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Dove Robin Lee Graham In 1965, 16 year old Robin Lee Graham began a solo around the world voyage from San Pedro, California, in a 24 foot sloop Five years and 33,000 miles later, he returned to home port with a wife and daughter and enough extraordinary experiences to fill this bestselling book, Dove.. Dove In year old Robin Lee Graham began a solo around the world voyage from San Pedro California in a foot sloop Five years and miles later he returned to home port with a wife and da
  • Title: Dove
  • Author: Robin Lee Graham
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1 Blog on “Dove

    1. Suzanne says:

      I will date myself and say I had a huge crush on this guy as a young girl with a birthday subscription to National Geographic He contributed articles for years during his voyage What adolescent and I wasn t quite there doesn t fantasize about quitting school and finding himself by sailing around the world When my children grew to his age I thought his family must have been just crazy to let him go, especially in a small 24 foot boat.This was my first introduction to sailing, celestial navigation [...]

    2. Melinda says:

      I got interested in this book because Zac Sunderland mentions it in his blog See Zac s blog at zacsunderland blog ind Zac is currently about 10 days from finishing a 13 month solo cruise around the world in a sail boat called Intrepid , which will make him the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe solo The story of Robin Lee Graham inspired him to think about doing the same thing himself.More to come as I start the bookI have finished this book, and as of July 16, 2009 Zac Sunderland compl [...]

    3. Lobeck says:

      This is the true story of the author s solo sailing trip around the world Robin Lee Graham, featured several times in National Geographic, set out to sail the world when he was 16 and finally returned home when he was 21 This book is his personal narrative of his travels from being bored and lonely at sea to exploring gorgeous tropical islands to meeting his love Patty It s a great book if you like to travel through literature.

    4. Shawn says:

      An amazing feat sailing single hand around the world but this guy rubbed me all wrong Most galling was a long passage where he rails against the destruction of the ocean environment by modern society and then tosses an empty Coke bottle over the side of the boat.

    5. PatriciaVentola says:

      I read it when I was a teen I d rather read it again, but at that time I felt like it was a fantastic book, a great and awesome history.

    6. Steve Bennett says:

      Of the many bad books I was forced to read during high school, this was the worst Absolutely hated it.

    7. Michael Petrie says:

      At the tender age of 16, Robin Lee Graham set out on a 33,000 mile, five year circumnavigation as the youngest solo sailor in the smallest boat a 24 foot sloop named Dove His voyage was famously covered by National Geographic Magazine, spawned two best selling books Dove and Home Is The Sailor as well as a children s book, The Boy Who Sailed Around The World Alone, and a 1974 major Hollywood movie, The Dove, which won a Golden Globe Award The story is than one of adventure, it is also an amazin [...]

    8. Kevin Deaton says:

      One of my favorite books An example of what you can do with your life once you stop all that God Damn THINKING and believe in yourself It proves your dreams are only limited by your will.

    9. Brent says:

      boy drops out of school boy buys boat boy sails around the world for a long time why wasn t I this boy

    10. Lauran Lansdon says:

      It s interesting reading this book as a teenage girl when it was first published and then again as a middle aged woman The romantic notion of sailing around the world alone, with only cats for company, stuck with me over the years I often refer to this book even now Even though I was not a boater, for many years after that first read I had a dream of sailing around the world I read the book this time as a wiser woman and a discerning reader what I saw was all the hard work that went into this t [...]

    11. Denzil Pugh says:

      If Thoreau had lived during the 20th century, filled with materialism and media, I doubt he would have lived near Walden for any appreciable amount of time before going crazy, or having some developer come and tear down all the trees In these days, he would have had to migrate north to Canada, or become next door neighbors with the militia groups in Montana.Robin Lee Graham, in 1965, decided to sail around the world, in a sailboat, with little money, and with the rebellious attitude that prevale [...]

    12. Emily says:

      The rating does not mean that I think this book was terrible It simply means that this was not my cup of tea to quote the book I would not have chosen this novel on my own, so the reason for me reading it was because of one of many summer reading projects that have been gleefully assigned as mandatory torture material by my future LA teacher Yippee Please, if stories about ships and sailing or autobiographies about a person taking a five year long solo boat trip to circumnavigate the globe to fu [...]

    13. Lahni says:

      This book did make me wish I knew how to sail a boat so I could sail to wonderful exotic islands But that would require living much closer to an ocean The book had a few problems I don t speak sailing so it would have been helpful if there was a glossary of nautical sailing terms Also, there was very little mention of Robin s mother She wasn t very supportive of the trip at first did she change her mind The father flew out to posts to see him but not the mother If I set my child off to sail arou [...]

    14. KC says:

      This was a real fun book and when reading it you seem to go on the adventure with him but at the same time conjure up your own dreams, hopes, desires too I came upon it because my Dad had always talked about it and how it was a big inspiration for him as a youth Robin Graham is very passionate, and it s really refreshing to go through great doubts, joys, and formative moments with him He also has a way of putting feelings that are sometimes hard to describe into simple but powerful words He bega [...]

    15. Kami says:

      I picked this up at the school library after reading a much better book, Adrift 76 Days Lost at Sea by Steven Callahan, which made me interested in sailing I lost interest again after reading this book To give it some credit, it was a pretty fascinating story However, the kid was kind of annoying I thought He also went all hippie and preachy at the end and that s where I was completely turned off.

    16. Yak says:

      I read this when I was sailing with my family and not really enjoying it due to seasickness, but liking the mechanics of sailing and the idea of sailing to faraway places Dove fits the bill, being a first person account of a 16 year old who sailed alone around the world Plus it has that element of extreme personal challenge.

    17. Suzy says:

      This is than an adventure, it s a journey into independance and self discovery I read this book on the average of every two years, especially when I need a pick me up from the everyday mundane I highly recommend it for ages early teen to adult.

    18. Mike says:

      One of the best personal adventure stories ever written A innocent world back then.

    19. Betsey says:

      Another favorite I read every few years great adventure, thoughts of being a teenager and ideas about growing up, with a love story mixed in A must read

    20. The CoconutsThompson González says:

      THE book that planted the seed in my mind to one day live aboard a sailboat and travel around the world.

    21. Jo says:

      This is a great example of a book I read as a teen that has stayed with me, and remained important.

    22. Maya says:

      Dove, by Robin Lee Graham is a true story about the youngest boy to sail around the world alone in the 1960 s This story shows the exciting adventures the narrator goes on as he is traveling the world He discovers small tribes, animals that he has never seen before and of course, he falls in love I really liked that the boy, Robin Lee Graham, wrote this story about himself It gave insight about him and his thoughts and emotions along his journey Other than that, I felt like the way the author d [...]

    23. Joe Preiner says:

      I stopped reading this book I m into sailing big time and this was recommended to me by pretty much everyone The writing is awful and the main character a real person is just a giant turd of a human In the first few chapters he gets annoyed when reporters ask him about BEING THE YOUNGEST PERSON TO SAIL AROUND THE WORLD The nerve of those reporters Wow If you actually read the words written in the book, he makes every situation about himself and how great his is and how everyone loves him He grew [...]

    24. Paul Seeburger says:

      I fully enjoyed this true around the world sailing adventure The young man Robin Graham who told the story of his adventure clearly made good use of his tape recorded journal and his written entries from his trip to create an amazing revelation of the development of his thoughts and perspective as he progressed around the world.By the end of his trip, he saw the hand of God had been at work in his journey, and in his remarkable love story.A wonderful view into the world of the 1960s.

    25. Ery says:

      Dove, by Robin Lee Graham, should be subtitled An Ode to Patti A Love Story As it is, the blurb under the title says He sailed around the world alone , which isn t quite true It also misleads you into thinking it ll be stories about his travels, anecdotes, discussions of the peoples he met I picked it up in Archives Fine Books because the Sailor has mentioned that particular book to me many times down the years, and here was a perfect opportunity to find out what he was talking about.Graham was [...]

    26. Patricia says:

      I read this as a senior in High school and thought it was the most magical story I read it again as an adult and saw the danger, risk and reality of his adventure through mom eyes Still a wonderful adventure by a courageous boy

    27. Lindsey Deitz says:

      I was going to give it a 4 but the cockiness throughout the book drug it back down to a 3

    28. Finlay says:

      A very wholesome story Not terribly inspiring.

    29. Chris Stratton says:

      Fun read Great adventure.

    30. Mary says:

      Good story, honest and inspirational The writing wasn t as great and I disagreed with him on some things he s a bit naive But overall, a worthwhile read.

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