by an historian with a certain distance to his subject I liked the parents who never over dramatised what happened to them and were a lot less interested in digging up the past than their son I m glad I read it because it provided insight into the feelings of children of holocaust survivors.

    12. Ria Lize says:

      T_T I never understood what was going on Probably because I was reading too fast to get it all over and done with.

    13. Sofia says:


    14. Jane Heo says:

      really did not enjoy this, the style of writing wasn t for me Some good ideas but overall really difficult to get through

    15. Cheryl Leslie says:

      This is a true tale of love, memory, the Holocaust and the present day Mark Baker interviewed and videotaped his parents searching their particular memories of their separate lives in Poland during the Nazi terror While his father Joe has vivid and traceable memories of being in the death camps, his mother, a five year old at the time, is convinced her memories are as clear, though Baker a historian, cannot seem to find documentation of what his mother tells him.I liked this book once I was able [...]

    16. Cecilia says:

      I really tried hard to read this book I thought it would give me a window into the events of the holocaust and it did The problem I had with the story, if you can call it that, is that the author seemed to drift into gore and suffering over and over again just for the sake of focusing on the inhumanity and brutality of the Nazis I don t mean to demean or make light of the events of this tragic period in the world s history but this book wallowed in the worst and as I continued to read, the autho [...]

    17. Amy Kew says:

      Contrary to popular opinion, i really enjoyed reading this book I found the concept of history and memory, really intriguing It was nice to be able to read a book through school, that i normally wouldn t have chosen to read for pleasure, and actually enjoy reading it It wasn t all about the death camps which was nice, i ve read many books based on the Holocaust, from many different perspectives however this book elaborated on life before, being caught, or the outbreak of war, which was lovely Do [...]

    18. Lonleypurplecat says:

      This book.The precious hours of my lifewastedI mwhatwhyhellI respect the content of this book The Holocaust is a tragic event that should never be disrespected or forgotten, but Baker can t write for shit Although I probably feel this way because I was forced to read it for school, otherwise you wouldn t have paid me to poke it with a 10 metre stick

    19. Bellybubble16 says:

      I absolutely hate this book with a passion greater than anything in the world Although the subject of the book is a moving subject and quite an important one which I have much respect for I find this book quite annoying and hard to understand Baker is forceful and annoying to his parents and can t seem to understand that they do not wish to share their memories with him because they are in pain I hate it It s jumpy and boring I can t even get past the 8th chapter.

    20. Shelley says:

      This book was very moving I found the stories captivating and just wanted to learn of their lives and pasts This is not the typical book I would read being very different in the style of writing from my usual preferences Although I found it slightly confusing at times I actually really liked the creativity with which baker wrote his parents stories Very glad this is a book which we have to study at school

    21. Emily Grace says:

      I probably wouldn t have read this book if i didn t have to for school.It was interesting a different take on the holocaust to what i ve read in the past.I would have given it 4 stars keep in mind, I m quite harsh with my ratings , except for the fact that the book was a quite hard to follow at times, with all the historical references, personal narrative and just general jumping around.Other than that, Baker is a beautiful, compelling and passionate writer.

    22. Nejra says:

      The prose harbours between average and bad, but is still weirdly gripping What makes the novel work is the writer s parents, these characters alone were interesting enough to sustain my interest their stories a welcome antidote to the probing questioning of their child Though one can t blame Baker for wishing to make sense of a painful past I like the focus on history versus memory, too.

    23. Sophie says:

      I found it so hard to follow this book I had to study it for my final year of school, and although I recognise and respect the ideas towards Baker s novel, not to mention the absolute horrors of the Holocaust, it did at times feel to arty and poetic so that or at least in regards to myself it became insreasingly difficult to comprehend, especially with its constant jumping around.

    24. Jess says:

      A good this is an understatement reading it under the module of Representation Text in many ways reveals even so how powerful the construction of it is well for me anyway book despite being rather confusing Main hamartia Being a HSC prescribed text which has led to its really low rating on haha.

    25. Renee says:

      This book was set to me in High School for English, i was apprehensive because i always disliked the books set However this book was sad but beautiful Reminding me of the stories that my Nonna told me of the war time in Italy also having a deep compassion and respect for these people, it was touching made me teary.

    26. Christena says:

      Dumb Such a stupid, slow moving book I mean why read this when there are heaps of other books about the holocaust out there to read The only chapter I found interesting was Baker s recreation of Hinda s story Sorry for the harsh review I guess my core could also be tainted by the fact I had to read it for the HSC

    27. Amanda says:

      Didn t really enjoy this Quite confusing, although at times it proved to be an intriguing and sophisticated memoir Baker could have successfully written this concisely, he consistently seemed to go on about irrelevant context Overall, at times it was an enjoyable read, however I also neglected it because of the way Baker dragged on.

    28. Paige Rich says:

      Great book, I normally say that books are so much enjoyable when you don t have to study them in school, but that only improved this one for me A book that you may have to put effort into, but is well worth it.

    29. Andrew Bishop says:

      A sad but inspiring story of the holocaust experience as described by the authors parents I found the writing style a little difficult to understand at times by this is a story that projects those terrible memories very well.

    30. Cassandra says:

      it was a good book but at times i got quite confused I had to read this as an English Advance Novel but if i hadn t had the time pressures nor the fact that i needed to de construct the novel at the end, i think i would have really enjoyed reading it at a slower pace so i can enjoy it .

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