Danielle Q. Lee
Dark World
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Dark World Danielle Q. Lee A beautiful monster That s what Scarlet Prince became after she was damned to a nocturnal world crawling with sphinxes, gargoyles, and necromancers If only she d heeded the warnings of the local legend, none of this would have happened.With a dark destiny haunting her and unearthly powers she can t control, she is torn between freeing the inhabitants of Dark World and saA beautiful monster That s what Scarlet Prince became after she was damned to a nocturnal world crawling with sphinxes, gargoyles, and necromancers If only she d heeded the warnings of the local legend, none of this would have happened.With a dark destiny haunting her and unearthly powers she can t control, she is torn between freeing the inhabitants of Dark World and satiating her lust for souls, until she finds the one thing she never expected in a war torn netherworld Love Only he s the enemy Loving him could very well destroy the entire realm and every human on earth.. Dark World A beautiful monster That s what Scarlet Prince became after she was damned to a nocturnal world crawling with sphinxes gargoyles and necromancers If only she d heeded the warnings of the local legen
  • Title: Dark World
  • Author: Danielle Q. Lee
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  • Page: 192
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dark World Danielle Q. Lee

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      192 Danielle Q. Lee
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    1 Blog on “Dark World

    1. Lori says:

      Very good underworld bookI wasn t really sure I d l Iike this book but I need up finding myself wanting t o know what was coming next for Fate , Kane and Ever There is some good use of imagination about what hell would be like or in this case the underworld The different species the author came up with was very imaginative, the gardens , the forest, all very picture perfect but believable and so magical for such violent evil place.I really ended up getting into this book and liking the story lin [...]

    2. Tammy K. says:

      An evil Queen An exiled Demon Prince A damned a teenaged girl A race to collect the lost scrolls of the demons bible In a world with no sun, crystal forests, ancient castles, flying dragons, gargoyles, faeries, unicorns, necromancers, and soul eating beings a murdered girl must find her way home.Following Fate from one adventure to the next proved to be an exciting adventure There are a couple glitches in this story, but I feel that taken as a whole this book was an above average read.I recommen [...]

    3. Randy Harmelink says:

      I really enjoyed the book, and found it easy to read The pages almost turned themselves The author does an excellent job of creating and describing the Dark World I do have two issues First, some breaks in the book are very abrupt The next scene will start without any transition, even to the point of starting out with, She where it sometimes took a page or two to figure out who She was Second, Kane comes off sounding like a whiny, insecure teenager I like angst in my romances, but it just didn t [...]

    4. Netanella says:

      Solid 3 stars for young adult dark fantasy novel of a teenaged girl whose sacrificial death transforms her into a powerful shade of the Dark World There, she becomes embroiled in factional battles between the native demons and the enemy shades, and caught up in a mystery to recover the pages of the Devil s Bible The book is quick moving and evenly paced, up until the ending, which seemed rushed to conclude to the last thought read Book 2 to find out what comes up next.

    5. Chrislives4books says:

      Well i only read this book because i was looking through the free nook books ,on my nook and decided to give it a try i um kind of loved it Crazy mother of the son of Lucifer this book has its epic twists.1 in the begging Scarlett is a turd for following her date into some creepy woodschokengtitik

      titikchokengs if the whole town is in lock down because of some crazy things that happened years ago why let your daughter out just saying 2 dying isn t pretty and well going to hell and not being de [...]

    6. Selena Yukino (The Lioness: hear me roar) says:

      Rating 4.0 starsI really liked this bookwhich is so surprising to me since it was hella cliche at times and the romance was way too intense and unrealistic I mean, you met 6 days ago and you claim you can t live without each otherI usually can t stand characters or stories like that.Even so, I really enjoyed it.Oh well, I m not going to question it any longer, I liked it, so I liked it.

    7. Jennifer Moody says:

      I was given this book to read by the author herself I have to admit that I was a little put off by the cover, only because it didnt look like something i like I know I should but I judge a book by its cover and this one put me off a bit but that doesnt mean that I hated the book from the start But turns out that I loved this book It was amazing It had everything i love like demons, a little bit of love and it takes place in hell What isnt there to love about this book I have to make sure I dont [...]

    8. Auden Johnson says:

      I love books where the POV characters aren t human and have powers Kane is a 300 year old demon and Scarlet Fate is a human turned shade The story is set in the underworld My kind of book And, it s called Dark World I m a sucker for a dark world.The person on the cover looks like something out of an anime.This author knows how to crank up the suspence She had my heartrate up from start to finish I actually read this book at home, not just on the train That rarely happens I might have to read it [...]

    9. Billie says:

      I enjoyed this book It was a very different twist on the normal paranormal books out there I love the idea of the shades and who they were.Most of my issues with the book were minor Issues with staying in line with the past Example Many times Fate s facial expressions are described, or one time she mouthed something to someone, yet at those times she had her mask on so it would be impossible Overall I really liked the book It was a good read I look forward to finding out how everything will turn [...]

    10. ♥¸.•*´Tanya`*•.¸♥ says:

      I purchased this as an ebook from.What a wonderfully written intriguing book couldn t put it down An original idea of The Shade soulless humans I loved the character Fate Very well thought out and detailed writing Looking forward to reading book 2 in the series The Devil Inside Hear us Queen of the Dark, we give you this soul in exchange for power and eternal life Take this child into your bosom of evil, feast upon her spirit Grant us immortality Rory, Dark World

    11. -RadioActiveBookWorm- says:

      I absolutely loved this book, and havent read anything like it before which is always awesome demons, shades, necromancers, and who knew so many things in one story could be so awesome it was full of action and adventure, and when I had free time to read it, I couldnt put it down definitely recommend it.

    12. Leanna Choong says:

      This book was unique and interesting.The characters weren t what you read about all the time, they weren t typically beautiful but still were The story line was good, but the final victory seemed too easy for me but most do.

    13. Ruby says:

      It ended abruptly but it was a good read The first in a series so definitely want to continue it I like how the author paints a different picture to death and evil and how it really and truly is on what side of the coin you are on to define each Great read

    14. Cara says:

      Excellent Truly excellent It made for a great read Had an engaging and captivating plot and characters I m glad things were somewhat resolved between Kane and Fate I can t wait to read the next book It needs to be published now

    15. Jade says:

      This novel was absolutely AMAZING I would recommend it to anyone who wants to read a story about demons who are not the typical christian portrayed demons Had a great story, fun to read, and I fell in love with Kane and Fate Seriously, read this book

    16. Trish says:

      Hoping that book 2 in the trilogy is in the making story is captivating I want to see where it leads.

    17. Michele says:

      This book was definitely not what I expected It was thoroughly entertaining though and I can t wait to read the next one

    18. toxictaco says:

      amazing story cant wait for a sequel

    19. Sarah Beth says:

      Wow I picked this book out mostly becase I like fantasy novels AND it was free But I enjoyed the book.l 633 pages of it I am looking forward to the next one in the series

    20. Elizabeth says:

      This book is amazing I m so anxious to continue to book 2 I want to see Rory get what s coming to him and hope it is in book 2 Rory is evil to the core.

    21. Lena says:

      I loved it I read it in a day, so still wanting I cant wait to read the next book XD

    22. J.A. says:

      Love, love, loved this book.

    23. Violet Davis says:

      it took me a wee bit to really get into this story but once i did, i couldn t put the book down until i had finish the story, but now i want the next book in line

    24. Teena says:

      I really enjoyed this book I was able to lose myself in the pages and I could vividly see the world described to me Love the characters Especially Fate and Ick.

    25. Alyssia Cooke says:

      All in all, this was exceptionally thin to the point of boredom The plot, such as it is, doesn t stay still long enough to actually make you want to know what is going on and the perspective changes between characters so quickly, without warning or appropriate formatting that it becomes tiresome as well as confusing On top of this, the author falls into a few basic traps of this sort of genre 1 An easy to spot from a damn mile off romance that should be impossible and yet from the very get go yo [...]

    26. Eugene Gorodinsky says:

      Ugh This was one of the bad ones The only reason I read it was because the setting was interesting I m a sucker for this is what hell looks like settings and for the protagonist becomes stronger themes Now If you get rid of the setting and the getting stronger theme, what do we have left Well, we have a whimpering protagonist who although is really strong has this weird fear of losing her humanity because she needs to dine on souls for sustenance Even though she s no longer human I mean, eating [...]

    27. Binchic says:

      I picked up this book on my Kobo because it looked like a good freebie And there it sat for about a year, always being pushed to the back burner by newer well known releases.I recently had my Kobo with me in the Bahamas, had read everything else I had with me, and found myself unable to connect to WiFi anywhere to download a new novel, so this little gem came in handy Let me say first of all that I believe that this book s rating has fallen victim to the issue many first in the series books hav [...]

    28. John Jemar says:

      Dark and wonderful

    29. Olethros says:

      Fantas a oscura demoniaca y juvenil dentro de los c nones G nero Narrativa Fant stica.Lo que nos cuenta Scarlet es una joven de casi 17 a os, amante de la lectura y la astronom a y a punto de tener una cita con su secretamente idolatrado Rory Dean en realidad su primera cita, en general , por lo que est bastante preocupada por c mo saldr n las cosas, aunque un beso furtivo aleja sus preocupaciones Pero la cita ser algo horrible por encima de cualquier sue o macabro y febril de Scarlet, llev ndol [...]

    30. Heather says:

      I thought this book was pretty darn good You have to get through the beginning, though, to get to the good stuff Spoilers aheadIf there s one night out of the year that s known for kidnappings by the whole town, nonetheless you d think people would stay home that night Especially teens, since previous victims were all teens Also, the above ground world parts were just not as well written as the Dark World parts Not saying those parts are bad they re just not as good.The Dark World was described [...]

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