Melanie Neale
Boat Girl: A Memoir of Youth, Love & Fiberglass
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Boat Girl: A Memoir of Youth, Love & Fiberglass Melanie Neale Boat Girl is the heart breaking memoir of growing up aboard a sailboat Throughout the 1980 s and 90 s, Melanie s family lived aboard a 47 foot sailboat, spending their summers along the US East Coast and their winters in the Bahamas But the cruising life was not all fun in the sun The family had to work hard to pay for their way of life They dodged hurricanes, overze Boat Girl is the heart breaking memoir of growing up aboard a sailboat Throughout the 1980 s and 90 s, Melanie s family lived aboard a 47 foot sailboat, spending their summers along the US East Coast and their winters in the Bahamas But the cruising life was not all fun in the sun The family had to work hard to pay for their way of life They dodged hurricanes, overzealous federal agents and bullying land kids And they endured a boatload of family drama As her father published articles about how living on a boat brings families together, Melanie secretly struggled with an eating disorder, the alienation of being a boat kid, and confusion over her developing sexuality As an adult, she lived aboard her own 28 foot sailboat and had several relationships trying to find someone who wasn t intimidated by her stubborn independence and free spirited lifestyle Boat Girl weaves all this together into a story about a girl who, once all is said and done, simply wants her own boat and her own life Melanie paints a vivid picture of the trials and tribulations of family life aboard a sailboat without drowning the reader in the technical details of sailing Boat Girl strikes a perfect balance between a coming of age story and a sea tale, enjoyable for boaters and land lovers alike.. Boat Girl A Memoir of Youth Love Fiberglass Boat Girl is the heart breaking memoir of growing up aboard a sailboat Throughout the s and s Melanie s family lived aboard a foot sailboat spending their summers along the US East Coast
  • Title: Boat Girl: A Memoir of Youth, Love & Fiberglass
  • Author: Melanie Neale
  • ISBN: 9780983825227
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Tania says:

      There were lots of people and lots of places, and none of them felt like home3.5 stars I enjoyed this coming of age story I ve never thought about what it would be like growing up on a sailboat, and what I got from this book is that it would be a different experience for each person Some people choose this lifestyle because it would expose them and their children to things in life, and some because you could protect yourself and your children much easier from any influences that you were trying [...]

    2. Austin Collins says:

      You would not be far off to call Boat Girl a maritime version of Are You There God It s Me, Margaret More accurately, it begins as AYTGIMM and evolves into Forever, another Judy Blume classic, as the narrator leaves the awkwardness of puberty behind and enters the uncertainty of young adulthood.The comparison fits not just due to the subject matter a girl coming of age and dealing the all the usual social, body image and self esteem issues but also the tone, which is straightforward, conversatio [...]

    3. C says:

      My copy is a galley copy.This was a fairly quick easy read and enjoyable I loved the first half of the book and it is marvelous in evoking the atmosphere of the Bahamas and South Florida It felt like a vicarious vacation well, except for cleaning conch shells.This would be a great mid winter read Especially when snowed in The second half, I was not so enad with It was good, but darker, covering her adolescence teen issues, school, parental conflict, friendships and plans changing, love, and boat [...]

    4. Lola says:

      Loved this memoir you get a real sense of growing up in a sailor s lifestyle something most people only dream of but from the perspective of the kids taken along for the ride Great insight to family relationships and coming of age in a wholly unusual motif.

    5. Laureen Hudson says:

      I devoured this book in two sittings, the whole time with my heart in my throat I read this through the lens of being a parent of a girlchild who was born on a sailboat and has never lived on land I read this through the lens of being a family on a boat, which is the weirdest mix of totally public and totally private I read this wondering what my kids would think when I write about our voyages, and I read this wondering what my kids would write about those same voyages I also read this criticall [...]

    6. Jenny (Reading Envy) says:

      When I saw this book on NetGalley where I did get a copy of this in exchange for an honest review , I was interested in it for a number of reasons Number one, I ve been participating in an Around the World reading challenge, and it is hard to find books set in the Bahamas beyond crime novels Number two, I didn t know there were kids raised on sailboats, and found that concept pretty intriguing.Melanie Neale spent almost all of her childhood on a sailboat with her family, and this is an account o [...]

    7. Keith Gouveia says:

      I had the pleasure of meeting Melanie at a book signing, and since I didn t grow up abroad, nor was I a young girl, I really had no desire to read this book However, Melanie was so approachable, so down to earth, I had to buy her book Since I had read Beating Windward Press other titles and highly enjoyed them, I thought what the hell and cracked the spine I am so glad I did The story was highly enjoyable, well written, and casual, and after reading it I feel as though I have a new best friend I [...]

    8. Courtney says:

      I really liked this book The excerpt led me to believe it would be heavily dramatic and negative which I don t like , but it wasn t at all It was very good I highly recommend it to people interested in reading about alternate lifestyles or are particularly interested in boats.

    9. Valerie says:

      Received a copy from NetGalley.I was drawn to Boat Girl when I saw that it was available because I m drawn to all things sailing, for a start Much of it I read aloud on road trips with my husband, but I read the last third or so on my own in the interest of finishing for review.Boat Girl is a very interesting read, and I enjoyed being immersed in the author s unique childhood and growing up as she lived her life on sailboats, experiencing a flow of annual rhythms and gypsy wanderings most of us [...]

    10. Kate says:

      A fascinating account of Melanie Neale s childhood and adolesence growing up on the family boat Chez Nous with her parents and younger sister In the winters they head off for the Bahamas and summers they return to the east coast of the United States Melanie s parents have always been unconventional and wish to broaden the horizons of their children Melanie and her sister are home schooled and as children get shunned by small town America for their unconventional lifestyle Learning the lore of bo [...]

    11. Viktoria Jean says:

      My full review here viktoriajean 2013 11 08 boMelanie Neale s memoir evokes a scenic memory of the Bahamas and Florida an elusive beginning to a heartbreaking story of growing up and falling apart in ways than one.Each memory from her growing up years are detailed with the dates and year, giving us a complete picture of family whose lives revolved around living in a confined 47 foot sailboat cruising between the US East Coast and the Bahamas The rocky lifestyle shapes the person Melanie gradual [...]

    12. Susan says:

      When I spotted this book on NetGalley I requested it since my husband and I sail on the Chesapeake Bay Some of our friends have lived aboard their boats for a period of time, but I don t know anyone who has raised children in a liveaboard situation So I was intrigued.This book kept me awake way too late the last couple of nights because I couldn t put it down The book is written as a series of vignettes, and each chapter is headed with the year and the author s age at the time the events took pl [...]

    13. Jaylia3 says:

      Getting a glimpse of a world I haven t experienced is one of my greatest reading pleasures, and Melanie Neale writes with such beautiful, immersive language in this memoir of growing up as a boat kid , that it entranced me and gave me the liberating sensation that I was living it all myself, from the confined spaces of the cabin to the wide open vastness of the sea and sky For her entire childhood, Melanie and her family lived on a 47 foot sailboat cruising between the Bahamas and the US East Co [...]

    14. Brenda says:

      I was immediately drawn to Boat Girl A Memoir of Youth, Love, and Fiberglass by Melanie Neale This memoir is a series of increasingly connected vignettes, starting when Melanie was very young, which together paint a larger picture of boat life Melanie and her sister grew up aboard a sailboat, typically summering in Virginia and wintering in the Bahamas They were homeschooled aboard, supported by the money her father made writing sailing books and articles, diving and meeting all sorts of interes [...]

    15. Mackenzie says:

      I came across this book while researching about living life aboard a sailboat.This memoir is separated into three books The first book and half of the second are about her childhood teen years living full time aboard with her family on their sailboat I very much so enjoyed that portion The rest of the second half and the third book are about her young adult adult years Living on her own land and boat living , getting a job, going through relationships, where she is now, etc While I did enjoy the [...]

    16. Martina Clark says:

      Having spent some time crewing on sailboats in my own misspent young, I picked up the memoir Boat Girl because it looked fun I kept reading because the story drew me in I couldn t put it down because it was just that good Starting from when she was still in her mother s belly, Ms Neale tells us the story of how she and a sailboat were born or perhaps built at the same time and grew up together She spent the first 19 years of her life living aboard her parent s sailboat Chez Nous along with her s [...]

    17. Tina Bell says:

      This book, for those like me with zero knowledge of the boating world, boating life, boat people both educational and thrilling It provides a look into a world I would never have willingly glimpsed into if not prompted to by the author, who I happen to know.but I am so very glad I did I encourage those of you who do not know one end of a boat from the other literally , to pick it up, enjoy the gentle meander through years and oceans, people and places Melanie Neale presents this life in a frank, [...]

    18. Tina Dreffin says:

      Boat Girl is a must read for any teenager or parent interested in knowing the intricacies of life lived aboard a sailboat with helicopter parents Melanie struggles to win the favor of her father who seems intent on her fitting into society than connecting with her as a daughter on a genuine level Since there isn t a society in the islands where Melanie is reared, the reader is left wondering what her father is thinking.Melanie s struggles mirror that of all young teenage girls when faced with f [...]

    19. Virginia says:

      While I am not a boat person I grew up in Florida and this book makes me see the ocean and smell the salt air One reviewer said it felt like a group of short stories but to me this approach added to the book As you grow up you change and life feels like a succession of short stories Everyone should have their stories for it makes life richer Boat Girl is a great story of living on boats but it is also a great story of a child growing to a woman I have not enjoyed a boat book as much since readin [...]

    20. Mairita (Marii grāmatplaukts) says:

      Ide la gr mata tiem, kas k dreiz dom k tas ir past v gi dz vot laiv Autore uzaugusi buru laiv kop ar m su un vec kiem ziemas pavadot Bahamu sal s, bet vasaras pie Vird nijas vai Floridas krastiem T da dz ve nav tikai skaisti saulrieti, ruma dzer ana un snorkel ana un labi, ka autore nebaid s to atkl t.Pilna atsauksme gramatas.wordpress 2013 07Ideal for those who have ever wondered how it is to live on a boat I liked the first part about her childhood in Bahamas Second and third part about growin [...]

    21. Dana says:

      The author tells her story of living on a boat with her parents and sister sailing around the Bahamas beginning when she was 5 and her sister was 3 She tells about her life as a child, living on the boat, homeschooling, sailing to different places meeting the same people each year and seeing other children occasionally Then she tells about her teen years and her young adult years when she moves out from her parents and buys her own boat The story is well written and rather interesting I received [...]

    22. Matt Peters says:

      This book was about Melanie coming of age than her sailing voyages Sailboats and the islands are just the setting for the story about a shy, awkward girl dealing with a pretty, popular sister and difficult father Living on a boat certainly didn t make things any easier or better.Read like a true account rather than the typical romanticized version of the sailing lifestyle you usually get It was a darker story than I expected, but that grit made the book much engaging and enjoyable She doesn t [...]

    23. Jennifer says:

      I received this book on netgalley.I love travel books, as someone who loves to travel this caught my eye I often joke if I ever hit the lottery I m either going to buy a boat and take off or buy a one way ticket to Belize This book was a great story, it was very much coming of age, so than travel Either way it filled my passion for wanderlust also gave me an understanding of what travel full time really means If you are like me this is the perfect travel read It was especially wonderful this we [...]

    24. Summer Wilms says:

      I met the author on several occasions when I was 13 and a boat kid myself Because of that, I found that the book was an interesting mix of nostalgia and what I can only think of as neighborly vouyerism Seeing what went on below the decks of a fellow family of boaters So it was a bit different for me in that respect It would be an excellent read for any young adult, coming of age in an unconventional environment or for any family considering a live aboard lifestyle.Melanie s writing is heartfelt [...]

    25. Katarina says:

      This was a very interesting read for me It gave me a real look at the kind of life I have no idea about growing up on a boat, living on a boat year round for 20some years.The book was easy to read, the writing flowed well, and Melanie gave me a true and authentic look at her life There wasn t any sugar coating Good and bad memories were presented to show the full package Super interesting read.

    26. Lindsay says:

      I enjoyed reading this book as Melanie and I are the same age It really put into perspective how different we both grew up However, in this memior I learnt that no matter what environment a young girl grows up in, we are all searching for who we are and who we want to become It was a pleasure to go along the trips with Melanie from Florida to the Bahamas.

    27. Olivestarr says:

      A fun coming of age story Melanie weaves in and out of her life aboard a sailboat and the longing she has for land, friends and love on land.

    28. Sydney Peacock says:

      Great book Read it while sailing the Exumas

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