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Cinder Marie Sexton Eldon Cinder would give anything to see Prince Xavier one last time, but only women are invited to the royal ball When the local witch offers to make Eldon female for just one night, he agrees.One spell One night One dance.What could possibly go wrong This story also available in print in the anthology Ever After The Collected Short Works of Marie Sexton.. Cinder Eldon Cinder would give anything to see Prince Xavier one last time but only women are invited to the royal ball When the local witch offers to make Eldon female for just one night he agrees One spe
  • Title: Cinder
  • Author: Marie Sexton
  • ISBN: 9781614952565
  • Page: 283
  • Format: ebook
  • Cinder Marie Sexton

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      283 Marie Sexton
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    1. Julio Genao says:

      troubling, but excellentxton writes with a light touch here, and it s marvelousitically important, also, as there are far too many opportunities for unpleasant implications, like in all the greatest of our culture s fairy tales this case, though, the dark side of the story was plain to see everything that is everything wrong with being a gay boy in a straight boy s world such, i found myself triggered to fuck and back weeping my guts out in the last half of it, while a stupid straight prince stu [...]

    2. Exina says:

      Cinder is an alternative version of Cinderella, taking place in the same time period, with a genuinely original storyline Actually, it could have been a little dirtier There is only one erotic scene, and it is not even that explicit It is a lovely, nice romance, a real fairy tale with magic, a witch, evil cousins, wonderful moments, and a surprising happy end He saw me, in a way nobody else in the world did I was real to him I mattered It was the most amazing gift I d ever been given.Originally [...]

    3. Susan says:

      3.5 starsI ll admit, I m not the most adventurous reader I like books that make me happy I need the HEA Real life can be hard enough as it is Reading is my escape I read, well, for the fairy tale.So, Cinder is kinda the epitome of that, right It s the M M Cinderella taled on this day, at this hour, in the midst of madness and bruhaha happening in the Ukraine, in Arizona, and even in the M M social webz of GR, FB, and a certain author s own Crazytown reminded me of why I read and have the prefere [...]

    4. Lauraadriana says:

      Once upon a time there was a boy named CinderHe lived with his mean old aunt, and his two spoiled cousins They made him clean for them, cook for them, and even dress them.But Cinder was not bitter or unhappy, he found joy in the small things One day at his favorite fishing spot he met a prince The prince, Xavier was his name, became his friend Xavier treated Cinder like someone important, and special they talked, laughed and it was the happiest Cinder had ever been He was in loveBut reality soon [...]

    5. Ami says:

      Warning a kind of girlie bits because well, Eldon is turned into a female by the witch in order to be able to come to Prince s ball and dances with the Prince So yes, there are female breasts, but don t worry Eldon stays as male in the end I love fairy tales yes, I passed my 30th birthday a couple of years ago but I still love fairy tales and happy ever after Anything with reference or reminders to those fairy tales I know as a kid, I can t avoid them that is why I am enjoying ABC s TV Show Once [...]

    6. Lyn says:

      Cute M M Cinderella themed story.

    7. ♥Laddie♥ (Lee Lee) says:

      You know the recipe One part orphaned child A very adorable young man named Cinder One part wicked stepmother Or in this case, aunt Two parts nasty stepsisters This time it s nasty twin cousins One cup O hot and smexy prince a royal prince named Xavier, not the pop star in purple lace Stir that all together with a dash of adorably over sized puppy, two shakes of magic, lacy slippers and a fairy god witch When you bake that at 350 degrees in an oven for the hour or so it takes to read it, you get [...]

    8. Heather C says:

      Appropriate is boring This story was absolutely adorable The relationship between Eldon and Xavier was super sweet The sex not at all explicit but perfectly fits with the style of the story Yes, it is a gay fairy tale inspired by Cinderella and the first half of the story follows the tale that we all already know But then there s a twist And I really liked how Xavier worked everything out in the end See, Milton really was a good tracker after all So cute Yes, Eldon does end up with some envy wor [...]

    9. Catherine says:

      This fantastic twisted fairy tale was a light, sweet, FUN retelling of an old classic that gave me the expected happily ever after in a completely unexpected way.

    10. Shin Mon Thway says:

      I think this was such a cute and sweet take on classic Cinderella story Of course, Cinderella is a guy in this novella and called Cinder and he and the prince actually met and befriended with each other before the ball The plot was simple but charming and interesting Not a very big fan of Cinder transforming into a woman for a short period of time but it worked for the story and they got a HEA Yes, big surprise This was such a light and tasty treat between heavy books And this is my favorite quo [...]

    11. Diana says:

      3 1 2 stars.I needed to read a book based on a fairy tale for the Turning Pages at Midnight Challenge, and this was the perfect choice It was a short and sweet M M version of Cinderella, kind of.Very cute, not a lot of drama.

    12. ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ says:

      I am grudgingly putting this on my M M steamy shelf, but this is of a fairy tale than a romance Very much a spoof twist on Cinderella, Cinder is cute and fluffy There s a big, floppy dog, a handsome prince, and a sweet orphan boy named Eldon There s also a witch in a cave, a magic slipper, a bitchy cousin, champagne, and a cleverly executed HEA I would bill this as GFY, except since there was so little sexuality here, it doesn t quite fit Were it not for the mention of hard male members once or [...]

    13. Julesmarie says:

      I was really looking forward to reading this one I ve found myself loving these m m takes on fairy tales, and usually Marie Sexton is one of my favorite authors But this book just did not work for me in so many ways.Biggest it just seems so wrong in this time when people are fighting so hard for equality especially in a world where magical solutions to problems are not only possible, but actually happen that Cinder would have to turn into a woman in order to get his happy ending And I m not talk [...]

    14. Heather K (dentist in my spare time) says:

      Free on Smashwords today with coupon code UN95P, 6 10 14

    15. wesley says:

      I think I understand why the ratings are not off the roof If you consider this story seriously, I m sure a lot of gay people and women would be taking offence But, if you consider this for the spin off that it is, then you d enjoy the book I mean, come on It s Marie Sexton And the story is a nice take to the well loved Disney classic It was both funny and nostalgic And well, a gay guy can dream, right Although, I was kinda hoping there could have been an epilogue or something to solidify Eldon s [...]

    16. Kaje Harper says:

      A short retelling of Cinderella with Cinder being a young man It was light, fast, low angst and smoothly written I ve seen reviews unhappy with one aspect of the get him to the ball magic view spoiler It involves temporarily making the MC into a girl hide spoiler For me, it worked fine, and the ending wasn t some kind of cop out but sweet and openly M M HEA There s not much to this story, but what there is gives a sweet little taste of fluff and a smile.

    17. Lelyana says:

      OMG This book makes me happy.I rarely found myself happy after reading books, and keep on smiling after.Everyone who knows me , knew that I m a fairy tales junkies And Cinder has fulfill my need of a slash of my all time favorite tale It was like, I m stuck inside the book with Cinder Eldon, Xavier and Milton the dog It s so much fun reading this story And this one has easily become my favorite read of 2016 Highly recommended

    18. Caipi says:

      Once upon a timeSweet m m version of the Cinderella fairytale.

    19. Anna says:

      I ve heard only great things about this book so maybe that s why I m disappointed my expectations were too high I was expecting a very cute light read but instead I found myself often than not annoyed instead of going awwww None of the characters really stuck with me tbh and some things were pretty confusing annoying Did Xavier like boys or girls or both I guess it s both because he get s turned on by girl Eldon when they kiss, but maybe it s just because she subconsciously reminding him of Eld [...]

    20. V says:

      Very cute and adorable story.It remind me of the movie Ever After,that I adore.

    21. Jeff Erno says:

      I read this book yesterday but had to think about how I wanted to rate and review it It s a beautifully told story, a male male adaptation of one of my favorite fairy tales In my opinion, this author is one of the best in the genre I loved the story and was especially impressed with the way the dialogue provided foreshadowing and how everything all worked out so magically in the end Although I knew before I began reading that it was a fairy tale and would have its HEA, I didn t know exactly how [...]

    22. Trisha Harrington says:

      This wasn t a bad story I know a lot of people really enjoyed it and I can kinda see why But there were things that really bothered me while I read this and I just couldn t get over them The ending was my favorite part and when Xavier found out the truth.Basically, it was an okay read I was definitely bothered by certain things here, but it wasn t the worst thing in the world either And most people really love the story.

    23. Irina says:

      M M Cinderella fairy tale.Short, silly but entertaining 2.7 stars

    24. Salsera1974 says:

      In this 21st century retelling of Cinderella, Eldon Cinder is living a life of drudgery, working as a servant for his miserable cousins and aunt Xavier, the prince, comes to their town one day, looking for a bride Eldon and Xavier meet cute, start seeing each other secretly every day, and quickly fall in love Xavier is so preoccupied with Eldon, though, that he refuses to pick any woman at all, so his father decides to force his hand every eligible girl in town will attend a royal ball that the [...]

    25. Edina Rose says:

      Wow I can t wait Cinderfella, will the shoe fit 4.5 starsFinished reading the book and I got an answer to my question about the shoe, but NOT the answer I was expecting Putain, I LOVE this fairytale PS My fav sentence in the book Appropriate is boring You are Right On The Money, gorgeous

    26. Chris Cox says:

      This was a fun, quick read About half way through, I realized I d read the first edition, which will probably tell you that this is one of those eye candy kinds of stories It was perfect for a quick Saturday afternoon read while procrastinating house cleaning.

    27. ♣ Irish Smurfétté ♣ says:

      3.5 Stars on Prism Book Alliance Right from the beginning, this had that familiar tone of a fairytale light, bouncy, easily recognizable character types, and even a healthy level of innocence in both of the main characters, Eldon and Xavier.This does come with a twist, though, and maybe one you re not expecting Not that I was thinking a lot ab out it, but it sort of surprised me How would it play out About half way through and I still couldn t decide if that twist was working The writing is cert [...]

    28. Morgana says:

      I couldn t wait for this book to come out, and yet I was wary about girly bits I knew would appear in it I wanted a gay Cinderella story with gay HEA, if you get my drift Did I get it Oh hell yeah And let me tell you this, once I started, I was hooked Totally gone.This story was simply adorable It had everything a Cinderella based story should contain and so much There were cruel envious and spoiled cousins one especially , a bad aunt, a good and helpful witch and of course an orphan, a young m [...]

    29. karlakolumna says:

      I liked the general idea of the book you should know that I m secretly a sucker for fairy tales, newly interpreted or original One film that is and will always be one of my favourites at least, when I m in the mood for something girly and romantic, which, admittedly isn t all that often is Ever After A Cinderella Story with Drew Barry So, understandably, I was quite curious about this CinderFella storyIt s unfortunately rather short and the plot lacks depth The story is sweet and enjoyable, but [...]

    30. Ari says:

      Tale Everybody love tale Me, myself, considering myself as a Cinderella with the world outside as my evil cousins and one day a good witch will do her his magic on me And with that thoughts I endorse myself to face the cruelty of the world XDD Enuf with the curcol Cinder is the male version of Cinderella and the story line remains the same with the original tale Cinder meets the prince, bewitched, go to dance, midnight the spell wore off, Cinder run away, left her shoe and the prince looking for [...]

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