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The Fannie Farmer Cookbook
September 03, 2019 Comments.. 623
The Fannie Farmer Cookbook Marion Cunningham Fannie Merritt Farmer Archibald Candy Corporation Here is the great basic American cookbook with than 1,990 recipes, plain and fancy that belongs in every household.Originally published in 1896 as The Boston Cooking School Cook Book by Fannie Merritt Farmer, it became the coobook that taught generations of Americans how to cook Completely updating it for the first time since 1979, Marion Cunningham made Fannie FarHere is the great basic American cookbook with than 1,990 recipes, plain and fancy that belongs in every household.Originally published in 1896 as The Boston Cooking School Cook Book by Fannie Merritt Farmer, it became the coobook that taught generations of Americans how to cook Completely updating it for the first time since 1979, Marion Cunningham made Fannie Farmer once again a household word for a new generation of cooks.What makes this basic cookbook so distinctive is that Marion Cunningham, who is the personification of the nineteenth century teacher, is always at your side with her forthright tips and comments, encouraging the beginning cook and inspiring the adventurous She knows what today s cooks are looking for, and she has a way of instilling confidence and joy in the act of cooking.In giving the book new life, Mrs Cunningham has been careful always to preserve the best of the old She has retained all the particularly good, tried and true recipes from preceding editions, retesting and rewriting when necessary She has rediscovered lost treasures, including delicious recipes that were eliminated when practically no one baked bread at home This is now the place to find the finest possible recipes for Pumpkin Soup, Boston Baked Beans, Carpetbag Steak, Roast Stuffed Turkey, Anadama Bread, Indian Pudding, Apple Pie, and all of the other traditional favorites.The new recipes reflect ethnic influences Mediterranean, Moroccan, Asian that have been adding their flavors to American cooking in recent years Tucked in among all your favorites like Old Fashioned Beef Stew, New England Clam Chowder, Ham Timbales, and Chicken Jambalaya, you ll find her cool Cucumber Sushi, Enchiladas with Chicken and Green Sauce, or a layered dish of Polenta and Fish to add variety to your repertoire Always a champion of old fashioned breakfasts and delectable desserts, Mrs Cunningham has many splendid new offerings to tempt you.Throughout, cooking terms and procedures are explained, essential ingredients are spelled out, basic equipment is assessed Mrs Cunningham even tells you how to make a good cup of coffee and how to brew tea properly.For the diet conscious, there is an expanded nutritional chart that includes a breakdown of cholesterol and fat in common ingredients as well as in Fannie Farmer basic recipes Where the taste of a dish would not be altered, Mrs Cunningham has reduced the amount of cream and butter in some of the recipes from the preceding edition She carefully evaluates the issues of food safety today and alerts us to potential hazards.But the emphasis here is always on good flavor, fresh ingredients, and lots of variety in one s daily fare, which Marion Cunningham believes is the secret to a healthy diet Dedicated to the home cooks of America, young and old, this thirteenth edition of the book that won the hearts of Americans than a century ago invites us all as did the original Fannie Farmer to cherish the delights of the family table.. The Fannie Farmer Cookbook Here is the great basic American cookbook with than recipes plain and fancy that belongs in every household Originally published in as The Boston Cooking School Cook Book by Fannie Merritt
  • Title: The Fannie Farmer Cookbook
  • Author: Marion Cunningham Fannie Merritt Farmer Archibald Candy Corporation
  • ISBN: 9780679450818
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Fannie Farmer Cookbook Marion Cunningham Fannie Merritt Farmer Archibald Candy Corporation

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    1 Blog on “The Fannie Farmer Cookbook

    1. Randi says:

      I love this cookbook It is my very favorite All the recipes are simple and if you like good old fashioned homemade food that is easy to make and doesn t cost a lot, this is for you This book will teach you how to cook The ingredients are basic and there are many recipes for simple inexpensive dishes A must for people on a budget who want to learn to cook from scratch The date is set for today but I have had this book for 5 years and I still use it all the time.

    2. DeB MaRtEnS says:

      The Fanny Farmer Cookbook has been around for a long, long time I was given a paperback copy by my mother in 1972 and its tattered cover barely holds the contents of this excellent cookery manual My mother s favourite cookbook, a thick hardcover, the source of waffle batter, baking powder biscuits and the best dumplings for a beef stew, I remember learning how to use our cast iron waffle maker in the 1960 s with Fanny Farmer s directions THAT cookbook was left with my father after my mother s de [...]

    3. Julie Barrett says:

      The Fannie Farmer cookbook by Marion CunninhgamAlways trying to improve on our healthy eating habits so thought I d listen to this book on tape about the Fannie Farmer cookbook.So much information about measuring and how different ingredients react to liquid, heat, etc Also entertaining ideas and even beverages are discussed.More than 30 hours to listen to the whole book So much information, treasured the vegetable section and how to cook them differently.I received this book from National Libra [...]

    4. Donna Davis says:

      I received this cookbook as a wedding gift in 1979 The marriage didn t last, but the cookbook has remained my closest kitchen ally Recipes are altered with every publication, and so although the cover has fallen from it and the binding is failing, I put a big rubber band around it when not in use I have a lot of cookbooks, but this is the one I reach for still.

    5. Jane Dugger says:

      What a fabulous reference cookbook This would be a great gift for a new home.

    6. Jennie says:

      This is my 1 standby cookbook I refer to it for almost everything, for various ways to prepare literally any vegetable I can think of, to baking cakes, cobblers and many old fashioned delights that I have never heard of It is comprehensive enough that I cross reference all recipes against it My great grandmother used this book, and she was an amazing cook, so I trust it for pretty much all basic recipes I must note, if you are vegetarian leaning, it is worth it to pick up the latest edition as o [...]

    7. B.A. says:

      Fanny is a good staple, especially for someone rather new to the kitchen not too new, you have to at least know the basics as there are no pictures and few drawings If you only owned one cookbook, this would be a decent choice as it contains all the major categories However, if you love food and you love to cook, you will outgrow Fanny.Drawback My edition doesn t have any nutritional information, which dates any cookbook.

    8. Gopi says:

      Marion Cunningham writes cookbooks the way I would informative, but dull all head and no heart.The recipes are reliable and simple, but uninspiring and unspectacular.I d say skip this one, and getHow to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman For some historical perspective and to see why Fannie Farmer herself was so important to cookbook authors everywhere, you should also have a look at1896 Boston Cooking School Cookbook.

    9. Katherine says:

      I read my mom s 1960 copy of Fannie Farmer over Xmas break from front to back as if it were a novel All the really neat parts of that edition are missing from the newer editions Bummer I would have liked to see a trend of old fashioned coffee made with eggshells and yolk or cookies made with chicken fat.

    10. Crystal says:

      This is really a hands down best go to guide for cooking really anything you can think of It gives the basics as well as complex recipes I find myself reaching for this again and again It would make a wonderful gift for a newly married couple or any person starting out in the kitchen.

    11. Katherine says:

      Although the copy I have is older, printed in the early 80s, this is pretty much the gold standard of basic cookbooks I always refer back to it for things, and this is the first time I really sat down and read it all the way through.

    12. Theresa says:

      This is the ultimate cookbook Everyone should have this as a staple in their kitchen If you are ever in question on how to go about cooking something, you have a pretty good chance of finding the answer in the Fannie Farmer Cookbook.

    13. Reevesjenny says:

      Haven t been reading much, but have been baking some treats from this great book my mother in law gave me years ago I recommend the any fruit crisp We had one last night with strawberries and apples Yum

    14. Robert says:

      I have always been a fan of the Fannie Farmer cookbook This is my go to basic cookbook for whenever I need to read up on how to do something or at what temperature something should cook at.I find this easy to follow and enjoy the approach taken in describing dishes.

    15. Lynn says:

      This is a great all purpose cookbook with wonderful recipes Although I have many, many cookbooks, Fanny Farmer, the Joy of Cooking and The Best Skillet Recipes, a gift from a dear friend, are the three that I use 95% of the time and contain the vast majority of my family s favorite recipes.

    16. Cathy says:

      This is a good cookbook for vegan baking believe it or not There are many recipes for things that use only one egg which is easy to substitute and some which call for no dairy at all Good for pie crust, cobbler and other traditional baked goods.

    17. Margie says:

      I use this even often than The Joy of Cooking for reference.

    18. Misty says:

      My fiance s paternal grandmother gave me this little treasure I have some of my family s recipes that I love, but this book is now my go to for everything that isn t in my own collection.

    19. Anna says:

      This is the best basic cookbook in America, hands down It is filled with all the classic dishes you could ever imagine, as well as some great old forgotten recipes.

    20. Rachel says:

      Three cheers for the perfect cookbook Really Whether you know nothing or everything about preparing food this book will come in handy Basic techniques, delicious recipes, and Cunningham s updates are stellar Awesome food is possible.

    21. Mintkittytea says:

      To my darling daughter Teresa on her 22nd birthday May you have many happy years and great meals May 26 95 Mom It s an amazing cookbook, toore later

    22. Jasmeet Kaur says:

      I really want to read this book but it does not let me read it

    23. Reid Wayman says:

      My go to cookbook for than 40 years

    24. Pamela says:

      My go to cookbook for all the basics.

    25. Claire says:

      I grew up with my mother s 1970 s split, falling apart, taped in separated pages copy gracing our kitchen and always begged her to get another book Then one day, this hardcover reissued anniversary edition came under my tree and I have learned why my mother kept her tattered, broken copy as something sacred Despite having been given so many different instructional guides, Fannie Farmer has been my go to guide for many years Not only do I look up techniques I do not know or cannot remember, I oft [...]

    26. Fiona says:

      This is my go to cookbook for just about everything.

    27. Holly says:

      So after a while I figured out that the illusive Boston Cooking School Cookbook of my mother s shelf is also the famed Fannie Farmer cookbook and I could be super efficient in my cookbookery I found an awesome copy from 1943 in a used bookstore and it came with handwritten recipe cards for disgusting 60 s food tucked in between the pages Altogether awesome.Everyone should have a Fannie Farmer Cookbook because it tells you how to cook pretty much anything Roasting a chicken There is a table for t [...]

    28. jacky says:

      I have a different edition the eleventh My mother insisted that I take a copy of this since it is the same one she has and she has given a copy to my brother and sister I very rarely use cookbooks, but I figured it couldn t hurt to take it I have used it exactly once so far To look up how long to bake a sweet potato for Natalie I still needed to call my mother though to ask if wrapping it in foil would change the cook time I will say that I was impressed that it had directions for cooking a swee [...]

    29. Matriarchy says:

      My paternal grandparents gave me an inscribed copy of this when I was a teen, and it was one of the building blocks of my cooking knowledge Actually, my grandfather s wife a step grandmother I disliked was of a Julia Child fan and did most of their cooking But my grandfather bought this book, and said his mother had the original Boston version Too bad that didn t get handed down My copy was lost stolen, really A neighbor asked to borrow it to look for fudge recipes, and then claimed she didn t [...]

    30. Dottie says:

      While I learned a lot from Julia Child and company, Fannie Farmer was my right hand kitchen Bible and I ve passed that along to both my girls who also have cookbook itis to some extent The younger daughter at age seven lounged at table or in armchair with this book trolling for dishes for her birthday dinner and put together a menu which has been her standard pick forever since chicken divan as entr e, angel food cake with peach melba served alongside as the finishing touch Skip the frosting and [...]

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