Kanoko Sakurakouji
Black Bird, Vol. 16
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Black Bird, Vol. 16 Kanoko Sakurakouji He loves her blood, but does her love her There is a world of myth and magic that intersects ours, and only a special few can see it Misao Harada is one such person, and she wants nothing to do with magical realms She just wants to have a normal high school life and maybe get a boyfriend But she is the bride of demon prophecy, and her blood grants incredible powers, heHe loves her blood, but does her love her There is a world of myth and magic that intersects ours, and only a special few can see it Misao Harada is one such person, and she wants nothing to do with magical realms She just wants to have a normal high school life and maybe get a boyfriend But she is the bride of demon prophecy, and her blood grants incredible powers, her flesh immortality Now the demon realm is fighting over the right to her handor her life Misao has made the choice to forgo college and a normal human life in order to be Kyo s wife and mother to the demon child she carries But her pregnancy is unusual, even for the demon world The last pages of the Senka Roku will reveal the truth of the matter, but now that Kyo has it in his hands, does he really want to know Reads R to L Japanese Style for teen plus audiences.. Black Bird Vol He loves her blood but does her love her There is a world of myth and magic that intersects ours and only a special few can see it Misao Harada is one such person and she wants nothing to do with m
  • Title: Black Bird, Vol. 16
  • Author: Kanoko Sakurakouji
  • ISBN: 9781421552439
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Paperback
  • Black Bird, Vol. 16 Kanoko Sakurakouji

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      163 Kanoko Sakurakouji
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    1 Blog on “Black Bird, Vol. 16

    1. Zoe Tribley says:

      Before I include the review that I have for books 1 16 I just want to also say that I really appreciate how absolutely dark this series gets while also among the intensity is really cute and laughable with so much comedic relief thank you now in continuation This review will be the same for all of them excluding book seventeen and eighteen as I m going to briefly review books 1 16I ve wanted to read this manga for quite some time, and once I started reading it like a few weeks ago I couldn t sto [...]

    2. Holly Letson says:

      They re finally beginning to handle Misao s instant pregnancy than they did in the previous volume, when it first happened That storyline was just a disaster waiting to happen, and I was anxiously awaiting to see how they handled it see if they could make it look up in some way And, they ve done a decent job so far But, that story is a disease that they will still be having to recover from for a few volumes I applaud the mangaka for having Misao stand up for herself, and stand up to Kyo in her [...]

    3. Tiffany says:

      It has been a long travel with Misao and Kyo in this manga series Black Bird This final volume of the manga brought thrill, suspense, sadness, and true love I pretty much thought that the ending was quite obvious, since Misao doesn t die, even though the Senka Roku says that the Senka maiden will die while giving birth However, after giving birth to her son, Sou, she wakes up This was a miracle for both Misao and Kyo which further lived happily ever after together with their son and his tengu cl [...]

    4. Bry says:

      When did I stop reading the manga and start reading the book Twlight About halfway through volume 15 and all the way through this volume The plot, the characters, the emotions it s like a total copycat of Twilight Which would be fine if it was at least written well but I m not that lucky Seriously I am just not sure where the manga is going and I don t think I gonna find out Misao is still in danger of dying once the baby is born but I m sure they will fid a way to save her as easily as they hav [...]

    5. Dana Al-Basha دانة الباشا says:

      This volume strongly reminds me of Bella Swan when she got pregnant and how Edward wanted to abort the baby I was sad that Misao forged college and normal human life and went with the unusual but I guess that is the point of the series This book was so emotional and sad.

    6. Jenni says:

      It so hard to see Kyuo and Misao having this burden on them because of Misao being the senka and she is pregnant It s taking a toll on their relationship, but it seems like Kyou is on something to prevent the prophecy that Misao will die when she give birth to their child Something about Misao s scent being stronger when she is aroused loved cared for

    7. Isel says:

      I really REALLY disliked Kyo on this one I wanted a supportive partner to Misao in this volume and what did I get A freaking asshole Instead of helping her through this, obviously, hard and painful decision he just made it harder and MORE painful for her I couldn t even feel bad for him My sympathy meter broke with him Won t work Tap on it all you want No sympathy for Kyo from me on this one I honestly would have preferred that Sho had taken her at this point.Get your shit together in the next v [...]

    8. GuisBell says:

      Como dec a todos est n devastados con la terrible noticia, pero el dolor que siente Kyou y Misao es algo desgarrador

    9. Jessica says:

      It s getting a little slow now with trying to figure out how to keep her alive Makes me sad though, she just wants a future with the man she loves

    10. Amanda Setasha Hall says:

      THIS VOLUME BROKE MY HEART.I can t even put into words how I feel right now This is super emotional.

    11. Patricia says:

      Black Bird, if it was a novel, would be an Adult PNR novel featuring Young Adult protagonists There is a secret society consisting of demons, that only few can see Misao Harada, the protagonist, is one of those She s the ordinary girl, who ends up being extraordinary Her body has healing powers, to the point where eating her grants immortality.As it so happens, the leader of the Raven clan wants her to be his He s the kind of possessive lover that you might find in any given romance novel ever, [...]

    12. Judy (Geeky Reading) says:

      4 5 Read at my blog, Geeky Reading Contains spoilers So, I like this series It s good, it s drama filled and steamy It s also a bit messy with the characters, and dragging on a little bit But I m not really minding the dragging on, although I am very looking forward to seeing how it ends.So, first off, this volume was good I liked it What happened was needed But it also gave me very big flashbacks to Breaking Dawn, something that I didn t really enjoy, even if I did actually like, for the most [...]

    13. Emy says:

      Misao is the bride of prophecy whose blood gives power to the demon who claims her But most demons want to keep her power for themselves by eating her Now Misao is just trying to stay alive Firstly, hooray I didn t have to wait until June Ahhh, we must be getting close to the end now, mustn t we Secrets are beginning to be revealed, and the clock is ticking.Kyo was actually kind of frightening in this volume I am glad the daitengu are there and loyal to him, because now he needs them than ever [...]

    14. Joti says:

      So with the ominous warning that the Senka Maiden, Misao, will die if she gives birth to her Kyo s child, everyone s shocked Misao doesn t want to die obviously she won t get to even see her child s face Kyo can t bear the thought of living without her He tries convincing her to get of the child the Daitengu won t let him destroy the baby he takes Misao to Kensuke he says he can t abort the baby using poison urges Misao to think about what she really wants does she honestly want the child or not [...]

    15. Laura says:

      Sakurakoji is winding the story down Misao has chosen to skip out on college and a normal human life so that she can be with Kyo and have his baby Kyo finds out that the possibility of her surviving the birth is slim Naturally, he wants to get rid of the baby Misao puts her foot down, which sends the Diatengu on a mission to find how she can survive the birth of a demon The whole death during child birth thing is actually kind of up in the air There s only one recorded instance of a demon marryi [...]

    16. MissAnnThrope says:

      12 June 2013The most excited I felt while reading Black Bird, Vol 16 was when I flipped to the chapter page and read Final Arc It s finally ending Hooray The story feels painfully drawn out and the dynamic between Kyo and Misao can sometimes be downright infuriating.Tadanobu gives Kyo the Senka Roku, which reveals the fate of the last Senka Maiden death by childbirth Fearful of losing Misao, he demands her to get rid of the baby That s right The arsehole demands her to give up their baby It s no [...]

    17. Miss Ryoko says:

      Now despite my rage over the last volume and don t worry, the cause for the rage is still there and STILL causing a rage within me , I actually got pretty depressed during this volume During the highly emotional scenes, I was tearing up And I m not a big fan of desperate romance love like Kyo s and Misao swhere they basically can t exist apart from each other in my own opinion, that kind of dependence is ridiculous and stupid, but that s just me I don t mind reading about romances and whatnot bu [...]

    18. Dani - Perspective of a Writer says:

      Sakurakouji s art gets better and better with each volume Love particularly the montage pages from child to adult with Misao I can t rave enough about how beautiful the frames, even the tiny ones of pieces of roofs and screens to give atmosphere Despite the covers this series isn t smutty in the least.While I love the art and it s my favorite of the manga styles, I love Black Bird because of the story and the relationships This final arc is heartbreaking but also so true to life I like how Kyo t [...]

    19. Christina says:

      In order to happily spend the rest of her life with Kyo, the man she loves, Misao decides to throw away her life with normal humans and her plans for college However, that was only the beginning of the hurdles that Misao and Kyo must overcome now that she is with child, because Kyo is at last able to read the ending of the Senka Roku, but when he does he tells Misao, with a horrified aura, that she must never give birth to that childThis volume was so sweet, and I can t help but find myself root [...]

    20. Jean says:

      This volume begins to deal with the whole issue of the Senka Maiden Kyo and Misao are confronted with the strong possibility that she will die upon giving birth to their child as the last Senka Maiden had Kyo and Misao are both conflicted though Kyo chooses Misao Here Kyo really irritates me He s supposed to be older and wiser the head of the Tengu clan but he totally is selfish and irrational I guess you have to give him that since he worked his whole life to be with Misao and not necessarily w [...]

    21. Sara says:

      Misao was not a crying pathetic slob in this book just a crying pregnant girl She showed some strength finally and it made me like heruntil she became pathetic again I wish she would smack Kyo and tell him to buck up What a pansy Well, they are trying to finally find a cure for Misao so she doesn t die when she gives birth Who cares I want this series to be done already.Pretty cover though until you realize that stupid Misao is cryingON THE COVER I give up asks the universe How many volumes of [...]

    22. CJ - It's only a Paper Moon says:

      This has adult situations than the previous installments and it was spot on with Kyo s reaction I could honestly understand why he did what he did and said what he said I m glad Misao put a stop to things, I just wish Misao had an opinion earlier about what was happening to her so most of the melodrama could be avoided.However, her speech to Kyo about living anyway and how things aren t fair but you got to do what s right, redeemed her It was also sad.

    23. Abbie says:

      This arc is giving me some majorBreaking Dawnflashbacks, though I do think Sakurakouji handles it better than Meyer did I think it s a nice arc idea to close out the series, and it doesn t feel forced so far I m glad I m giving this series another chance, because these later books are so much better than the first few volumes.

    24. Kate says:

      While we finally know on the Senka Maiden wife of the past, it doesn t bode well for Misao now It seems the tension is up, and a race is on to find a solution to help Misao, Kyo, and the whole tengu clan out of this mess It had a very despairing air to it in this volume, but I hope hope can be found in the next few volumes.

    25. Hannah says:

      Series Review This series doesn t look like much in the beginning but trust me it soon shows it s true potential This manga is gripping and thrilling while never losing its romantic side As always manga is rated for a reason and this is really for older teens and up due to some semi graphic content, however I really recommend giving this manga a try

    26. Kristine Hansen says:

      Wow Just wow.I am SOOOO beyond impressed about how this book handles the subject of abortion including the emotional aspect of the whole thing I never expected this from a manga and am justwow

    27. Mai Kia says:

      It was so awesome

    28. Amy says:

      An interesting twist in the story and emotional Looking forward to finding out how it ends.

    29. Kayla says:

      I am annoyed, though, because I thought this was supposed to be the end of the story Which it is not, by the way Otherwise, the drama is building, and the story is heartfelt.

    30. Katie says:

      see full review Katie s Corner

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