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You Take It From Here
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You Take It From Here Pamela Ribon From the author of Why Girls Are Weird comes a poignant, funny tale about two very different best friends one terminally ill with cancer, and the other determined to do absolutely everything she can to help Just because you d give your best friend everything doesn t mean she has to take it On the heels of a divorce, all Danielle Meyers wants is her annual vacation withFrom the author of Why Girls Are Weird comes a poignant, funny tale about two very different best friends one terminally ill with cancer, and the other determined to do absolutely everything she can to help Just because you d give your best friend everything doesn t mean she has to take it On the heels of a divorce, all Danielle Meyers wants is her annual vacation with sassy, life long best friend, Smidge complete with umbrella cocktails by an infinity pool but instead she s hit with the curveball of a lifetime Smidge takes Danielle to the middle of nowhere to reveal a diagnosis of terminal cancer, followed by an unusual request After I m gone, I want you to finish the job Marry my husband Raise my daughter I m gonna teach you to how to be Smidge 2.0 As Danielle wrestles with this major life decision, she finds herself torn between being true to her best friend s wishes and being honest with herself Parenting issues aside, Smidge s small town Louisiana world is exactly the one Danielle made sure to escape Danielle isn t one for playing the social butterfly, or being the center of attention And when your best friend tries to set you up on a date night with her husband, it might be time to become the bossy one for a change In the spirit of Beaches and Steel Magnolias, You Take It from Here is an honest, hilarious, and heartbreaking novel that ultimately asks How much should we sacrifice for the ones we love the most. You Take It From Here From the author of Why Girls Are Weird comes a poignant funny tale about two very different best friends one terminally ill with cancer and the other determined to do absolutely everything she can t
  • Title: You Take It From Here
  • Author: Pamela Ribon
  • ISBN: 9781451646238
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Paperback
  • You Take It From Here Pamela Ribon

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    1. Pamela Ribon says:

      It d be like not voting for yourself People vote for themselves, right

    2. Amanda says:

      I don t care if the book s summary tells me that someone is going to die at the end of the book, I m still going to be a giant puddle of sobbing that s going to take me 10 minutes to get under control.I ve adored Pamela Ribon s writing since her first book Why Girls Are Weird , which I ve read many times over the years and I love it at 31 as much as I did when I was 23 I still read her blog and get excited when she comes out with new pieces, whether it be a novel or a new blog post that pops up [...]

    3. Jessica Buike says:

      It took me a while to get used to the strange narrative style, a mixture of personal letter, journal entry, and episodes But the story resonates and is such a beautiful expression of friendship that it won me over once I got the knack of reading the different style The characters had a ton of depth, so much that you can practically hold conversations with them Just a beautiful piece of work overall and it is much recommended for any gal who has a best friend.

    4. Allison Lowe says:

      Prepare to laugh, cry and throw things In all the best ways.

    5. Leish says:

      This book needs to come with a warning because I was crying so hard at the end of it I have a love hate relationship with books like this I loved it because it was so well written that I felt like I actually was friends with Danny and Smidge I hated it because it was so freaking sad, I hate being sad Okay, I didn t really hate it, but it really did affect me How would you live your life if you knew it would be over soon Smidge had a clear plan, but that plan did not include telling her family I [...]

    6. Susan says:

      Oh, I loved this book It even surpasses Going in Circles as my fave Ribon book, and I really loved that book, too.In a nutshell, the plot revolves around Danny Danielle and Smidge They re lifelong, I d do anything for you best friends That friendship is tested when Smidge, suffering from terminal cancer, asks Danny to take over her life when she dies That is, take over everything marry her husband, raise her daughter, and basically fill the Smidge filled void when she goes.Reading that plot poin [...]

    7. Tara says:

      Review to come when I can stop ugly crying Ok I think I m ready to review Pamela Ribon has been my favorite author since day one If she rewrote the phone book, I would read it This book took me on such a wonderful journey that I can t even describe it It made me wish, not for the first time, that I would have been able to say good bye to my own mother the way Jenny was able to It made me wish I had a BFF like Smidge even though she was tough as nails and told everyone what to do This book made m [...]

    8. Monica Wells says:

      When I woke up this morning I had a to do list, and I had determination to get it done That was before I got my hands on this book I started reading and immediately began to feel readers remorse, that feeling you get when you are reading a book so good, you know you are going to be sad when you finish it I told myself to read slowly, I could drag this book out for weeks, keep it around like a visiting friend Now it s midnight I read every page, the laundry is still sitting in a pile and I am mis [...]

    9. Krista Holtz says:

      Much like Going In Circles this was another un put down able book from Pamie I ve been a fan of her blog for many years, and this is the 2nd book of hers that I have read that I have enjoyed immensely She manages to write characters that, even though you don t know anyone quite like them because they are so unique, you can completely identify with them because as unique as they are, they are recognizable We may dislike Smidge from the get go, but we all wind up wishing we had one in the end I ca [...]

    10. Kaitlyn Wb says:

      I really liked this book, although having read pamie s blog for many years, it also made me want to run to the internet and make sure that AB does not have cancer I liked all the meditations on friendship and what you would do for a friend Obviously, due to the subject matter, it s pretty much a tearjerker.

    11. Terri says:

      There are certain moments you don t want to relive They re filed away in your memory under DO NOT OPEN but ofcourse who can resist those letters time and again, needing in fact to go back there once again You d think in time the pain would have faded, it hasn t, it s just a different type of pain For me that memory is hearing we put a frozen section under a microscope and you have cancer But the pain was never about me I had known I wasn t under any illusions about what I was sick with it was ha [...]

    12. Katie Harris says:

      For 14 years I have been reading Ribon s words wherever they were made available to me blogs, reviews, books, tweets I ve looked at her flickr photos, watched her vlog, watched her episodes come to life When I found out she had a new book coming out, I pre ordered it without even reading the synopsis because I knew I d love itWell I was wrong I hated every second of it And, yet, You Take It From Here is probably the best book I ve ever read Hands down.The week I started reading, two of my friend [...]

    13. Nancy says:

      I didn t know what to expect with this book I read other reviews and thought it would be a great chick lit I found it had pros and cons and liked it enough but fell short of loving it.Smidge, Dani s best friend has lung cancer again and she is going to die Here is my first issue It is contrived to elicit tears when Smidge will die In the meantime, Smidge wants to teach Dani how to be Smidge so she can continue raising her daughter and be a companion to Henry, Smidge s husband.The second issue I [...]

    14. Heather says:

      I was lucky enough to win this book on before it was available for sale I m not going to go into the plot because it has already been done on other reviews So I m basically going to write about how I liked it or not It took me a little while to get over the narrative in the book It was like reading a huge 300 page letter I had a hard time getting into it, and then at some point I had a hard time putting it down The only thing that really bothered me was how the main character Smidge treated her [...]

    15. Jonna Rubin says:

      I loved this so much I loved it I loved it I loved everything about it Everything I LOVED this It was moving and funny and brilliant and I just I loved this It was incredible and smart and packed with funny little details that made it a tremendously hold me for saying this RICH reading experience I loved this so much, I m not even sure how to articulate it I just did It was predictable I mean, you know what happens, right from the get go but the experience of getting there was unforgettable I l [...]

    16. Alicia Brooks says:

      This book is sweet and funny and sad all at once What would you be willing to ask of your best friend and what she be willing to do for you How much is too much involvement in someone else s life What about those secrets that are too big to keep I devoured this book in 5 hours and was left wanting I d love a sequel from Jenny s perspective, telling us what happened in the years between.

    17. Diane Shipley says:

      I was utterly absorbed in this novel and the lives of its characters, not wanting it to end, yet eager to read It s a tribute to female friendship, a reminder to make the most of what we have, and a witty, well paced, ultimately heart wrenching read that will stay with me for a long time Recommended, y all.

    18. Kaijsa says:

      I started this before bed, thinking I d read a couple of chapters Now it s 1 37am and I m still awake because I couldn t stop reading until I finished The characters here are the kind I love because they feel so authentic in their frustrating, lovely, familiar behavior If possible, this is even better than Pamie s three previous novels.

    19. Nicole2112 says:

      I was determined not to cry That lasted until about 30 pages from the end and I was a blubbering mess Wonderful story great characters that will stick with me for a very long time Another home run for Pamie sorry, you ll always be Pamie to me Way to go, girl

    20. Jen says:

      Pam Ribon is a rockstar.

    21. Kayla says:

      Won a copy from giveaway Can t wait to read Now half way through and can t put it down Great read Just finished reading Great book Super funny and sad.

    22. Corielle says:

      I laughed out loud while choking back tears Exactly what you d expect from a Pamie book This is probably her best so far.

    23. Danielle says:

      I loved this book so much that I have anxiously been awaiting the chance to even sit down and write a review of it I ve enjoyed Ribon s previous three books, but I definitely think this one is my favorite Before I get into the review indulge me in a metaphorical tangent about why I liked this book This book can be classified as women s fiction, which is generally an indication to me that I should avoid it as far too often I find that it means I m getting a romance novel or so called chick lit I [...]

    24. Rachel says:

      When I first heard about this book, I was intrigued by the premise Would Danielle want to or be able to step into Smidge s shoes I had to find out Don t worry, I won t spoil it for you Smidge turned out to be a pretty unlikeable woman She was bossy, rude, and presumptuous I had a hard time understanding why Danielle was friends with her at all Their relationship was definitely codependent I found it to be authentic though I know women who have friendships very similar to Danielle and Smidge.Even [...]

    25. Stephanie Grober says:

      I ve followed Pamela Ribon of Pamie fame since waaay before Why Girls Are Weird was released However, WGAW was the only book of hers I d read in all that time I won a copy of YTIFH from a best friends contest on the author s blog, and I m so happy I did I wrote a story about my best friend to win the book, and then laughed and cried while I read this book about best friends Emphasis on cried I think the waterworks started by page 25 Overall, it was still a quick and enjoyable read Somehow Ms Rib [...]

    26. Kizz Robinson says:

      Just as I started reading this I read a comment by AB Chao that said this was Pamie s best work At the time I thought, It s good but I don t know yet I m with AB, this is surely Pamie s best work so far It has the same lightness and humor a reader expects but this one digs a little deeper, winds itself a little complexly around your brain.I won this signed copy in a giveaway on Pamie s blog and I m really looking forward to sending it to my best friend.

    27. Camille says:

      This is probably the best single piece of contemporary fiction I ve read in ten years Though there are a lot of things that resonate personally for me, Ms Ribon s writing is technically brilliant It s the kind of book that, when you re supposed to stop reading, you skip right over annoyance to outright frustration Outrageously funny and terribly tragic, she tells the story in superlative prose.

    28. Erin Kippen says:

      Really enjoyed it I can t stop thinking about the line paraphrased It was like being friends with a lion It s really fun and exciting until the lion is unhappy Just such an outstandingly descriptive and funny moment.

    29. Kim Reed says:

      I am a friend of Pam s so I am biased, but of all the things I enjoyed about this book, I loved the dialogue best Pam writes like people really talk Plus all the other stuff in the other reviews about tears, crying, friendship, etc.

    30. Noelle says:

      This story of incredibly powerful friendship between two women is heartbreaking and inspiring It made me realize what s really important in life, and look at things a little differently To see my full review, check out noellewittkop.wordpress

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