Colin Forbes
This United State
September 07, 2019 Comments.. 365
This United State Colin Forbes Britain is in mortal danger The Prime Minister has been assassinated Is a giant power determined to absorb Britain into its own system Enemies flood into the country and the noose is tightening Who is running this gigantic operation. This United State Britain is in mortal danger The Prime Minister has been assassinated Is a giant power determined to absorb Britain into its own system Enemies flood into the country and the noose is tightening Who is
  • Title: This United State
  • Author: Colin Forbes
  • ISBN: 9780330418201
  • Page: 216
  • Format: None
  • This United State Colin Forbes

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    1 Blog on “This United State

    1. Craig says:

      Whilst the underlying premise is perhaps worthy of some merit, the aspect that remains with me most is the appalling dialogue and the blatant sexism Clumsy narrative with the various character viewpoints telling us their thoughts about other people s feelings, motives, etc And I always get worried when I see As you know in the dialogue, which to me translates as If we were really a close knit team working in international espionage you would know this, but because this is a book and I have to ke [...]

    2. Chas says:

      Total nonsense, almost as bad as Dan Brown It had some accidental comic relief with the concept of Cockney Special Forces Fire luvaduckave a banana

    3. Sharon says:

      Interesting premise and a slightly MI5 type story.

    4. Sanda says:

      I just finised the book Interesting reading.

    5. Steve says:

      I ve given this book 2 stars I ve also given it to charity smiling as I ve read far worse But it wasn t that gripping or exciting at all I didn t even get past ch.5 before I got really bored with it I think it was meant to be a gripping agent thriller, it wasn t If a book isn t a gripping joy to read, then I don t waste my time on it This book lacked character depth, an essential ingredient to almost all the books I read In fact to any great work of fiction short of The Gruffalo, which is an exc [...]

    6. Craig Tonkin says:

      The storyline kept me entertained however it was too all over the place on a few occasions and loaded with too many co incidences.The fact that all the parties, both good and bad, always ended up in each other s face and in the same hotel in various cities became a tad annoying Cities have several hotels The odds that everyone ends up at the same hotel each time they travel makes it seem cheesy.The storyline is shockingly prophetic and I hope the Island Nation of Britain remains strong and never [...]

    7. Mikeh5972 says:

      Rather disappointing as a story and absurdly far fetched If anything it would have been a thrilling tale if it had been much shorter I find that Colin Forbes has a very irritating habit of thinking of dozens of ways of carrying dialogue forward, e.g Tweed asserted, Paula interjected, Newman mused and so on I have never noticed this with any other author It is surprising that the editors seem unaware of this as it is a regular feature of this author s writing.

    8. Bettyjoy Engelbrecht says:

      A truly well told story, well written, a page turner that once into I could not put down American ,or rather a group in America, decide to make Great Britain ungovernable in order to make them the 51st state of the USA, only to be defeated by a small group of well organised British Secret Service Members A really good read.

    9. Jim says:

      I have enjoyed some Colin Forbes books in the past, The Janus Man for example is a good read, however, I do not think I will be reading any after this offering If this storyline was produced from the imagination of a 15 year old school boy, he would still deserve an F Avoid this book

    10. Michelle Ohara says:

      Great Story Very Compelling

    11. Hannah Etherton says:

      Good read, cross spanning lots of countries, nice descriptive tale with plenty of action ticking it along Reads like a Colin Forbes

    12. Peter says:

      A very good read, by a very good author.

    13. Paul says:

      No ham sandwiches throughout, but Sheperds Pie at end I now these books needed to be shaken up a bit, but I thought maybe by killing off a main character, not changing the food orders.

    14. Thomas West says:

      R has Read it 2

    15. Ashley says:

      Brilliant book to read

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