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Skinnygirl Solutions Bethenny Frankel From New York Times bestselling author and reality television star Bethenny Frankel, the modern woman s guide to looking fabulous while balancing health, home, and careerTHENNY FRANKEL, FOUR TIME NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR, ON THE GO WORKING MOM, SELF MADE BUSINESSWOMAN, AND DAYTIME S NEWEST TALK SHOW HOST, SHARES HER SKINNYGIRL GUIDE TO LIFE SIMPLE IDEAS, EXTRAFrom New York Times bestselling author and reality television star Bethenny Frankel, the modern woman s guide to looking fabulous while balancing health, home, and careerTHENNY FRANKEL, FOUR TIME NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR, ON THE GO WORKING MOM, SELF MADE BUSINESSWOMAN, AND DAYTIME S NEWEST TALK SHOW HOST, SHARES HER SKINNYGIRL GUIDE TO LIFE SIMPLE IDEAS, EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS SKINNYGIRL SOLUTIONS is your guide to having it all without getting overwhelmed Bethenny s nononsense advice extends beyond the first adult steps and well into real relationships, established careers, and mommyhood, including Living Naturally Thin Making fresh, healthy food for the table and on the go Organizing your kitchen, your closet, and even your bathroom Finding great fashion without breaking the bank Beauty care essentials Creating a home that s a haven Effortless entertaining Career planning Entrepreneur advice And how to create work life balance In SKINNYGIRL SOLUTIONS, Bethenny offers hard won advice on how to maintain a wellbalanced life In Skinnygirl Wellness, Bethenny updates her advice on how to be Naturally Thin with an all new Quick Start Plan and tips for getting kids and the whole family to eat better without complaints The Skinnygirl Solutions for Daily Life section reveals Bethenny s keys to managing a hectic schedule, keeping a beautiful home, and finding time for love, family, and yourself Lastly, in Skinnygirl on the Job, Bethenny addresses such issues as launching a career that fits with all the other important components of your life, knowing if you re ready to have your own business, the pros and cons of working from home, the 101 on finance, and what to do when things go wrong In SKINNYGIRL SOLUTIONS Bethenny gives her always honest take on how to make smart, everyday choices that will lead to a fabulous Skinnygirl life.. Skinnygirl Solutions From New York Times bestselling author and reality television star Bethenny Frankel the modern woman s guide to looking fabulous while balancing health home and careerTHENNY FRANKEL FOUR TIME NEW
  • Title: Skinnygirl Solutions
  • Author: Bethenny Frankel
  • ISBN: 9781451667394
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Skinnygirl Solutions Bethenny Frankel

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    1 Blog on “Skinnygirl Solutions

    1. Patrice Hoffman says:

      I admit I ve never been a fan of Bethenny Frankel but am a little intrigued by her I love everything Housewives and my television might actually but stuck on Bravo right now Bethenny has always been one of the wives I am impartial to Neither love or hate Skinnygirl Solutions is almost like my becoming reacquainted with her and finding out what her appeal is.Skinnygirl Solutions features Frankel s solutions for most any situation in an effort to live the Skinnygirl lifestyle or wellness There are [...]

    2. GONZA says:

      This book is a strange mixture between the Junior Woodchucks Guidebook, the Barbie manual and one of those self help books written by the one American guy that tells you that you can have it all, but in the meantime you have to be skinny that the rest comes by itself.Questo libro uno strano miscuglio tra il manuale delle giovani marmotte, quello di Barbie e uno di quei manuali di auto aiuto scritto dallo statunitense di turno che ti spiega che puoi avere tutto, intanto per comincia ad essere mag [...]

    3. Rita says:

      I like Bethenny Frankel If you like her fun, witty, sarcastic outlook at life, you will like this book I particularly liked her business advice, and she has tried lots of business ventures with great success like that Skinnygirl Margarita sale to Jim Beam Bethenny is very neat and loves her label maker She hates germs, very clean I have a long ways to go to meet her standards Helpful and funny Light advice

    4. Jacki says:

      I needed some light reading This is they type of book where you can just kind of skip around here and there when you want to read at the end of the day but don t have the energy to process other books I picked up this one because I had read one of her books before on a road trip good deal on an audio book and it wasn t too terrible.

    5. Monique says:

      Not impressedbut now days every reality star writes a book Her naturally thin plan is not for the working mom with real problems

    6. Deanna Zehr says:

      Packed with great tips and humor Enjoyed this book very much

    7. Marguarite Markley says:

      It was an enjoyable read, but I don t find many of her recommendations for anything very practical for the average Joe or Jane.

    8. Merri Su says:

      This was a hodgepodge of advice that was really all over the map I skimmed the sections on what to eat and how to entertain, but there were a few interesting and valuable tidbits in the chapters on home and career Each chapter seemed like a surface treatment of something that could have been a deep exploration and that many books have been written about e.g personal finance It was an okay collection of mostly useful advice wrapped up in a reality celebrity s ego and brand marketing.

    9. Bethany says:

      I love Bethenny But, she is extremely opinionated and a bit nutty Probably why she has so much notoriety I agree with her a lot, but not always I can t believe people want so many details of her life I can t believe I read this Do your own thing, ladies If you re really into canned advice and pep talks, this book is also for you I have to say, her business and money advice is pretty legit though.

    10. Brittany says:

      I have to confess that I ve never seen Bethenny s reality shows, and I haven t yet had a chance to catch her new daytime talk show on the air But I have watched Bethenny make several appearances on Ellen s talk show and have tried several of her Skinnygirl products, so I was interested in listening to this audiobook and hearing what she had to say Bethenny shared practical tips for improving many different areas of your life and gave examples from her own day to day life with plenty of details o [...]

    11. Natalie says:

      I picked this book up not knowing anything about the author What grabbed my attention was the title I thought this book would deal mostly with food, diet, and healthy lifestyle choices However, I soon came to realize that this book was not what I was expecting This book was a guide how to improve everything about your life.I was expecting of the book to be about skinny tips and suggestions I was disappointed in the healthy part of the book Some of the topics which were brought up, I didn t agre [...]

    12. Jennifer Vido says:

      As the creator of the Skinnygirl brand cocktails, Bethenny Frankel knows a thing or two about how to be successful in the business world In her latest release, this four time New York Times bestselling author and self proclaimed queen of too much information dishes up the skinny on how to achieve harmony in all aspects of life With her slapstick humor and inappropriate candor, she gives the reader some straight up tips on home, health, family, career, sex, and style By following her simple solut [...]

    13. Julie says:

      I love a good self help book, or as I like to call them, lifestyle books I like Bethenny a lot I find her to be relatable and interesting Her personality is similar to mine and I find her funny The fact that her success came later in life via a reality TV show and that she s been able to maintain her image and build a brand and following is impressive and inspiring to me I ve read one of her other books, A Place of Yes, and I thought that it was valuable to me because it focused on business, w [...]

    14. IrenesBookReviews says:

      You may think after reading the title that this is just another boring book about how to live your life to the fullest Let me just tell you, you will so enjoy this book It is informative yet entertaining I enjoyed the book and learned from it too The solutions given to everyday issues such as weight loss, relationships, and style to name a few are helpful and easy to implement I liked the openness of the author She is a television personality, which for some may be a turnoff If you have seen her [...]

    15. Mary says:

      I won this book through a GoodReads Giveaway I think this is a great self help book for women who are seeking balance in their lives Bethenny uses a lot of her own experience in her attempt to assist other women in this process.The book is written in a clear and well organized way, which permits the reader to easily linger on sections that she finds interesting and skim over those that may not be pertinent to her Many of the techniques Bethenny proposes are ones that I ve used myself, so I know [...]

    16. Lisa Niver says:

      I wrote about this book for Whole Life TImes wholelifemagazine blogHow I Stopped Binge EatingMy wake up call from a deadbeat boyfriend By Lisa Ellen NiverIn Skinnygirl Solutions, author Bethenny Frankel s advice is to seek help if you need it due to emotional eating She writes, If you are prone to emotional eating, and especially if you are a secret eater or a closet eater, you might need to talk to a professional Explore the emotions behind it and think about why this happens It was true I d ga [...]

    17. Katarina says:

      Thanks Bethenny With this book you saved me reading 4 or 5 others.Love her or hate her, I love her , you have to admire what she has built She now has an empire around a major brand, offering all kinds of stuff.In this book she talks about the major topics of diet nutrition, home life, work life, and self actualization I enjoy reading the no nonsense advise She never sounds preachy, like your best friend giving you general advise You can take it or leave it, it s not getting rammed down your th [...]

    18. False says:

      What a strange bird this woman is She has a fast mouth on her I worked with someone like Bethenny once They had great ideas and could really motor mouth about what they had been doing or were proposing to do, then that thing wouldn t be done at all while the person I knew focused on her own interests I have to say Bethenny reminds me of her, and if you ve ever worked with someone like this, and you ARE a consumed worker intent on what Bethenny suggests perfected life in every aspect, you have ve [...]

    19. Jamie says:

      I received this book for free through the Goodread s First Reads I was really excited when I found out I was going to be getting this book, I love Bethenny Frankel and have followed her since she was on the Real Housewives I really enjoyed this book a lot of it I read and some I skimmed My favorite part was all the ways to keep your house clean and organized and how to mix low end brand items with higher end brands.I am excited to host a party with my friends soon so I can use the recipes that w [...]

    20. Bethany says:

      I m about halfway through, and though I already read her first books years ago, I know she is pretty good at practical advice when it comes to daily living things She briefly explains her eating strategies in the first part of the book, referring readers to her first book for details I actually found myself totally agreeing with her suggestions on keeping the house clean and organizing and parenting While we may come from different outlooks on life, she seems to give great advice just not sure [...]

    21. Sade says:

      Copy kindly provided by the author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I love everything Bethenny Frankel does She is an inspiration to all woman who want a career and family This book was great It easy to follow straight through or jump around to specific topics I will definitely be recommending this book to all my girls and a few clients who are having some difficulties with managing their professional and personal lives as well as anyone looking for weight lost advice Can t wait to [...]

    22. Alex says:

      I listened to the audiobook version of Bethenny s book A Place of Yes a month or so ago and enjoyed it, much to my surprise I like the way she tells stories and she seems surprisingly down to earth for a celebrity I also like that she is self made This is basically a self help book, and it actually had a lot of helpful tips I wrote down quite a few of her suggestions about cleaning and organizing and have already used some of them I m still not a fan of Bethenny necessarily, but I do apparently [...]

    23. Mary says:

      I love Bethenny Frankel It seems as if either love her or hate her I enjoyed her on Housewives of New York and watching her on her reality show I like how candid and outspoken she is When I saw her newest book at the library I picked it up It was a quick and easy read She has lots of useful information some of it boring but still useful and humorous I have not read any of Frankel s other books so I was unfamiliar about her cooking diet books I enjoyed her brief overview of her philosophy of eati [...]

    24. Laura says:

      I like Bethenny Frankel If you don t, there is probably no reason for you to read this It s her do anything better guide Some of the information, mainly on diet, has been covered previously Some of it hopefully is common sense, like the fashion tips But it is nice that she s tailoring some advice to parents The best part by far is the business advice It s really interesting to hear how she grew and marketed her businesses Where money is concerned, she s pretty savvy.A must if you re a fan.

    25. Marissa Sherman Deziel says:

      I don t know a whole lot about Bethanny Frankle but I decided to give this book a shot out of lack of good books and curiosity The book isn t bad and does contain some useful tips I like her non diet strategies and hearing about her business sense but all of her drama and relationship stuff is lost on me.

    26. Jodi says:

      I had no idea who this woman was when I started the book I must say I did not read the whole thing I found pages I was interesting in and read those She has a lot of advice and some was really interesting Other parts didn t really interest me Wanted to document in case I ever picked it up again.

    27. Sher❤ The Fabulous BookLover says:

      I was trying to give Bethenny a chance, but this book was useless It started off sort of depressing and to me it almost seemed as if this was a book for her to vent on Everything in the book is already in her previous books so there s nothing new there I read the first few chapters but I cannot waste any time reading this book.

    28. Regina says:

      Straight to the point book about things we need to change in our lives and she offers great tips ideas Was reading this book during a time I needed to make changes in my life and she helped point out that we should only have positive things people around us Also she s got this no BS attitude that I love.

    29. Jess Coulston says:

      I listened to this book on my way to work and it was a mistake.Ugh it was written as if she assumes people are completely stupidfurther she tells you how to clean your house There is also a lot of bragging Im successful so I must be doing it right creating an entire chapter talking about her company and her success.I skipped through much of this.

    30. Mary says:

      A dud I like Bethenny Frankel but this book read like she crazily talked into a tape recorder without stopping to breathe The book was all over the place with no focus except the regular commercial for skinny girl products I think she has a lot of helpful information to share but the but needed focus and depth.

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