Sarah A. Hoyt
A Few Good Men
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A Few Good Men Sarah A. Hoyt Original trade paperback, sequel to Darkship Renegades and Darkship Thieves The son of a ruler on Earth instigates civil war and revolution when he attempts to take the place of his assassinated father and uncovers a terrible secret that has been used to enslave humanity.The Son Also Rises On a near future Earth, Good Man does not mean good at all Instead, the term siOriginal trade paperback, sequel to Darkship Renegades and Darkship Thieves The son of a ruler on Earth instigates civil war and revolution when he attempts to take the place of his assassinated father and uncovers a terrible secret that has been used to enslave humanity.The Son Also Rises On a near future Earth, Good Man does not mean good at all Instead, the term signifies a member of the ruling class, and what it takes to become a good man and to hold onto power is downright evil Now a conspiracy hundreds of years in the making is about to be brought to light when the imprisoned son of the Good Man of Olympic Seacity escapes from his solitary confinement cell and returns to find his father assassinated But when Luce Keeva attempts to take hold of the reins of power, he finds that not all is as it seems, that a plot for his own imminent murder is afoot and that a worldwide conflagration looms It is a war of revolution, and a shadowy group known as the Sons of Liberty may prove to be Luce s only ally in a fight to throw off an evil from the past that has enslaved humanity for generations Sequel to Sarah A Hoyt s award winning Darkship Thieves, and Darkship Renegades.About A Few Good Men Hoyt creates a fast paced and entertaining tale about a revolution and its reluctant leader Galveston County Daily NewsAbout the Darkship series First rate space opera with a moral lesson You won t be disappointed Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit A tour de force logical, built from assumptions with no contradictions gripping Jerry Pournelle Three Musketeers creator Alexander Dumas would give Sarah A Hoyt a thumbs up Steve Forbes F anciful and charming Library Journal Exceptional, wonderful and enormously entertaining Booklist. A Few Good Men Original trade paperback sequel to Darkship Renegades and Darkship Thieves The son of a ruler on Earth instigates civil war and revolution when he attempts to take the place of his assassinated fathe
  • Title: A Few Good Men
  • Author: Sarah A. Hoyt
  • ISBN: 9781451638882
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Few Good Men Sarah A. Hoyt

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    1 Blog on “A Few Good Men

    1. Kelly says:

      Set in the same universe as Darkship Thieves and Darkship Renegages, Sarah A Hoyt s new novel A Few Good Men picks up the story on Earth from an alternate viewpoint Luce Keeva has been in prison for fifteen years, fourteen of which were spent in solitary confinement He s sure he s no longer sane A raid on the submerged prison where he is being held frees him.Luce is not prepared for the world he emerges into and, as it turns out, that world is not prepared for him His father and younger brother [...]

    2. Clyde says:

      A Few Good Men is advertized as the sequel to Sarah A Hoyt s Darkship Renegades and Darkship Thieves This isn t strictly true It is set in the same future and takes place over much the same time period, but is of a companion story than a sequel It does intersect the earlier stories a couple of times, but they need not be read first Basically, this is the story of a revolution told from the inside.The main protagonist, Luce Keeva, is one super tough hombre He has to be, because the story gets ve [...]

    3. Stephen Gallup says:

      This novel grew on me, which is to say that I got a good ways into it before feeling really caught up in the story Partly that s because it s not the same kind of page turner as the Andrew Klavan thriller I had just finished Also, a story like this, set hundreds of years in the future, in a society radically different from our own, has an extra burden in getting readers up to speed.Once in synch with it, however, I was indeed hooked.Here s part of the premise Our current world structure has long [...]

    4. Marina Fontaine says:

      A Few Good Men is a story with three key characters, of whom one is dead and the other two at least marginally insane If this sounds like the latest selection at your local literary books club, it isn t On the other hand, neither is the book as campy as the cover promises to a casual reader unfamiliar with Baen Publishing cover styles Instead, it s that hard to achieve combination of action and introspection, pitch black darkness and brightly shining light, world shaking insight and lighthearted [...]

    5. Argus says:

      I vaguely recall reading Darkship Thieves a while back, which I guess was a precursor to this book I didn t read my own review of it before I launched into writing this, but I m going to afterward and see if I had the same complaints I think I might, though I think I used the term space princess biker chick , which I m not about to repeat, so there s at least one major difference.A Few Good Men is a book that tries to make a big deal out of the ideals of the United States founding fathers being [...]

    6. Steve says:

      A quirky book, a little on the weak side in the character development arena I enjoyed the pretty original story I m always amazed that authors can come up with something completely new It s probably why they write and people like me just get to be lucky and read.I got this book on the amazing Baen publisher website, as an ARC This was my first book by this author and I was not disappointed An enjoyable read The story kept me engaged but not on the edge of my seat I never like to say anything neg [...]

    7. Cedar Sanderson says:

      If you liked Hunger Games, but wanted grown up protagonists and solutions, you should explore the world Sarah has built in her series that began with Darkship Thieves While the first and second books Darkship Renegades are straighforward space fantasy, the bulk of A Few Good Men takes place on an Earth ravaged by wars, plagues, and genetic engineering of a sinister sort Lucius, the main character,was only a teen when he was unjustly imprisoned, and he remains emotionally scarred by the experie [...]

    8. Jo(Mixed Book Bag) says:

      While this says it is a sequel to Darkship Renegades and Darkship Thieves the action does not happen after the first two books, Most of the action is happening at the same time but on Earth instead of in space There are several places where the characters and action from both are together but the author assumes you have read Darkship Thieves and does not repeat what happened in the other book As a result you could be very confused.Luce Keeva tells A Few Good Men in the first person He has been i [...]

    9. Michael Hirsch says:

      This is the third book in the Darkship series and by far the worst Hoyt is a talented writer, but she is at her best when writing action and the story moves quickly, and at her worst when writing her simple minded political essays Unfortunately, this book has too much of the former and not enough of the latter.The hero is A Few Good Men is male All of Hoyt s other books had female leads and she does a much better job with them I found him thoroughly boring and don t think Hoyt has any insight in [...]

    10. Henry Lazarus says:

      Sarah A Hoyt tells of the rebellion against A Few Good Men trade from Baen which is set in the same world as her Darkship Thieves paper tales Lucius Keeva was the son of a Good man who found himself in the wrong place and time and ended up in solitary confinement for fourteen years Coming out he discovers that his brother and father are both dead So he goes to the island his father ruled and takes control to protect it from other Good Men But he doesn t know that the other good men are genetical [...]

    11. Melody says:

      I have a great deal of sympathy for the hero of this book The author handles his trials with humor and sensitivity This is a great extension of the Darkship series Reading the first two books isn t neccessary but would help even though this book has only a brief intersection with the charcter and events of the first two books I quite enjoyed this book and will recommend it to my husband and my teenagers.I have read this book before but this tme I listened to the Audiobook As usual there were man [...]

    12. Lizzie says:

      When I just finish a really good book that impresses me on every level, I don t know what to write The first two were very good, but the 3rd book in the Darkship series, which concentrates on Lucius and Nat and what is happening on Earth during the time period during and after Athena s and Kat s adventures, is even better It has it all science fiction, adventure, revolution, prison breaks, individual survival, politics, and philosophy.

    13. Karen Myers says:

      I ve been waiting for this book with a great deal of anticipation As other reviewers have said, free up your schedule once you start reading you won t be going anywhere until you finish it, not even to bed.Sarah Hoyt takes on a complex story and carries it off with skill Her reimagining of a second American Revolution manages to retain intimacy with the characters while covering a broad sweep of events Well done.

    14. Nathan says:

      Sarah Hoyt writes good books and great characters This book is definitely readable outside of the Darkship series that it s a part of, and presents a pretty grim, but well set and believable, future in which a handful of Good Men rule the rest of humanity with an hidden, iron fist until one of their own finds out about what s really going on and decides to do something about it Or has the need to do something about it forced upon him Well worth the read.

    15. Kjirstin says:

      Such an interesting addition to the Darkships series this story was hinted at in Darkship Renegades, but now it really comes into its own The escape from Never Never in the beginning is thrilling, and the story never lets up after that I enjoyed Luce and Nat and all of Nat s family I hope we ll hear about them as the story continues An excellent book

    16. Jerry says:

      Scraps of an old flag passed from hand to hand The treachery of old friends and older families This is a story about the son of a Good Man, that is, a ruler of a small kingdom, who grew up among other sons of rulers but now, on his escape from prison, finds something strangely wrong about his old friends who are now rulers themselves.

    17. Robin Budd says:

      The book wasn t terrible The characters were reasonably well developed But I really disliked the kid lit influence Seriously, a futuristic world of advanced technology where people ride around onooms And bad guys are called scrubbers Are these brooms gone bad And a prison is called Never Never Not my idea of good sci fi.

    18. Nicole Luiken says:

      Awesome prison break beginning and strong pacing through the first 150 pages I really liked Lucius, the main character I bogged down a bit in the middle too much rhetoric for my tastes Not that I disagreed with the rhetoric, inalienable rights are GOOD things The overlapping ending with Darkship Renegades didn t quite work for me.

    19. Jeff says:

      Good effort, tiding up loose ends on Earth, engaging but not up to par for the rest of the serials.

    20. Sandi says:

      I hope there is in this series, I really want to know the rest of the story.

    21. Joy says:

      Iwant to ride a broom The story of jailbreaks and a revolution

    22. Zachary says:

      An interesting spin off of Hoyt s Darkship books It s Heinlein esque, and a lot of fun.

    23. Amber says:

      I liked it I really liked it This book is awesome You should read it NoHetero

    24. Adrienne says:

      love my space opera another good story from Sarah A Hoyt.

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