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One Blood
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One Blood Qwantu Amaru Horror Suspense Lovers, Look No Further Prepare to lose sleep as you journey through this award winning Horror Thriller novel with an ending you won t see coming One Blood is a superb supernatural thriller that will make you an instant fan of this author Rich themes of voodoo, family curses, political ambitions and a quest for power are dominant in this roller coaster ridHorror Suspense Lovers, Look No Further Prepare to lose sleep as you journey through this award winning Horror Thriller novel with an ending you won t see coming One Blood is a superb supernatural thriller that will make you an instant fan of this author Rich themes of voodoo, family curses, political ambitions and a quest for power are dominant in this roller coaster ride set in Louisiana Governor Randy Lafitte is popular and beloved after battling back from brain cancer, but his political success has come at a price When his daughter is kidnapped, Lafitte is confronted with a past he thought died a long time ago However, what hasn t caught you, hasn t passed you And what comes for Lafitte may be way than he or the forces behind him can handle as he fights the demons literally demons from his past Accolades for One BloodKirkus Review s Best of 2012Winner of the Foreword Reviews Book of the Year AwardWinner of two 2012 International Book AwardsWinner of a 2012 Global eBook AwardWinner of a 2012 Indie Reader Discovery AwardWinner of a 2012 National Indie Excellence Book AwardFinalist in the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards2012 Reader s Favorite Book Awards Silver Medal and FinalistSemi Finalist in the Kindle Book Review Best Indie Books of 2012 Awards. One Blood Horror Suspense Lovers Look No Further Prepare to lose sleep as you journey through this award winning Horror Thriller novel with an ending you won t see coming One Blood is a superb supernatural thr
  • Title: One Blood
  • Author: Qwantu Amaru
  • ISBN: 9780982719367
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Paperback
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      274 Qwantu Amaru
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    1. OOSA says:

      The Tree of Life and DeathWelcome to Lake City, LA First, let s meet Lincoln Baker He is a convicted murderer currently serving time in prison for his crimes Lincoln s life is about to be turned upside down when he gets a visit from his half brother Amir This visit sets into motion a kidnapping, riots and shoot outs The people who were working together are now enemies and comrades don t know who they can trust The reason for this string of events lies in the front yard of the man who many consid [...]

    2. African Americans on the Move Book Club says:

      An ancient curse was evoked on the Lafitte family whereas the children of Luc Lafitte s descendents will not live past their eighteenth birthday The curse is attributed to the biracial love affair between a slave, Isaac, and Luc s daughter, Melinda, which ended in disaster for the Lafitte clan When death becomes the answer to their torrid affair, the consequences become than what the Lafitte family bargains for.A young Randy Lafitte resurrects the curse when he wants revenge on the one man who [...]

    3. Heather Boustead says:

      One BloodBy Qwantu AmaruRandy Lafitte is cursed when he turned eighteen his father took his own life, then again when his son turned eighteen he was murdered now his daughter has just turned eighteen and has been kidnapped Not only does Randy have to pay a hefty ransom but he must also release Lincoln Baker from prison the same man responsible for killing his son But this is just the tip of the ice berg as Randy Lafitte will stop at nothing to get what he wants including murdering those who stan [...]

    4. Hazel *Craves the Angst Reviews* says:

      One Blood is a suspense horror written byQwantu Amaru I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.From page one, this book had me hooked I absolutely couldn t put it down The author tells a tale of betrayal, greed, lies and murder with avenging spirits who lay claim to the Lafitte family and any child who reaches their eighteenth birthday Interweaving voodoo, magic and spooky imagery into this electrifying story centered around a handful of characters who s lives are in [...]

    5. Chuck Briggs says:

      One Blood is starting to look like the runaway, independent publishing success story of the year I ll confess that I didn t have very high expectations for this when I encountered it on Facebook a few months ago How nice to be proven dead wrong and watch the success just keep escalating.I m sure you re aware of the plot by now with it s political intrigues, murders and voodoo blood curse, but I think what I admire most about One Blood is the HUGE risk Qwantu took in the format and the subject ma [...]

    6. Christina says:

      Really a great book You do need to pay attention as you read It does jump back and forth from present to past, each time revealing a crucial detail that plays into the storyline Once it reels you in, it is impossible to put down I can t wait to read from this author, and think this book should be made into a movie It is well written, well thought out, and I plan on telling all my friends to read it Very glad I read this book You will be too

    7. Lisa says:

      Wonderfully written book Consistantly kept my interest Fast pace reading and lots of unexpected twist It s a must read

    8. Julianne Snow says:

      I have to apologize to Qwantu for not getting this review done to coincide with my finishing of his book One Blood I finished back at the beginning of April and wrote down my thoughts and then misplaced the important piece of paper Looking through a stack of rough drafts this morning, I discovered it had gotten mixed up with them Better late than neverThe author of this book, Qwantu Amaru, approached me at the beginning of the year to read and review his book, One Blood I have to admit that I wa [...]

    9. Ang Harris says:

      One Blood s story centers on the Lafitte family Randy Lafitte is the current governor of Louisiana, and he s got many of the typical political skeletons in his closet extramarital affairs, payoffs, criminal associations, and civil servants in his pocket However, there is much to the story After losing his son several years earlier and dealing with a wife suffering severe depression, Lafitte s daughter, just barely 18, is kidnapped.This sets off than the average political thriller story.The Laf [...]

    10. Lisa says:

      Qwantu Amaru s stunning debut novel, One Blood, takes place in New Orleans This thriller suspense novel hooked me right from the beginning When it opens, a man, fleeing from the voice of his dead wife, is running in the darkness through the streets of New Orleans Why is she calling out to him Are her intentions good or bad So begins this novel full of skillfully planted flashbacks and dream sequences that takes one back and forth through time These flashbacks and dreams reveal many of the events [...]

    11. Renee says:

      What a fast paced read I am currently taking part in a book club discussion for this book, so I will reserve my review for after the discussion is done.Discussion is done, and I am ashamed to note that I did not follow up with the review I wanted to.This is a great book, especially as the first published book for the author I hate to say, oh its good for a first time writer It s good for any author, however, because I know it is a first published book, I can look at it with a slightly less criti [...]

    12. Monique says:

      The reason that Qwantu Amaru s One Blood caught my attention was the mention of Louisiana, slavery and curse I was curious to see where he would go with this I really want to say that Amaru pulled the plot off He sort of did One Blood was unique but there was just too much There was too much ground to cover and it affected the flow of the overall story Normally, book liked One Blood thriller and horror are easy reads for me, that I speed through and eat up This time I found myself putting the bo [...]

    13. K.R. Bankston says:

      The beginning of this novel had a bit too many racial slurs for me and I almost said uh no, lets move on Thankfully I continued and the author pulled away from that path enough that I really and truly enjoyed this offering Now, let s talk about these characters My favorite was Panama X, even after all was said and done and I found out what he did, he was STILL my favoirte Amir was a good son, and might have become a good leader but he let his emotions rule his common sense and ultimately that en [...]

    14. March Shoggoth Madness The Haunted Reading Room says:

      5 StarsRight off I can tell you that this author writes well, characterizes well, and plots intricately I don t know if One Blood is a debut novel but I do know this Qwantu Amaru is one accomplished author His prose flows so smoothly I didn t even notice myself turning pages Immediately I was riveted this is another book I count myself blessed to have read The plot twists are so convoluted that I raced through the novel almost literally on the edge of my seat, I m sure with my jaw dropping open [...]

    15. Dierdra McGill says:

      I actually got a copy of this book to review from Authors Requesting Reviews program and I signed up for this book because it did sound really good However I just can t finish it 44% in and I just don t care what happens to anyone in the book, have no connection with anyone at all I m not even sure what the plot is even supposed to be If you go and read the description of this book I can t find anywhere what this book is even supposed to be truly about I almost never just stop reading books but [...]

    16. Tiffany Thordal says:

      I had some likes and dislikes of this book which I need to express equally.First, I did enjoy the storyline It was well thought out and quite dramatic if I do say so myself However, the writing bugged me a tad bit Shooting back and forth between times needs to happen smoothly so the reader doesn t feel like they are being jarred Also, I noticed that when the characters talked sometimes they used slang and sometimes they did not How a character speaks is part of their backstory and if you are mi [...]

    17. Robert says:

      The setting the bayous of Louisiana proved rather perfect for the voodoo and curses prevalent throughout this tale The characters proved as real as the setting, not an easy task considering the array of personalities reflected.Plotting a suspense thriller novel is no easy task, and it requires a certain amount of finesse, especially when a large number of characters are involved This novel seemed a bit jarring the way it bounced around, and the storyline proved a bit difficult to follow When thi [...]

    18. Margie says:

      4 1 2 starsOne Blood is a powerful tale of two families connected by a horrific deed which threatens to destroy them all The plot repeatedly twists as the characters connive and manipulate each other in order to get what s coming to them and often do not like what they get It is a fascinating story of deception, greed, and magic, which kept me turning pages until the end I loved it I subtracted half of a star because the story jumps so frequently between time periods and characters Most of the t [...]

    19. Susan says:

      I really struggled through this book and consequently I decided to mull it over for a few days before giving my review.I think the reason I had difficulty following the story was that there were so many characters and the chapters jumped from one situation to another with little sense of transition Having said that, however, the story itself was interesting and the writing style, grammar and sentence structure were far above average The main problem I experienced was a lack of continuity.I recei [...]

    20. Susan says:

      Oh wow Great story, good setting for deceit and voodoo and murder My only complaint has to do with jumping back and forth along the timeline is overwhelming and confusing at times Has a nice little twist at the end.

    21. Julie Ramsey says:

      One Bloodauthor Qwantu AmaruRandy Lafaitle is the 53rd governor of Louisiana, he is highly respected and wealthy man, but not everyone knows his past No one knows of his secrets, until now In 1963, Randy was ready to turn 18, recently graduating from French boarding schools, he was back in New Orleans, seeking not only to visit his father but to put a curse on him He wanted his father, Joseph to die Randy had always blamed his father for the death of his mother, she was killed in a car accident [...]

    22. Andi says:

      Names are EVERYTHING in the South So seeing the name Lafitte in the prologue tells the reader that they are in for the ride of their lives After all, we ve all heard of Jac Lafitte, The Pirate King for most of our lives.This story centers on a Lafitte family, high up the food chain in Louisiana with all their faults, flaws, warts, and secrets And, HOLY COW, do these people have some secrets Reading this book makes you feel kinda like a piece of chicken being tossed and pitched in a bag of Shake [...]

    23. Joella Berkner says:

      I received this book from the author in return for an honest review.I truly enjoyed Qwantu Amaru s novel One Blood It introduced me to many things I had no knowledge of prior to reading it Its set in Louisiana with a timeline that spans a good deal of recent history It gave me a better understanding of points of view I could never experience since I m not black I found myself fascinated with the motivations behind a number of the characters I became intrigued to see how everything was goings be [...]

    24. Renita Bryant says:

      Wow Amaru demonstrates what it means to be an excellent and prolific writer through this work When so many have forgotten the art of storytelling, he took the craft and elevated it to new heights Voodoo, race, genealogy, and a healthy dose of love fill the pages of One Blood and attract readers from the first word to the very end If you are like me and don t have a ton of knowledge about Louisiana and the culture of voodoo, this novel excites and intrigues you to vividly explore a complicated wo [...]

    25. James Fant says:

      Roller coaster Rides and Sour Grapes A Review of One Blood by Qwantu Amaru First things first The roller coaster ride One Blood is a thrill ride that really takes you for loops Then the ride s conductor, Qwantu Amaru, does something interesting He throws the ride into reverse No He takes the reader back in time and he does so without regard for whiplash There is no time to take a breath with this book And so the reader zig zags from the past to the present however, continuity is not lost in any [...]

    26. Natalie says:

      One Blood copyright 2011 by Qwantu Amaru is a horror suspense novel One Blood is about how a man named Randy Lafitte resurrects a family curse from slavery to get what he wants in life The curse initially works for Randy, but the problem with curses is that they just don t go away Everyone Randy Lafitte has ever hurt will get together and throw the curse right back in his face Randy s family, especially his children Karen and Kristopher will suffer.The reactions of revenge, black serendipity, da [...]

    27. Nancy says:

      One Blood by Qwantu AmaruA prison of families, all tied together whether they want to be or not This describes One Blood perfectly The kids from the hood, the rich governor s family that is nowhere as perfect as they seem to be and an assassination plot to end all plots.Growing up in foster care isn t usually pleasant and for Lincoln Baker the only thing saving him was Moses Moses took him in, raised him and never told him that he was doing it for Lincoln s mother He was taken away from her at b [...]

    28. Trevor Firetog says:

      Before I leave a review for this book, I would like to mention that I received this book for free through First Reads.I enjoyed it, there is no doubt about that And it moved along quite nicely I also found it hard to put it down I read the book in a little over a week.The only thing that I didn t totally love about this book was that I found it to be a little cheesy at times But that should not discourage you from reading it Make no mistake, I loved the book It was well written, and the author d [...]

    29. Dream 4 More Reviews says:

      August read LFPC Sadly, I got two months behind but was able to complete this read and look at past discussions on with this group I enjoyed the suspense thriller, which took the author 12 years to write I hope to see from this author Only downfall was the timelines and back and forth with the years of incidents taking place Overall, I did like the storyline that dealt with politics, racial issues, slavery, and people s lust greed, not caring who they would hurt, injure, or sabotage to get what [...]

    30. Patricia says:

      Not what your expectingvoodoo black magic politicians slavery, modern day bank robbery teenagers paying for their ancestors mistakes prisoners rioting and killing one only for his spirit to escape and reek havoc floods storms blood this book has it all and a whole lot I enjoyed reading the book even though I did find it difficult to follow at times but who knows with grandchildren I might have been off The story in and of itself is a wonderful story that is broken apart between modern times and [...]

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