Cecilia Ryan
A Symphony of Echoes
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A Symphony of Echoes Cecilia Ryan This edition is no longer availableDisillusioned History professor Eric Spears has his world rocked when Arthur starts attending lectures He s not enrolled in the class, but that doesn t matter to Eric, who has been searching for an intellectual equal for some time When their blossoming relationship catches the eye of one of Eric s other students, Percy, will Eric lose AThis edition is no longer availableDisillusioned History professor Eric Spears has his world rocked when Arthur starts attending lectures He s not enrolled in the class, but that doesn t matter to Eric, who has been searching for an intellectual equal for some time When their blossoming relationship catches the eye of one of Eric s other students, Percy, will Eric lose Arthur to his own insecurity. A Symphony of Echoes This edition is no longer availableDisillusioned History professor Eric Spears has his world rocked when Arthur starts attending lectures He s not enrolled in the class but that doesn t matter to Eri
  • Title: A Symphony of Echoes
  • Author: Cecilia Ryan
  • ISBN: 9781920502454
  • Page: 492
  • Format: ebook
  • A Symphony of Echoes Cecilia Ryan

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    1. Serena Yates says:

      Once in a while I find a story that deserves to be called gentle and romantic without being overly sweet It is a difficult balance to strike, but Cecilia Ryan has managed to do just that with this book The key to its appeal, I think, lies in the two main characters, Eric and Arthur Their personalities, how they relate to each other and how they deal with everything life throws at them, make this book shine.Eric is a middle aged history professor who is beginning to think of himself as old While [...]

    2. Vio says:

      This started so well then just after about half way it felt rushed and not quite as good It lacked something not sure what and the age gap was too much for me to feel that the couple could make a go of it I would have liked a much longer story with background and also how the eventual relationship develops between Eric and Arthur Nice but not gripping enough for me

    3. Alina says:

      I can t stress enough how much I loved this book I understand that it s not to everyone s taste, because of the huge age gap and some quasi incest tendencies at least it s looked like that to my perverted brain xD , but I absolutely LOVE these thematics, so I thoroughly enjoyed The story s very well written and slow pacing, so you have time to get to know and love all characters and the relationship development looks believable to me I especially liked the tenderness and uncertainty they ve been [...]

    4. Charlie Richards says:

      This is in no way your classic love story, but it s excellent none the less I enjoyed the way Eric related to Arthur and how their relationship grew A sweet, poignant tale of how an older man Eric can lovingly guide a younger man Arthur into adulthood, and show him his self worth At the same time, Arthur reminds Eric of his own value as they face down Percy s cruelty Excellent story, and I ll definitely look for from Cecilia Ryan.

    5. DarienMoya says:

      I am surprised out of mind, about how awesome I found this book Once I started this book, I just could not stop reading until it was all finished The story captivates with its gentleness and sweetness, but not too sweet A perfect balance was created, and it just flowed so well As much as I enjoyed this story, I feel like something was missing and than half way through, the plot felt rushed and safe.Eric is History professor, and he has love hate relationship with teaching I guess it could be bl [...]

    6. Chad says:

      3.5 stars Reviewed on Hearts On Fire heartsonfirereviews Where to begin Alright here we have a story about a disillusioned history professor named Eric Spears and a student named Arthur that attends his classes He isn t actually enrolled in the classes but is the only person in the whole class that really pays attention to what Eric is teaching Arthur has problems of his own to contend with, one of them being having a bad cold and seriously underweight Instantly Eric has an idea of having Arthur [...]

    7. Deeze says:

      I m starting to think I jinx myself the moment I start saying a book starts well Up to about 20% I was convinced this book would be going on my favorite shelf, then it just all started going down hill A lot of the writing for me felt too wordy for what it actually said I felt like I missed parts of Eric and Arthur s back ground After the strong start it seemed to waffle along without really saying much The age gap was not really noticable unless it was pointed out The suspence part of the story [...]

    8. Susan Laine says:

      3.5 stars While I did like some of the story, getting just Eric s point of view and none of Arthur s left me feeling a little one sided Also, this story feels a lot like the beginning of a larger story, and it leaves things off in the middle of everything I was a bit disappointed about that And the whole Percy angle Don t even get me started on that.I did, however, like how little cues of words, reactions, sensations made the guys very real, very close to the skin, if you know what I mean The be [...]

    9. Penumbra says:

      I won a paperback copy of A Symphony of Echoes by Cecilia Ryan from a Pants Off Reviews giveaway, thank you view spoiler A Symphony of Echoes is the story of Eric Spears a forty seven year old University History professor and Arthur a student who attends Eric s classes diligently Eric figures out that Arthur is not a registered student, but doesn t have the heart to kick him out of the class because Arthur is motivated to learn than all the rest of Eric s students combined Arthur is a dishevele [...]

    10. Three Crow Press says:

      Three Crow Press by LisaHistory professor Eric Spears knows the subject he teaches is one that students don t pursue because they want to most of them endure it because they have to in order to fulfill credits to earn a degree It s that fact, among others, which makes Eric see Arthur, a young man who clearly doesn t belong in his classroom, in a very different light.Professor Spears also understands there s an invisible line between students and teachers that he s toeing very precariously where [...]

    11. UltraMeital says:

      This short novella was utterly beautiful One of THE best tender romance novels I ve EVER read I have to say, from the first page, it was a 5 star rating for me Even though the general story seems not only cliche but wrong a professor falling for his student But hold your horses here It s not what you think It s everything else It s a love story between a man that is hungry to love and a younger man who doesn t even know what a warm and loving gesture is Both main characters were so beautifully p [...]

    12. Ashley Cox says:

      Okay, this started off as a gym read and it lead to me spending waaayy time than I intended on the elliptical machine Suffice to say, I absolutely loved this story I realize that some people will be put off by the age differnce 19 20ish and 47 didn t bother me at all since I actually adore stories that feature an age difference , but honestly, I felt that the author handled it well She paid great detail to showing the reader that Arthur was a mature young man and that his relationship with Eric [...]

    13. Becky Condit says:

      4 1 2 stars The plot in A SYMPHONY OF ECHOES is well oiled and moves smoothly, but this is a character driven story and I cared deeply about Eric and Arthur as well as their friends I hope there will be stories about Eric s friends and co workers as I really liked them and want to see how they are getting on The May December aspect of Eric and Arthur s relationship is actually of a concern to Eric than to anyone else, but there will be things to deal with in the future that Arthur is not think [...]

    14. Meggie says:

      This story was weird if I m truthful The beginning was slow and interesting enough Eric fell in love with a young Arthur Romance between them was warm and easy, but bland too I didn t feel true emotions of love between them till the end Storyline between Eric and other student Percy was idiotic part of this book To be sincere I liked the cover and nothing else in this story It was a really boring read.

    15. Elizabeth H. says:

      2.5 stars rounding up to 3.0 stars.Frustrating There was a core of a good story here, but the tale was told in such a restrained way that I found it very difficult to connect with either main character There just wasn t enough emotion in this one, even though the setting of the story I did find very interesting.

    16. Sandy Voegtlen says:

      This novel was extremely confusing I wish I d known that it was the second in the series If I had, I would have gone back and tried them in order Since I didn t, I struggled through I will probably try the third, but it may be awhile.

    17. Zaa says:

      Another story about teacher student relationship The plot might appear to be romance standard but it is in fact anything but standard the sensual minimalism of the writings combined with well developed characters Overall, this was a decent read for me.

    18. Kiki says:

      I was liking this a good bit the relationship between the two men was so sweet But then we got into the whole bit about Percy it was so unrealistic and so tiresome, I just lost interest in the book altogether.

    19. Katy Beth Mckee says:

      Eric is drawn to Arthur who is and isn t his student When he has the chance he offers aid and comfort This story offers a slow and realistic build up.

    20. Caroline Gabel says:

      a very interesting story

    21. Hearts On Fire Reviews says:

      Reviewed by ChadGenre M M ContemporaryRated 3.5 hearts Check out the review on heartsonfirereviews

    22. Amy says:

      2.5 stars To be honest, this was kind of boring, I barely finished it It just seemed to be missing something.

    23. Craig Sharp says:

      A Symphony of Echoes by Cecilia Ryan was wonderfully written and an excellent read.

    24. jules0623 says:

      Good God, this was dull

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