Amy Reichert Alexandra Boiger
Take Your Mama to Work Today
June 14, 2020 Comments.. 491
Take Your Mama to Work Today Amy Reichert Alexandra Boiger Coworkers beware Violet s here to help at the office in this lively picture book that puts a fun loving spin on the grown up work world.When Violet visits her mom s office on Take Your Child to Work Day or snow days, or school holidays, or babysitter is sick days , she is very helpful She answers the phone once she stops accidentally hanging up on people , makes busiCoworkers beware Violet s here to help at the office in this lively picture book that puts a fun loving spin on the grown up work world.When Violet visits her mom s office on Take Your Child to Work Day or snow days, or school holidays, or babysitter is sick days , she is very helpful She answers the phone once she stops accidentally hanging up on people , makes business cards after adding a snazzy personal touch , learns how to use the paper shredder and discovers how to make her very own confetti , and gives the boss pointers on his presentation With a little mayhem and a lot of joy Violet makes her mark on the office Whimsical text and effervescent illustrations highlight the indelible spirit of Violet, an adorable character young readers and parents alike will delight in knowing.. Take Your Mama to Work Today Coworkers beware Violet s here to help at the office in this lively picture book that puts a fun loving spin on the grown up work world When Violet visits her mom s office on Take Your Child to Work D
  • Title: Take Your Mama to Work Today
  • Author: Amy Reichert Alexandra Boiger
  • ISBN: 9781416970958
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Take Your Mama to Work Today Amy Reichert Alexandra Boiger

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    1 Blog on “Take Your Mama to Work Today

    1. Heidi-Marie says:

      As an adult who knows about life work at the office, I found lots of humor reading this book from a child s perspective But I wonder how a child would perceive the book especially the ones I serve I m in an area with a lot of stay at home moms, so they may not get office life and much of the humor could be lost in them It might not, though For those kids familiar with parents, particularly mom, in an office, will they see the humor of Violet making a mess of the place or enjoy an adventure at th [...]

    2. Shanshad Whelan says:

      The kind of book that s really for adults than children Although all I could do as a working mom was cringe at the kind of things Violet decides to do in her mom s office Hard to believe that any office space would put up with that.A few minor misbehaviors might have been cute, but by the end I found it just too over the top for me to really ride with The illustrations are the best part of this story, but I could wish there was a little less office mayhem.

    3. The Library Lady says:

      I am one of those tiresome adults who doesn t think that Eloise is cute, but instead a brat.And I find this to be an updated version of Eloise and no cuter Even the art looks a lot like Hilary Knight s work.

    4. MJ says:

      Yes, this is just what it s like to try to make a child do something she s not ready to do yet Why do we want them to grow up so fast It doesn t make the world a better place that s for sure.

    5. Allie Mueller says:

      Type Picture bookLiterary genre Realistic fictionAwards NoneSummary Violet is going with her mother to work, and she wants to give some pointers about what to do and what will happen if the reader ever goes to work with his her parents As Violet helps her mom work, she gives advice on what to do and what not to do The illustrations give the reader insight and provide comic relief throughout the story They show the funnier side of Violet s experience at the office.Critique I love that this book [...]

    6. Rachel says:

      It s time to go to work In this manual, a young girl explains how to behave, and what to do, when mom takes one to work.Terms, and the workings of the office are all explained in a way a child can understand, and with a mind to how a child views the world In one instance, a presentation is likened to show in tell The young girl learns this, and as she herself works However, like any child trying to be helpful, she causes some trouble for mom s co workers.While the world of the adults is shaded [...]

    7. Treasure says:

      Young Violet is offering readers information and advice on a very important topic what to do when there is a snow day half day sick baby sitter day and you have to go to work at the office with Mom We learn that on the way to work, one must hop only on the black squares in the lobby, and that bosses like help on their presentations, which are like show and tell for grown ups.Kids will delight in the bright illustrations the cover of this picture book is quite captivating and older kids and adult [...]

    8. Maddypictures says:

      Violet s babysitter can t make it, so she must accompany her mother to work She manages to make an absolute mess of things hanging up on phone calls, asking illegal questions in a job interview, hogging the donuts at coffee break time, tipping over boxes of important papers, breaking the photocopier and shredder, all under the guise of being a big help to her mother The tone of this book felt a little too twee for me I would have liked it if irrepressible Violet was not quite so obnoxious, and [...]

    9. Kat says:

      Basic Plot The babysitter called off, so guess who s going to work with mom today This was a rather cute book It is written as an instruction manual from one little girl to other children going to work with a parent Her advice is pretty hilarious, especially as she clearly thinks she s doing the right thing and we see her mother and mother s co workers getting increasingly frazzled by the little girl s antics The art was really great for showing their expressions and the small, subtle details th [...]

    10. Katie Fitzgerald says:

      When I was a kid, my sister and I went to work with my dad for a day, and though we were on the shy and reserved side and not as ambitious or as spunky as the little girl in this book, our day was pretty similar to hers Amy Reichert understands perfectly the way kids look at adult jobs from presentations being like show and tell for grownups to the importance of hopping across the lobby floor on just the black squares The illustrations show the truth behind the little girl s understated comments [...]

    11. CM says:

      I normally don t bother reviewing books I don t like, but I thought this one deserved a fair explanation.I chose to read it to my four year old nephew at the library and although he sat throguh it, I think we were both bored The illustrations are cute and I love the cover art but the story is completely based on sarcasm It goes through all the things that a child should do when they go to work with their parent I think a lot of the humor will go right over a young child s head, and the adult rea [...]

    12. Melissa says:

      I liked how the author used unusual sizes and styles to emphasize different parts of the story I also enjoyed looking at the pictures to follow the mother s side of the story great for inferring.This story reminded me of when my mom used to take my sisters and me to work with her We would be pinched and drooled over by her coworkers and we always took advantage of the free candy The book has great vocabulary and visuals when talking about office personnel cute way to introduce a subject Very kid [...]

    13. Madeleine Zachary says:

      I absolutely loved this book I appreciated it on many levels Violet is the kind of funny, playful and bold heroine that all little girls and boys will admire My favorite kids books are those that entertain children and their parents at the same time As a working mother of four, I got a huge kick out of Violet, and empathized with her mother s combination of being loving, proud of and mortified by her bold little girl I highly recommend it.

    14. Dorothy Carder says:

      This was a very cute book It was written from the perspective of a little girl and what a child should do when they go to their parent s office for the day This would be a good book for a mother to read to her child, about the unconditional love a mother would have for her child The little girl s name in the book is Violet, so also a good book for a girl named Violet or just for any little girl who likes to be helpful.

    15. Alyson (Kid Lit Frenzy) says:

      I always have mixed feelings about books that have children doing all the wrong things and making it seem super cute The mother in the story has to take her daughter to work not because it is a special day that all parents are doing it but the kind of day where you don t have a babysitter at home day The child believes that all she is doing is helpful but maybe some of the adults aren t feeling that same feeling As I saidt sure how I really feel about this it cute or not

    16. Marika says:

      You may not know what to do when you go to an office, but not to worry Violet knows exactly what to do in an office, from how to hit elevator buttons for adults, to the art of making business cards and networking A spunky little trouble maker, Violet is a contemporary Eloise whose help is often hysterical With animated illustrations and a playful protagonist, Take Your Mama to Work Today is a light hearted read especially for parents.

    17. Cathy Blackler says:

      While reading Reichert s rollicking tale of the chaos that usually ensues when a parent decides to take a child to work I couldn t help but recall some of my own stories Boiger s wonderful illustrations complement Reichert s spot on text, reminding us that the lens through which we experience things is very often all our own and that our attitude can often be altered by our ability to see things through the lenses of others.

    18. Great Books says:

      Violet is a precocious youth who happens to go to work with her mother While at the office, the energetic child offers plenty of worldly tips and generally assists the grown ups around her Violet s spirited and can do attitude even persuades the boss to take her advice on giving an effective presentation The narration is delightful and children will enjoy the colorful illustrations which accompany Violet s journey reviewer 13

    19. Sally says:

      Violet calls office life like it really is If the office is having a power lunch in the conference room that s like a really boring picnic feel free to liven things up with a quick game of chair tag Sweet book I remember going to the office with my aunt onceobably 30 years ago It was probably just like this I m sure I wasn t nearly as hyper, though

    20. D.peabody says:

      A fabulous how to guide on spending a day with the grown ups at the office Children will be enchanted and instantly want to go to work with Mum while adults will roll their eyes in knowing commiseration at the childs antics The illustrations in this book are gorgeous and truely tell the tale here I love it but offer to your children with caution

    21. Mary says:

      This is a great story for kids of working moms It s the how to guide of what to do when you go to work with your mom For adults, it s tongue in cheek humor, for kids, it s how to be the best helper possible when going to work with your parents The pictures are great, but it s better for a 1 on 1 read than a group setting.

    22. Angie says:

      Everyone has probably gone to work with mom or dad at some point in their lives Well Violet explains exactly what you need to do when you take your mama to work It starts with skipping around the lobby and ends with pushing the elevator button She gets into all kinds of mischief and is delightful I think kids and their parents will enjoy this one.

    23. J.J. says:

      We read this book before my daughter had to come to work with me and it nailed her whole experience, from pushing the elevator button to meeting the person with the secret stash of candy If you have to take your child to work, you should read this, for yourself or for them It will make you both laugh.

    24. Meaghan Rockwood says:

      Really cute book Has a lot of new vocabulary which could be good It doesn t really relate to a lot of kids though I feel like businesses don t do bring your child to work day that often especially since the kids should all be in school Cute illustrations Only adults will get the humor in this book though Not necessarily a children s literature book.

    25. Karen says:

      Such a cute book on so many levels our precocious narrator explains exactly how to get through a day at work with mom, including If you need to run three copies, don t press 1 and 1 and 1 I can so relate to this mother and her co worker s hilarious expressions This one might be best for older group reads so they can really get the humor.

    26. Michelle says:

      Violet is a deftly drawn young office helper with an adorable personality She helps the boss with his presentation, she asks important questions during an interview, and shows everyone the best way to use the copier The illustrations match the mood of the book perfectly If you ve ever taken a child to work with you this will make you laugh

    27. Rochelle Sondae says:

      This is a cute story of Violet and her mother spending a day at the office Our little town doesn t have any high rise office buildings so I m not sure how relevant this is to the kids in the neighborhood It s certainly great for someone looking for a story about Take your daughter to work day Some of the illustrations remind me of Hilary Knight s Eloise by Kay Thompson.

    28. Tricia says:

      Violet s exuberance over her visit to mama s workplace is highly entertaining Whether making a confetti rainfall or photocopies of her smiling face, she s full of energy with just a touch of trouble Fun title to share with a child if they are participating in this day sadly I don t see this happening in libraries as much as when I was in banking, where it was truly encouraged.

    29. Darshana Khiani (Flowering Minds) says:

      Cute story about a girl trying to help out at her mama s work Enjoyed the parallels the girl made presentation show and tell, or coffee break snack time.The book is well done, but it just didn t resonate with me or my girls.

    30. Elisabeth says:

      I just don t think bad behavior will ever be cute unless you can pull it off like David Shannon As a mom, this books causes a slight panic attack I would use this maybe as a lesson as what NOT to do Great illustrations with picture clues of the mom s reaction redeem it a little.

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