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Gingersnap Patricia Reilly Giff It s 1944, W.W II is raging Jayna s big brother Rob is her only family When Rob is called to duty on a destroyer, Jayna is left in their small town in upstate New York with their cranky landlady But right before he leaves, Rob tells Jayna a secret they may have a grandmother in Brooklyn Rob found a little blue recipe book with her name and an address for a bakery WhIt s 1944, W.W II is raging Jayna s big brother Rob is her only family When Rob is called to duty on a destroyer, Jayna is left in their small town in upstate New York with their cranky landlady But right before he leaves, Rob tells Jayna a secret they may have a grandmother in Brooklyn Rob found a little blue recipe book with her name and an address for a bakery When Jayna learns that Rob is missing in action, she s devastated Along with her turtle Theresa, the recipe book, and an encouraging, ghostly voice as her guide, Jayna sets out for Brooklyn in hopes of finding the family she so desperately needs.. Gingersnap It s W W II is raging Jayna s big brother Rob is her only family When Rob is called to duty on a destroyer Jayna is left in their small town in upstate New York with their cranky landlady But r
  • Title: Gingersnap
  • Author: Patricia Reilly Giff
  • ISBN: 9780375838910
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Gingersnap Patricia Reilly Giff

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    1. Alex Baugh says:

      It is 1944 and Jayna s big brother Rob, the only family she has, is a cook in the Navy Jayna and Rob were separated for years, placed in separate foster homes after the automobile deaths of their parents But when Rob turned 18, he got custody of Jayna Only now Rob has received his orders to report to his ship for deployment to the war in the Pacific Rob have made arrangements for Jayna to stay with thier landlady Celine for the time he is away Rob may be a great cook, but Jayna has a way with ma [...]

    2. Rose says:

      Initial reaction Despite this being a very quick read and for a young audience, I had a very difficult time getting into this book Not that I didn t appreciate the characters and the storyline, but it just didn t grab and hold me in several areas of the narrative I d like to explore of the author s work, considering there were parts of this I did like, but overall, it didn t really leave an impression on me.Full review I feel bad in penning this review because usually I love period fiction, I l [...]

    3. Laura says:

      Jayna and her brother Rob have finally created a peaceful life after their parents were killed in a tragic accident When Rob is shipped out on a Navy ship during World War II, a kindly but difficult neighbor takes Jayna in During this time, Jayna cares for a turtle in her pond and seeks help from an evasive but occasionally helpful ghost Based on a family cookbook and a small hint from her brother, Jayna decides to go to Brooklyn to search for a long lost grandmother after she learns that Rob is [...]

    4. Arlena says:

      Author Patricia Reilly GiffPublished by Wendy Lamb BooksAge Recommended Children 10 Reviewed By Arlena DeanBook Blog For GMTARating 5Review Gingersnap by Patricia Reilly Giff was a very well written read that will give us some historical history that was going on during WWII Along with this being a family read it does have some ghost issues This author is a wonderful story teller being about to take you so a different time This was during a time in history WWII when a brother Rob after becoming [...]

    5. SusanDunn says:

      I listened to this one, and I think I might have liked it better if I had just read it I really didn t like the narrator at all They used a young reader, and I think an adult would have gotten the dialog, and especially the accent that one character is supposed to speak with, much better Bummer this sounded really good and I was excited to read it It s 1945 and Jayna is sent to live with their landlady when her brother is sent to war Every since he turned 18, Rob has taken care of Jayna their pa [...]

    6. Kathy says:

      Okis is a children s book and my daughters have advanced beyond this reading levelbut I guess I have not Pictures of Hollis WoodsLily s CrossingI loved reading these When I read in a book review that Giff had a new book, I had to read it I enjoyed reading Gingersnap It was a good book, but it could have been a great book Basically it is the story of a 10 year old girl who is in search of her grandmother, who may or may not exist Jayna has one cluea little recipe book It is a similar storyline to [...]

    7. Anna says:

      I loved this book Patricia Reilly Giff is one of my favorite Children s author It is a great historical fiction read about a girl named Jayna during the second world war All she has left is her brother and he is sent off to fight in the war She is left staying with the land lady Right before her brother leaves he tells her about a box in his closet with a recipe book in it The recipe book has a picture and an address of a person who could be their grandmother Jayna starts seeing a ghost right be [...]

    8. Clover White says:

      I love most of Giff s books, and I enjoyed reading another one of her historical fiction books R My Name Is Rachel , but this one was really not that great The ghost was pointless, and I m still stuck over the fact that, at the beginning of the book, the brother mentions casually that he has a box of mementos, including information about a possible grandmother, in his closet Hello, marvelous older brother, maybe we should have EXPLORED that possibility before we set off for war, leaving our orph [...]

    9. Cindy Dobrez says:

      I ve been reading a lot of foodie books during my kitchen remodel This historical fiction ghost story qualifies Gingersnap is a soup expert and her story is peppered with her soup recipes This WWII home front story of a young girl suddenly alone when her brother is called to service will make a good booktalk for my 6th graders The ghost element and longing for real family and the box turtle who needs a real home too will be an easy sell The Brooklyn bakery setting is a bonus although I will prob [...]

    10. Lonna Pierce says:

      I listened to the audio book of this WW II era historical fiction novel for young readers Orphaned Jayna nickname Gingersnap is left with a landlady when her older brother, Rob, goes to war in the Pacific Jayna is a masterful soup maker, like her mother grandmother before her, and soup recipes fill the book She locates a family friend who owns a bakery in Brooklyn named Gingersnap with the help of a ghost That plot device doesn t really work But the characters and the history of the suffering of [...]

    11. Virginia Walter says:

      Jayna s big brother Rob is her only family so when he joins the Navy, she is left in the care of their cranky landlady She has a clue to her past, however, in the hand written recipe book that belonged to her mother She sets off to find the bakery whose name and address are in the book, hoping to learn about her family The answers are not what she expects, but she does make connections with people who love her and her brother when he comes home from the War in the Pacific I enjoyed the soup rec [...]

    12. Benjmin Torres says:

      Benjamin Torres9 29 14Period 3 4 Gingersnap Gingersnap was a great book I gave it 3 stars because it had good details in the chapter, but sometimes in the end of a chapter, there was a cliff hanger Also, the character was amazing, brave, and generous, but tells about her There is a ghost with her Tell about him her Was he she helpful Was he she curious.

    13. Hannah says:

      Loved it

    14. Maura says:

      I love much of Reilly Giff s other work, and I expected to love this, as it had all of the elements that usually pull me into historical fiction a family mystery, a compelling setting but it was all too unbelievable to pull me in, emotionally Everything seemed so impossibly easy and so emotionally blank Like, you re an orphan and your only relative is going off to war, and you re hungry for any tidbit of information about your dead parents, and your brother mentions that he has a book that may o [...]

    15. Heidi-Marie says:

      Needed a new audio, so I picked a book with a turtle in it, since the day I began it was World Turtle Day I also have enjoyed the other works I have read by Giff, and looked forward to this Not disappointed There is a feel to her books that makes one just feel good Not sure how else to describe that I liked the characters I liked the ghost Had theories on that, but none were answered I suppose she wanted to leave it to reader interpretation Amazing so much could be packed in so short a book But [...]

    16. Kimberly says:

      After her brother goes to war, a young girl finds a box of mementos in his closet that she hopes will lead her to her family in Brooklyn I didn t realize that this was youth fiction when I started it The plot didn t really work for me, as characters and situations just didn t seem to flow I d love to see this turned into an actual full length book where the elements would have time to mesh and flesh out .

    17. Claire West says:

      This book is very sweet, short, and simple Everything that happened had a purpose and there was no extra fluff.I love the character of Jayna I think it s obvious that she s young, but that she also grows and matures over the course of this tiny book I love Elise and her bakery I love Mr Ohland and his pug All the characters are simply drawn and it makes them very easy to understand They all form a part of Jayna s new family.

    18. Christine Preece says:

      Gingersnap is a historical fiction chapter book that is set during World War II The main character is a girl named Jayna who eventually sets out to Brooklyn to find her grandmother in hopes to connect with family, since her brother has been sent back as a cook in the Navy and she has no other family The main theme of this book is endurance and determination World War II was a hard time and many children became orphans, so Jayna s determination to find family was very strong.

    19. Elizabeth Mclatchy says:

      It was an interesting read with a highly developed main character During WWII and the dramatic experiences of those left behind It was a lovely painting of an experience, but the ending was rather abrupt And at one point it veered off into a surreal mystical experience It provided the lens of the main character s inner conversation, but wasn t enough to really feel connected to the rest of the story.

    20. Chris says:

      At first, I thought this book was written in the magical realism genre, which I detest wholeheartedly, but after further reading, I realized it just has a little girls imagination As a child, I too had an imaginary friend, as many children do There is very little history in this fiction book Overall, a wonderful story that I would recommend to everyone ages 11.

    21. Jeannie says:

      Loved this sweet little book The author packed a lot inside this small book Quick feel good read for young and old alike.

    22. Alissa Marryatt says:

      Simple easy read with a good story

    23. Darcie Saunier says:

      I liked this children s novel, but I had problems with how unrealistic the storyline was and it s kind of sappy happy ending There were holes in the story line For example, one minute, Jayna an orphaned schoolgirl is living in upstate New York in 1944 The next, she has successfully navigated her way to a correct address in Brooklyn having never been there before Jayna drags around this turtle with her and then cooks soups Can you say E Coli food poisoning Ick Then, there s the whole ghost thing [...]

    24. Leo says:

      Actual Rating 3.5 StarsThis was a really sweet story.Jayna is a girl who is searching for a family With her brother gone off to war and her being under the care of a woman who doesn t really want to care for her, Jayna sets off to find her grandmother.Her journey stirred my heart and even though she didn t find exactly what she was looking for, things worked out in the end.She found a family.

    25. Jessica says:

      First things first I listened to this on audiobook two times, and I did not know WHAT was happening I have a feeling that this is mostly an audiobook narrator issue I ve often listened to middle grade or YA books and wondered why they re not narrated by children or teens It s just kind of strange to hear a deep baritone narrating the perspective of a nine year old boy So at first it was a nice surprise to hear the voice of an actual kid Olivia Campbell narrating Gingersnap, Patricia Reilly Giff [...]

    26. Amy says:

      A turtle, a blue recipe book, a ghostly presence these are the things that accompany young Jayna as she travels by herself to Brooklyn How did she get to this point lonely, desperate, plodding towards her destination lugging a turtle in a cat carrier with the blisters on her heels getting bigger with every step Of course, Jayna knows how it all started the accident, her parents dyingddenly, her older brother Rob was the only one she had left Then World War II erupted, stealing fathers, sons, and [...]

    27. Brenda says:

      recipes seasoned with herbs and care are always the best even when ingredients are rationed and scarce.Janea lives with her brother Rob He s nine years older than she is and has just become old enough to gain custody and take her from foster care That s been their dream since she s been five and Rob has visited her every Sunday Finally they can build a home together It is a home of love, stories, shared meals, soup and change Rob is a cook at the Navy base and he s about to be shipped out on the [...]

    28. Y says:

      An orphaned child, a brother MIA in the Pacific theater, trying to find one s long lost grandmother, you d think that the book would be rife with emotion, yet I felt almost nothing with this book Other than Jayna really hating her brother having to go off for the war, it was full of blah characters and their half hearted interactions and emotions I think the author just didn t do much to embellish the details that mattered, instead throwing in random throwaway lines of other inconsequential deta [...]

    29. Samuel says:

      It s 1945, and Jayna s brother Rob has gone off to war in the Pacific Since he s her only living relative, she s staying with the landlady during his tour of duty But a mysterious ghost and an old recipe book lead her on a quest that takes her away from upstate New York and into the heart of Brooklyn in a search for family.It s a winning plot idea, a supernaturally tinged take on the classic themes of books like Cynthia Voigt s Homecoming However, the book suffers from a number of the same probl [...]

    30. Tasha says:

      Jayna s older brother Rob rescued her from foster care but now he is called to duty on a destroyer during World War II Both brother and sister love to cook Jayna s specialty is soup The two don t have any other family in the world, so Rob leaves Jayna with their landlady who is always lecturing Jayna about manners Right before he leaves, Rob tells Jayna about a recipe book he found that may have belonged to their grandmother It contains an address for a bakery in Brooklyn When Rob is listed as m [...]

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