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The Ruthless Caleb Wilde
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The Ruthless Caleb Wilde Sandra Marton Caleb Wilde, infamous attorney, has a merciless streak and a razor sharp mind Years of relentless work have hardened Caleb s heart until one New York night changes everything Now he s haunted by the memory of tangled sheets, unrivalled passion and one woman Sage Dalton The siren of his dreams is, in reality, the woman who played him for a fool but still nothing caCaleb Wilde, infamous attorney, has a merciless streak and a razor sharp mind Years of relentless work have hardened Caleb s heart until one New York night changes everything Now he s haunted by the memory of tangled sheets, unrivalled passion and one woman Sage Dalton The siren of his dreams is, in reality, the woman who played him for a fool but still nothing can satiate his burning desire for her So when he learns that Sage has something very precious that belongs to him, a gift from their one night, Caleb will stop at nothing to claim it. The Ruthless Caleb Wilde Caleb Wilde infamous attorney has a merciless streak and a razor sharp mind Years of relentless work have hardened Caleb s heart until one New York night changes everything Now he s haunted by the m
  • Title: The Ruthless Caleb Wilde
  • Author: Sandra Marton
  • ISBN: 9780373131143
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Ruthless Caleb Wilde Sandra Marton

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    1. Jenny says:

      Caleb Wilde, hotshot lawyer, is attending a party where he meets Sage a waitress actress When he witness Sage being sexually harassed he runs to her rescue, takes her home and ends up having a one night stand with her.When he wakes up and finds another man in her apartment David he believes Sage is a cheater and he goes back home They reunite when David s father and Caleb s client claims Sage is pregnant with his now dead son s baby I highly enjoyed this book Caleb is handsome, loyal, fierce, an [...]

    2. willaful says:

      My feelings about this book went up and down like a rollercoaster We started on the downward slope with a lot of pet peeves not calling the cops on a would be rapist, unprotected sex and then went up up up into a angsty area, culminating at the peak in a classic, yet original Sandra Marton being a romance hero against his will moment which had me ready to forgive all But then it was mostly downhill from there, as the juicy stuff ended and the bickering began, with a replay of many other Marton b [...]

    3. Kaycee ❤️ says:

      Like the previous book, there s an insta lust going here and they jumped to bed immediately And because of some misunderstanding they went their separate ways without knowing about each other And like most of the HP stories, the heroine ended up pregnant And from there, we got to see of Caleb and Sage fighting, making love and then fighting again which I pretty much devoured What can I say I m a sucker for a couple who always fight because it shows passion and of course, there s grovelling Whi [...]

    4. Dalia says:

      Sandra Marton has her original blend of romance elements that you can find in all her books quirky humor, witty banter, uncontrollable attraction, irrepressible emotions, lots of inner dialogues, an arrogant but tender hero and a feisty heroine.Caleb Wilde may be ruthless and a little arrogant for his own good but he is also tender and caring He may act foolish A lot But that s because he is in love and doesn t know it yet Sage may be delicate but she is also feisty and independent She stands up [...]

    5. Saly says:

      A book that totally lacked a story Hero Heroine fall in bed together, hero thinks she is involved with someone, acts like an ass, broods for months and then kind of learns she is expecting Confusion is cleared, baby is his, they look at each other and clothes just melt Honestly, they only had sex in the book and it was such a typical Marton, that is all I have to say.

    6. Tia says:

      I found some of this novel awfully bland but what ticked me off the most was it was incomplete or felt incomplete to me I know it s a series but it should have finished with these characters in a major way I thought Caleb was a bit of an idiot at times but I loved feisty Sage I just wanted and the author didn t give it, unfortunately.

    7. Ginny Lamere says:

      Once again as I always am I was pulled into this book The Ruthless Caleb Wilde, and I felt like I knew the characters Caleb Wilde is at a party he doesn t want to be at, he see a man forcing himself on a waitress and no one helping so he steps in and helps He then helps her get home and decides that he shouldn t leave her alone he lets her know he just wants to make sure she is okay, they do end up spending the night together and in the morning all heck breaks loose don t want to give the story [...]

    8. Fiona Marsden says:

      The story of Sage and Caleb is a surprisingly sweet tale of love at first sight followed by misunderstandings and complications Their one night stand ended abruptly with the arrival of the other man in Sage s life, her roommate David Months later, Caleb has a chance to finally do something to get her out of his mind.The battle over the paternity of Sage s baby becomes a catalyst that brings the two erstwhile lovers back together Caleb, the tough alpha male, is disarmed by the sweet innocence of [...]

    9. Riz says:

      2.5 Bintang Bingung sih sebenarnya mau ngasih berapa, akhirnya memutuskan ngasih ratingnya segitu aja Jujur, agak lupa juga nih alurnya gimana, cuma inget inget sekilas doang, berhubung baca ini jg modal baca gratis di gramed as usual, jiwa perhitungan dan oportunistisnya keluar hahaha plus kayaknya ini cerita kurang berkesan, makanya gua lupa hehehe.Ceritanya sih standar, khas harlequin gitu, serba kilat, yaah, kurang berkesan sih gua sama isinya, tp yah lumayan lah buat bacaan ringan gratisan [...]

    10. Nancy Crocker says:

      Wow Loving the Wilde Brothers series Who doesn t want a guy that will come to a girl s rescue Loved the speaker call conversation between the brothers And loved that he realized that Sage needed some alone time with just the two of them And the proposal o.k It was different but to cute Can t wait for Travis Wilde s story

    11. Kiki says:

      It was an ok read really And even though the guy was an ass at some point, he was comparatively less of an ass than most heroes And less cynic as well I guess Caleb is one Wilde brother who believed in love and commitment than the others

    12. Lupita Figueroa BookLoverRomantic says:

      Linda Me gust , la disfrut Muy emotiva al final.

    13. Yuli Pritania says:

      Well, eww tiap lagi ngomong, ciuman Berantem dikit, ciuman 80% isi buku isinya kalau nggak ciuman ya adegan seks Nauseous.

    14. Desere says:

      Warning do not start to read this book if you have any plans scheduled ,it is just too good to put down Sandra Marton has done it again This book was so,so,so very good I could not put it down and read it in one sitting Yes ladies the character of Caleb Wilde was absolutely tantalizing temping and deliciously sexy He was ruthless but in that it makes him irresistible kind of way.The author totally blew me away with the fabulous plot, yes you will agree that the one night with a little present in [...]

    15. sbf20112011 says:

      This was a fairly short or at least it felt that way , decent read I think Marton does angst best, so I liked this one best in the beginning, while the hero was angry with the heroine because of his misconceptions The story got a little boring once the main misconception was cleared up I still basically liked the characters though and enjoyed the HEA, so overall I liked it.

    16. Diana Tan says:

      Wonderful read 5 stars Highly recommended book for an equally highly recommended series, The Wilde Brothers series.

    17. Adhinda Puteri says:

      Buku buku berlabel harlequin biasanya sangat mudah ditebak Apalagi isinya kalau bukan pria kaya dan tampan, wanita miskin tapi cantik, one night stand yang seringkali berujung pada kehamilan Ending yg sudah tertebak Ini romansa yg klise, semua juga tahu Tapi tetap ada rasa manis yang sulit ditampik waktu membaca cerita cerita seperti ini Manis yg bagi saya cukup tanpa perlu ada embel embel memuakkan Yang perlu disayangkan adalah jumlah halaman yg menurut saya terlalu sedikit, atau konflik yang k [...]

    18. Tonya Warner says:

      Caleb Wilde finds that some things even he, a lawyer and ex spy, can not defeat A beautiful woman that is not afraid of him seems to top the list Finding out that the one night stand had left Sage Dalton with his child is enough to strike fear in to the heart of better men then he.Sage finds that she is pregnant by the sexy stranger from her one night stand No way to contact him, she is than a little armed when he shows up, and starts to take over her life.Fast paced Excellent.

    19. Sugar says:

      Review I ve read a fair share of Harlequin Presents it s one of my biggest guilty pleasures and there have been some utter disappointments and some really engaging and emotional reads Fortunately, this book belongs to the latter, in the really positive side of the spectrum I liked most aspects of this story, here s a few A big plus was that there was a decent amount of dialogue and actual conversations between the characters, not only describing their feelings for pages and pages In addition, th [...]

    20. Alexandra says:

      Caleb saves Sage from sexual harassment in the pub, drives her home, stays the night and end up making love Woke up to meet some guy he believes was Sage s boyfriend, he run immediately.Three months later and Caleb got a case from his brother, makes him meet Sage again, and now that she pregnant, he have to know whose the father, and settle the situation.

    21. Desty says:

      Caleb Wilde menghadiri sebuah pesta yang diselenggarkan oleh kenalannya Di sana dia bertemu dengan Sage, pelayan yang mengalami pelecehan seksual Jiwa pengacara dalam diri Caleb yang tidak bisa melihat ketidak adilan membuat Caleb menolong Sage Perkenalan mereka malam itu berlanjut Caleb mengantar Sage kembali ke apartemennya di Brooklyn, di sebuah wilayah yang tidak aman Caleb memutuskan untuk menginap sambil berusaha meyakinkan dirinya bahwa dia tidak akan mendekati Sage Tapi chemistry di anta [...]

    22. Nas Dean says:

      THE RUTHLESS CALEB WILDE by USA Today Bestselling Author Sandra Marton is a November 2012 release from Harlequin Presents It is from the miniseries of The Wilde Brothers.After spending a passionate night in New York with Sage Dalton, lawyer Caleb Wilde wakes up to find she had misled him He is disillusioned and goes back home But he is haunted by Sage and can t forget her or the night they spent together.He gets a new client who claimed that a pregnant woman is carrying his dead son s baby This [...]

    23. Greiciane says:

      A s rie dos irm os texanos Wilde composta pelos livros Louco Amor, Presente de Uma Noite e Um Homem Impiedoso foi muito boa Claro que foi estilo gua com a car, mas foi gostoso de ler os 3 livros Eu recomendo.No livro Louco Amor, Jacob Wilde um homem marcado f sico e emocionalmente pela Guerra no Iraque e que esta tentando reconstruir sua via p s guerra Addison McDowell independente e praticamente uma workaholic new yorker e quando recebe de heran a um rancho no interior de Dallas, pensava que is [...]

    24. TashNz says:

      Oh.gosh Couldn t put this book down In Book 2 of the Wilde Brother s mini series we meet Caleb, hot shot lawyer He s at a party in NYC bored, he happens to witness a waitress almost be attacked by a drunk He rescues Sage and even tho he has everyone s best interests at heart to start with they do end up spending a long night together He wakes up all WOW until he thinks that Sage s boyfriend has arrived home He decks the new comer, promptly leaves and basically goes into hibernation Ten weeks lat [...]

    25. Mahareni Sukadi says:

      Nyomot buku ini dari rak rental langganan tanpa modal gugel dulu, alhasil yang dicomot langsung buku ke 2 Yo wislah, mau tak mau harus dibaca to Sering liat cover buku ini seliweran di timeline fesbuk Kayaknya pernah baca komentar seseorang kalo buku ini bagus, atau Ferarra family ya yang bagus Ntahlah, pokoknya berdasarkan ingatan akan komen tersebut, akhirnya aku nyomot buku ini Lagian sinopsisnya kayaknya lumayan menarik.Buuuuuuuuttttapiiiiiiii.ah baca kok malah gak dapat feel nya ya Chesmist [...]

    26. Nadia says:

      Well, whatever Caleb may say it was like a fairy tale Hero met heroine had a one night stand and then realized he was in love with her the whole time It was just a matter of days when they met again before he proposed and confessed he loved her So how can you say it s not like fairy tale Cause it is I also didn t get the title There was nothing ruthless about him I saw absolutely nothing May be he was but that must have stayed behind the curtains of this story As I see it, being ruthless is havi [...]

    27. Marimarime says:

      I thought I loved Jacob but now that I ve met Calebckily they re both taken there s no silly misunderstandings,well li l one in the beginning and in the last chapter but it unfolds beautifully Whole time I had a feeling that YES finally a novel with two normal,down to earth people, they re stubborn,and strong and sometimes overreacting but hey they re facing unexpected pregnancy after one night stand.H is lawyer and h is an actress wanna be and they live in different states,he s rich she s poor [...]

    28. Yazmin says:

      The Ruthless Caleb Wilde by Sandra Marton is a sweet and sexy romance, with a hero that will not accept defeat easily.Caleb Wilde is a man guided by logic, and why not, he is an attorney But he is too used to using logic and not much of emotions, so when he meets Sage he can t help but see the different choices he makes that he wouldn t usually make.Sage Dalton has had a tough life she is used to working hard for what she wants since she was a child she was raised with the illegitimate title in [...]

    29. HÜLYA says:

      G zel bir kitapd Sandra Morton o unlukla aniden olu an tutkulu a klar i liyor.Wilde Karde ler serisinin ikinci kitab Kad nlar Ne ister de yle bir kitap idiSage i mutlak bir tecav zden kurtaran Calep Wilde bu g zel kad n n etkisine girdikten sonra ondan ayr lamaz aralar ndaki nce mutlak bir tutku sonra yak c bir a kt rAralar nda yanl anlamalar olur birbirlerini k rarlarsa daYollar n n tekrar kesi mesi ka n lmazd rSevdim ben bu roman Kafay da tmak i in birebir

    30. Tawnya says:

      I have read a lot of Sandra Marton books and feel terrible for her as an author for giving this book such an awful rating, when it truly is the publisher s fault Probably a third of the book was missing , or to be specific skipped over with the last third of the book put in twice This had started out as such a good story, I just wished I had got to read it in it s entirety.

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