Eric Charles May
Bedrock Faith
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Bedrock Faith Eric Charles May After fourteen years in prison, Gerald Stew Pot Reeves, age thirty one, returns home to live with his mom in Parkland, a black middle class neighborhood on Chicago s South Side A frightening delinquent before being sent away his infamies included butchering a neighbor s cat, torching another neighbor s garage, and terrorizing the locals with a scary pit bull named HitlAfter fourteen years in prison, Gerald Stew Pot Reeves, age thirty one, returns home to live with his mom in Parkland, a black middle class neighborhood on Chicago s South Side A frightening delinquent before being sent away his infamies included butchering a neighbor s cat, torching another neighbor s garage, and terrorizing the locals with a scary pit bull named Hitler , his return sends Parkland residents into a religiously infused tailspin, which only increases when Stew Pot announces that he experienced a religious awakening in prison Most neighbors are skeptical of this claim, with one notable exception Mrs Motley, a widowed retiree and the Reeves s next door neighbor who loans Stew Pot a Bible, which is seen by Stew Pot and many in the community as a friendly gesture.With uncompromising fervor and with a new pit bull named John the Baptist , Stew Pot appoints himself the moral judge of Parkland He discovers that a woman on his block is a lesbian and outs her to the neighborhood, the first battle in an escalating war of wills with immediate neighbors after a mild threat from the block club president, Stew Pot reveals a secret that leaves the president s marriage in ruin after catching a woman from across the street snooping around his backyard, Stew Pot commits an act of intimidation that leads directly to her death.Stew Pot s prison mentor, an African American albino named Brother Crown, is released from prison not long after and moves in with Stew Pot and his mom His plan is to go on a revival tour, with Stew Pot as his assistant One night, as Stew Pot, Mrs Reeves, and Brother Crown are witnessing around the neighborhood, a teenager from the block attempts to burn down the Reeves home He botches the job and instead sets fire to Mrs Motley s house She is just barely rescued, but her house is a total loss and she moves in with a nearby family Neighbors are sure Stew Pot is behind the fire The retaliations against Stew Pot continue, sending him over an emotional ledge as his life spirals out of control with grave consequences Through the unforgettable characters of Stew Pot and Mrs Motley, the novel provides a reflection on God, the living and the dead, and the possibilities of finding love without reservation.. Bedrock Faith After fourteen years in prison Gerald Stew Pot Reeves age thirty one returns home to live with his mom in Parkland a black middle class neighborhood on Chicago s South Side A frightening delinquen
  • Title: Bedrock Faith
  • Author: Eric Charles May
  • ISBN: 9781617751967
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bedrock Faith Eric Charles May

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    1. Monica **can't read fast enough** says:

      Bedrock Faith was the group read for February s ReadSoulLit Readalong I had never heard of Eric Charles May before, but I am very glad that I picked this one up Although there are many individual stories to follow, May made it easy to keep up with all of the different characters that are introduced in this very insular community The Parkland neighborhood felt very recognizable and familiar Parkland is a sometimes overly close knit community of African American families and individuals that are a [...]

    2. Didi says:

      This rating should be closer to 4,5 stars Check out the live discussion I did with Musical Tati and Michael Reads on Google Hangout youtube watch v pvDCi

    3. Stacy Saunders says:

      Chitchat Chinwag Dish the dirt Call it what you will, it all boils down to one thing Gossip We all do it Who can resist hearing a juicy tale about friends, enemies or better yet, frienemies Gossip is an ineradicable part of life and in Eric Charles May s first novel, Bedrock Faith, it is the way of life among the inhabitants of Parkland, a staid African American neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago Gossip is an insidious, palpable presence in this surprising, evocative and very funny novel [...]

    4. Roxane says:

      Review forthcoming in Bookforum Well worth your time.

    5. Deb says:

      I have read to my wife at bedtime for over a decade, and we chose this book the instant it arrived in the mail because Eric Charles May was my MFA thesis advisor, because we had heard and come to love Stew Pot stories heard over the years, and because Eric is wonderful storyteller Obviously we re a little biased in his favor.The book, however, exceeded all expectation May describes Parkland so well, I feel I could find my way around without a map The characters are so well rounded and believable [...]

    6. ArtBooksLIfe Denise D Cooper says:

      This was a feel good book that made you want to live in the neighborhood and become as nosey and curious as all the neighbors around you Something was always going on and man it either pissed you off in a ooohhh my gosh do something about this nut way or laughing and excited to see what was next Then when it gets a little too serious your feelings come in and make you than a gossiping bitty It was good and i enjoyed it immensely.

    7. Behnam Riahi says:

      The following review has been copied from behnamriahi.tumblrBedrock Faith, written by Eric Charles May and published by Akashic Books, is a third person novel written primarily from the point of view of Mrs Motley, an elderly black woman living in a predominantly African American, middle class neighborhood of Chicago More than ten years prior, Mrs Motley s neighborhood, Parkland, was terrorized by a young miscreant named Gerald Stew Pot Reeves, until he was arrested for allegedly raping a white [...]

    8. Lisa (Likenbooks) says:

      I picked this up for the ReadSoullit group read for February I had never heard of the book, neither the author but I m glad it was chosen Bedrock Faith is a story about a neighborhood, the people and its daily issues gossip It showcases the in and outs of daily living With it comes gossip, drama, revenge and relationship both good and bad Everyone knows everything about everyone and everything, not a secret untold which made this a fun read Stew Pot returns from prison to the old neighborhood Th [...]

    9. Manika says:

      This book was so much than I expected.

    10. Deetimes says:

      This is Eric Charles May debut book, but WOW WEE, WOW WEE, WOW WEE, what and excellent first read by May 1 I Would love to see this book turned into a play or even movie if it followed the book to the letter The characters were so engaging, raw yet very memorable From Gerald Stew Pot Reeves to Brother CrownS, I RECOMMEND IT but how I wish I could give it five extra stars.So if you have ever read the works of Tina McElroy Ansa and J California Cooper, then you will love Eric Charles May.

    11. Beverly says:

      review coming shortly

    12. Ssramsey Ramsey says:

      Stew Pot is back on the block in his hometown of Parkland, a middle class suburb on the South Side of Chicago known as Parkland He was sent away to prison for fourteen years, but after an early release he is back in town wreaking havoc on his neighbors When he left as a seventeen year old boy, he was an evil and vindictive set on tormenting his neighbors Now he returns as a thirty one year old bible toting, scripture quoting follower of Brother Crown, a religious leader he discovered in prison w [...]

    13. Erin Cataldi says:

      I was a little skeptical of picking this book up It didn t look like anything I had ever read before and in some degree I was right It was completely new to me and I LOVED it I fell soo hard for this book Author, Eric Charles May, describes the south side Chicago hamlet of Parkland so well and in so much detail, that I felt I could have driven there and hung out with the neighbors Parkland seemed real to me than my own home town Hell the neighbors too Parkland s residents were so lovingly creat [...]

    14. Marvin says:

      This is a straightforward narrative, shifting perspective though always in third person among several residents of a middle class African American neighborhood on Chicago s far south side It s much like one of those novels whose story is largely driven by introducing readers to a quirky case of characters in some small town A former resident returns to the neighborhood after a long term in prison He now wreaks havoc in the neighborhood not by criminal activity but by imposing harsh and very publ [...]

    15. Revae says:

      The day Stew Pot was released from prison Parkland was changed forever Stew Pot grew up in Parkland and terrorized his neighbors persistently He spent 12 years in prison after being convicted of breaking and entering While in prison, Stew Pot found The Light and returned home to help his neighbors also find The Light Even though he was met with extreme opposition, Stew Pot was convinced that he would convert people or out them for their sins Told from the perspective of the neighbors, Bedrock Fa [...]

    16. Jessica Bernard says:

      While very descriptive and formal with character references I can t see how this couldn t become an entertaining movie Stew Pot is the neighborhood menace with a crazed passion and Mrs Motley seems to be the only one in the neighborhood who, despite much opposition, treats him rather fairly Follow the Chicago neighbors through a series of entertaining events in which crime arises, true feelings are unwillingly shared, and secrets arise You ll always, no matter at what point in the novel you are, [...]

    17. Sally Harvey says:

      Stew Pot captures you from the start You find yourself not wanting to put the novel down as you meet the characters I couldn t wait to see what Stew Pot was up to next I do have to wonder if the neighbors caused some of the problems Mrs Montely is truely a Saint I only rated the book a 4 because I found some areas of the book a little to descriptive I did receive this book for free through First Reads.

    18. Kaylyn says:

      Won through LibraryThing Early Review Giveaway An interesting story about life in a neighborhood and the effects a recently released prisoner has on his neighbors who only remember the terror he caused Though he claims to have found God, they want nothing to do with him or his radical way of witnessing.

    19. Craig Barner says:

      About two years ago, I met Eric Charles May in Chicago s Book Cellar I recognized him because I had seen his photo in a review of Bedrock Faith Another author was giving a presentation that night, but after it was done, I approached May to ask for writing advice and to tell him that I planned to read his book I know that I will run into May again And when I do, I ll tell him how much I loved Bedrock Faith.What a terrific book and a real find Bedrock Faith is a big hearted story with a genial ton [...]

    20. Keesha says:

      Loved it So different from what I usually read, though it still classifies as Urban Fiction The small African American community called Parkland was charming and I could imagine each character This should be made into a movie by Tyler Perry or TD Jakes Surprised by the murders, though I didn t see that coming at all Was so into the love triangle and hoped Mrs Mosley would pick a certain very helpful gentleman in the end Definitely recommend it.

    21. Heather says:

      4.5 stars.The storytelling, sense of place and character development here are excellent I felt a bit let down with the last ten percent or so, just enough to keep it from 5 stars I am so glad I joined the read along for this book

    22. LydiaJoy says:

      I really loved the characters and the setting of this book However, I found the plot twists, especially towards the end of the book, to often be very random and unbelievable That is why only three stars.

    23. Sharon says:

      Good read but seemed to drag in the middle Enjoyed the twists at the end.

    24. Mathis Bailey says:

      I had to DNF this one Just wasn t up my alley Way too much gossip and hearsay It felt like I was watching an old episode of 227 and AMEN The story seems character driven I found the beginning slow and meandering I feel this novel takes time to build up Comical writing though Just not in mood for it I guess I might return to it in the future.

    25. Belinda says:

      Good read Just what I needed between my heavier stuff.

    26. Electra Baskerville says:

      Excellent ReadI loved all the characters in this book The good, the bad the evil Not to spoil anything, but, when it comes to religion everybody has his her own opinion on how you take it I feel the ending could of been a little exciting, but, eh.

    27. Christopher Sweet says:

      This is a novel of the Black middle class neighborhoods of Chicago It s a novel of people who lead stable lives in a community that is rich with character Suburban peace and quiet reign, untilIf you like Downton Abbey for the society and manners as much as the crusty yet sympathetic characters, then you will find lots to enjoy in Bedrock Faith, for the same reasons.On the academic side, reading Bedrock Faith reminded me that the form we call novel has its origins in the emergence of the bourgeoi [...]

    28. Jeanne says:

      Didn t know if I was going to finish it but after the first 50 pages or so of description of the neighborhood and the neighbors living in this Chicago suburb it did get better The title would make you thing it was all about church as faith but it is about faith in your community Many of the people in the Parkland neighborhood had lived there all their lives The lived in the same home they had as children and enjoyed, or put up with, the same people they had grown up with All of them disliked St [...]

    29. Blythe says:

      Stew Pot Reeves, always known for getting into trouble, is back home from a long stay in prison His arrival and subsequent events shake up his neighborhood of Parkland While his intentions may have originally been good as he started to spread his newly learned religious faith to others, his actions quickly become meddlesome and judgmental as he starts calling out his neighbors for their sins The residents of Parkland seem just as meddlesome with the rumors and false gossip that is spread as even [...]

    30. Maggie says:

      This novel made me look up the word, picaresque, which apparently means a tale of the adventures of a rogue The main story line does involve a rogue, Stew Pot, but the large group of characters who live in the community of Parkland on Chicago s South Side is just as important I would say the community itself is the main character, and May certainly paints a vivid portrait Just out of prison, Stew Pot wrecks havoc in the neighborhood with fundamentalist preaching and persecution of all Towards th [...]

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