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The House Without a Christmas Tree
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The House Without a Christmas Tree Gail Rock In 1946 a ten year old girl tries to understand and overcome her stern father s objections to having a Christmas tree in the house.. The House Without a Christmas Tree In a ten year old girl tries to understand and overcome her stern father s objections to having a Christmas tree in the house
  • Title: The House Without a Christmas Tree
  • Author: Gail Rock
  • ISBN: 9780440433941
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Paperback
  • The House Without a Christmas Tree Gail Rock House Without A Key Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Cocktails House Without A Key Immortalized in a Charlie Chan novel, House Without A Key is Halekulani s popular indoor outdoor gathering spot for informal breakfast, lunch, cocktails, appetizers and entertainment, and offers a fresh option for evening dining in Waikiki. The House Without a Christmas Tree TV Movie Dec , Directed by Paul Bogart With Jason Robards, Mildred Natwick, Lisa Lucas, Kathryn Walker A young girl named Addie, living in Nebraska in , wants nothing for the holidays than a Christmas tree, but her widowed father is bitter and refuses due to events from the family s past. The House Without Windows by Barbara Newhall Follett The House Without Windows is a book about Eep The author herself Barbara Newhall Follett had an interesting life A girl who started this book at eight, then rewrote it from memory at eleven, published at twelve, began working as a typist at sixteen during the Great The House Without a Christmas Tree by Gail Rock The House Without A Christmas Tree , Gail Rock was a television special Grandma is memorable Addie was raised by her and Dad at Grandma s home Since his wife died in Addie s infancy, he taught her things and joked but resisted bonding with her His child imagines it was because he wanted a boy. The House Without the Door Henry Gamadge Elizabeth The House Without the Door Henry Gamadge Elizabeth Daly on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Acquitted of murdering her husband, Mrs Vina Gregson remains essentially a prisoner, trapped in her elegant New York apartment with occasional furtive forays to her Connecticut estate A jury may have found her innocent The House Without a Christmas Tree The House Without a Christmas Tree is a television movie, novelized into a children s book by Gail Rock in , that centers on the relationship between Adelaide Addie Mills , a bright and energetic only child, and her melancholy father, James Addison Mills III Jason Robards.James had never recovered from the death of his wife Helen Addie s mother , and is bitterly against ever The House Without Windows.pdf Google Docs The House Without Windows.pdf The House Without Windows.pdf Sign In Psalm Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders Without the help of the LORD it is useless to build a home or to guard a city Good News Translation If the LORD does not build the house, the work of the builders is useless if the LORD does not protect the city, it does no good for the sentries to stand guard Holman Christian Standard Bible A The House Outdoor Gear, Outerwear Bikes Save up to % On Sale Snowboards, Skis, Bikes, Outerwear Lowest prices on Burton, K, DC, North Face, Columbia Up to of Free Gear Free Shipping Since

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    1 Blog on “The House Without a Christmas Tree

    1. Linda says:

      There are three Christmas specials that should be considered classics and shown every year the 1966 version of The Christmas Memory, starring Geraldine Page, narrated by Truman Capote himself Earl Hamner Jr s 1971 The Homecoming A Christmas Story which was the takeoff for The Waltons the 1972 House without a Christmas Tree starring Jason Robards, Mildred Natwick and Lisa LucasAll three are based on childhood memories from the 1930 s Capote and 1940 s when life was a little simpler I suppose one [...]

    2. Jessica says:

      A classic, as are all the Addie Mills books Or they should be Addie grows up with her grandma and her distant father Her mother died when she was an infant, and she worries that her father wanted a boy Since her mother s death, her father has not allowed any Christmas decorations, since they were her mother s favorite Addie s struggle to have the kind of Christmas she s always dreamed of is in essence the struggle to have the kind of loving relationship with her father that she s always dreamed [...]

    3. Ron says:

      Who says I m a character Addie s house doesn t have a Christmas tree It s missing other stuff, too.Though the Christmas season has passed, this gem addresses issues relevant year round In this life you can t have everything you want Excellent story on many levels Addie grabs your attention and your heart and doesn t let go This forty year old, award winning illustrated novella captures at time late 1940s which is beyond the memory of most alive today The story debuted as a television movie befor [...]

    4. C. says:

      The House Without A Christmas Tree , Gail Rock was a television special Grandma is memorable Addie was raised by her and Dad at Grandma s home Since his wife died in Addie s infancy, he taught her things and joked but resisted bonding with her His child imagines it was because he wanted a boy This is a snapshot of an unusual family in December 1946, when Addie was ten.The words chosen for a review matter than a rating These stars aren t skyrocketing, not because I don t deem this a worthy story [...]

    5. JanieR. says:

      This story takes us back to 1946,and I enjoyed reading the way of living back then,esp the school days The main character, Addie was my favorite, she was so funny at times The least liked character was her father, I felt like slapping him good at times I loved her grandmother, she reminded me of my grandmother This story brought me to tears at one point, I can t tell what it was, but that was one of the times that I didn t like her father at all He was selfish and stubborn Sometimes, when one gr [...]

    6. Jessaka says:

      Even without the Christmas tree you get to spent the Christmas season with Addie, a 10 year old girl living in a small town in 1947, and what a joyful and busy one it is It may remind adults of their own youthful Christmases, as this is a nostalgic, charming and heartwarming story that even adults would love But wait, she may just get a tree by the end of the story I assure you, you will love Addie and her grandmother I am so glad that Janie R and Linda, both of gave great reviews of this book, [...]

    7. Tatiana says:

      I was looking for a Christmas novel that 1 had heart, 2 wasn t sappy, and 3 didn t make me cry I found it in The House Without a Christmas Tree sweet, concise I read it today , and old fashioned in the best way It s the story of Addie Mills, a fiesty 10 year old in 1946, who can t understand why her father won t allow them to have a Christmas tree Father and daughter both have trouble communicating with those they care about, and so it s good they have Grandma to bridge the gap Grandma tries to [...]

    8. Tonya says:

      I am biased toward this book just re read because it, along with others in the series, were favorites of mine as a kid And five stars for the ability to find and buy used books

    9. Sunni says:

      This is a wonderful story about a 10 year old girl who is faced with a rough turn of events in her life every Christmas Addie s father misses Addie s mother who passed when Addie was very little Because of his heartbreak over the death of Addie s mother, Addie s father pushes her away, especially at Christmas.Addie has always wanted a tree and finally wins one at school The presence of the tree only upsets her father however, and at the last minute she gets rid of the tree.I truly felt for Addie [...]

    10. John says:

      This was one of my favorite books as a child and one that I still love to read from time to time Addie Mills is a real kid, not the fake kind usually found in children s books from the 1970s She s smart, witty and basically a good person but she s also ten years old and mischevious She is determined to get a Christmas tree the holiday season of 1946 and not even her grouchy to cover his immense pain at being a widower for almost ten years father is going to stand in her way With her caring, good [...]

    11. Mary says:

      I remember seeing the Christmas special when I was a girl It was one of my mother s favorites I suppose because it took place in the early 40 s when she was a girl and it involved a father consumed with unhappiness, something she was familiar with I saw the book on the Overdrive page and decided to check it out for old time s sake It s a lovely, sentimental chapter book about a spirited girl whose widowed father will not allow a Christmas tree into their house Addie s longing for a tree sets the [...]

    12. Janalee says:

      I read this to the boys as our Christmas book I got it from a Free Books shelf at the school library The best part of this book was the cover and illustrations It s been made into a made for tv movie and I m curious to see how they pulled that off The dad cussed a bit, so the boys got a red pen out and called themselves the Cussing Cops and would cross it out with the pen They liked the story a lot.

    13. Ash says:

      Heartwarming and lively A great Christmas story about differences, charity, and heart for a grade schooler and up.

    14. Stephanie says:

      This book is like comfort food for me I have read it every Christmas since I was in middle school, but missed it this Christmas, so thought January still wasn t too late

    15. J.G. Formato says:

      I loved this book when I was a child, and it aged well for me I pulled it out this morning and didn t put it down until I finished Sweet, heartfelt, and Christmas y

    16. Natalya Kahmann says:

      This was a really good, feel good type of book I m really happy I read it before Christmas I recommend it for every one to read with the family.

    17. Michelle says:

      LOVED this as a child Such a poignant story, not sloppy or sentimental The TV movie was a classic that was so bittersweet and starred terrific actors like Jason Robards and Lisa Lucas Memories of stories like this are the best part of my childhood.

    18. NebraskaIcebergs says:

      Some have speculated that The House Without a Christmas Tree by Gail Rock is inspired by true events in the author s life Indeed, there are many reasons to think this Consider that main character Addie Mills lives with her dad and grandmother and that the dedication reads To Grandma and Dad Then there is the prologue, in which the narrator states that she now lives in the city, but once lived in Clear River, Nebraska She often thinks of that little town and that special Christmas in 1946 when sh [...]

    19. Becky says:

      It had been years since I first read this one This is a reflective book about a memorable though slightly tricky Christmas The narrator is reflecting on the Christmas of 1946 Readers meet a young girl who lives with her father and grandmother Her father doesn t exactly know how to show love, affection, or concern for his growing up daughter In fact, he fails to see her as a human being, as the grandmother bravely points out in a tense scene The child has no memories of her mother who died the ye [...]

    20. Jennifer says:

      This is a deeply moving book I saw this show on TV when I was a child only once and it always stuck with me As an adult I found that some good soul had brought it to VHS and then DVD I decided to read the book this year, and the dialogue is almost verbatim the book It is one of the few instances where the movie is actually better than the book because it animates the book However, I was glad to read it because it is a good read, for the comforting nostalgia, and also to glean whatever tiny tidbi [...]

    21. Tonja Jensen says:

      by Gail Rock Gail Rock grew up in Valley, Nebraska, a small town not unlike the Clear River of this book She has written free lance articles for newspapers and magazines and has written scripts for television Published by Dell Co 1974.5 out of 5 star rating.This is a wonderful Children s Christmas book It brought backmemories for me of my time with my grandmother.Addie lives with her father at her Grandma s house She gosto a small school across the street Addie is getting ready to bean angel in [...]

    22. Stephanie says:

      Ten year old Addie is tired of not having a Christmas tree at home Her mother died when she was young, so her father and grandmother are raising her Despite her repeated begging, Addie s father refuses to buy a Christmas tree As the novel progresses, the reader is made aware that this is just one area of contention between the two The House Without a Christmas Tree becomes much than a book about a tree the family dynamics is where the action truly lies I appreciated how Rock ends the book while [...]

    23. Brenda says:

      The House Without A Christmas TreeThis book is one of my favorite Christmas stories It is very nostalgic and sweet The story is told by Addie, a fifth grader girl who lives with her stern father and her caring grandmother.The story centers around the fact that Addie has never had a Christmas tree in her home For reasons we learn about later in the story, her father forbids her havinghaving a tree Her actions and reactions are are so typical of a 10year old girl The setting of the book which take [...]

    24. Sandie says:

      I really enjoy Gail Rock s writing style I read The Thanksgiving Treasure when I was a child and really loved it and have read it many times even as an adult I was at the library here recently and came across this book I was so surprised, I never realized this writer had other books Having enjoyed the one so much, I had to check this one out and see if it was as good It was, all the same characters and the same town, it was wonderful Kind of like a little family reunion Its a small book, read ve [...]

    25. Natalie Pietro says:

      When I was in 4th grade my sister gave me this book It was her copy from the 70 s and she told me what an outstanding story it was It was Christmas time when I received this book and thought this would be the proper time to read it The story was so sweet and heart warming I loved how the little girl just wanted to make Christmas special in her home but her father would not allow it I remember the part when the teacher allowed her to take the classroom tree home and how excited she was to finally [...]

    26. Lindsey says:

      I wanted a simple, sweet book to read to my kids at Christmas A fellow teacher recommended The House Without a Christmas Tree It takes place in the 1950 s and centers around a little girl named Addie, who lives with her grandmother and father For reasons unknown to her, Addie s dad refuses to get a Christmas tree for their house every year So Addie makes it her mission to find some way to change her dad s mind and get a Christmas tree like everyone else It was a cute book that taught about the i [...]

    27. Rachel says:

      I got this in a garage sale many years ago, and I forgot about it having never gotten around to reading it It wasn t until I was stuck in my grandmother s basement in Wichita a few years later , and a strange Christmas special come on T.V about a girl s tree less plight Remembering, I dusted off the little book, and was amazed at what a simple, sweet story it was It tells of how 5th grader Addie Mills longs for a Christmas tree, but her father forbids it due to the painful reminders of Addie s d [...]

    28. Rachel says:

      A nice story about a family getting through the past and coming to realise that they love each other as they move into the future.

    29. Jessika says:

      This was one of my favorite Christmas books when I was growing up I remember my fourth grade teacher reading this to my class, and I was taken with the story ever since Addie not only makes one of my favorite narrators, but she also makes a great protagonist She s truly one of those characters that you can t help but root for Overall, this book is heartwarming and funny at the same time As I finished re reading this, I had the biggest, dopiest smile on my face, just because it has one of those f [...]

    30. Wendolyn says:

      I loved the television special when I was a child I m sure I read the author s two books afterwards I think of this story every Christmas, and am so glad the library had it.It s your basic down home Christmas without all the marketing.It s the relationships of a girl and her father, as well as with her grandmother Touching.Pet peeve illustrations that don t go with the written descriptions The grandmother wears a dust cap per the author And the mirror is on the dresser, not a free standing full [...]

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