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Impact Tiffinie Helmer He ll fight anyone or anything to get her back.Alaska State Trooper Skip Ozhuwan has waited five years to reunite with Wren Terni, the woman he s always loved Flying back home for his sister s wedding with only him and Wren in a chartered bush plane guarantees he ll have her undivided attention Ever since Skip arrested her five years earlier, Wren vowed never to lay eyesHe ll fight anyone or anything to get her back.Alaska State Trooper Skip Ozhuwan has waited five years to reunite with Wren Terni, the woman he s always loved Flying back home for his sister s wedding with only him and Wren in a chartered bush plane guarantees he ll have her undivided attention Ever since Skip arrested her five years earlier, Wren vowed never to lay eyes on him again She s gotten sober and made a life for herself that she s proud of Seeing Skip now throws her into a tailspin When the plane crashes, forcing them to battle a violent arctic storm, outwit predators, and dispose of a dead body, they must find a way to get past their differences if they are to survive to have a future together That is if they don t kill each other first.. Impact He ll fight anyone or anything to get her back Alaska State Trooper Skip Ozhuwan has waited five years to reunite with Wren Terni the woman he s always loved Flying back home for his sister s wedding
  • Title: Impact
  • Author: Tiffinie Helmer
  • ISBN: 2940014333870
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Nook
  • Impact Tiffinie Helmer

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    1. MsRomanticReads says:

      This review can also be found on my blog.I loved the setting for this story, and I felt transported to the equally beautiful and harsh environment As for the story itself, the push and pull between the once lovers was palpable and entertaining Despite those good points, I m sad to say that this novella just didn t do it for me.I found myself a little confused by their history Skip past the spoiler link if you don t want to know too much about Skip and Wren s history view spoiler Skip and Wren ha [...]

    2. Cindy ~ SnS Reviews says:

      Skip Ozhuwan and Wren Terni grew up together in a small Alaskan town They were childhood sweethearts But that all went south when Wren s mother committed suicide and Wren blamed her abusive father Not wanting to face the pain Wren turned to a life of drugs and Skip had to arrest her and send her away This was also after she shot him Five years later Wren is coming back to Egegik for Skip s sister wedding which she is the Maid of Honor She has to get there on a puddle jumper with Skip to make it [...]

    3. Lady Heather says:

      3 5 StarsThis was my virgin read of this author This is a short story about a couple who had a difficult past They never stopped loving one another in the 5 years since their separation, and they finally have an opportunity for a second chance.This story is their journey of letting go of past, forgiving one another, and having the courage to move forward.

    4. Epiphany says:

      Impact is the first book I have read in the Wild Men of Alaska group of stories I really enjoyed Wren and Skip s story, I only wish it was longer The descriptions of Alaska are wonderful and make me wish I had not turned down that job so many years ago.

    5. Malinda says:

      3 starsThis is a short story about 2 ex lovers that get trapped together in a crashed plane during a storm in the wilds of Alaska Wren and Skip grew up together and were each other s first loves The full details are sketchy but it appears that certain things ended Wren on a path where she got hooked on drugs and Skip had to arrest her for her own good I didn t have an issue with that but I did find it strange that he dropped out of her life for 5 years and thought it would be easy to get back in [...]

    6. Janet Juengling-Snell says:

      I love stories about lovers who reunite for a second chance at love And I love stories that take place in my home state of Alaska With this short story by Tiffinie Helmer, I have both.When Wren Terni returns to her village for a wedding, the last person she wants to see is Alaska State trooper Skip Ozhuwan, the man who arrested and sent her to jail for 5 years But as luck would have it, he is on the same small 3 seat plane as her When they crash in the mountains, these two have to face each othe [...]

    7. Angie ~aka Reading Machine~ says:

      Wren Terni isn t looking forward to seeing Officer Skip Ozhuwan yet there he stands in small King Salmon Airport He s just like she remembered with a few changes to his physique that she can see Wren wonders if he thinks of her like she does him She really doesn t want to be here flying home to Egegik for her best friend s wedding Skip wants to spend time with Wren before his sister s wedding before she gets caught up in all the wedding festivities Skip is stunned with how beautiful she is after [...]

    8. Katrina says:

      A well balanced romance mixed with a little suspense and smexy moments Great underlying storyline with compelling characters a bit of danger and drama to keep us on the edge of our seat And also a bit of heat to spice up the romance Characters I m sure that will pull you into the pages The Chemistry between Wren n the sexy trooper will certainly mpact your read loll I certainly wouldnt mind snuggling up to him on a cold Alaskan winters night wink wink A short quick read that I m sure will have y [...]

    9. Victoria says:

      3.25 RATING I actually wanted to read book two in the Wild Men of Alaska series After seeing Impact was the first book and only 50 pages long, I thought I d start there, although after reading both, they are not connected Impact was a very short read but had some cute moments It s a quick snapshot of a second chance romance that blooms again after a plane crash The story isn t very believable but it was a decent read I liked the hero but wasn t that big of a fan of the heroine.Note At the time t [...]

    10. Tina says:

      Excellent read I loved this short story so much Great characters, location, humor I especially loved being in Wren s POV She s a funny, funny girl I couldn t ask for much Very pleased with this, and was very entertained as well I d read it again, and I can t wait to read the other books in the series.The only thing that kind of bothered me was Wren s name I kept misreading it as When on my tiny phone, which was a pain each time Damn eyes playing tricks on me Unfortunately, that was the sole rea [...]

    11. Newbee (JoAnn) Brown says:

      Not sure I would have been so obsessed with the other person if I was in a fight to survive, but then this was a romance book after all,lololol And there was a point I thought Well get it over with all ready But all in all it was a good story for being so short Deffinately for mature adults.The author did a great job of supplying enough info of how these two people got to where they re at in life But this would have been a great ending for a full size book Looking forward to reading a full size [...]

    12. Natalie says:

      Tiffinie Helmer does a GREAT job at mixing suspense and danger with some really surprising and laugh out loud humor The hero and heroine were very real to me and I feel like I got lost in the wilds of Alaska with them I loved how much depth and humanity shone through the pages in such a short time The only critical thing I would say about this is that it left me wanting a lot More of the story, of the characters, and adventure and danger in Alaska I hope she keeps this up because I m already [...]

    13. Kelly says:

      Oh, yay Snowed in not in a cabin, but in a downed plane, but who am I to quibble and forced to cuddle up to conserve body heat I do so like that Fun and sexy, I liked that Skip and Wren knew each other from before and that Skip was determined to win Wren back thumbs up This book was a free Kindle download I picked up 09 15 12 for the Why Buy the Cow reading challenge Kelly Reading the Paranormal

    14. Sarah says:

      It was a quick fun filled read,the basic dynamics of the story were good and Wren had complexited written all over her Skip was definitely the down to earth Guywho just wanted to protect her was a sweet love story

    15. Beverly Donnell says:

      I really enjoyed this short story It was the first one of her books I have read Yah new author for me

    16. Reba says:

      Okay this book had a good strong concept for a good read however, it fell short very, very short Very shallow story execution, 2nd chance romance that gave plenty of issues this couple had to work through to get their HEA, but sadly it was wam bam thank you mam, swept under the rug HEA the end Not recommended read.

    17. Liz says:

      Wren is flying with Skip, her ex BF, to his sister s wedding when their plane crashes He still loves her despite her past and the major issues she had.This was a crazy redemption story with little depth.

    18. Beth says:

      Cute, quick read Not much meat as it s so short It feels like I came in one the middle of a story that I was supposed to know some backstory to.

    19. pamela myers says:

      Cute book.Wren is going home for a wedding Skip is taking his sister s wedding cake to her They end up on the same plane It gets worse before it gets better.

    20. Laura says:

      I absolutely loved Bearing All, a novella by Ms Helmer, and so I probably started this book with unrealistic expectations Unrealistic or not, Impact was very disappointing While the scenario wasn t improbable crashed bush plane in Alaska the characters reactions to the situation were The narrative jumps from descriptions of how many layers of clothing are needed to prevent hypothermia to the characters stripping naked and having sex I would think that the threat of frostbite and possible death w [...]

    21. Tamara says:

      Impact was a different kind of romance novel and I will admit I had a little problem with the plot line I guess what I really had a problem with was the heroine I may be a bit judgmental when it comes to certain things and the heroine in Impact,Wren is a former drug addict I understand we all make mistakes in life and Wren certainly had a sucky enough life to feel the need for escape but I found her hard to sympathize with for some reason.Skip arrested Wren 5 years ago and sent her to prison She [...]

    22. Theresa says:

      Wow Short, but very expressive This novella is the prequel to Hooked, which just released this week Not to many characters to meet in this short story, but I get the feeling there is a lot in both of their pasts that led them to do what they did And now a bit about the story It has been 5 years since Wren had seen Skip, her ex boyfriend The last time she saw him he had arrested her After she served her time and clean up her drug addicted act, she had become successful in Anchorage Now here she w [...]

    23. Tonileg says:

      Everyone understands how hard it is to see your ex after a big bad break up The first time is probably the worse, and the most awkward because you need to redefine roles and act differently when the last time you were getting naked and making life plans together.Alaska State Trooper Skip Ozhuwan and Ms Wren Terni have had a monumental break up when he arrested and sent Wren to jail I d say that was a guaranteed break up material with a lot of residue anger and a heavy dose of finger pointing and [...]

    24. Jane says:

      Impact is the second book I have read in the Wild Men of Alaska group of stories I have also been to the Alaska tundra several times but always in the summer when the weather is suppose to be good and twenty four hour per day of daylight I can picture this story easily as to location where it really has a raw natural beauty that is unlike any other.The story has some tough love in it and sometimes that is what you have to do for the ones you love when they make bad choices in using drugs The rea [...]

    25. Pam H says:

      Wren Terni is heading home to be the maid of honor in her best friends wedding in the small village of Egegik Alaska She knows there is no way she is going to avoid seeing Skip Ozhuwan the only man she has ever loved, the man she shot, the man who sent her to jail.Skip Ozhuwan had this all planned out, being on the same bush plane from King Salmon Alaska to Egegik with Wren He has never stopped loving her, he just needed to give her some time to stay sober and time to get over her anger at him f [...]

    26. Silverana says:

      SPOILERS Despite the situation they are in with a dead body with them on the plane, they seemed to easily and readily tease each other and have attracting thoughts for one another These thoughts and actions could have probably worked even with their disastrous situation, however, I think the way everything was worded made the characters seem dull and somewhat heartless The actual main storyline, of a hero arresting the heroine to help her, and then coming back for her was actually really good an [...]

    27. Sassafrass says:

      originally posted sassafrassoklikes post This was a cute little short about love that was found again, in the least likely of placesa plane crash I don t know if I could have forgiven the love of my life if he shot me, but Skip certainly had a forgiving hear than I do IMPACT certainly was a nice little introduction to the hotness that can be found in the chill of the Alaskan Wilderness.This was also a nice introduction to Tiffinie Helmer s writing I look forward to continuing with the series.

    28. Morgan says:

      Wonderful depiction of how remote Alaska can be Main detractions were a few grammar issues that tripped me up Second person creeped into the third person narrative, the wrong tense wasn t caught by editing in a few instances, and ANWR is an acronym for Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Although it is pronounced Anwar, that s not it s name or spelling.Loved the characters and the descriptions of village life A great short read that does justice to the unique setting of Alaska

    29. Nicole says:

      I think it was entertaining enough for the amount of pages There were some confusing things about the female lead s past that didn t really made sense to me but aside from that The story was cute enough The characters were kind of inconsequential since you can barely make a connection with them,but I still liked Skip and thought he was cute Overall, fun, little read Don t expect anything amazing.

    30. Conny says:

      I got this book as a free download and I really enjoyed it It had everything you would want in a romance novel, great characters, overcoming obstacles and some great make out scenes, and lets not forget a plane crash The only negative thing was that I finished reading the book so fast, I guess it would qualify as a short story since I read it in a couple of hours However great entertainment as long as it lasted.

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