Emma Meade
Night Sighs
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Night Sighs Emma Meade It s good to be alivewhen you re dead Meet Alex Tristan, modern star crossed lovers of the supernatural variety.Alex is running on empty, one year on from the death of her fianc , and the only thing that keeps her going is her romance with the young vampire Tristan Tristan, meanwhile has a serious obsession with Bruce Springsteen, and is battling a can t live wiIt s good to be alivewhen you re dead Meet Alex Tristan, modern star crossed lovers of the supernatural variety.Alex is running on empty, one year on from the death of her fianc , and the only thing that keeps her going is her romance with the young vampire Tristan Tristan, meanwhile has a serious obsession with Bruce Springsteen, and is battling a can t live without you sort of love for Alex He s trying to persuade her to come over to the dark side but so far she s resisting his efforts.So come and sing along to Tristan s band, The Dead Beats, the hottest group in London right now, and walk with Alex as she teeters between this life and the next Because when you re around Tristan, you ll see, how much fun it is to be alive when you re dead.Night Sighs is an adult paranormal romance, following the relationship adventures of Tristan Alex through five short stories The Dead Beats, The Ancients, Until My Body Is Dust, Bourbon Jazz and West of Forever.. Night Sighs It s good to be alivewhen you re dead Meet Alex Tristan modern star crossed lovers of the supernatural variety Alex is running on empty one year on from the death of her fianc and the only thing t
  • Title: Night Sighs
  • Author: Emma Meade
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  • Page: 299
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Night Sighs Emma Meade

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    1 Blog on “Night Sighs

    1. Laura Thomas says:

      Tristan and his band are a sensation Their rock concerts are jam packed show after show There s nothing he loves than performing before a screaming mass of fans Well, except for her.Alex loves Tristan, can t keep her hands off him There s just one problem He s a vampire, but that s not the problem The problem is he wants to make her one too As much as Alex loves Tristan, she doesn t want to become a vampire.He loved feeling her beneath him, her warm, beating body that knew his own so well His n [...]

    2. Home. Love. Books. says:

      To see this review and like it please check out my site ufreviews To start off I want to make sure I mention this is a compilation of five short stories I myself am not a huge fan of short stories because I feel like I don t get a long enough time to really get to know the characters, or connect with them One of my exceptions to this rule is when there is a compilation of short stories that take place in various worlds I already know, for example when you read an anthology that includes stories [...]

    3. Donna (BLHmistress) says:

      I have to say these kind of books are hard to rate and review, because they are so short and you don t want to give out any important details I will do my best not to spoil any of it for you This novella consisted of 5 short stories revolving around Tristan and Alex and their relationship and how it progressed The first story The Dead Beats, we are introduced to this couple This one starts out very passionate and ends with a shocking twist One I didn t see coming and though I understand why he d [...]

    4. Bayli says:

      I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.3.5 StarsThis book consisted of 5 short stories.I must have enjoyed this story because I woke up, checked my email found this story waiting to be read began it and finished it in just over an hour.When i asked to review this book, I did not know that it was a book of short stories I ve never reviewed short stories before but here I go anyway Let s seeI wish that I felt connected to the characters I mean i thought they were ho [...]

    5. Karen Siddall says:

      More, please I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review.Night Sighs by Emma Meade was a short collection of 5 stories about a vampire couple, Alex Tristan Starting sometime after they ve met, been a couple, and been separated, the stories follow them through her transformation and their early adventures.Alex and Tristan make such a delightful couple that I hope the author will back up and combine these stories into a longer offering and provide on their back stories Really, I [...]

    6. L.H. Cosway says:

      Loved this There s nothing better than a vampire rock star

    7. Michelle Cornwell-Jordan says:

      Night Sighs follow Tristan and Alex two lovers that are drawn to one another despite challenges between individual beliefs and outside forces.Tristan is a vampire, handsome, enigmatic and extremely talented he is a musician lead vocalist, who is able to mesmerize his entire audiences with just his voice.Tristan accepts who he is, as a vampire he hunts and fully relishes all that makes up his nature Alex, human and at the start of the book, she is torn between her humanity and being in love with [...]

    8. Kitt Crescendo says:

      What s a mortal girl to do if her boyfriend is rakishly handsome, determinedly immature with amazing sex appeal Simple, right But what if he s also this generations most popular rock star and a vampire Not so easy if you re human and recovering from the loss of your last boyfriend So begins the story of Alex and her sexy vampire lover, Tristan.Emma Meade, through a series of five vignettes weaves the tale of the immortal Tristan and Alex, the lovely woman with whom he s fallen in love Tristan is [...]

    9. Jody says:

      Night Sighs by Emma Meade puts a unique spin on the roller coaster evolution of a modern day relationship In this collection of short stories newly widowed Alexandra meets exotic vampire rock star, Tristan, who will change her life forever Each story picks up at different intervals in their relationship and shows a believable evolution to their relationship that keeps it steamy and exciting.I love rock star heroes and Tristan is incredibly appealing While there is a slight similarity to the Vamp [...]

    10. Jess says:

      I began reading Night Sighs and immediately, was hooked It was one of those reads that whether or notyou want to put it down, you feel as if you have to finish it It s difficult to find something that yanks you right in and doesn t want to let you go And hey, who doesn t want to keep on reading smokin hot sex scenes, right However, I would ve enjoyed that steaminess much if I d connected with the characters both during, and beforehand There s no doubting the connection and chemistry between Ale [...]

    11. Nikki McCarver says:

      I m going to start this review off with a note to the authorEmma, you are a horrid tease These short stories are very well written but leave you wanting for Alex is an independent female who is in love with a rather immature vampire She loves the fact she is alive, but can she live without Tristan The first story outlays the conflict in the relationship Tristan comes off as in charge and obsessive over Alex Alex is confused about what she really wants She decides to leave him, not realizing a h [...]

    12. Iris says:

      A short, sweet read about two star crossed lovers Tristan is a vampire with an almost childlike enthusiasm for everything Alex, having already lost her fiance, is a human with a darker outlook on life Throughout the short stories we accompany these two characters through turning points in their lives The night Alex leaves Tristan behind The night she finally decides to come back The night Alex almost loses Tristan forever You get the point I have to admit to being a little disappointed when I re [...]

    13. Jill says:

      This is a very short book of a few short stories revolving around Alex and Tristan The first story is an introduction to the characters where we discover that Tristan is a vampire and Alex is a troubled human with a sorrowful past who loves him, but can t live with the idea of eternity The second is a story about Tristan becoming a Lestat like rock star and rediscovering Alex, who he turns The third is the story of how Tristan is forbidden from exposing vampire further and is captured and escape [...]

    14. Diantha Jones says:

      I liked Night Sighs, but I had hoped to love it It consists of several short stories following the sometimes troubled romance of the beautiful, mortal Alex and Tristan, a vampire blessed with the gift of music and a special talent for attracting danger I loved the premise, but felt the book fell just short of what I was expecting.Meade is a great writer with a talent for expression and wordplay Definitely not a problem there It was the stories themselves that I struggled with The stories for me [...]

    15. Melanie Adkins says:

      The Dead Beats, The Ancients, Until Body Is Dust, Bourbon Jazz and West of Forever are the short stories that make up Night Sighs Alex and Tristan star in these tales as an unusual couple He s a vampire and seemingly a big kid at heart She is a human who lost the love her life Together they live a very exciting life From being a rock star with a huge fan base for him, to turning her and running from the British Vampire government board These two share a love and romance equal to none I don t wan [...]

    16. Nicolette Reed says:

      Night Sighs is a collection of short stories about vampires Tristan and Alex by Irish author Emma Meade My favorites were The Dead Beats, Bourbon Jazz, and West Of Forever DB for the level of passion BJ for the lovely integration of setting and story And WOF for making me want to book a ticket to Galway and belly up to the bar with a gill of Jameson Meade reveals her love of vampires stories with nods to Lestat and BTVS, but Tristan and Alex are characters with all their own motivations The desc [...]

    17. Kelly says:

      Comprised of 5 short stories revolving around Tristan, rock star and vampire, and Alex, his human turned vampire love Each story is surprisingly complex and shows the depth of their emotions for one another The only story that I didn t really see as progressing their overall arc was the one where they went to Egypt I still found it enjoyable, I just didn t get the same vibe off of it as the others I loved Tristan s reaction when Alex is attacked and the realization that he could have so lost her [...]

    18. Cara says:

      Alex and Tristan are lovers, who find their selves in many little mishaps Tristan is a rock star It s a collection of little adventures they end up on put together into a short story.Review I thought the stories were cute Since this is a bunch of short stories put together, they are very fast paced It is a easy and simple read I thought at times they were pretty humorous They seemed to make a pretty good pair I wouldn t mind seeing them in a full length novel Or one of these stories being turned [...]

    19. Kathleen says:

      I love paranormal romance As I got started reading this, I thought that it started off pretty slow But once you get into it, I just couldn t put it down at all I feel that the author did a great job at writing of these short stories I would definitely read stories by this author

    20. Carrie (Book Fairy) Fort says:

      I enjoyed this book I just wished it was longer Tristan was very Lestat like Alex was awesome I would love to know about there world So for a short story it was good

    21. Lisa Cox says:

      I am a huge paranormal fan So when I saw this, I jumped at the chance to read it I liked these short stories It is a quick read, but very enjoyable.

    22. Missy says:

      Now this is what I like Short story, vampire love til death do us part type of romance Just enough sexy parts to keep the reader interested

    23. Ni_kii says:

      Review at scorchingbookreviews.Really 3.75 StarsThis short read comes in at around 19000 words and I particularly enjoyed the format This is a collection of 5 short stories that maps quite a long period of time in our H h life Due to the time gap between each story, I actually felt that I knew a lot of their tale It was a very clever way of making the character and story development high for a novella that literally took me 45 minutes to get through At 0.77 on , I felt that it is well priced and [...]

    24. Laura says:

      Overall, I have mixed feelings about this collection of short stories On one hand, the imagery presented is sharp, and Ms Meade s portrayal of how a relationship matures is quite refreshingly accurate Both Tristan and Alex are shown to have insecurities, jealousies, and by the end genuine, passionate love for each other However, this passionate, heady, all consuming love that the main characters have for one another or less forces the promising plot lines in each of these stories to the backgro [...]

    25. Colleen Sayre says:

      Emma Meade has a great idea with Night Sighs, telling the story of her lovers in short story form It makes for a fast read, but the work as a whole doesn t quite hang together The stories take for granted that the reader understands vampiric legend and myth and doesn t add anything original or exciting to spice it up The Ancients leads us down a path of potential but stops before any action actually occurs Until My Body is Dust could be a very exciting story with the addition of details, a litt [...]

    26. LibraryFairy™ says:

      Basically, Night Sighs is 5 short stories about two star crossed lovers While reading this I was a bit disappointed because I didn t really get any depth about the characters I wish I got a little of their history and emotions maybe that would have made it easier to connect with the characters and understand their love There were some very sexy scenes and the book and I enjoyed those I was a bit confused with some of the plots of the stories because like I said before I never really got any dep [...]

    27. Helena says:

      I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.For what it was, this was a quick and cute read, but I feel that here was a definite lack of character development So many unanswered questions Perhaps this is because I m used to full novels instead of short stories, but I was just not able to really get into any of the stories besides the first one I really did like the first one, but past that, they didn t seem to have the same edge I feel that if these characters were writ [...]

    28. Yvonne Clark says:

      I enjoyed reading the stories about Tristan and Alex, but to be honest the short story installments were a little awkward to me The music theme and fun adventure in the stories made up for installment bit I didn t like But for a typical vampire, paranormal romance, it was definitely a fun read I want their story to continue and develop I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a short, fun read.

    29. Amy says:

      I was given a free copy of this book for a review This was nice short collection of a series of stories about a rocker vampire and his love They were short, and as it goes on it gets better There is a lot of sex, which seems a little repetative, but it s not bad It isn t quite my cup of tea, but it wasn t a time waster.

    30. Laura says:


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