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Generation WilliamKnight A crime thriller with an injection of horror.The facts behind the fiction.In 2001 scientists isolated the gene for regenerating damaged organs from the DNA of a South American flatworm Within five years it had been spliced into the chromosomes of a rhesus monkey, transported through the cell walls by a retro virus denuded of its own genetic material.Attempting to regrow iA crime thriller with an injection of horror.The facts behind the fiction.In 2001 scientists isolated the gene for regenerating damaged organs from the DNA of a South American flatworm Within five years it had been spliced into the chromosomes of a rhesus monkey, transported through the cell walls by a retro virus denuded of its own genetic material.Attempting to regrow impaired or elderly tissues, a scientist will one day modify the DNA of human beings by injecting the gene carrying virus It is just a matter of time.Before consenting to treatment, you may want to ask a simple question could there be a situation in which you would want to die but were unable to do so Journalist Hendrix Aitch Harrison links bodies stolen from a renowned forensic research lab to an influential drug company.Aided by Sarah Wallace, a determined and beguiling entomologist, he delves into a grisly world of clinical trials and a viral treatment beyond imagining.But Aitch must battle than his fear of technology to expose the macabre fate of the drugged victims donated to scientific research.. Generation A crime thriller with an injection of horror The facts behind the fiction In scientists isolated the gene for regenerating damaged organs from the DNA of a South American flatworm Within five yea
  • Title: Generation
  • Author: WilliamKnight
  • ISBN: 9781468148589
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Paperback
  • Generation WilliamKnight

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    1. E.L. Farris says:

      Four StarsGeneration by William KnightWhat do you get when you combine a medical crime thriller with science fiction horror A creepy yet compelling page turner of a book Told from multiple points of view, including several characters who are undead but not your stereotypical zombies, Generation takes us into a world of corporate greed, gene manipulation, and people desperate either to live or to die.I can t attest to the accuracy of the science in Generation, but Knight makes it sound entirely p [...]

    2. Frida Fantastic (book blogger) says:

      Cross posted from Adarna SF Generation pitches itself as a crime thriller with an injection of horror and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo meets the X Files That s an accurate description of the concept, but not of the quality.Hendrix Harrison, the protagonist, is a British Mikael Blomkvist with Fox Mulder s interest in the paranormal, and he uncovers a conspiracy surrounding an experimental drug treatment that turns its test subjects into the living dead The concept is intriguing, and I was hook [...]

    3. Billy Buttons says:

      This book was entered in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards This is what our readers thought Author William KnightTitle GENERATIONCOVER 8 10From the feedback, it seems the readers thought the cover was very good or excellent They liked the way the image had been manipulated and they thought the lettering was easy to read A number of them particularly liked the way the lettering in the title had been played withNTENT 7 10In general, the readers enjoyed this thriller They felt the story had, in general [...]

    4. Heather Boustead says:

      Generation By William KnightWhat if when you died you were completely aware of what was happening to you, the bugs eating your body and the rotting of your limbs William Knight s book brings that very question to life, in a disturbing and realistic way combining genetic modification with the locked in syndrome Not only does William Knight manage a gruesome novel but he also weaves an addictive tale, Hendrix Harrison is a reporter searching for the truth behind people who have been seen after the [...]

    5. Sean Randall says:

      My husband He s not well If he was causing the smell, her words were a fucking understatement It s been a while since a book s woken me in a cold sweat but although it didn t feel over scary at the time this one certainly packs a punch The detail of the case studies is visceral and horrifying, and interwoven with the thrilling storyline this is a brilliant fiction debut.There was also something eminently and distinctly British about the novel not in an Etonian Britishness but a far accessible l [...]

    6. Sweetp-1 says:

      Not really sure what genre this book is crime mystery scifi zombies perhaps Hendrix Henderson or aitch is a journalist who unwittingly discovers that a major pharmaceutical company is doing dodgy experiments with life prolonging drugs With the help of a entomologist Aitch begins to put the macabre puzzle pieces together while also cleverly outwitting the bad guys Aitch is a bit of a rogue with a dark past, his character is well written and carries the story when sometimes there is just one too m [...]

    7. Abigail says:

      Someone said to me, Kriss you will love it, it s a zombie, well scientific umm errr pandemic well sort of just read the book Yes, that is about how the conversation went Well, I heard zombies and thought AWESOME When I read the synopsis I thought huh I love procedural crime novels I love when someone gets really technical and scientific and fiddles around with genomes I had also read a response on the page The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo meets the X Files ROB SVENSONSounds great right I adore th [...]

    8. Ritesh says:

      The story of Generation follows Hendrix Harrison who is a reporter for a paranormal magazine called Strange Phenomena Hendrix starts investigating ghost sightings and he is pulled deep into a mystery which is far bigger then he initially realized As bodies start disappearing and Mendel Pharmaceuticals starts taking a particular interest in this, the mystery deepens Sarah Wallace, who is an entomologist and is the head of the research facility from where the bodies have disappeared, also gets inv [...]

    9. Jack says:

      Biotechnology thriller based on genetic therapy Not really believable but well written.

    10. Leah (White Sky Project) says:

      When I first heard about the book, I was a little hesitant about reading it I read the blurb, took one look at the muy creepy cover, and thought, Oh man, zombies The blurb also mentioned words like sci fi, crime and thriller, and I haven t read a single crime thriller in a long time, so I wasn t exactly in the mood for one However, I decided to suck it up and give it a go as part of my personal reading and writing goals WELL, I m glad that I went ahead with it because it turned out to be even i [...]

    11. Marie Kuhlman says:

      MB 778829I am squeamish around blood in person, I don t care to watch surgery or be on the other side of being a patient, 5 years at a local Level I Trauma Hospital taught me that That said, on the flip side I love horror gore, I am mesmerized by the macabre and turned upside down by a good mystery.While I find most books enjoyable particularly those that deal with grisly subject matter, as does GeNeRATION few if any pull off the plot, the story twists and believable characters as well as GeNeRA [...]

    12. Shah Wharton says:

      My Book ReviewWell, I finished this after staying till 4.30 am because I couldn t put the damn thing down and began writing this review as soon as my head could conceivably leave the pillow, because I couldn t wait to tell you folks about it That was 26th Feb I realised afterward that I had to wait till today to share it with you because today is my tour stop day Bleh It s killed me not to put this review everywhere up till now.Anyway, enough of that.What did I love about it Well, pretty much ev [...]

    13. Donna Brown says:

      Hendrix Aitch Harrison has been known to discover some unusual cases during his employment as a techno phobe journalist at Strange Phenomena and at times it seems like he s on of a wild goose chase than chasing down a scoop Like being called to investigate the story of the Ashburton Wolf Also known as a farm dog He s anti Twitter and likes to do things a certain way but he s also tenacious and knows how to take the lead on a story In other words, he s the kind of journalist you d like investiga [...]

    14. nick says:

      I m writing a mini review for this book because I do not want to give out any spoilers.Before I became engrossed in YA books, I was a huge fan of mystery and thriller books I love them I usually read books by Michael Crichton, Tess Gerritsen and Dean Koontz Generation has to be the first mystery thriller book I ve read in a very long time Honestly, I m really glad I did because I enjoyed reading this.The book introduces us to Hendrix Harrison, most commonly known as Aitch He works as a journalis [...]

    15. Inga says:

      My review When I saw the cover of Generation by William Knight, I was intrigued After reading the blurb of Generation, I was sure I wanted to read it I am glad that I did.Generation is a book where crime, thriller and horror are nicely combined and well written It was not the easiest book to read for me, but I have to say, that I enjoyed it than I expected I have a very strong opinion of reanimation, regeneration, cloning and similar other topics, so I wasn t sure how I would react to Generatio [...]

    16. Celine says:

      When I started reading Generation I was expecting full horror with a little bit of crime mystery The first page did nothing to change those expectations we begin with Patient SW0112 who feels how his own body is decomposing in graphic detail I got quite a strong stomach for this kind of story but I was very glad that this book is than just three hundred pages of gore.Hendrix Harrison is a journalist for the Strange Phenomena magazine When he gets sent to a small village to do research for a sto [...]

    17. Lissette says:

      A veteran of war, Hendrix Aitch Harrison has lived an ordinary life, at least by his standards Working for what s considered to be a seedy magazine catering to strange phenomenon, Hendrix has always been looking for that one story which lift him from the clutches of obscurity When a friend mentions a passing article to him, one he has no interest in, he burns with the thought that he s been had yet again Never once did he imagine that there would be truth within the case itself.Delving a little [...]

    18. Kevin Carey-Infante says:

      Every piece of fiction carries within it a piece of non fiction No matter how fantastic a story, there is a part of it that rings true, making the rest of the book believable Generation by William Knight is a powerful tale of horror If you ask me, a horror story is successful if you can t sleep for days after reading the last sentence, not wondering if this could happen, but fearing when are we finally going to hear the awful truth that it has happened Generation was one such novel Contrary to i [...]

    19. Tony McFadden says:

      I liked the characters in this book William Knight creates believable characters on both sides of the equation The hero is reluctantly heroic and the villain is truly villainous.While there is a hint of horror paranormal, it s what I call pseudo paranormal Yes, there are elements some may call paranormal, but the science behind their existence is not only plausible, it s believable.Aitch is a technophobe in the world of online media He writes for a rag with headlines of ghosts, werewolves and zo [...]

    20. Mandi Kaye Ottaway says:

      Reviewed at mandikayereads archive 3 30 12 Once again, I ve managed to read a zombie book Except this is a zombie book unlike any other.In 2001 scientists isolated a gene in the South American flatworm that regenerates damaged organs Within 5 years, it had been spliced into the chromosomes of animals using a live retro virus If successful, aging could be stopped even reversed, diseased or damaged organs could be regrown, and life could be extended indefinitely Scientists are now working to modif [...]

    21. Lydia says:

      Before I get into my normal gushing, only because I ve yet to read a book lately that disappoints me, let me say that the critic who claimed that Generation was X Files mixed with Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was spot on Generation follows Hendrix Harrison a journalist for a magazine by the name of Strange Phenomena , which is kind of like those weird tabloids about seeing alien babies and wolf people my favorite waiting in grocery line reads.After a few awful assignments i.e THE ASHBURN WOLF big [...]

    22. Mike says:

      Can hardly be described as a fun read but it was certainly entertaining Another take entirely on the push for longevity Continuing life in Generation had no resemblance to the easy extensions felt in films like Highlander or any of the other eternal life movie scenarios The opening Case Number SW0112 was horrific and perfectly detailed in its imagery You could feel the clinging damp earth.One good thing about the various cases was that they didn t seem to experience pain The main characters were [...]

    23. Kathleen Dixon says:

      It took me a month to read this, but only because I have it on my Kindle which generally holds my back up reading material On top of that, the battery s always running out, so everything I read on it takes me a long time Sometimes that causes problems what on earth was happening last time I read this book who are the people etc BUT, that didn t happen to me with this book, which suggests that the story and characters were never a matter of out of sight, out of mind.And seriously, rotting sentien [...]

    24. Mike Lowery says:

      When I looked at the cover of this book I both hoped and assumed I would be reading another zombie tale of a nihilistic future may not be everyone s cup of tea I have to say the Mr Knights description of the dead rising in the early chapters of the book is one of the best descriptions I have ever read However as the plot unfolds the Zombie like nature of the book rapidly disappears into the background and the true essence of the book, a tale of corporate greed, malpractice and the power of socia [...]

    25. Julien Thomas says:

      I am quite a fan of the zombie era of stories, but I am a bit over the post apocalyptic legions of zombies taking over the world genre Will Knight has managed to put a great twist on the run of the mill zombie story by mixing it up with industrial espionage and a good dose of believable science.Compelling characters and a fast moving story also blend together to produce a great book that I couldn t put down The relationship between the two main characters is semaphored from the beginning but whe [...]

    26. A.B. Shepherd says:

      You will be repulsed, chilled, and maybe even nauseated, yet unable to stop reading this captivating debut thriller by William Knight To read of my review please go to abshepherdsreinventedreader.bl

    27. Glenn says:

      An excellent book with a number of different sci fi elements zombies, mad scientists, corrupt business people The author has obviously done his homework in researching the background for the novel It comes across as plausible even though you hope it isn t.

    28. Joseph Hunt says:

      As part of a Novel Publicity blog tour I was given the opportunity to read this book If you want to read my review, here s the link to it on my blog josepheastwood 2012 04

    29. Mert says:

      Not bad The romance part felt gratuitous though.

    30. Edward says:

      A bit hard to get into and get startedBut once I got the hang of it the story developed nicelyI d read this author again

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