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Angelina's Secret
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Angelina's Secret Lisa Rogers Turns out, Angelina s imaginary friend isn t so imaginary after all Angelina s Friend is a short story that shows the conflict from Angelina s childhood that comes out in her high school years in the novel Angelina s Secret This is available as a free download from the publisher at site.spencerhillpress. Angelina s Secret Turns out Angelina s imaginary friend isn t so imaginary after all Angelina s Friend is a short story that shows the conflict from Angelina s childhood that comes out in her high school years in the
  • Title: Angelina's Secret
  • Author: Lisa Rogers
  • ISBN: 9780983157298
  • Page: 157
  • Format: ebook
  • Angelina's Secret Lisa Rogers

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    1. Giselle says:

      Angelina s Secret is not so secret she can see ghosts, which puts her in a mental health facility It s an original plot for this type of story Angelina is faced with the challenge of having to convince her incredibly skeptic mother that she can, in fact, see ghosts or can she One of these ghosts is even her mom s best friend who died in high school As you guess, this does not bode well with her mother.For a ghost book, it s not creepy at all The plot is very mild and light hearted Angelina is tr [...]

    2. Lisa Rogers says:

      This is my debut novel and YES I gave it five stars

    3. Alex Bennett says:

      Angelina s Secret was a very surprising book At first, I didn t know what to expect And then as I read a little bit, I was apprehensive I didn t know if I would like it But after I got a little into the book, I couldn t put it down Yes, Angelina s Secret was surprising, but it was a good surprise.Angelina s Secret is a ghost story first and foremost, but it is also much than that It s about a girl s mental state Is Angelina crazy, or does she really see ghosts It s a battle she and her family a [...]

    4. Rebecca says:

      After reading the synopsis of Angelina s Secret I was really excited about reading this book I do love a good ghost story and while I enjoyed Angelina s Secret it wasn t exactly what I had thought it to be.I had thought that Angelina s Secret was going to be a creepy ghost story but it was actually a lot light hearted and less serious than that There was a serious element to the book but for the most part Angelina s attitude sort of made it light hearted and slightly comical at times.In saying [...]

    5. Claire says:

      I must admit that I don t read a lot of ghost books It s not that I don t like them, I just haven t found any that are overly talked about This book, however, will be a book that I have to share with the world.Angelina, or Angel as she is commonly called, can see ghosts But no one else believes her After trying to tell her family the truth, she end s up in a Mental Health Care Facility, where she meets Rebecca, another patient who can also see ghosts Now she has a choice either pretend she was [...]

    6. Jenn says:

      This book was hard to rate The author is fascinating and I enjoy reading her weekly blogs However, I am not a huge fan of YA novels Overall, I think Lisa Rogers wove an interesting, emotional tale of a teenager struggling with her gift that allowed her to speak with the dead At every turn, she s met with outrageous resistance from her mother and the stigma that she might be absolutely nuts.The dialogue was a bit distracting I couldn t get a sense of what era the ghosts were from, but to be fair [...]

    7. Savannah (Books With Bite) says:

      Presenting the reader with a dark secret, I could not help but feel intrigued Angelina is a great character to step into Within her life, Angelina faces so many trials, but she triumphs them all.What I adore about this book is the great plot Angelina s secret is one that has troubled her her whole life Her parents refused to accept nothing else other than their daughter is delusional This part of the book is what got me the most anger Parents refusing to believe nothing else To lock her up and s [...]

    8. Fran says:

      I can t say this for sure, but I actually read this book in 7 8 hours roughly A bit because it was an easy reading meaning it wasn t tough that I was forced to take a break after a while , and a bit because I just had to keep reading It was brilliant and since the concept of ghosts intrigues me so much, I m glad I was given the chance to review this book by the wonderful Spencer Hill Press While reading I easily pictured the story as a movie definitely one I d want to see It was emotional, inten [...]

    9. Felicia Chien says:

      Book Angelina s Secret by Lisa RogersPages 186Genre Young Adult, ParanormalSource Sent by Spencer Hill PressShort Synopsis Ever since Angelina has been a young child, she had an imaginary friend named Josie Years later, Angelina starts to have premonitions which comes true, and in turn also brings back her friend Josie Angelina is forced to either accept that she can see ghosts or that she has gone insane.My Thoughts In interesting read, with the psychology aspect and great characters that leave [...]

    10. Aliraluna says:

      YOU will NEVER know, until the end if she s crazy or not This is the story of Angelina A girl that has the gift to see ghost and how she decides to fight to show her family that ghost does exist The major problem in here is that when you also read the free bonus story Angelina s Friend A prequel story, that Angel s mom Patty was already jealous and it s the kind of mom that always think is her fault if a child do something bad or otherwise YOU are the bad one Patty is nor very good at listening [...]

    11. Precious says:

      Originally posted at Fragments of Life.Angelina s Secret was probably the only ghost story that didn t mainly involve a romantic element Instead it was focused on Angelina s gift and curse.Angelina was a cheerleader who thinks she can see and communicate with ghosts After finding out that her imaginary friend, Josie, was far from imaginary, she chose to consider the possibility that she could see ghosts Soon she found out that it wasn t just Josie There were others But when Shelly came into her [...]

    12. Andrea says:

      I would like to give this a 2.5 star rating, but will round up Angelina s Secret is the story of a seemingly normal girl, with a big secret Angelina has premonitions, and sees ghosts As a child, she was forced to think that the ghost who visited her was an imaginary friend But when the ghost, Josie, shows up, along with a few others, she is forced to confront her biggest fear Is she crazy or is she right Either answer is a scary thought Angelina s Secret was a book, I m sad to say, that I just c [...]

    13. Ellen says:

      Angelina is in high school, she is a cheerleader, and has recently broken up with her boyfriend, your typical teenager, right.t You see, Angelina sees ghosts She not only sees them, she carries on conversations with them, interacts with them, and is even friends with them Angelina has been having dreams, sometimes terrible dreams, that come true When she tries to talk to her mother about it, her mom just gets upset and dismisses her, telling her its nonsense Then, Angelina begins to see Josie, h [...]

    14. Raquel Vega-Grieder says:

      I really enjoyed reading Angelina s Secret It was an enjoyable ghost story without being predictable The book had a great flow to it and it held my attention the whole time When Angelina Angel was a child she thought she had an imaginary friend by the name of Josie but when Angel is 17 she comes to find out that Josie is actually a ghost and she tells Angel that she has a gift and that is why she can see and hear her Pining for her old friend Angel welcomes Josie back with open arms but in doing [...]

    15. Megan says:

      Angelina s Secret was a book I couldn t put down Angelina, a high school cheerleader, spent many childhood years in counselling sessions being taught that her imaginary friend Josie was just that, imaginary However what happens when Josie re appears years later Does she accept that she s crazy or can see really see ghosts At the start of the book Angelina is having premonitions of things that are going to happen She tells her parents but they are scared of believing that she may be telling the t [...]

    16. Shari says:

      Angelina s Secret is a gripping tale of a girl that desperately needs someone to trust and believe in her While I was never on the edge of my seat with suspense I was still really enthralled with this story I was kept guessing through out the entire book on whether or not I believed she was seeing ghosts you ll have to read this one to find out for yourself Even though I knew Angelina was about to end up in a mental hospital I still couldn t help feeling how heartbroken Angelina was when she wok [...]

    17. Novels On The Run says:

      BOOK REVIEW by Michelle 8th June 2012 RATING 4 GHOSTLY STARS Angelina gets premonitions She has dreams Unfortunately a cheerleading routine winds her in hot water and she ends up in a mental hospital Angelina sees ghosts Her imaginary friend from her childhood, Josie ,has resurfaced and this sets of ghosts finding their way into Angelina s path Rosie was handy, she knew what was good off the menulol On a serious note, I could not stand Patty, Angelina s mum I thought her behaviour to be too ex [...]

    18. Wanda says:

      Angelina s secret is a book that caught my eye right away And the minute I read this blurb, I knew I had to read it I have a thing for books involving ghosts and spirits So needless to say when I began reading this book, I couldn t put it down I could have read it in one sitting but things such as work and house chores got in the way So it took me two days to read Angelina lives with a secret, her secret is that she can see ghosts Her imaginary friend whom she had as a child turns out to be an a [...]

    19. Mindy/fangedmom says:

      LOVED THIS BOOK Stay tuned to bookscompleteme for my review I LOVE GHOSTS LOVE THEM I am a firm believer and have had experiences myself When I first heard of Spencer Hill Press signing Lisa, I found her on Facebook We chatted back and forth several times in regards to the supernatural Author Lisa Rogers is not only a brilliant author but an incredible person It felt we have been friends for years Even though Angelina s Secret is fiction, it can easily be recognized by many I would say as simila [...]

    20. Brandi Kosiner (Brandi Breathes Books) says:

      This is such a neat idea To actually explore the idea of people seeing and talking to ghosts being viewed as mentally unstable You always have to wonder with the paranormal why this isn t actually at least hinted at, because when I am reading I often wonder what I would think of someone in my life if they actually experienced the paranormal, so hats of to Ms Rogers for exploring this It is also worth mentioning that this is a paranormal that can stand on its own merits rather than being centered [...]

    21. ILoveBooks says:

      Have you ever thought that not all imaginary friends areaginary The plot of this book incorporates an imaginative take on imaginary friends Angelina has always been able to see Josie, but no one else has Eventually, Angelina grows up and Josie seems to disappear however, Angelina begins receiving eerie premonitions and Josie returns to haunt her Angelina must decide if what she is experiencing is real or some psychotic breakdown When Angelina states that she does not think she is insane, but doe [...]

    22. Niahara Erskine says:

      First published lore of the raven Review For a novel about ghosts and mediums, Angelina s secret is fairly original The book is not about keeping Angelina s secret hidden the fact that she can see ghosts or about saving the world On the contrary, the action revolves around Angelina s life, the way she copes with this ability and the time she spends in a mental institution, because her parents believe she might have mental issues Angelina s secret is about family and friends, lacking the romance [...]

    23. Genessis says:

      I really liked that this book was different than most and that most of the characters were so real, I loved that it could make me feel so angry about the things that were happening to Angelina when no one would listen to her and they sent her to the mental facility It felt as if I was her and I could relate to what she was feeling It made me feel hopeless and frustrated just like Angelina would feel when her mom wasn t listening to anything she was saying when she tried to explain things and whe [...]

    24. Tamara says:

      Okay, so.When I signed up for an ARC of Angelina s Secret, I had no idea what to expect, honestly And when it arrived, I was anxious to read it.Angelina is not your typical high school cheerleader.She sees and talks to ghosts Well, either that or she s crazy.And you know what You don t quite know which one it is until the very end At the beginning, I wasn t hooked to this novel, but I kept going, and to tell you the truth, I m glad I did It was actually a fresh read,with a subject I didn t come [...]

    25. Darby Karchut says:

      4.5 5 stars What a sweet story Angelina s Secret is a ghost story, but it is also a story about family and friends both old and new, alive and dead It is also a story about one girl s determination to honor the truth, even at the risk of being locked away forever.I was expecting a scarier story, but once I started reading, I found myself enjoying the lighter tone of Lisa Roger s debut novel Josie is a refreshing blend of old timey wisdom and some gutsy ghost moves She reminds me of an aunt every [...]

    26. Tyler Jolley says:

      Great book It s about a girl who struggles with embracing her gift being able to see and talk to ghosts or ignoring it and living a normal life She faces opposition from her family and they ultimately commit her to a mental institution It was a very quick read and clean, no cuss words at all The ghosts were all from different time periods and made appearances through out the book It was a very interesting concept and well thought out Great read.

    27. Kate Kaynak says:

      I love psych fi, and this story of a teenager who may be talking to ghosts or may just be crazy is a great read that will keep you turning the pages We were delighted to sign Lisa Rogers to Spencer Hill for this book you ll be thinking about it long after you finish reading it

    28. Meagan Rogers says:

      This is a great ghost story I really enjoyed it Hopefully there is a sequel

    29. Lalaine *myficbookreviews* says:

      I want to have this book I like this kind of plot.

    30. Kendra /Books Complete Me says:

      Fantastic book I love the ending.

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