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The Damnation Game
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The Damnation Game Clive Barker Experience the unspeakably evil games no gambler can resist Meet the man who gambles his soul to the monarch of Hell and tries to avoid paying his final debt Now Joseph Whitehead has Hell to pay And no soul is safe from the resurrected fury of The Damnation Game Frightening Kirkus Reviews.. The Damnation Game Experience the unspeakably evil games no gambler can resist Meet the man who gambles his soul to the monarch of Hell and tries to avoid paying his final debt Now Joseph Whitehead has Hell to pay And n
  • Title: The Damnation Game
  • Author: Clive Barker
  • ISBN: 9780425127933
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Damnation Game Clive Barker

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    1. Dreadlocksmile says:

      The Damnation Game bleeds the dark, sensual eroticism and morbid imagination that has become the Barker signature The novel offers out a feast of emotion to submerge yourself in, from bizarre and horrific scenes of brutal violence to moments of heart wrenching literally romance It was Barker s first full length novel, published for the first time in 1985, after the release and cult success of the first three Books of Blood This first novel presents a theme which has reappeared in many of his lat [...]

    2. Erika says:

      This is, hands down, the scariest book I have ever read Ever I read it for the adrenaline genres week in my Reader s Advisory class Since I only had a couple of days to read this and another book 716 pages in 2 days , I stayed up till about 2 am reading this BAD IDEA I started out reading it in the lounge, but moved into my room at some point And that was when the trouble started At some point I needed a bathroom break But I was too scared to open my door and run the 3 feet to the bathroom I was [...]

    3. Derek Davis says:

      Barker, in general, is a heck of a lot better writer than fellow horror icon Stephen King except in King s short stories He keeps his narrative together with a smooth action curve even when there s little action and restrains himself from having his characters add juvenile comments and sophomoric humor His hero here, Marty, a semi parolee, is a nuanced character who learns as he goes, expanding his internal horizons even as the horror slowly mounts Indeed, all the characters are full, contradict [...]

    4. Daniel says:

      No matter how much graphic violence on dead dogs or how much rotting meat crawling with maggots and oozing with puss is shown, a horror story demands a little .

    5. Sh3lly ☽ Guardian of Beautiful Squids and Lonely Moons ☽ says:

      2.99 on US October 20, 2017 Damnation Game

    6. Lou says:

      Clive Barker is a talented storyteller who writes with some of the darkest creativity This is a good story of a game where some characters get into people s minds and see their thoughts and can control them There is a man set on revenge and the power of resurrecting the dead Barker has created characters that perpetrate the most henious acts He brings to the table a unique writing style where he immerses us into to other dimensions of fear.

    7. David Agranoff says:

      There are several reasons I choose to re read this novel This debut novel by Clive Barker appeared on the horror scene after he established himself as the next big thing After Stephen King Due in part to an introduction by Ramsey Campbell ,and importantly the prediction by Stephen King that the future of horror itself was Clive Barker What a burden this praise put on Barker who is less of a horror writer than an author of Dark Fantasy.Funny, after that King never really had much nice to say abo [...]

    8. Pedro António says:

      This was a hard one to get through, I wanted something to scare me and instead got something completely different.The very beginning was actually interesting, though quickly turns into a seemingly disjointed multitude of points of view, which only make sense much later in the novel This came across as completely unnecessary and only makes it harder to get any traction It takes a very long time for anything significant to start happening, and then you almost wish it just went back to what it was [...]

    9. Thomas Flowers says:

      I have to say, I am not a fan of the 1990 mass market cover I thought it would make sense as the book progressed, of what it is Sadly, no such luck As for the story, learning after the fact that this is Clive Barker s first novel, I must say I am impressed I would not have guessed that I d read his Books of Blood before this, as well as Cabal love BTW , and bits of other books I intend to finish soon His way with prose and imagination are flawless here I was disappointed in Marty s or was it Ma [...]

    10. Tessa says:

      I ve started this review several times now, and can t quite decide on it.I have a long standing love hate relationship with Mr Barker, I have learned, through long experience that he is either astounding or awful, and there doesn t appear to be a middle ground, but even when his stories are awful his prose is beautiful, it s worth it just for the language.So, the damnation game, his first novel, published just after the Books of Blood but before the hellbound heart.Chronologically that puts it i [...]

    11. Craig Williams says:

      I was very disappointed by this book Barker s The Great and Secret Show is one of my favorite books of all time, so admittedly, I have a rather high bar that I expect from him Despite my expectations, this piece of shit book simply will not do First of all, the pacing was god awful, which is evidenced by my tendency to scream DO SOMETHING by the end of every chapter When something finally does happen, it s not interesting enough to pay off for the boring lead up You know when a book spends most [...]

    12. Kasia says:

      The premise of the story is interesting enough and of course inspired by the infamous German tale of Faust an unsatisfied scholar makes a deal with the devil for unlimited knowledge and worldly pleasure, all he has to give up is his soul Who knows of course what happens to our soul but if the devil in the story wants it so bad then I m pretty sure it has some importance, whether here or there The Damnation game has it s merits, the mystery and buildup are engrossing and dangerously tantalizing, [...]

    13. Cody | codysbookshelf says:

      Jeeeeeez, did this book need a better editor I was completely and totally bored for the first 130 pages I would rather watch dust collect than read that waste again Almost half of this novel is a total chore to get through, and that s why I m giving this thing three stars What kept me reading was Clive Barker s lovely prose The Damnation Game is, from a technical standpoint, very well written and the knowledge that this story s pay off would probably be worth my trudging onward And I was mostly [...]

    14. Siobhan says:

      I have my mother to thank for this read After annoying her to the point where she went on a book hunting rampage she suddenly decided to lumber me with many of her old books All I d asked for was a couple of her old Stephen King books but the next thing I knew she had given me King, Koontz, Herbert, Barker, and all her other suspense masters Needless to say, the books will be devoured.For a while there have been a couple of Barker books on my to read list but this was never one of them Still, wh [...]

    15. Matt Garcia says:

      Absolutely excellent book The Damnation Game was my introduction into the mind of Clive Barker and I now realize why he has received such unwavering praise and adoration from readers I am also inclined to agree with those aforementioned readers This novel was terrific It hooked me in from the first few pages and I found myself eagerly anticipating the rest of the story It contained many twisted images of the macabre that Barker has come to be associated with But it was somehow than that It was [...]

    16. Natasa says:

      This was an interesting audio book, I don t know who the narrators were but they were excellent, they performed each character and I loved it as well as the background music Maybe I would have perceived the book differently had I read it, I don t really know, but it was a very entertaining read This was my first Clive Barker book and I m already listening the next one Cabal and I find this one begins even better I think I have found a new favorite author to explore in my future reads.

    17. Joyce Jellison says:

      a beautifully written blood filled terror ride this book gave nightmares Clive Barker is at once restrained and deadly with words he is excellent at simply writing clean beautiful language with the talent Hemingway lacked for creating images that are not easily erased.

    18. Chris says:

      I don t know what it is about Barker In many ways he s stylistically tone deaf, alternately putting out superb prose and florid trash sometimes in the same book without any distinction This is one of the good ones though It s a simple Faustian tale that is basically a horror story, but anyone reading will guess the basic plot within five minutes However, in this case it s about the journey Barker has an uncanny ability to fuse the horrendous with the ethereal, the sublime and the profane This bo [...]

    19. Alan Baxter says:

      Barker s first and still one of his best Masterful stuff In my great Clive Barker reread, I saved this for last Now I get to read The Scarlet Gospels.

    20. Rodrigo Tello says:

      Barker logra convencerme con su primera novela Cuando parec a que hacia el final deca a, remonta bastante con un final que me deja muy buen sabor de boca Adem s tiene todo lo mejor del terror que se escrib a en aquella poca y de la impronta de las ideas originales de un novato Barker en estado de creatividad realidades paralelas, seres mezcla de dioses y demonios, resurreci n de la carne putrefacta, todo sumado a un relato f ustico bastante atractivo algunas im genes y escenas bastante potentes, [...]

    21. Sanja Koledin says:


    22. Mike (the Paladin) says:

      Finished Damnation Game just nowd put the book in my to be traded stack afterwords I ve never been a fan of Barker This book in my opinion hit a lot of the same keys he plays in some of his other writings Hellbound, Weaveworld hit some of the topics or ideas here For one thing there seems to be an idea that innocence is either non existent or very short lived and must be spoiled The self indulgent protagonist who sets out to live a hedonistic life and reaches a point where nothing excites or ple [...]

    23. Geert Daelemans says:

      Pure raw horrorMarty Strauss, a gambling addict, has just been released from prison when he gets hired as a personal bodyguard of Joseph Whitehead, one of the richest men on earth What first seems as a common security assignment, quickly turns out to be much dangerous Joseph has some debt that he needs to repay and it is not to some earthly power When the mansion gets invaded by a devilish man named Mamoulian, it becomes clear that a simple gun won t help against his powers.The Damnation Game i [...]

    24. Thomas Strömquist says:

      Early 80 s I was in my early teens Had discovered Stephen King and devoured everything of him I could get my hands on What s next In the few magazines and articles focused on this kind of literature, Clive Barker was hailed as the future and he was by the King himself also Barker had written something called The books of blood , but even on a trip to London, I failed to track down some copies of those if you cannot believe this, let me guess you are born after 1990 Am I right Anyway, a few years [...]

    25. Mike says:

      Harry Potter meets Minder I was surprised how bad this book is It s probably the worst book I ve actually finished, so I did at least make it to the end, I m not sure why It s the first Clive Barker I ve read, and I d need a lot of convincing to read another one.The start was ok I was quite interested in the characters, but he did not take me with him on his suspension of belief, when the supernatural stuff started up From there it was all downhill I just thought it was ridiculous, and uninteres [...]

    26. Joshua Jorgensen says:

      Clive Barker s mind is a terrifying, brilliant place This is a very dark book, but the visions are engrossing It unfolds slowly, and then, as only Clive Barker can do, it descends into dark fantasy and grotesque horror It is a masterclass in horror, and for me, a nostalgic nod to old school horror, and great, childlike storytelling around a campfire This book reads like watching a movie you shouldn t watch so young And then, in the same space, remembering the time you watched the movie Stunning [...]

    27. έρις says:


    28. J.C. Brennan says:

      The mind is its own place and in itself, can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven John MiltonWhen a man, a soldier learns ancient techniques from a monk in a war he should have died in, men and woman a like look at him much differently Some think he is the Messiah other believe him to be the devil Will you be drawn to his gifts or see them for what they truly are This book tells a unique tale one that isn t quick to be told, so kick back and enjoy it This story is compelling, frightening, and [...]

    29. Jason Golomb says:

      Hell is reimagined by each generation Its terrain is surveyed for absurdities and remade and, if necessary, reinvented to suit the current climate of atrocity its architecture is redesigned to appall the eye of the modern damned In an earlier age Pandemonium the first city of Hell stood on a lava mountain while lighting tore the clouds above it and beacons burned on its walls to summon the fallen angels Now, such spectacle belongs to Hollywood Hell stands transposed No lightning, no pits of fire [...]

    30. Szplug says:

      I can teach you so much How to live forever, if that s what you want Mamoulian had started to laugh, but the monk went on with his dreamtalk How to take life from other people, and have it for yourself Or if you like, give it to the dead to resurrect them Never It s old wisdom, the monk said But I ve found it again, written out in plain Greek Secrets that were ancient when the hills were young Such secrets If you can do all that, why aren t you tsar of all the Russians Mamoulian replied.The monk [...]

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