Elizabeth Haydon
Requiem for the Sun
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Requiem for the Sun Elizabeth Haydon Three years have passed since Achmed, the assassin king, Grunthor, the lethal Sargent Major, and Rhapsody, the Lady Cymrian, helped bring peace and prosperity to the land of Roland But when the mysterious deaths of the Dowager Empress of Sorbold and her son leave empty the line of succession, the dark clouds of war threaten the fragile Cymrian Alliance And Rhapsody mustThree years have passed since Achmed, the assassin king, Grunthor, the lethal Sargent Major, and Rhapsody, the Lady Cymrian, helped bring peace and prosperity to the land of Roland But when the mysterious deaths of the Dowager Empress of Sorbold and her son leave empty the line of succession, the dark clouds of war threaten the fragile Cymrian Alliance And Rhapsody must face an old nemesis one presumed dead for centuries who rises up to threaten all she holds dear.. Requiem for the Sun Three years have passed since Achmed the assassin king Grunthor the lethal Sargent Major and Rhapsody the Lady Cymrian helped bring peace and prosperity to the land of Roland But when the myster
  • Title: Requiem for the Sun
  • Author: Elizabeth Haydon
  • ISBN: 9780575073081
  • Page: 441
  • Format: None
  • Requiem for the Sun Elizabeth Haydon

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    1 Blog on “Requiem for the Sun

    1. Sara says:

      I don t normally review books, but I just had to get a few things off of my chest about this one I finished it last night am still a bit angry at it.Overall, I did not care for this book at all, especially after reading it directly after the first three I came into it off of a high from those earlier books, and maybe it was because they were so fresh in my mind that Requiem for the Sun left me angry and frustrated It felt stiff, padded, and pointless, without hope and without the personalities I [...]

    2. Laurel says:

      I am so happy to be back in this universe 3

    3. Rhyson says:

      I read the whole series, but I started with this book.It made one terrible introduction.There was this guy talking with some people I thought there were ten guys in the room, Guy 1, Guy 2, the bolg, the bolg king, Achmed, the Dhracian, the Dhracian king, the firbolg, and the firbolg king Guy 1 and 2 leave Then it was just Achmed in the room It took me two pages to figure out that the bolg, the bolg king, Achmed, the Dhracian, the Dhracian king, the firbolg, and the firbolg king were all the same [...]

    4. Aelvana says:

      In the three years following the Moot, life has settled back into something approaching normal Achmed and Grunthor are shaping the Bolg into a nation and rebuilding Ylorc, Rhapsody and Ashe have moved to Stephen Nanarve s estate to look after the young Gwydion and his sister, and even nations seem to be letting out a long breath as the F dor s acts of violence fade from memory But not all memories sleep quietly The shadows of the Past have broken into the Present, once again imperiling the Futur [...]

    5. bookwormmama says:

      I m having trouble deciding how to rate this one 3.5 stars, I suppose I have a couple complaints this time First, I do not like the return of dead or otherwise finished characters It s frustrating, anticlimatic, and lacks creativity And second, there is a definite lurch in the writing to include darker things I have little patience or tolerance for torture and depravity While the particular purveyor of these over detailed, gruesome, and nauseating evil acts hopefully will not reappear again, thi [...]

    6. Gaijinmama says:

      This is fantasy at its best.Dragons, humor, adventure, magic, all the good stuff.Rhapsody, our butt kicking protagonist, gets to deal with the challenges of fighting off the Stalker From Hell and I kinda mean that literally while also fighting off the worst case of morning sickness you ve ever heard of.Her nonhuman best buddies, Achmed and Grunthor, are a wonderful snarky mix of Monty Python and Hugh Laurie s Dr House We also get the pleasure of becoming better acquainted with Esten, one of thos [...]

    7. Jeremy Preacher says:

      Man, I didn t care about the Waste of Breath in the first book, and I sure as shit don t care about him now His motivations are completely and utterly uninteresting not baffling, I m totally willing to believe he s not very bright and thinks entirely with his dick I ve certainly met enough men like that, including in positions of power They re just boring I don t care how good Rhapsody is in bed, and I don t believe him anyway.Rhapsody also gets entirely sidelined throughout the book she spends [...]

    8. Benedict says:

      Mixed feelings about this book This felt like a weaker showing after the original trilogy The characters seem to have flattened a bit into plot driving heroes and villains And while the first trilogy was, well, novel, the second takes a while getting going There are a few things that I didn t need from the new villain s plotline, sadly expectable as they were.What remains good is the magical system The elementally based magical history of the world remains interesting, and seeing a few new power [...]

    9. Wynne says:

      Here is the sequel to Elizabeth Haydon s Rhapsody Trilogy, the fourth novel in her magnificent cycle of the Symphony of Ages As a whole, this series represents one of the masterpieces of epic fantasy, a powerful symphony of magic, intrigue, romance, and adventure with daring breadth and scope Already destined to be a classic, the Symphony of Ages is one of the land mark achievements of the imaginative fiction.I enjoyed it and there were parts that kept me turning pages like mad, but over all I d [...]

    10. Sami says:

      I know it took me a lot longer to read this book than normal, but it has nothing to do with the quality of the story I ve been having vision problems but once my glasses come in I should be back full swing Now onto the actual review.With every new book well new to me I fall and in love with this series I cannot say enough good things about this book or it s author I absolutely adore the story with everything in me and am glad there are books to continue with highly recommend this to any fanta [...]

    11. Laura says:

      Starts off a bit slow, but picks up I was v excited for this one after polishing off the original trilogy than once I remember checking out Haydon s website after reading Destiny she had a poll asking whether her readers would prefer the Continued Adventures of Rhapsody Co or Past Adventures of Rhapsody Co Clearly, everyone preferred the former and with good reason, because The Three are a great team and lots of fun to read about separately, they are not nearly as compelling.

    12. Taryn says:

      After those atrocious dragon books, I was very eager to read this one and continue on with the Symphony of Ages series It did not disappoint I love the story telling of these books Very fast paced, lots of action, plenty of plot, never a dull moment Though I will say the last 25 pages or so were the best and very nail biting Several jaw dropping moments, one of which was highly satisfying as a hated foe met a rather sudden and unexpected demise.

    13. Katie says:

      I was pretty excited that there were books after the original three, I didn t enjoy them quite as much, but they were still fun to read.

    14. Mathew Ostrander says:

      It had been a year or two since I d read the Symphony of the Ages trilogy, but the characters are memorable and the beginning of this book did a great job of refreshing my memory I find myself most intrigued by Achmed and his cultivation of the Firbolg people and land The main plot was started and led to a conclusion, but there were plenty of hints and threads left open for future exploration if the next books are as well woven as the first trilogy then this is shaping up to be a great read.

    15. Cathy says:

      Honestly, this book got three stars mainly because of the leftover good feelings from the first three books in the series I wanted to like this book, I really did I loved the characters and the story lines in the first three books I just could not put them down, leading to many sleepless nights This book, I honestly didn t care so much if I never got around to finishing it.My advice read the series as if it were a trilogy You ll love it that much if you do.

    16. Jason says:

      Sadly, Haydon takes all her characters and systematically butchers them from one cover to the other Nearly everything that makes them enjoyable in the original trilogy is lost here The book reads like bad fanfiction that takes excessive liberties with Haydon s original work than an official cannon story from the original author.

    17. Brenda says:

      Let s just say that I m very sad I ve finished this book I love Rhapsody and I would really love to know about Anborn If I had the time I would lock myself in my house and start reading the books all over again, without any breaks work,kids,pets,friends,FB and even food yep I would love that.

    18. Joshua says:

      If you are up to book 4 of this series, then you are a true fan This book started out SLOW, but picked up toward the middle and did not disappoint I especially loved the death of a certain character made me cheer softly to myself in a room full of people , and the allusion of things to come in the next book.

    19. Sarah says:

      I ve had this book on my shelf for ages because I didn t realize it was 4 in the series It assumes you remember a lot of detail from the trilogy, which is not one of my strengths Once I got back into it, though, I enjoyed revisiting the characters.

    20. Jennifer Sawyer says:

      Not my favorite of the series I thought it was a little long winded and overly descriptive The ending seemed like it was thrown together quickly I do love the Rhapsody series and I will read to the end, but this one was not my favorite.

    21. Trey Wren says:

      Loved the first book of this series but have gradually lost interest Honestly this 4th book was a struggle to finish Lots of rehashing and a stagnant storyline However, check out Rhapsody and maybe you will stay hooked as I have not.

    22. tiailds says:

      The main problem I had with this book is Esten I couldn t believe the way she acted, what she did, or what she got away with No one that acts like that would be able to run an organization for long Even if her followers couldn t kill her, no one would work for her.

    23. Joseph Vanucchi says:

      Always impressedThis book was really good It s a little shorter I think than those in the first trilogy of this world, but that in no way took away from the story Just waiting, worried, as I know that someone I really like is probably due to die soonCan t recommend enough

    24. Amalia says:

      LOVE IT

    25. Celeste says:

      This book is well written and it has many plot twists Contains some sexual content.

    26. Monica says:

      I liked this book, but I absolutely loved the first three, and I think the books could have ended at book 3 and been the better for it.

    27. Rick says:

      Brilliant Each succeeding book in the series builds upon the previous one and they are a deight to read Somewhat dark for some though.

    28. Rose says:

      It was pretty good, but their was something missing that was in all the other books that I just couldn t get I felt like the story didn t progress, like it was just stuck in one place.

    29. Jayrod says:

      Don t read this book She finished a trilogy with plot holes and this one makes the plot holes of the original series so much worse I found myself halfway through and I absolutely hated it.

    30. Alix says:

      Continuing the story of Rhapsody and the gang I enjoy these books I know some will find the scope and her style a little daunting, but hang in there, they are worth the read.

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