Shadonna Richards
An Unexpected Baby
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An Unexpected Baby Shadonna Richards Getting a man is one thing keeping him is a whole different story Recently wed to her hot boss, CEO Evan Fletcher, Emma Wiggins Fletcher thinks her sizzling hubby is avoiding spending quality time with her that is until Emma discovers that her pregnancy test is positive.. An Unexpected Baby Getting a man is one thing keeping him is a whole different story Recently wed to her hot boss CEO Evan Fletcher Emma Wiggins Fletcher thinks her sizzling hubby is avoiding spending quality time wit
  • Title: An Unexpected Baby
  • Author: Shadonna Richards
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An Unexpected Baby Shadonna Richards

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      108 Shadonna Richards
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    1. Natalie says:

      Well I must say I enjoyed this little book so much, it was 40 pages but for 40 pages this little book was jam packed with twists and turns and a very wonderful story I wish had of gone on longer Emma and Evan are newlyweds now from what Im gathering as I have not read the first book in The Bride Series yet, was a quick marriage for the purpose of making a wish come true for Emma s dying Grandfather Emma has taken a pregnancy test and to her first glance it s positive and tells Evan and makes him [...]

    2. Sherry Sweeney says:

      This was a good end to the series the twist was interesting and I had not seen it coming Does have some sadness to it so be prepared with tissues.Otherwise a really good series all in all Was impressed with this author.

    3. Shelley says:

      An Unexpected Baby is the sequel to An Unexpected Bride and part of The Bride Series.This is a short and quick contemporary read with a simple plot Basically Emma is worried her new husband isn t paying attention to her He s working a lot of late nights and she s worried he s having second thoughts about their quickie wedding Then Emma learns she s pregnant and Evan s entire attitude changes He seems excited about the baby Unfortunately, Emma learns she s misread the pregnancy test Telling her h [...]

    4. Aislynn says:

      Emma and Evan have been married for six months and are desperately trying to have a baby Well Emma is at least When she finally has a positive result, she s thrilled and so is Evan and her grandfather who all find out at once When she finds out it s a false positive, she can t bring herself to tell everyone the truth With everyone so excited, and her grandfather s health being so precarious she doesn t want to disappoint anyone We met Emma and Evan in An Unexpected Bride which I reviewed last ye [...]

    5. Mindy says:

      Accidently telling her husband and grandfather she is pregnant due to reading the test wrong, Emma doesn t know how to fix the lie Every opportunity seems wrong and she just knows that she fix it if she has enough time This was a charming sequel book The ongoing blunder that is Emma s life continues and so does her distress at leading her family along over her lie Just when it seems that things can t get worse, they do or maybe not Charming, sweet, romantic, and an easy read, this book is defini [...]

    6. Rose Baker says:

      AwfulThis book could have used a really good editor, oh, and a good writer, too I have read one of this persons books before and it was bad too, but I thought what the heck, I ll give it a try Was I crazy, or what Same stilted dialogue, same unbelievable mess of descriptions of things that have NO relevance to the story, same tense change mistakes, same old same old from this person I won t make that mistake again Fellow readers, don t waste your time or your money on these books, they suck.

    7. Stacey says:

      This book was ok I m probably not the best person to review this because the thought of wanting a baby is appalling to me knowing this I tried to put that aside and I rated the book a 3 instead of a 1 I thought there was a lot wrong with this book besides my ill feelings 1 It made her look like an idiot which reflects poorly on women as a whole 2 Babies DO NOT fix marriages and 3 The ending was sickeningly predictable Blah

    8. Jennifer Gallagher says:

      A sequal and an fantastic read because it always keeps you in suspense are they going to really get back together I love books like this.ese down to life experiences experienced by lots of people you may know in your lifeI will not give the end of the book away you will have to read it

    9. Carla Krissinger says:

      The books are too quick with barely a climax There are some points that were good, but comparing to other books of the same genre, I feel this author could have put in a little time with character development The books had promise, but just not enough to warrant stars.

    10. Carol Schmidt says:

      Fun and light

    11. Kristi says:

      I must be losing my ability to tolerate the obvious Billionaire marries his assistant she can t wait to get pregnant he completely changes his life blah blah blah boring.

    12. charmaine White says:

      DifferentI find this one kind of confusing Not sure I liked it,or understood it.I got that she wanted to get pregnant.What I didn t get was all the other stuff.

    13. Jennifer says:

      Not as good as the The Unexpected Bride Only so so and I found the language off from the first book.

    14. Paula Legate says:

      The story was too short to be worth 3.00 It did have a few twist and turns The story line was good The story just needed to be longer to be worth 3, it should have only been.99 cents.

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