Harriet Ziefert Barroux
Lucy Rescued
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Lucy Rescued Harriet Ziefert Barroux Wha ooo ooo roo Lucy is having a little trouble adjusting to her new home Droll illustrations pair with a charming and insightful text to offer a relatable portrait of what it s like to get to know someone new, and to take on their concerns as if they were your own Kids will recognize and feel empathy both for Lucy, a shelter dog who sometimes tries her adopter s patieWha ooo ooo roo Lucy is having a little trouble adjusting to her new home Droll illustrations pair with a charming and insightful text to offer a relatable portrait of what it s like to get to know someone new, and to take on their concerns as if they were your own Kids will recognize and feel empathy both for Lucy, a shelter dog who sometimes tries her adopter s patience, and for the little girl who helps him become part of the family Featuring kids enduring love for both dogs and stuffed animals, Harriet Ziefert and Barroux s latest collaboration hits all the right est and brightest notes in this simply wise and wisely simple doggy tale.. Lucy Rescued Wha ooo ooo roo Lucy is having a little trouble adjusting to her new home Droll illustrations pair with a charming and insightful text to offer a relatable portrait of what it s like to get to know so
  • Title: Lucy Rescued
  • Author: Harriet Ziefert Barroux
  • ISBN: 9781609051877
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Lucy Rescued Harriet Ziefert Barroux

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      Harriet Ziefert Barroux

    1 Blog on “Lucy Rescued

    1. Betsy says:

      My temptation whenever I review a children s book that involves a dog in some way is to begin with a caveat that I am not a dog person I ve drawn from that well one too many times, though At this point I think my I am not a dog person credentials are well and truly established However, it wasn t until I read the utterly charming Lucy Rescued that I realized something I am not a dog person but I am a new mom and it would appear that the buttons that are pushed by babies in distress can also be pu [...]

    2. Peacegal says:

      This book would be a fine humane education tie in with National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week or a similar classroom observance.Lucy Rescued follows a puppy who is adopted from a shelter discussing the mechanics of shelter adoption When However, when Lucy comes home, she is so scared and lonely she beings to howl And howl She howls so much that Lucy s new family is unsure how to help her, despite trying numerous methods to help her calm down Finally, Lucy s young owner tries giving the pup on [...]

    3. Steve says:

      Stumbled upon this at the Columbus Main Library It s extremely cute.One of the nicest kids picture books I ve ever seen and read Perfect for introducing the concept of pet adoption to a toddler This book also touches on the subject of pet misbehavior and how you can try different things to correct the problem It also doesn t hurt that the dog that was adopted resembles Callie

    4. Asho says:

      L saw this book at the library and instantly decided that she needed the puppy book We read it together once and it was a cute story about making a new dog feel at home L often looked this one over at naptime during the few weeks we had it home from the library.

    5. Macy Tone says:

      Lucy Rescued by Harriet Ziefert is about a dog, named Lucy, rescued from the pound by a family They realized something is wrong with the dog when she howls non stop Finally, the little girl figures out that all Lucy needed was some friends When she let her have her not so favorite toys any, she was happy again I love how all the pictures are bright and colorful The pages are thick too, to prevent easy tearing The paintings in the book by Barroux are great and age appropriate My favorite part of [...]

    6. Anne Catesby says:

      Lucy Rescued was written by Harriet Ziefert and was illustrated by Barroux I chose to read this book because I enjoyed the pictures and the story the pictures told This book is about a dog named Lucy who was rescued from the pound by a family and brought home Once the Lucy came home the family started experiencing troubles with the dog and were faced with the issue of taking the puppy back to the pound However, once the little girl discovered that all Lucy was missing was friends she helped Lucy [...]

    7. Marathon County Public Library MCPL says:

      Lucy , a small white dog, is adopted from an animal shelter just in time But adjusting to her new home and family is tough on her and her new family Lucy can t seem to stop howling she howls all day and night In this sweet, simply but beautifully illustrated story, we follow Lucy and her family on their journey to love, understanding and acceptance This wonderful picture book is perfect for sharing with preschoolers who will be certain to ask you to read it to them again and again.Sharyn H Marat [...]

    8. Laura says:

      A charming story about how a family rescues a dog Here is Lucy at the pound, where we found her She needed to be rescued Her time was almost up The first page may need a bit of explaining Also, do we still call animal shelters pounds I feel that pound has gone the was of orphanages there are better words to use today But maybe that s just my experience with pet rescue and adoption Anyway, Lucy has a tough time adjusting to life in a home until the little girl gives her a stuffed animal and begin [...]

    9. Libby says:

      This happened to be a book that was very timely for our family Lucy s family adopted a dog who howled without ceasing we got one who s too jumpy and mouthy They found a solution in stuffed animal toys ours seems to be in lots of training, snuggle time and exercise I think it s a cute picture book that could be enjoyed by lots of people not just those who have recently adopted dogs that required a bit effort than expected I do especially like that it shows how getting a new pet can be a big chal [...]

    10. Ann says:

      A perfect picture book about adopting a dog from a shelter Lucy is distressed when she arrives at her new home and howls wah ooo ooo roo no matter how her new family tries to appease her That is, until her little girl companion discovers how to make Lucy feel comfortable and happy As a side note, my sister s rescue dog, who was a breeder in a puppy mill, also liked to care for stuffed animals so this fiction is true and touching.

    11. Lisa Cohn says:

      Michael, age 5, and Mia, age 13, did a video review of this book Michael explains what the dog has to say when she first comes home and is not yet used to living with this family.Watch the review here youtube watch v L5Od5u

    12. Jen says:

      adorable, charming, and with a layered story of rescue to boot What happens when you rescue a dog from the pound For Lucy, that s not the end of her problems It takes a child to finally understand why Lucy is still unhappy and to get her to settle into the family The illustrations are really cute and detailed, and I am forever a huge sucker for a dog story.

    13. Kori Schlesener says:

      This book really caught my eye by the cover and the title It s a sweet children s book, discussing the adoption of a family dog and the struggles that occurred afterwards I really liked how that dog continued to howl and after they finally figured out what the dog wanted, she finally found her place at home with the family.

    14. Heidi-Marie says:

      Cute, simple story I loved what the solution would be If I were a dog, that s probably what I would howl for 9 furry friends Anyone think Lucy got a little spoiled Oh well She s a cute enough dog, how could one help it Not sure if I d do this in a storytime, but a lap read would work well.

    15. Samantha says:

      Lucy is adopted from the dog pound and has a difficult time adjusting to her new home, that is until she makes friends with a cuddly stuffed animal A great story about the processing of adopting owning a dog when not everything turns out happily ever after.

    16. Great Books says:

      Lucy is rescued from the pound and brought into a loving home Unfortunately she howls all day long, even when given home made treats Finally the little mistress finds her dog a frienda favorite stuffed animal Reviewer 17

    17. Kim Patton says:

      Simple story about a family that gets a dog from the pound The dog isn t happy as it keeps howling all day and night The girl in the family works to find a way to calm the dog so they can keep her I loved the illustrations that tell the story just as well as the words

    18. Tam says:

      I had mixed feelings about this book because I don t want a dog but my boys do It would be a great book to show why I don t except that it ends happily and I know my children would say we could try what they did in the book.

    19. Jillian Heise says:

      I very much enjoyed the beginning of the story of a family getting a dog from the pound and trying to figure out what she needs to be happy, but the last third of the book didn t strike me as true to life, and I actually felt that it could have done without.

    20. Kristine Hansen says:

      I get a headache just reading about Lucy s constant howling How they get her to stop and all the things they try are clever and interesting Illustrations are OK, but wasn t really my thing Overall, it s a decent book, but not one I would seek out.

    21. Melissa says:

      Absolute favorite detail the way Lucy s mournful wa ooos collected in eddies and piles all over the place Great way to show the unrelenting nature of the howls Gentle story, not a lot of tension or major events, but a nice resolution for everyone.

    22. Shelli says:

      Lucy may have to go back to the pound if she doesn t stop howling What is it that makes her cry endlessly Her new owner is desperate to make her little dog happy before her parents return her.

    23. Conni Strittmatter says:

      Cute book about the possible responsibility of bringing a new pet home.

    24. Cmeiss330 says:

      Cute book featuring an anxious dog with an understanding new family and some unique, sweet illustrations What is there to love 3

    25. Morgan Garratt says:

      This is one of my favorite storytime book and personal

    26. Elizabeth says:

      Themes safety blankets , new pet, adopting a new pet from a pound humane society

    27. wildct2003 says:

      Cute story I like how the howls permeate everything in the illustrations.

    28. Amy says:

      A sweet book about a girl who adopts a troubled shelter dog

    29. Barbara says:

      This could be my favorite Ziefert title Lucy is a lucky dog.

    30. Tanya says:

      Ah, dog neuroses What s not to like

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