Keiko Takemiya Dawn T. Laabs
To Terra..., Vol. 1
June 23, 2020 Comments.. 186
To Terra..., Vol. 1 Keiko Takemiya Dawn T. Laabs The future Having driven Terra to the brink of environmental collapse, humanity decides to reform itself by ushering in the age of Superior Domination S.D , a system of social control in which children are no longer the offspring of parents but progeny of a universal computer The new social order, however, results in an unexpected byproduct the Mu, a mutant race withThe future Having driven Terra to the brink of environmental collapse, humanity decides to reform itself by ushering in the age of Superior Domination S.D , a system of social control in which children are no longer the offspring of parents but progeny of a universal computer The new social order, however, results in an unexpected byproduct the Mu, a mutant race with extrasensory powers who are forced in exile by The System.The saga begins on educational planet Ataraxia, where Jomy Marcus Shin, a brash and unpredictable teenager, is nervously preparing to enter adult society When his Maturity Check goes wrong, the Mu intervene in the great hope that Jomy, who possesses Mu telepathy and human physical strength, can lead them back home, to Terra. To Terra Vol The future Having driven Terra to the brink of environmental collapse humanity decides to reform itself by ushering in the age of Superior Domination S D a system of social control in which childre
  • Title: To Terra..., Vol. 1
  • Author: Keiko Takemiya Dawn T. Laabs
  • ISBN: 9781932234671
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Paperback
  • To Terra..., Vol. 1 Keiko Takemiya Dawn T. Laabs

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      Keiko Takemiya Dawn T. Laabs

    1 Blog on “To Terra..., Vol. 1

    1. Tatiana says:

      graphic novel manga4Q 4P J S GFirst off let me say that I don t like graphic novels, especially manga, just because I have a hard time reading backwards and most of the stories are just too bizarre and, well, stupid Please no one hate me for saying that just an opinion But I will say, I was pleasantly surprised by this manga After retraining my brain to read right to left, I actually saw that this manga was intriguing and even relevant in a future sense of humanity polluting earth to the point o [...]

    2. Sean O"Hara says:

      So it s the future yay and humanity has screwed up the Earth beyond recognition boo To rectify their mistake, humanity as a whole decides to leave the planet temporarily and let it heal itself While they re in exile, they set up a new order, Superior Dominion, with all dates being given in the years SD since the revitalization of Terra began.As the name implies, Superior Dominion isn t all roses and puppy dogs In order to remake humanity in a mould that can live in harmony with Earth, SD has aba [...]

    3. Mza says:

      I am enjoying this sci fi melodrama in ways I didn t foresee K Takemiya s pages are as strangely built as they first appear panels angled like toppling dominoes, figures crossing with impunity from one panel into an adjacent one, widescreen bleeds evoking the vastness of space, and continuous overlapping, with no visual element being impermeable to any other but the bigger joy is how well suited this chaos is to the story it tells This is that rare experimental comix narrative whose experiments [...]

    4. Brian James says:

      In the unspecified future, the home planet of human beings which has been renamed Terra, became inhabitable The air was polluted, fish could no longer swim in the oceans or rivers, trees would no longer grow, and non degradable toxins had built up underground Humans searched the far reaches of space for a new home, but were never able to find a new Terra Eventually they came to the conclusion that Terra wasn t the problem, humans were The decision was made to reform humanity and a system was put [...]

    5. flickr says:

      I stumbled upon all three volumes of this series at the library, and decided to give it a go Scifi, adventure, mystery, dystopian, yay Story The futuristic society is interesting, the Maturity Check reminds me of ya dystopian stories I found this first part interesting, but kind of wished things would move along faster in the story I don t know what to say the mystery intrigues me Terra, the Mu, what is really going on here , but if I didn t have volume2 available straight away I might not conti [...]

    6. Hannah Givens says:

      Of all three volumes The idea is that in a fully computer dependent society, and by that I mean on ONE particular computer, a group of psi powered mutants the Mu have been exiled from society and for some reason think that going back to Terra will solve all their problems I liked this, but it s totally incomprehensible All the characters are exactly the same except for the goals we re told they have, and those same informed goals are the only reason for the plot The art, which is absolutely gorg [...]

    7. Alexander Case says:

      This is kind of a slow paced manga This volume does a lot of world building with regards to Terran society and Mu society, as well as our two leads views of their respective societies, Jomy Marcus Shin for the Mu, and Keith Anyan for the Terrans This part may sound spoiler ish, but it really isn t.That said, thus far the story does a pretty good job of making the Terran society oppressive enough that you understand why the Mu rebelled, while also making the Terrans sympathetic their society is o [...]

    8. Sarah Goldberg says:

      Got this out of one of my local library branches, and it was honestly kind of a mixed bag for me I was really in love with this on a visual level or at least, with the background settings, which feel like a gorgeously detailed mashup of every pre Star Wars space epic That SF setting harsh, inorganic largely free of the usual flower covered shoujo visual tropes is part of what makes To Terra so remarkable to me I honestly can t see any contemporary shoujo publication that I m aware of taking on a [...]

    9. Monique says:

      To Terra is a story with a delightfully retro feel and a fun scifi narrative Being an older manga and therefore less common in English translations I can t help but feel some affection for it, just for it being older The art is beautiful, if you aren t put off by the large eyes, the sparkles and the explosive emotions Characters are have very distinct looks and personalities The story line itself, with the mother computer and the dying earth and the super human themes, is nothing new at this poi [...]

    10. Amy Holliday says:

      Imagine that the humans virtually destroy the planet with all of their waste and pollution What can be done Well, humans living on the planet Terra find themselves in this exact predicament and decide to create species that are better than humans In this first volume of graphic novels, young Jomy Shin must face the reality of coming of age in a world where any imperfection is intolerable Jomy is special and with the help of soldier Blue, and other MU those humans that have created their own worl [...]

    11. Jason says:

      An excerpt of my review for the full series Its vintage and historical significance alone make To Terra worth a look, but there s much to it than that This book is a space opera in the grandest sense of the word, but by filtering this manliest of genres through Takemiya s shojo sensibilities, the result is a fascinating hybrid Takemiya s heroes are so wispy that it looks like a strong wind might blow them away, but their slender limbs and softened features do little to deaden how fiercely she c [...]

    12. Chris Cabrera says:

      So far this manga is quite something Shoujo artists doing sci fi was at first something I wasn t sure would have a favorable outcome but Takemiya blends just enough elements from Science fiction and shoujo to make it work without feeling like it leans outright towards one of the genres The art is gorgeous, some unorthodox panel and speech bubble placement ala Tezuka is always a good way to wake up the reader, and the story doesn t feel totally shallow it actually gets pretty existential and psyc [...]

    13. Vicki says:

      Classic 70s sci fi manga This is an epic spanning 3 volumes, featuring futuristic computers controlling the human race, genetically superior telepaths, space battles and an interesting take on the nature of humanity and our relationship with our planet.The artwork is very strong, with fantastic pacing to each page The characters do look a little dated, and also sparkly and girly than you might expect from a sci fi manga This is because To Terra was written and drawn by a top shojo girls manga c [...]

    14. Ruth says:

      Although I m typically not a fan of science fiction, Takemiya Keiko has done a wonderful job pulling together a concept of the future in a concise and yet compelling manner Moreover, the characters are commanding, pulling in even the most hesitant of readers such as myself The art is a treat for old school manga fans, beautiful in its simplicity I m looking forward to reading the second volume as confrontation between the Terrans and Mu seems inevitable.

    15. Lisa says:

      The first volume of this series has left me with brain pain I want to like it, but the story isn t very straightforward The artwork is eye candy though Worth a read just for the drawings I have a basic idea of what is going on and hopefully the next couple of volumes will clarify I also can t figure out if Jomy is good, bad or a jerk All of the above I guess the main problem for me is just trying to figure who the good guys are versus the bad guys.

    16. Fadhila says:

      DnfWhen I read this book I was in high hopes of this to be at less a 2 or 3 but it didn t get any stars I mean the plot was very interesting and the art was great However, the flow of everything was just messed up and turned it worst The characters were childish and unrealistic And there was so many characters use as plot devices that it became so awkward.Anyways, to wrap up all my feelings about this book It was boring and not exciting as I thought it would.

    17. Maria Kramer says:

      Despite some lovely art, I found this manga hard to get into, maybe for the same reason I have trouble with Tezuka s work the old style of manga is a bit jarring to someone used to Western comic book sensibilities I really was left without much sense of the characters as people, or the setting as a real setting interesting as the premise was.

    18. K T says:

      I took a look because the cover caught my eye Chip Kidd is good at that The classic scifi concepts are fun The art style is also fascinating Figures are so abstracted as to appear unhuman They re all GIANT SHINING SOULFUL EYES.Not much action, but cute.

    19. Liz Janet says:

      TOWARD THE TERRA YEAR OF ANIMATION FILM SERIES MANGA REVIEW booksandstuff1357.wordpress.cAntiquated Yes, but awesome.

    20. Ian Tripp says:

      A triumph of manga, this is a well illustrated and written story of the Mu, a race of psychics who attempt to return to terra after being rejected by normal humans and their mother , a man made super computer

    21. R. says:

      Didn t read as shoujo at all A little bi shonen, but that s all A really good read

    22. the gift says:

      well now i have read a classic manga i do not have to read any .

    23. Anna says:

      This was thoroughly entertaining.

    24. Ilib4kids says:

      ILL1980 Shogakukan Manga AwardTo Terra, Vol 1To Terra, Vol 2To Terra, Vol 3

    25. Travis Roberson says:

      Yeeeah, no.

    26. Sskessa says:

      Takemiya is a master of comics Her art is some of the most beautiful I have ever seen.

    27. Sebastian says:

      combined rating for all volumes

    28. Lorna says:

      Difficult to follow, didn t care for the artwork, didn t make any sense If this had been my first manga, I wouldn t have read any others.

    29. Shannon says:

      Somehow Bookslut got me excited about this, and since I d been grooving on Naruto and DeathNote so much, I picked this up But man, it s pretty crappy.

    30. Stephen Kelley says:

      Solid story, but has aged quite a bit than some other classic manga I ve been reading Reminds me a tad of either Shotaro Ishinomori or Osamu Tezuka.

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