Carolyn Keene
The Whispering Statue
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The Whispering Statue Carolyn Keene Nancy is asked to solve a puzzling mystery then encounters a second case The first concerns a valuable collection of rare books Wealthy Mrs Merriam has commissioned a supposedly reputable art dealer to sell it, but soon believes the man is a swindler The second mystery involves the theft of a beautiful marble statue, rud to whisper, has an uncanny resemblance to NaNancy is asked to solve a puzzling mystery then encounters a second case The first concerns a valuable collection of rare books Wealthy Mrs Merriam has commissioned a supposedly reputable art dealer to sell it, but soon believes the man is a swindler The second mystery involves the theft of a beautiful marble statue, rud to whisper, has an uncanny resemblance to Nancy As suddenly as it disappeared, the marble statue is returned and is discovered to be a reproduction To solve both mysteries, Nancy adopts an alias and a disguise, becomes an employee of the suspicious dealer, gathering evidence against a clever ring of art thieves This book is the revised text The plot of the original story 1937 is different.. The Whispering Statue Nancy is asked to solve a puzzling mystery then encounters a second case The first concerns a valuable collection of rare books Wealthy Mrs Merriam has commissioned a supposedly reputable art dealer t
  • Title: The Whispering Statue
  • Author: Carolyn Keene
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Whispering Statue Carolyn Keene

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      187 Carolyn Keene
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    1 Blog on “The Whispering Statue

    1. Jessaka says:

      THE WHISPERING STATUE by Carolyn KeeneAnother good book that was actually written by Mildred Wirt, my favorite Nancy Drew writer, but then the outline came from a person who has no sense of adventure Still, Mildred Wirt pulled it off as best she could Another season and the house surely will topple into the sea Toward the right lay what remained of a garden There were a few scraggly rose bushes entangled among a jungle of weeds Yet when the visitors came within view of the Whispoering Girl statu [...]

    2. Ruthie Jones says:

      I read all the Nancy Drew books and the Hardy Boys when I was a child, but I will admit that I have read them all again as an adult a few years ago The stories are old fashioned, but that s why I like them so much.

    3. Phyllis says:

      Man, some of those first edition Nancy Drews are totally bizarre They re all over the place and I can scarcely keep everything straight in my dim head.Plot elements in WHISPERING STATUE a decaying mansion by the sea containing a precious to some old dude, anyway model ship a FOREIGNER with a pet monkey Nancy s horrible adopted terrier, Togo some lady who married a bad dude and ruined her life who convinced a couple that they were both dead, so they lived apart for about 40 years The lady returns [...]

    4. Awallens says:

      Everyone who knows me knows I love Nancy Drew But this book was crazy Nancy Drew giving spiritual advice Nancy Drew causing a couple of people to have heart attacks Nancy Drew not having impeccable judgment This book was bananas And not in a good way I like my formula to stay the way it is when I read a book like this And this one seemed totally off.

    5. Susan says:

      Pretty good mystery about a missing or was it statue at a yacht club, shady dealings in a book statue shop with sneaky scary people and unknown persons trying to scare Nancy away from any discoveries And at one point Nancy view spoiler ended up entrapped inside a statue cast with only a few air holes hide spoiler That surely gave some young readers nightmares This one wasn t as good as the story I just finished but was entertaining enough.

    6. Cathyl says:

      I thought this was a great book I really like how Nancy disguised herself while solving the whole mystery and how she took chances to work under Basswood s nose I am very happy that she finally found the whispering statue and solve two mysteries that of course is connected Anyways, the book was great and I hope people also enjoy it, even though it might be over risky

    7. John Yelverton says:

      A very spooky Nancy Drew novel Based in a seaside town, Nancy tries to find a missing statue.

    8. Josiah says:

      This was a nice book, not the best, but still pretty good I really like Nancy going undercover in a disguise, and working in the criminal s store That was probably the best part Overall I would recommend to all mystery and adventure lovers

    9. Jerry says:

      Yet another great mystery featuring everyone s favorite teenage sleuth.

    10. Noor says:

      I started reading the Nancy Drew books when my school librarian announced a challenge to whoever could read 10 Nancy Drew books first wins a prize, then whoever reads 20 books gets the same reward and so on until 50 books were read.Having this challenge, I began reading these books.This is my 6th book of the 10.Having read 5 other books of the series, I started to get bored of reading this series for a lot of reasons First, every Nancy Drew book goes the same way She is having fun with her frien [...]

    11. Whitney says:

      Suddenly I skipped ahead of the series Nancy now has 2 friends who go everywhere with her And she also has a special friend named Ned who plays football and goes to college I guess I ll have to fill in the gaps at some point to see how Nancy acquired these folks.This plot has some laughable moments where Nancy goes in disguise, wearing a wig and sunglasses And I m seeing a pattern where her esteemed attorney father Carson Drew ALWAYS goes out of town when his daughter embarks on sleuthing missio [...]

    12. Dawn says:

      There is just something about a Nancy Drew book that is relaxing.While the actual story line itself is very juvenile, it was a refreshing read I still that a lot of the scenarios that Nancy gets into aren t realistic for the time period late 1930 s , I ve found that the books are fun to read This particular one has Nancy and her friends trying to solve two mysteries at one time the vanished whispering statue and a collection of rare books Being that trouble has a way of finding Nancy, she not on [...]

    13. Jenn says:

      I am going to start re reading I am proud to say I read all of these when I was in 2nd grade all of this series A friend of mine s son had a whole stack of them at his house and I picked it up and found myself loving this series all over again Great book, not the best writing, but still good for trying to figure out who the bad guy is.

    14. Abbie says:

      Nancy Drew is like the perfect sleuth I never really expect a bad ending because I know she always gets the bad guys in the end But I must admit I kind of wish she hadn t escaped the statue encasement Evil grin.

    15. Monica Willyard says:

      This book and treat me as a child, and I just had to read it again The story is still interesting, and I still enjoyed it, though I knew what was coming in the plot this time.

    16. Greta says:

      Ahhh Nancy becomes entangled in a mystery involving art enough said.

    17. Ellen says:

      A lot of fun And of course the statue looks just like Nancy

    18. Susan Molloy says:

      Good, suspenseful, and beautifully written I never tire of these mysteries.

    19. Stef says:

      Nancy and Co go hang out at a yacht club and Nancy actually gets an under the table gig selling shit in an antiques rare artifacts store because she suspects the owner s committing fraud And there s a statue that s supposed to whisper but doesn t and even though it s based on an Italian woman it looks JUST LIKE NANCY what re the chances but the statue is not a super huge focus Okay, I liked this one I mean, yes, of course, Nancy nearly gets kidnapped not once, but twice, and she s assaulted at l [...]

    20. Sheila Loosevelt says:

      This was like two mysteries for the price of one, and I m glad my only guess was wrong I honestly thought that there was someone inside of the statue, and that s who was whisperingo dark for Nancy Drew Probably

    21. Mary Kim says:

      OMG This book is awesome So much mysteries, thriller The best mystery book ever.

    22. Lauren says:

      Enjoyable book for young girls.

    23. Kathy Nealen says:

      Most ridiculous attempt to hide from the bad guy

    24. Emily V says:

      Over all it was a decent book It had a few confusing parts but in the end it turned out pretty good I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves the good mystery.

    25. Gylfie Whitneyi says:

      LOVE IT

    26. Jessica says:

      Just as an FYI, this is the first book in which Nancy does not get a momento P

    27. Ashley says:

      Okay, this one s crazy.Nancy, Bess, and George are going to a park unveiling, which is where they meet a stray bull terrier Bess calls Togo Togo is A TOTAL ASSHOLE and Nancy thinks he s lovable, although at first she tries to tell him to go home Togo digs up a brand new flowerbed and then steals a lady s purse and drops it in the lake That s the kind of asshole he is The purse belongs to Ms Owen, who is there to make a speech Nancy spots a personal ad in her purse, addressed to Rexy from Alice A [...]

    28. Amanda says:

      This has been one of my favorite Nancy Drew Books so far I like how there were two mysteries intertwined in one However, i felt like the end of the book was very rushed They wrapped up the mysteries really quickly.

    29. Christine Arvinth says:

      This book is really good With Nancy s help the mystery sure would be solved.

    30. Phe says:

      The Whispering Statue is a children s story by Carolyn Keene pseudonym and the 14th book in the Nancy Drew series.When Nancy Drew goes undercover to learn about a book collection, she discovers that the dishonest bookstore owner may also be responsible for a missing statue.I ve always been a voracious reader So, as a child, one of my favorite things about summer was the frequent trips to our local library, which was less than a mile from our house Like most young girls of a certain age ahem , m [...]

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