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Bait Dog
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Bait Dog Chuck Wendig This book contains both the novella Shotgun Gravy as well as the follow up novel, Bait Dog.The last time shotgun wielding Atlanta Burns tangled with the town bullies it seemed like she and her friends had won the day But then her cohort Chris Coyne ended up dead dead by his own hand if you believe the reports.Atlanta and her pal Shane are not so sure Atlanta, afraid oThis book contains both the novella Shotgun Gravy as well as the follow up novel, Bait Dog.The last time shotgun wielding Atlanta Burns tangled with the town bullies it seemed like she and her friends had won the day But then her cohort Chris Coyne ended up dead dead by his own hand if you believe the reports.Atlanta and her pal Shane are not so sure Atlanta, afraid of once again stirring up the hornets by investigating her friend s apparent suicide, instead focuses her efforts on looking into the death of a local teen s beloved dog But solving a dog s murder is no easy task, and soon Atlanta ends up embroiled in a rural dog fighting ring Stranger still, looking into the events surrounding the dog s death sheds new light on the death of her friend.Once she finds herself face to face with bullies of the worst sort, staring down a corruption that s seeped into the town like a septic infection It s all too much for one girl to handle and she knows that she and her trusty.410 squirrel gun must go up against the cruel and callous malefactors of her world No good can come of this, and yet, Atlanta cannot abide letting bad men do awful things to those who don t deserve it This, then, is Bait Dog one girl, her single barrel Winchester shotgun, and a whole town full of terrible that deserves her brand of teenage justice.. Bait Dog This book contains both the novella Shotgun Gravy as well as the follow up novel Bait Dog The last time shotgun wielding Atlanta Burns tangled with the town bullies it seemed like she and her friends
  • Title: Bait Dog
  • Author: Chuck Wendig
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  • Page: 180
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  • Bait Dog Chuck Wendig

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    1 Blog on “Bait Dog

    1. Stephanie says:

      Finished it in one big sweep last night There was a lot of momentum to this story, especially at the end.This is not a book for the faint of heart It s vicious, hard, unforgiving, and very hard to put down It s got a lot of the hallmarks of noir fiction a slightly tarnished protagonist, moral ambiguity, murky politics and connections, and a general sense of things happening in the shadows that you shouldn t look at too closely Combine that with the cruelty, confusion, and anger of adolescence, a [...]

    2. Josh Loomis says:

      Bait Dog is one of the hardest reads I ve ever experienced Not because any of the language was obtuse, mind you Chuck Wendig, as always, writes smoothly and conversationally It also wasn t because there are any plot problems or discordant character moments It was hard to read because it deals with the ugly and absolutely repulsive world of dog fighting.Atlanta Burns is a girl who gets shit done We established this in Shotgun Gravy Word has gotten around, and now other people want her to get shit [...]

    3. Kim says:

      ONE STARI was going to write a praise filled review for Bait Dog I was going to talk about how mature handling of difficult themes, depth of storylines, and the book really making its mark in a sea of trash Was being the operative word here Then I read the epilogue.Chuck Wendig, seriously, what the fuck A weak, easy ending that makes no sense like your understanding of a couple of technical and medical issues, respectively view spoiler that destruction of an electronic device is not erasure of i [...]

    4. Daniel Swensen says:

      I ve read damn near everything Chuck Wendig has published, and of all his characters, Atlanta Burns is by far my favorite Miriam Black is a close second, but that s another story Bait Dog picks up where Shotgun Gravy leaves off with the brusque, tough, tenacious Atlanta Burns in over her head Atlanta Burns is like a tiny, redheaded, female John McClane you can slow her down, but you can never stop her Wendig reminds me a bit of Stephen King in his Richard Bachman mode and I mean that in the most [...]

    5. Cameron says:

      Second installment in Wendig s sizzling teenage detective with a shotgun series Absolute blood boiling fire on the page His approach to high school trauma and drama is pragmatic and honest without being hopeless, and his characters, even the villains, spark and jump Also, I now know than I ever wanted to about dog fighting If you need me I will be in the shower, weeping.If you d told me last year I d be reading a self published YA high school mystery novel, I d have called you a liar, and proba [...]

    6. Mark Matthews says:

      I have been following Chuck Wendig s blog and reading his how to writing books for some time I find these books to be incredibly original and consistently motivating and told with a voice that speaks my language Bait Dog is my first piece of his fiction I have read, partially inspired by curiousity in how it covered the topic of dog fightin since is is covered in my own novel StrayI only read Bait Dog, and not Shotgun gravy, but felt there were enough references and flashbacks that I could piece [...]

    7. Patrick O'Duffy says:

      I started Bait Dog 13 months ago and was reading it slowly while being distracted by life.Then we got a dog.Suddenly this story became a lot harder to read.Finally I overcame my dread and powered through it, and I m glad I did, because Bait Dog is a worthy successor to Shotgun Gravy a book full of heart and fire, much like its protagonist, the amazing Atlanta Burns I love Atlanta she s angry and ignorant and righteous and kind of doomed and kind of wonderful and always, always right even when sh [...]

    8. Suzie Hunt says:

      This is a hard book to read Heart wrenching It isn t fluffy and it isn t feel good At some points you feel like you are drowning in everything nasty and wrong about people You keep reading even though you don t want to, even though you can see that is no way out that isn t going to be uglier and horrible.This is not escapism It is not sparkly vampires and unicorns and a world where being the hero is just about picking the side of light and good This book is hard, because there is no right answe [...]

    9. Isa Stamos says:

      Blew me away Was not really knowing what to expect Atlanta Burns is amazing and I want to read Feels Tarantino.

    10. Rosalind M says:

      It has been a long time since a book sucked me in so completely and left me so shaken when I finally put it down.

    11. Ben Babcock says:

      Bait Dog follows on from Shotgun Gravy, which I gave a very cursory review I can easily say I liked this better than Shotgun Gravy, not for its tone or characters or even content but simply because it had a deeper, intriguing mystery Chuck Wendig turns Atlanta Burns into Encyclopedia Brown Pet Detective She agrees to find someone s missing dog because she needs the money the bad guys from the first book have used their pull with the bank to get her and her mother s farmhouse foreclosed What Atl [...]

    12. M.A. Kropp says:

      As with the first Atlanta Burns story, Shotgun Gravy, this is a firecracker of a ride that doesn t ever let go When we left Atlanta at the end of Shotgun Gravy she had dealt with the bullies that threatened her friends Or so she thought Then Chris, her gay classmate, is found hanged Suicide, the police say Atlanta and Shane don t think so, but what can they do And then along comes another classmate, who wants Atlanta to investigate the torturing and murder of her dog And that leads Atlanta right [...]

    13. Reader-ramble says:

      Wendig has done it again This book is just as fast and emotionally evoking as strapping a rocket between your legs and zipping down a test track at spine snapping speeds.Atlanta Burns is a high school student with a reputation for shooting the balls off a grabby boyfriend of her mother s Her mother is unemployed, she lives in a house with a drunken lean, and has very few friends One of them has just committed suicide Atlanta must deal with grief while investigation a string of dog kidnappings.Th [...]

    14. Guy Gonzalez says:

      This is where a star rating system fails, because I d probably give Bait Dog four stars on purely objective measures, as Chuck Wendig delivers an engaging page turner with a compelling cast of characters that collectively rise above their stereotypes, none so than the impressively complex lead with the too clever name, Atlanta Burns.Subjectively, though, it was a hard book to read, brazenly delving into unseemly territory, and it often felt a bit like picking at scabs while also cutting open a [...]

    15. Eric says:

      Bait Dog which includes the earlier novella Shotgun Gravy tells the story of Atlanta Burns, a troubled teenage girl trying to deal with the aftereffects of standing up to her molester The molester happens to have been her mother s boyfriend, and Atlanta shot him with a squirrel gun.In Shotgun Gravy, something about that act of standing up for herself has awakened in Atlanta the desire to help others stand up for themselves as well This new found urge gets Atlanta involved with a few other kids a [...]

    16. Mark Horejsi says:

      Bait Dog is the follow up novel, continuing the story of Atlanta Burns, a teen girl who has a knack for getting in and out of trouble There s a lot of ways to describe her, but in fact she s the perfect heroine in a bleak, damaged world Wendig does an excellent job of filling this book with believable and yet twisted folk, and that gritty setting drives many of Atlanta s adventures, if you can call them that.I ll be brief This was a 5 5 book I devoured it over about 24 hours, even though it left [...]

    17. Liz says:

      Bait Dog This story is far off the beaten track for me and difficult to characterize You could say it s YA because our protagonist is a teenager in high school but the themes and situations that Atlanta finds herself in are very much on the adult end of the spectrum Since she is basically raising herself her mother is barely present and no role model Atlanta has to figure out that common decency is not as common as she might think and it is a ferocious and ruthless lesson Wendig does not shy awa [...]

    18. Dan says:

      I think Atlanta Burns is my favorite Chuck Wendig character I called Shotgun Gravy included in Bait Dog revenge porn, or something to that effect, because Atlanta is all about giving bad people their due She s oppressed and has been wronged and now those people are going to pay.The start of Bait Dog teased in Shotgun Gravy, back when that was a standalone novella nearly made me cry It certainly made me furious, filled with the sort of impotent rage that revenge porn remedies.Then well, this isn [...]

    19. Phil says:

      Wow, just WOW I ve read Chuck Wendig before, and when I saw this book I did assume it would be of the same How wrong was I Yes this book has all the trademark Wendig A sassy female lead think Miriam Black without the powers , some dark subject matter, oodles of bad language But this book has something everything else Wendig I ve so far read didn t have No superpowers, no vampires, no walking dead, no monsters.Well that s not totally true, there were monsters, but the monsters in this book were [...]

    20. Tiffany says:

      So, I ve decided that Atlanta Burns is sort of a white trash, brutal version of Veronica Mars, and I honestly mean that in the best way I like Atlanta and I like Veronica Atlanta isn t actually trashy, but it s just that she s surrounded by all of these white trash people and she s forced to sink to their level Hey, I m from rural north central Pennsylvania where this is supposed to be set, so I feel qualified to comment on rednecks This story is just as a gritty and well written as Shotgun Gra [...]

    21. Matt says:

      Wendig rules Shotgun Gravy and Bait Dog aren t as great as Blue Blazes but it s up there close to the Miriam Black books I really enjoyed these two reads which, being a dog lover, this book touched a part of me that not many books often do Atlanta Burns is, although not all that believable, a whole lot of fun I felt like this book could have been a 5 if it didn t try to maintain the YA feel It shouldn t be considered a YA because it has a lot of adult themes and they are describe in detail that [...]

    22. Ivana says:

      What is it with Chuck Wendig and dead cats It s becoming repetitive, or I keep running into Chuck Wendig books with injured dead cats.This books is not an easy read Some call it YA, but it s not, it s way too brutal you don t usually read about chilli peppers and peanut butter being shoved up gay boy s anus so that he s s blood for a week The characters don t just hold hands and kiss at the end, either their only answer is to keep fighting the bad guys, but the reader is very aware the fight is [...]

    23. Ward says:

      My first thought was to say that this book was visceral Then I had to go and look up what it meant It fit Chuck Wendig has yet to disappoint in anything I have read by him With that in mind, this book definitely isn t for everyone Bait Dog was a difficult read challenging read for me Not because I didn t understand the big words thank God for Kindle dictionary , but because, as a dog lover, the subject matter was hard to accept.I d like to go into detail as to why that is, but I never want to gi [...]

    24. Lbousson says:

      1.2 Atlanta Burns NOTE The author lists this as a YA book, but the themes are very intense and I don t recommend it for sensitive readers This was a very well written book I enjoyed the strong female protagonist She had a lot of spunk and character and was very tough minded.The book is pretty intense, and I don t recommend it for sensitive people There is a lot going on in it and the realism of the story makes it feel heavy.I don t normally enjoy stories like this, or this long, but because it w [...]

    25. sj says:

      This was a hard read Take the warnings up there seriously If you have a hard time reading about animal cruelty at all, you should maybe skip this I had to put it down and walk away a few times That being said, I completely adore Atlanta I want to give her a hug.I also wrote about Shotgun Gravy here.

    26. J.S. Menefee says:

      Some people have called this YA, but I disagree The writing style is reminiscent of that, but the story is definitely adult no sex, it isn t erotica, but violence and other adult themes The main character is very compelling, and I couldn t put the book down until I had read it all.

    27. William Pepper says:

      So much awesomeness That s the review that comes to mind Actually, at the risk of crass self promotion, I did write a longer review at my blog williamallenpepper.wordpress

    28. Tina says:

      Can t wait for the next Atlanta Burns installment

    29. Bonnie says:

      I like these books They are difficult to read at times, due to the content I like Atlanta.

    30. Patrick Thunstrom says:

      I can t praise Wendig s works enough He s to the point, hits your emotions hard, and you just sort of believe in the characters.

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