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Как се пише дипломна работа
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  • Title: Как се пише дипломна работа
  • Author: Umberto Eco
  • ISBN: 9544550225
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Paperback
  • Как се пише дипломна работа Umberto Eco

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      443 Umberto Eco
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    1. Fiona says:

      This one s going on my shelf next to Steven King s On Writing as one of the best guides to putting together a long form piece of written work I know of It s cogent, it s comprehensive, and for a book aimed at new graduates, it s appropriately scary.I want to say that I d recommend it to anyone intending to write a thesis, but I recently lent this to a friend who s about to embark on his PhD and who, incidentally, is one of the most vigorous scholars I ve ever met After a couple of months, he han [...]

    2. Genevieve says:

      ReadingHow to Write a Thesis byUmberto Eco, even an updated version in this MIT Press edition, felt like a sweet exercise in futility There s something folksy and quaint about being told how to put notes on index cards and properly organize them and being given tips for using the library and talking to librarians Not too surprising, as Eco wrote this in the late seventies almost forty years ago But with over twenty three editions and countless translations, there s something to be said about thi [...]

    3. Jill says:

      God Umberto Eco is such a d i c k and I don t want to give him any attention than I already have, so I ll keep this short In the introduction, Francesco Erspamer tries to justify including 60 pages of outdated library information in a 2015 edition Things made redundant by the internet, like be sure you are close to many libraries so you can find many books things made redundant by computers, like index cards make it so you can put your sources in alphabetical order as you go and things made red [...]

    4. Nadia Z. says:

      Sto per dire una cosa che stupir solo chi non conosce Eco Questo libro fa morire dal ridere Se state per affrontare la scrittura della tesi e siete in alto mare, rivolgetevi a lui Davvero Non solo il suo libro utile dal punto di vista tecnico, ma vi strapper una grandissima risata Eco era un uomo intelligente e profondamente ironico e simpatico E oltre ad aiutarvi nel vostro percorso, sicuramente riuscir a infondervi il buon u e la voglia di completare il vostro lavoro.Da un punto di vista tecni [...]

    5. Pio says:

      Sau hai th ng qu n qu i, cu i c ng c ng c xong quy n n y.T i s cho quy n n y 1 sao v b n d ch qu s c c u th , y nh qu ng b n ti ng v o Google Translate v ng i s a l i khi c c v tr n tru theo ki u word by word Nh ng v i m t ngu n ng vi n an i l n lao c ng v n phong m d ng t l o gi m t i c c k y u th ch n y, t i s cho quy n n y 3 sao D sao th n c ng v c t i d y t m l i c m h ng cho c h i nghi n c u u ti n c a m nh.N i t m l i, trung b nh th quy n n y 2 sao.

    6. Arybo ✨ says:

      3.75Se la parte inerente alla bibliografia un po noiosa, le spiegazioni su come stendere una tesi sono molto utili e, spesso, consigliano rimedi semplici a problemi apparentemente insormontabili Un testo un po datato parla di macchina da scrivere e microfilm , ma ancora attuale per quanto riguarda la stesura.

    7. Robbe says:

      Additional tip Instead of spending valuable time reading a book on how to write your thesis, actually write it.

    8. Juan says:

      Para alguien que, como yo, aun est pensando en el tema de sus tesis y tiene algo as como un semestre para empezar a trabajarle en serio este puede ser un gran libro Quiz s cuando escriba mi tesis me voy a dar cuenta de que todo lo que Eco afirma y aconseja es falso y contraproducente, lo cual dudo, pero en cualquier caso eso no ser sino dentro de un buen tiempo Por ahora quiero dirigirme al estudiante que se encuentra en una situaci n similar a la m a.Desde que empec a pensar en serio en un tema [...]

    9. saizine says:

      Do not expect this book to tell you what to put in your thesis, or what to do with your life A wonderful little book that, while not being essential reading, imbues the reader with a quiet enthusiasm for the difficulties, complexities, and pleasures of researching and drafting a thesis There are some pieces of advice that, for me, are particularly worth committing to memory Write everything that comes into your head, but only in the first draft , for example, and Do not play the solitary genius [...]

    10. Sofia says:

      Posted on my book blog.I m currently enrolled in a Master s program and about to start working on my thesis in Museum Studies Since I used to be a Medicine student, I m familiar with scientific research, so I wanted a book that was focused on other kinds of works This one by Umberto Eco seems to be regarded as the authority in the matter.It was a nice read even if the author can seem rather unorthodox at times and overall quite useful I read an older edition so the research chapters are painfu [...]

    11. Philippe Malzieu says:

      Interest only for students or doctorants Why edit again a book destinated only for university people Not bad, but far from other Eco s opus Is it only for the money

    12. Mazzy says:

      Das Buch bietet einen interessanten Einblick in das wissenschaftliche Arbeiten in den 1970er und 1980er Jahren in Italien Es schl gt jedoch auch einige interessante Strategien f r das Schreiben einer wissenschaftlichen Arbeit vor, die heute noch anwendbar sind Auf mich wirkte Ecos Buch inspirierend Um eine lange Abschlussarbeit schreiben zu k nnen, muss man sich in einen gewissen Modus versetzen k nnen Mit diesem Buch f llt mir dieser Einstieg leichter.

    13. Leonardo says:

      Ilegible Si m s o menos leen mis rese as de vez en cuando, sabr n que me tengo prometido a mi mismo no leer libros viejos salvo que sean hiper cl sicos Este me parec a de esta segunda cala a Creo que lo que m s me motiv fue que aparece en la bibliograf a recomendada del doctorado de la Facultad de Econom a de la UBA El libro es de 1977, aunque tiene nuevas ediciones Si yo estuviera a cargo de una nueva edici n, le cambiar a el t tulo a C mo se hac a una tesis hace 40 a os Obviamente no vender a [...]

    14. Lexxie (un)Conventional Bookviews says:

      I received a free ARC of How to Write a Thesis from MIT Press via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review ARC received on November 10th 2014.When I saw that this has been translated to English, I requested it straight away As a grad student, I ll take all the help I can get in writing a thesis that will make sense and help me get my MA.

    15. Nobassil says:

      Teilweise sehr langatmigaber gute Strategien und Formulieren als Vorschl ge

    16. وردٌ says:

      An interesting glance at research before modern computers where normal commodities Hardly applicable to today s research process, and not particularly relevant to scientific domains.

    17. Swaraj Dalmia says:

      I picked up this book, to gain a certain insight into the process of scholarly scientific research, and what i got was a very practical advice guide from a respected scholar to a novice who might be starting his academic career For those who might be dissuaded by the phrase, a Thesis in the title, one could paraphrase it into any form of research, be it journalistic pieces, a research paper, your dissertation or a book.He delineates phases, from first choosing a topic, to compiling an almost exh [...]

    18. Theut says:

      I punti di forza di questo agile volumetto cit sono sicuramente il fornire un metodo di lavoro serio e una struttura che, se seguita, non fa perdere tempo allo studente sotto tesi Ottima la parte della citazione bibliografica e le note a pi di pagina Allora perch solo 3 stelle Perch il volume datato Considerando che tutti o quasi hanno un pc e una connessione a Internet, non aver pensato a un edizione riveduta e corretta quanto meno fastidioso nessuno scrive pi le tesi con la macchina da scriver [...]

    19. Buensur says:

      A pesar de su edad, el texto se conserva fresco y, lo que es m s importante, a n resulta til Lo peor a pesar de sus nueve reimpresiones, aun no se ha dignado la editorial a corregir los errores ortogr ficos y ortotipogr ficos No cuesta tanto y lo merece

    20. Maddee says:

      Daddy Umberto s guide to writing a thesis on a typewriter in the italian university in the 70 s without the internet Plenty of hot tips on how to use index cards

    21. Maria says:

      Eco , Eco, , .

    22. Laura Walin says:

      K yt nn nl heinen, hyvin perusteltu ja havainnollisin esimerkein varusteltu kirja tutkielman kirjoittamisesta, joka on i st n huolimatta edelleen t ynn relevantteja huomioita Pidin etenkin aiheen valintaa ja rajausta k sittelevist luvuista sek siit , ett syyt kirjallisuusviitteiden merkitsemisen viilaamiseen oli kunnolla selitetty Econ tyyli on hieman snobistinen, mist en h nen esseit n lukiessani ole pit nyt, mutta t h n teokseen ote tuntui sopivalta, ja minulle tuli sellainen olo ett Eco oikea [...]

    23. Vivek Rai says:

      I found the ideas put forward by the author to be extremely helpful The most helpful chapters were Chapter 1 The Definition and Purpose of Thesis , Chapter 2 Choosing the Topic , and Chapter 5 Writing the Thesis , mostly because the ideas put in here are field agnostic this is not to say that the other portions of book are valid only for a specific field and highly relevant for someone who has ever had to write a research proposal or thesis.Beginners like me, who tend to be overly ambitious with [...]

    24. AK says:

      Umberto Eco wrote this book in 1977, after he noticed that increased access to higher education in Italy had created a mass of students who needed to write a thesis to graduate, yet had not received adequate instructions in how to undertake and complete such a project Perhaps many of these students, from working class backgrounds, felt that to ask about these particulars would reveal the discrepancies between them and their elite classmates Eco himself barely mentions the sociological specifics [...]

    25. Gretel says:

      Eco s Wie man eine wissenschaftliche Abschlu arbeit schreibt is a basic read for students entering the final stages of their studies Actually, the text should be mandatory for those entering university, it s so elementary and important It s an introduction with clear and helpful information with positive and negative examples, explaining why something has to needs to be done, and other things should absolutely be avoided It helps that the usually very dry, boring, and overly correct way of How t [...]

    26. Raúl Omar says:

      Es un buen libro si no se tiene una idea clara de lo que implica hacer una tesis y si no se est familiarizado con el mbito universitario acad mico No es un libro para leerse de principio a fin sino m s bien para resolver alguna duda espec fica con respecto alg n aspecto espec fico de la elaboraci n de una tesis Aunque el libro est bastante desactualizado se public por primera vez en 1977 y dice cosas como tes de mandar a mecanografiar vuestra tesis Hay una serie de consejos y recomendaciones que [...]

    27. Leesgoodfood says:

      Even though I finished my dissertation last year, I picked this up when I saw it because I love Umberto Eco I had a hard time rating it Five stars because, as always, he writes clearly and beautifully Two stars because it is dated, having been written before the internet advent Five stars because there are actually examples of index note cards and I so remember writing them in high school and college not exactly fondly remember, but they are useful And I still use paper and pen notes.Three stars [...]

    28. Гергана says:

      , , 2 , , , , , , .

    29. Alexandru says:

      Excellent book for anyone interested in research, very reader friendly and down to Earth The only reason for 4 out of 5 stars is the fact that is is quote old 1977 and the rise of internet changed a lot the way we research issues Incredibly well written conclusion and advises in the book, which cover all possible scenarios while researching I strongly recommend it to anyone interested in research, indifferently from the amount of experience A must read for doctoral students.

    30. Gloria says:

      Un ottimo libro per chi non ha proprio idea di dove sbattere la testa e in ogni caso consiglio di dargli una lettura E chiarissimo nelle spiegazioni, come sempre del resto, ma a mio avviso un po troppo puntiglioso per quanto riguarda i tempi almeno per chi deve concludere una laurea triennale Sicuramente pi tempo si ha a disposizione, meglio si lavora Ma iniziare due anni prima a pensare alla tesi mi pare eccessivo.

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