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Blind to Men
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  • Title: Blind to Men
  • Author: Chris Lange
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 355
  • Format: ebook
  • Blind to Men Chris Lange

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      355 Chris Lange
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    1. Anne♡loves♡romance says:

      99 CENTS SALE Hurry, it might not last dp B00LNRQLTS Anya can t see men and they can t see her either Not fun, is it Actually it is, and some parts of this story totally cracked me up So Anya has to go to Palance to see the queen Her protector is Kylor, a very tall, strong and muscular woman with strange body parts that sometimes change shape Here s how I see Kylor just imagine a big sword and a horse instead of a car This is another very unique story from Ms Lange Do yourself a favor and read [...]

    2. ~*~Princess Nhya~*~ says:

      Okay, I liked this one.It was different, to say the least It kept me on my toes Had me riveted, beyond curious totally impatient to know what was the deal with Anya s predicament.I loved how the story the mystery surrounding certain things unfolded And I cannot stress this enough I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Kylor He was definitely on point in many respects I loved his unwavering open fearless devotion to Anya most of all though It was refreshing, sweet, endearing beyond sexy hot They had plenty of hot, [...]

    3. Renégade ♥ says:

      3 1 2 starsThis was an interesting story because the heroine is actually blind to men That idea in itself was an intriguing one and it was neat to see how that blindness played out in Anya s life and impacted her perception of the world as well as her relationships with others There were many humorous moments along the way and her dynamics with her female protector, Kylor, were often sweet, funny, spicy and unique I enjoyed the journey and how the relationship developed between these two.I had a [...]

    4. Justjay Go says:

      First Impression I did not expect the twist at all and boy was this HOT What is it about Once upon a time, in a far away landa sheltered maiden had been cursed, where she can not see nor hear about any manexcept for oneWhat did I liked about it This was my second book of Chris Lange, the first being Gabriel which I thoroughly enjoyed, and this did not disappoint at all The author recommended this book and the blurb was what made me grabbed this book and read it right away This was a nail biting [...]

    5. A.R. Von says:

      Where to begin This is one of the best books I ve ever read I had a smile on my face almost the entire time while reading as well as many laugh out loud experiences yes, my face did hurt This was such an original, refreshing, humorous, exciting, sensual and magical story that I plan to reread Anya has been sheilded her entire life Never knowing of anything but her surroundings Until one day a stranger arrives to the house and is engaging in deep conversation with her mother Anya is unsure how to [...]

    6. Marta says:

      My reaction while reading this book, but I will have to say that I loved the idea of this fantasy story very original Got to love Kylor Always ready to defend and please my lady in ways than one The bedroom talk was funny to me than erotic, but maybe that is what makes this quirky story fun.

    7. Ginger says:

      You can t take yourself too seriously with this The concept of not being able to see men, hear them or even hear a word associated with men was kind of hard to wrap my head around It felt kinda silly but once you get into the story it was a fun read.Anya was sweet and innocent I loved her description of Kylor the unbelievably ugly female with odd parts that came to protect her on her journey.Their bedroom talk was humorous, kind of dirty but very refined Like they were speaking in court talking [...]

    8. RondaTutt says:

      Fun Cute Sexy Read Everyone loves fairy tales especial me when they have been tweaked and erotic scenes have been added to them This cute short story was smoothly written and was fast paced written The book cover is what drew me to the story to begin with for I love a man who yields a sword The story itself was ok for me but the best part was it got a emotional reaction out of me I LMAO I enjoyed the connection between the characters and thought the author did a great job portraying Princess Any [...]

    9. Nikki McCarver says:

      When I first read the title I was really intrigued Blind to Men LOLwell isn t that an interesting concept And every mother s with a daughter fondest wish Anya had been raised in a secluded part of the world by her mother Anya is special She has blindness spells and sometimes goes temporarily deaf It comes and goes and a lot of times it is in the middle of a sentence when someone is speaking to her And then her life is abruptly changed when a strange visitor comes to collect her This visitor is h [...]

    10. Redheads Review it Better says:

      The blurb for this book sounded great and I couldn t wait to read it Let me tell you, I was not disappointed at all It was different from any other book I have read Anya has spent her life not knowing that she can t see and is invisible to men She knows something is amiss when there is the ugliest woman she has ever seen there to escort her to the legendary Palance, a city she has only dreamed of visiting In the middle of everything, Anya can t help be feel confused about the strange feelings sh [...]

    11. Tracy Johnson says:

      Kylor is simply fabulous I wished I was the heroine the whole time and I loved this story What would I give to wake up in the Four Kingdoms next to Kylor A lot, with a big smile on my face.

    12. Lorie says:

      Loved this book If you are looking for an interesting,sexy romance story you can not go wrong with this book Different than a lot of stories that I have read.

    13. Proserpine says:

      I won this book by entering a contest on Beth s blog Beth s Wild and Crazy Book Reviews bethswildandcrazybookreviews.b and I immediately inquired about the author, I didn t know anything Then, when I read the summary of the book, I thought this is rather an unusual concept The general story seems interesting enough and I don t think I ve read on this subject before I must admit that once I started reading this story, I couldn t stop From the first lines, the reader is projected into a strange wo [...]

    14. Ollie says:

      When I first read the blurb I was intrigued about the concept, a young woman unable to see or hear men and her journey to a faraway city with an woman who looks abnormal LOL when I read that I knew I would be smiling from ear to ear as Anya discovers who and what this strange woman is and how it would affect her.Anya has grown up with her mother in almost complete isolation until one day a strange woman arrives and informs her mother that it is time for Anya to travel to the royal city of Palanc [...]

    15. RutyB says:

      Even if you are not a fan of this genre you should read this book It has a beautiful prose and a really good story Blind to Men is the story of Anya, a girl who has been cursed by an evil witch She cannot see or hear about men, which leads for her to think she goes deaf at times.When Kylor comes to take her to the palace, her life is put upside down During their journey she will discover a lot of about her past, the curse and what it has to be done to break it Side by side with Kylor she will di [...]

    16. Juanita says:

      First I was excited because I won this book I never win these types of contests Now I am excited because I ve read this inventive, creative story What a mind to come up with the idea of a young babe Anya cursed by a witch and be Blind to Men She does not see men and they do not see her The wonderful description of how she sees and hears the world are often funny I wished the tale to be longer to enjoy how the author conveyed Anya s view of her surroundings In addition to the curse she is to be s [...]

    17. Chris Vincent says:

      I prefer sweet romance yet the sexy parts are so steamy and well written that I fell headfirst.The girl has been cursed so she can t see men except Kylor I loved him, so strong and caring at the same time.The plotline is very different from the usual fairy tale and full of suspense I read it in one sitting.

    18. Mel says:

      Chris Lange is an author that is new to me I was fortunate enough to win a copy of her book, Blind to Men I was intrigued by the premise of the story Blind to Men is the story of Anya, a young woman who was cursed as an infant and is unable to see or hear anything having to do with men This includes any masculine words Not only can Anya not see men, but she can t hear masculine words and suffers from deafness at those moments Anya has been secluded on a farm with her mother and has no education [...]

    19. Niina says:

      Anya doesn t know men exists, she s never heard of them and never seen any And now the ugliest woman on earth is escorting her from her mother to Kingdom of Palance to save her life.Kylor has a hard time getting her to meet the King of Palance and face the prophesy of a wicked witch, while seducing the completely innocent Anya without falling in love with her.Because once he s taken her virginity to prove the witch wrong, his days will be numberedErotic Romance Novella meets Mel Brooks and The P [...]

    20. Damla says:

      Actually, I don t often read this type of books, but Blind to Men by Chris Lange attracted me in terms that both it is a short book and it combines fantasy with erotic fiction When reading the book, you sense that the sexual expressions are really necessary for the flow of the story You cannot separate them from the book, because the romantic and exciting making love ceremonies are necessary for the female protagonist s survival, who was cursed on birth by an evil witch, so she will not see nor [...]

    21. Jacquie Talento says:

      Anya can t seem men at all because of a spell that was placed on her Kylar would do anything to protect her so when it comes upon her 18th birthday, he volunteers to take her to Palance so they can show the curse has been lifted Anya is very naive to the world around her since she has lived a very sheltered life mainly for her own safety Kylar is attracted to her and helps her lift the curse that she has lived with all of her life.

    22. Martha says:

      This book was recommended to me by Anne, so thanks Anne I loved it This book is fantasy.The main Character Anya is hilarious She s so innocent that sometimes her bluntness and honesty have you cracking up The love scenes between Anya and Kylor were so hot Anya made them funny So if you like hot sex, romance, and laughter then you should read this book.

    23. Patricia says:

      won this book in a contest giveaway and didn t have high hopes for it, and i m super picky when i read books, but it wasn t bad pretty good read, some of the wording kinda irked me, but other than that, all in all, a good read.

    24. M.k. Barrett says:

      Quick, fun read that would not allow me to sleep until it was finished.

    25. Bella Leone says:

      What a fun, light faerie tale It was like a naughty Cinderella D Thank you to Chris for letting me read Such fun

    26. Liz Meldon says:

      I really wanted to like this book I think the premise is really interesting, and it s something I haven t seen before Unfortunately, when all was said and done, I put the book aside and shrugged It wasn t that the writing was poor The quality was there, though I noticed a number of issues that should have been fixed in the production stage extra quotation marks, missing period, etc The book wasn t overburdened with them, but there were enough for me to take notice I also struggled with the prono [...]

    27. Leslie Ferdinand says:

      Anya has lived in a protected, sheltered word for the entirety of her eighteen springs She and her mother have lived on a secluded farm with villagers keeping far away, fearing the place is haunted One day, that all changes, when a strange woman visits Anya and her mother Soon, much to Anya s despair, her mother is urging her to journey to the lauded city of Palance with the stranger It is a place Anya has heard much about and has always wanted to visit to see the Queen and her s Anya s and the [...]

    28. Whitney (Shooting Stars Reviews) says:

      Reviewed by Whitney Shooting Stars ReviewsBlind to Men is a short fantasy book about a girl who is cursed She can not see or hear anything that has to deal with men, or men themselves She has lived eighteen years without the knowledge of men until one day comes a woman she has never seen before and she starts to experience all kinds of strange things This story just wasn t for me I thought the whole over all idea of the plot was interesting, but the rest of it was really lacking I also liked the [...]

    29. Jennifer says:

      I loved this short fantasy tale by Chris Lange The unique concept of Anya s curse hooked me from the beginning She s a total innocent, unaware of the male sex its entirety, unable to see men in the flesh This leads to some seriously hot and humorous scenes when the one man who she can see comes for her Kylor is a worthy hero and protector to Anya Loved how her innocence made her totally unapologetic about sex, unaware of convention as she is Great concept, memorable characters And veerrryyy hot

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