Kirsty Moseley
The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window
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The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window Kirsty Moseley Liam James, boy next door and total douchebag, is my brother s best friend I can t stand him Well, that s not strictly true, at night I see a side of him that no one else does Every night Liam becomes my safe haven, my protector, the one to chase the demons of my abusive childhood away and hold all the broken pieces of me together.He s cocky, he s arrogant, and he s alsLiam James, boy next door and total douchebag, is my brother s best friend I can t stand him Well, that s not strictly true, at night I see a side of him that no one else does Every night Liam becomes my safe haven, my protector, the one to chase the demons of my abusive childhood away and hold all the broken pieces of me together.He s cocky, he s arrogant, and he s also some sort of playboy in training With his hit it and quit it mentality, he s the last person you d want to fall in love with I only wish someone had told my heart that The international bestselling novel, and finalist of the choice awards YA fiction 2012.. The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window Liam James boy next door and total douchebag is my brother s best friend I can t stand him Well that s not strictly true at night I see a side of him that no one else does Every night Liam becomes
  • Title: The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window
  • Author: Kirsty Moseley
  • ISBN: 9781476109510
  • Page: 101
  • Format: ebook
  • The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window Kirsty Moseley

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    1. Komal Mikaelson says:

      Warning This is of an angry and frustrated rant than a proper review Forewarned is forearmed.Initial reaction after reading the bookWhat the hell did I just read It has to be the crappiest, silliest, the most pathetic book I ve EVER read Urgh It was like reading the diary entry of a 12 year old teenager obsessesd with her boyfriend, with no fucking priorities at all.Oh, and just look at the average rating 4.11 Four point fucking one Seriously people Why would anyone even bother completing this [...]

    2. Kala says:

      Review also posted on my blog at Kala s Book BlogThis book is terrible Absolutely terrible I had a really long review written which included lots of quotes to back up my opinion, but then my power went out and I lost it THANKS TROPICAL STORM ISAAC I m re writing most of it, but I don t feel like digging around my Kindle to get the quotes again Sorry Like I said, this book is terrible The plot is terrible The characters are terrible The writing is terrible The editing is REALLY terrible Right now [...]

    3. Jurate says:

      So, meet Amber and Liam They aren t couple , but they sleep together since they were kidsBUT THEY JUST SLEPT But then something changes and she starts to feel something And of course he feels something too He turned to me, and do you know what he said to me He said in a deadly serious tone, Momma, am I dead And I said no honey, you re not dead , and he shook his head, looking all confused about something Then he pointed to you dancing and said, if I m not dead, then why is there an Angel in our [...]

    4. Aestas Book Blog says:

      Almost 4 stars maybe 3.5 S It s always been you it ll always be you, Angel My goodness I felt torn about how to rate this book There were literally times where I was grinning, and awww ing and proclaiming my whole hearted love for the book but then, there were times where I d cringe, roll my eyes or want to throttle the characters I kept going back and forth between 2.5 and 4.5 stars It was a tough call because the good parts were reeeeally heart meltingly good but the inconsistencies and some p [...]

    5. Beatrix says:

      One of the worst books I ve read Nuff said

    6. Saania Zee Jamal ϟ says:

      WARNING this review rant contains spoilers but hopefully by the end of it, you won t want to bother with it either way.A list of some of the reasons why I, not disliked, not hated, but despised this trash of a novel Painful grammatical errors sprinkled all throughout because who needs a BETA reader, right Countless repetitions dripping with mozzarella la It s always been you, Angel I love you, no I love you , Angel and cheesy bullshit along that vein Between this and Taher Shah s musical monstr [...]

    7. Kirstin says:

      Some books are meant to teach us lesson Some, to give us information Others, to provide entertainment After reading The Boy Who Sneaks in my Bedroom Window, I thought Where do we put this horrible book Because it is neither of the three.Well, okay It might provide entertainment for those who seek for this kind of story But to me it s a big no no This was a horrible and infuriating read Kind of insulting to the female and male population who were looked up to be slut and man whore by the author C [...]

    8. Serena.. Sery-ously? says:

      Dicono del libro Per Uno splendido disastro era meglio cit lettrice disperata che non pensava che ci fosse possibile E invece Le sorprese della vita Che esempio sublime di supercazzola Mi inchino cit Lello Mascetti Ma esiste davvero cit drogato medio in preda ad un suo trip S Ho letto volontariamente il libro e non ero sotto effetto di droghe S , sapevo di trovarmi probabilmente di fronte ad uno degli esempi pi bassi della letteratura S , mi diverte scriverci recensioni XDQuesto libro la BRUTTEZ [...]

    9. Natasha is a Book Junkie says:

      What a gorgeous gorgeous book I started reading it in the afternoon and refused to go to sleep until it was finished I d like to think that I m over books set in high school but this book proved me wrong It had me wrapped around its sweet little fingers from beginning to end and I think it had everything to do with the loveable characters I was looking for an angst free read and, for most of the book, that is exactly what I got.The story centres on three characters Amber, her brother Jake and Ja [...]

    10. Jennifer Kyle says:

      3.5 LIAM Stars Could this boy be any perfect This story had a lot of things that were far fetched but it also had Liam James, a swoon worthy hero that had me reading on, even though at times I was rolling my eyes It just goes to show you a great male lead can sometimes save a story.The premise of the story is quite simple, Amber and her big brother Jake have been suffering physical, and on her part sexual abuse by the hands of their father Amber s brother s best friend, Liam lives next door and [...]

    11. M. says:

      This book was really bad It wasn t the writing or the grammar mistakes It was the plot or better saying, lack of it that made me stop reading it 20% through.So Amber is supposed to be a traumatized teen because she had endured abuse from her father up until she was 13 Let me point out here that when I say abuse, I m talking almost rape, not counting the many years of molestation she endured up until her father tried to rape her However, Amber is anything but traumatized She says she is and that [...]

    12. Ali Cooper says:

      This Book Yea, it s my nightmare.Is this what creative writing has come to This is beyond ridiculous and unacceptable to what reading a YA book has come to.Whoever s idea was to even pick up this book was either drunk or making a joke out of it.I mean I wouldn t even consider this a book but a ridiculous explanation to publish a book just for it to be publish.Nobody even put effort to make it better NEITHER did they find a editor to edit the book.Do you know that instead of enjoying this book, t [...]

    13. Angela Parker says:

      I am at a complete loss here And in ways than one reviews rarely let me down So when I saw that this book had 4 rating I was totally on board You lie People of You lie, and you lied good.The book had a lot of potential I really liked the idea of after a traumatic life, Ambers neighbor has been coming in and sleeping with her every night The thought sweet The story poorly executed.I need to google this author and find out if the name is a pen name for a 15 year old who just got a laptop for Chri [...]

    14. Mariℓina says:

      4,5 StarsHow much i loved this story Liam is The boyfriend The most amazing boyfriend ever I loved this book with my whole heart, i don t care not even a bit if it had some plotholes, or about how stupid Amber was I m really happy that i read it.I loved Jake and Liam they were both perfectAmber was ok but reckless in some situation Mostly where that monster of father was involvedI can t believe a mother left her children so unprotected and after he left she found a job that was away of the child [...]

    15. Jenn says:

      Let me just start off by saying that the max rating this book could have gotten out of me was 4 stars It lost 1 star automatically for all the grammatical errors and believe me, there were plenty I ve tried to hide all spoilers but a few may have leaked through in the review.The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window sounded so promising to me A brother and sister are abused by their father Brother s best friend sees the sister crying in her bedroom one night when they are young and he climbs into [...]

    16. Alexis *Reality Bites* says:

      Spoiler Free Review4 STARS out of 5Genre Mature YA RomanceThe Boy Who Sneaks in my Bedroom Window is an adorable lovestory held by an undertone of darkness It has teenage Lust, Love, Friendship and Sweet words from a HOT guy that make this book so irresistible Needless to say I LOVED IT Amber and Jake Walker live in fear of their abusive father Just one wrong move can cause him to get angry and go ballistic One night after an horrific beating eight year old Amber is in her room crying when Liam [...]

    17. Sheryl says:

      First up, let me say that i read the Wattpad version of this story by Kirsty and i was BLOWN AWAY Just the type of YA romance that i love I m off to Smashwords to buy the edited version of this story but i don t think that it could get any better A real 5 star read in my opinion Anyone that enjoys a good YA romance NEEDS to get this When i read the version that Kirsty has published which is now up on and Smashwords , i ll leave a proper review Congrats, Ms Moseley the rest of the world deserves [...]

    18. Tiny ♥Hearts says:

      Okay, I feel like I m committing a crime by giving this story a one star So, before I get to reviewing this book, I d like to point out that I m familiar with this author on wattpad, and am quite fond of her writing style with her other books on wattpad, and a fan But this particular book didn t do it for me, it felt amateur at best I could deal with grammar errors because Hey Everyone s human I think reading on wattpad has prepared me to be completely oblivious selectively so when it comes to t [...]

    19. asdewi says:

      Amber dan Jake punya ayah yang abusive Suatu malam, saat Amber menangis di tempat tidurnya setelah dipukuli sang ayah, datang seorang bocah lelaki yang menenangkan tangisnya dan menemaninya tidur sampai pagi Bocah itu adalah Liam, tetangga sebelah rumah juga sahabat Jake.Cerita maju 8 tahun kemudian.Orang tua Amber telah berpisah setelah si ayah mencoba memperkosa Amber untunglah bisa digagalkan oleh Jake dan Liam Kejadian itu meninggalkan trauma pada Amber Dia tak nyaman dengan sentuhan bahkan [...]

    20. Nathaly Alvarez Jimenez says:

      Creo que este es uno de mis nuevos favoritos Esta historia es todo lo que siempre quise de un libro rom ntico, todo En realidad lo amo con cada partecita de mi raro coraz n y lo amare por siempre Desde un principio juzgue a este libro por su portada y su titulo, pero el coraz n dibujado en el vidrio es demasiado cursi, asco No quer a leerlo Pero desde ayer estoy de humor para leer romance hasta que vomite corazones y flores Por donde empiezo Bueno, les contare esta es una de esas historias que d [...]

    21. Shelly Crane says:

      Holy roller coaster Liam was fantastic FANTASTIC There was so much lovey dovey stuff my favorite so I was swooning and sighing constantly.Fyi to the younger crowd, there was quite a bit of language and sex stuff , but I really enjoyed it Some parts were definitely hard to read because they were very heartwrenching and upsetting, but real.Buy this book All I m saying.

    22. AleJandra says:

      2 CODEPENDIENTES STARSLa historia es entretenida, PEROOOOOOOOOOO me causo cierto desagrado.Y me la pase rodando los ojos por todos los errores que tiene esta historia.Para empezar ya no quiero leer libros que contengan abuso sexual, pero por alguna raz n siempre termino leyendo uno En este caso no sab a que de eso trataba este libro, pens que ser a una historia rosa y clich sobre amor adolescente, pero la verdad esta historia es todo menos linda.El inicio es brutal, ya que nos plantea un ambient [...]

    23. La Mala ✌ says:

      No pude terminarlo.Mientras pasaba la historia , esto es lo unico que le a Soy Amber , todas las noches desde que tengo ocho a os duermo en mi camita con el vecino Nadie lo sabe , ni siquiera mi mam , que nunca est en la casa ni mi pap , quien supuestamente me busca noche tras noche para cagarme a palos O sea , tipo na , nadie se entero nunca jam s en diez putos a os Soy Amber , ya tengo dieciseis No se que le pasa a mi vecino Todas las ma anas se levanta con la pi% a dura pero , o sea no creo q [...]

    24. Amy says:

      I can t believe this book is getting 5 star reviews i read the book on wattpad and didn t think it was that good even in comparison to the standard of books uploaded to wattpad The writing style is so amature, the plot isn t structured, the actual setting is confusing due to mix of british and american vocab AND FOR GOODNESS SAKE, IF SOMEONE HAS PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEMS THEY SHOULD SEE A THERAPIST, NOT RELY ON THEIR BOYFRIEND TO SOLVE THEIR PROBLEMS The fact that she started having sex , and then [...]

    25. Ilis Cruz says:

      I read the wattpad version and seriously I don t understand why it have so many good reviews The book was so bad it was like reading a bad fanfiction written by a 13 years old The beginning was OK, but then the author keeps adding and crap Sorry but I didn t even finish it That bad.SPOILER ALERT She was almost raped by her dad so she was traumatized and couldn t even stand be touched by guy and yet she s in every chapter in a sexual situation with the guy She even get pregnant and the guy, who [...]

    26. Beatrice Masaluñga says:

      I don t know how I managed to finish this book Note This review may contain spoilers.It was unrealistic and annoying I just had to put it down and read it some other time Yet, I still manage to finish it though I m on the verge to give it up by 50% Yes, I have a very long patience Some people liked this book, sorry but this book is not the way I expected I m really disappointed with this book ugghhh my frustration kicks in.Here are all my frustrations I m completely annoyed from the very beginni [...]

    27. Kristen says:

      VERY low 3 stars That said, and call me crazy, but I still liked this book A lot I would classify it as a B movie that you simply love.

    28. Tough Critic Book Reviews says:

      Where the magic happens toughcriticbookreviewsspoPhee phi pho phuck I have absolutely no idea how to review this book What I m about to say may totally confuse you hell, it totally confused me There is no black or white I need you to suit up my peoples and join me on a little vacation into the grey area Your love of this book is going to be totally dependent on your ability to overlook flaws Flaws in the form of some pretty cheesy dialogue though not the entire time , a rocky execution, and some [...]

    29. Christy says:

      I really enjoyed this book Loved the relationship between Amber and Liam Liam was great, what a guy Also really liked Jake and his relationship with his sister Overall a really great book I would recommend

    30. Mae says:

      Original review can be found on Read Runner.I read this book because the synopsis seemed intriguing Amber and her brother Jake grew up with an abusive father Years after their father left, Amber is still dealing with the effects of her trauma Part of her support system is her brother s best friend, Liam, who comforted her years ago and continues to comfort her nightly.Unfortunately, the synopsis was so far from reality I was stunned at how a book marketed as a YA novel had so many sexual referen [...]

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