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Grave Images
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Grave Images Jenny Goebel A stylish debut mystery with the perfect balance of sweetness and scares Thirteen year old Bernie s summer is looking pretty grim It s hard to make friends when your family runs a monument company, and your backyard is littered with tombstones It s even harder when your mother suddenly refuses to leave her room .To make matters worse, her father has just hired a newA stylish debut mystery with the perfect balance of sweetness and scares Thirteen year old Bernie s summer is looking pretty grim It s hard to make friends when your family runs a monument company, and your backyard is littered with tombstones It s even harder when your mother suddenly refuses to leave her room .To make matters worse, her father has just hired a new artist to engrave the headstones the creepy Mr Stein Bernie has a bad feeling about him right from the start, and after snooping around his cottage, she discovers an engraved portrait of their neighbor a woman who promptly dies the next day And it s not just a weird coincidence The pattern continues, and Bernie realizes that Mr Stein has begun engraving headstones before people die, which forces Bernie to ask a horrifying question Is Mr Stein predicting the deaths or causing them. Grave Images A stylish debut mystery with the perfect balance of sweetness and scares Thirteen year old Bernie s summer is looking pretty grim It s hard to make friends when your family runs a monument company an
  • Title: Grave Images
  • Author: Jenny Goebel
  • ISBN: 9780545519304
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Grave Images Jenny Goebel

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    1 Blog on “Grave Images

    1. Pamela says:

      I m not giving this a star rating because I just couldn t finish it I think that, for a book pitched to younger kids middle grade readers, the pace was simply too slow We find out on basically every page that Bernie our heroine, named for Saint Bernadette JUST KNOWS that the creepy old guy her dad just hired to work at the family monument business is a Bad Guy This means that she will do dumb things like repeatedly break into his room, steal things, and generally be a sassypants She doesn t show [...]

    2. Ionia says:

      Lately I have been on a string of middle grade novels that left a lot to be desired This one total joy I loved Bernie She is the kind of character that will make your child feel like they have a new friend Her attitude is often funny and the thoughts she has about the boy who likes her are hilarious I think the thing I enjoyed the most about this book, was that it was different You don t see too many stories out there where the main characters are in the headstone and monument business This was [...]

    3. Deviki says:

      Alright, So this book was really interesting from the start Right after I ve finished reading the first page, I knew this was going to be good So I jumped onto my bed, turned on the air condition and snuggled into my cozy blanket to read I knew from reading the synopsis that this book is not going be heavy and jammed packed with supernatural details It s like, it has enough information to carry the story and finish it without leaving the readers in confusion Basically, this book is your regular [...]

    4. Christine Ditzel says:

      Thirteen year old Bernie named after St Bernadette, but called Bernie because she doesn t act very saint like is spending her summer helping her father and grandma at their monument company with simple things like dusting and filing, while wishing she could do something worthwhile, like help design monuments and headstones One day a man named Mr Abbot Stein comes in with a hand etching of a woman, asking for a job and place to stay Despite feeling there is a wrongness about Mr Stein, Bernie see [...]

    5. Becky says:

      Bernie knows that her family is a bit off They own and run a monument company whose main clientele are looking for gravestones Plus her mom hasn t been the most social person of late, spending most of her time locked up in her bedroom crying When a drifter arrives boasting an impressive skill at etching and looking for room and board, Bernie s father agrees to take him on At first, Bernie is fascinated by the man s talent and hopes that he may be able to help her better her own But Abbott Stein [...]

    6. Medeia Sharif says:

      Bernie s father has a tombstone business It s not glamorous In fact, it s kind of creepy, and things are about to get even creepier A stranger by the name of Mr Stein wants to work there as an engraver Bernie s father rejects him on the basis that Mr Stein s work is too good He surely couldn t afford someone like him The sample Mr Stein shows him is so detailed and lifelike, it s like the person s face is about to jump out at them Mr Stein insists on working there for room and board Bernie s fat [...]

    7. Jenna Anderson says:

      A Mystery with Gravestones, Ghosts, and Creepy ScenesFor young readers who might be looking for a title with darker themes here you go Bernie is dealing with some challenges at home not your normal teen challenges Her dad has hired an assistant to help him with his gravestone carving business and freaky things start happening Bernie can t bother her parents and must figure things out on her own Thank you and NetGalley for the review copy of this book As you can imagine, a mystery involving grave [...]

    8. Mary Louise Sanchez says:

      Twelve year old Bernie is named for St Bernadette but can t live up to the high standards, especially with the antics she pulls after her father hires a drifter, Abbot Stein, to engrave portraits of people on the monument headstones which could add money to the family business, especially since Bernie s mom can t help because she is suffering from severe depression after the death of their infant son.Bernie must find out why her friends and neighbors suddenly are dying after Mr Stiein has engrav [...]

    9. Susan says:

      I enjoyed this novel about 13 year old Bernie Bernadette who is certain the man her dad just hired to carve images on gravestones is evil It kept me reading, trying to find out if Mr Stein was really killing the people with his carvings or whether the deaths were just coincidences I would recommend this for 4th or 5th graders I had a hard time liking any of the characters, but I think a 10 or 11 year old would enjoy this scary book.

    10. Miranda Paris says:

      Well written, but some chapters seem to be out of order.

    11. Kelly says:

      Good, thrilling plot with plot twists

    12. Mirna Garcia says:

      EArc Received Via Netgalley Rev Title The High Price of Want amidst GravesI decided to pick up Grave Images by Jenny Goebel because of its Graveyard centered nature I was like, Tombstones in her backyard Heck yes Generally, Graveyards fascinate me, and I thought that Grave Images would be an interesting read, as it focused on a family who made their livelihood designing the monuments that would adorn the resting places of the dead Grave art is hot Interesting doesn t even begin to do the title j [...]

    13. Chelsey Wolford says:

      Bernie s family runs a monument company, but her father has not been himself after the death of her own father Her mother is not much better off she is unable to get out of bed most days, and is just depressed overall However strange and saddened Bernie s family might be, her friend, Michael, still loves coming around and hanging out with Bernie When Bernie s father hires new help, Mr Abbott Stein, and Bernie finds him a little bit creepy and needs to figure out what exactly it is, so she enlist [...]

    14. Alice Liu says:

      There are two stories happening in Grave Images Bernie knows a lot about death and not just because her family owns a tombstone company She knows that the most hurtful kind of death is that when a living person, mother, refuses to live She also knows that her mother doesn t love her enough to even try But rather than collapse in her sadness, Bernie perseveres and tries her best to fix her family Her wanting is so strong because her emotional needs are never met, so she is often impulsive That wo [...]

    15. Ms. Yingling says:

      Bernie s family runs a monument company, and her father is struggling to keep up with the workload after the death of his father Bernie s mother is struggling just to get out of bed, and often doesn t, although we don t find out for quite some time why she is so depressed Bernie s friend, Michael, is a bit quirky and doesn t mind hanging out with her, so when she decides that the new engraver her father has hired, Abbot Stein, is super creepy, she enlists Michael s help in finding out about him [...]

    16. Linnea says:

      genre fantasy mystery summary Bernie s family runs a monument company headstones Her father tries to keep the business going with the help of Bernie s grandmother while, Bernie s mother hasn t left her room in almost a year due to her depression grief over losing her son Bernie s two month old brother A strange man Mr Stein comes to town with the ability to carve hauntingly, beautiful portraits out of stone He secures a job with Bernie s father and moves into the family s carriage house While sn [...]

    17. Paula Howard says:

      Grave Images by Jenny Goebel is a great suspense story, a little Twilight Zone for middle schoolers.Bernie s Bernadette father owns a grave stone company They have grave stones on exibit in their yard Definitely not your typically backyard.Abbott Stein arrives suddenly and Bernie has a funny feeling from that 1st meeting Her dad lets Abbott in the carriage house The next thing you know is Abbott asked for a job doing grave stone etchings The problem He does the etchings before the person dies do [...]

    18. Maria Kramer says:

      SighI held out to the end of this book, hoping the supernatural mystery would have a good payoff in spite of everything that annoyed me But it didn t Here s what went wrong The romance puppy love is probably a better term between Bernie and Michael is really forced and unnecessary Speaking of Michael, the way the author describes him is just weird He has a freakishly large head and his fingers look like and I quote five fat popsicles Poor Michael must have some serious medical condition, because [...]

    19. Paula says:

      Thirteen year old Bernie s family runs a headstone business She desperately wants her father to help her mother through an awful depression brought on the by the death of their infant son, Thomas But when her father hires the scary and cruel Mr Stein to help out at the monument shop, Bernie soon realizes the headstones he carves are of living people who mysteriously die soon after he completes their tombstones As the townspeople start to die, Bernie sets out to solve the deadly mystery with the [...]

    20. Christina says:

      ARC received in exchange for an honest review Review written by Peyton, my ten year old daughter.Grave Images is a book about a girl named Bernie and the events that took place during her summer break Her dad works crafting gravestones, while her mom stays in bed, battling depression Once upon a time, Bernie s family was happy until a man named Abbot Stein comes and asks for work People in the town start dying All people whom have had their portraits etched by Mr Stein Will the mystery be solved [...]

    21. Kris says:

      This was an ok book It was a good lead up, but the ending was just ok It seemed so perfect that mom came to rescue her While I liked the book, I don t feel invested into the characters.School connections history of monuments, etchingsGrades 5 6 GirlsGoogle Thirteen year old Bernie s summer is looking pretty grim It s hard to make friends when your family runs a monument company, and your backyard is littered with tombstones It s even harder when your mother suddenly refuses to leave her room .To [...]

    22. Barbara says:

      Thirteen year old Bernie just wants to know that she matters to someone Not only has her mother taken to her bed after the death of Bernie s younger sibling, but her father is busy with the family s monument business When the mysterious and talented Abbot Stein arrives on the scene and offers his services in carving headstones, Bernie doesn t trust him for a minute It turns out that she s right to be suspicious of Stein since the town s citizens die as the result of his carvings or something eve [...]

    23. Cara says:

      This was a good story The plot, climax, and ending were all great However, this story was INCREDIBLY slow Seriously, it could ve been cut in half I figure it was this way to have character development and set up the story, but it was too much Too much time went by with nothing happening, or with not enough happening I was on the verge of quitting the book because of how slow it was, but I was too interested to know what was going on to stop So, the story was good and draws you in, but the rest i [...]

    24. Merrilyn Tucker says:

      How is Abbot Stein predicting the deaths of the townspeople How is he able, ahead of their deaths, to carve their images that will adorn their gravestones Bernie, a 12 year old girl whose father owns the town s monument etching company, is suspicious of Mr Stein She and her friend, Michael, delve into the mystery surrounding this man who showed up on Bernie s father s doorstep, looking for a job This story is told in Bernie s voice, which reminded me somewhat of Scout s voice a bit sassy, but al [...]

    25. Mary says:

      Since moving from middle school to high school level students, I ve pretty much stopped reading middle grade novels but, when this one came in the mail, I was intrigued The blurb had kind of a Scooby Doo meets R.L Stein vibe and the cover s adorable As daughter of monument builders with tombstones scattered around the back yard , Bernie is no stranger to the thought of death But when the newly hired artist starts creating stone portraits before people die and they die shortly after he s done Ber [...]

    26. Tara says:

      This debut from Jenny Goebel is pretty much unputdownable The creepy mystery at its heart unfolds at a delicious pace that I m sure will keep young readers entranced just as much as I was.But this book is so much than just a spooky read it s the voice and characters that set it apart Spunky narrator Bernie and her wanting heart are impossible not to love, and the secondary characters are drawn with great care as well I particularly loved hilarious Giovanna and loyal, pogo bouncing Michael In sh [...]

    27. Tia says:

      I love the cover art It s so beautiful and eerie It s what made me pick this book up I like how different the book is from all other children s books With this one, it s set around a graveyard and the main character is in the headstone business It also has an original plot I m not a kid any, but I still enjoyed this book However, I did think it was a little slow paced, with not a lot of action or suspense until the very end And even then, I was hoping for There also was a lack of telling the re [...]

    28. Kristen says:

      This spooky mystery for middle graders was trying to do too much The plotline about recovering from a death in the family and the plotline about the spooky stranger didn t mesh well together, and though the author was sure to make the main character three dimensional, I thought the others were pretty flat I might give it to a kid who really needs new ideas for spooky stories, but only if they ve already read all the Mary Downing Hahn books.

    29. Destiny Dawn Long says:

      Full review is available at my blog destinydawnlong.wordpress Excerpt I also enjoyed that even though the driving plot of the novel is supernatural and spooky, there was a lot going on in the story While Bernie is trying to solve the mystery of the etchings, she is also working through family struggles and the confusion of a budding friendship She is growing into an adolescent and starting to really explore her own identity.

    30. LJ says:

      As an adult I enjoyed this book, and I think middle grade readers will enjoy the mild, uniquely creepy mystery too The supernatural elements are light enough to take it out of the intense horror category, while at the same time exposing the rarely experienced, slightly gory details of mortuary life This is one I would recommend to eleven to fourteen year olds who like this genre.

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