James White
The Galactic Gourmet
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The Galactic Gourmet James White When the galaxy s greatest chef, Gurronsevas, travels to a massive hospital space station to make their hospital food appetizing, he may have to overcome than a few obstacles in order to meet this challenge Reprint AB LJ K.. The Galactic Gourmet When the galaxy s greatest chef Gurronsevas travels to a massive hospital space station to make their hospital food appetizing he may have to overcome than a few obstacles in order to meet this cha
  • Title: The Galactic Gourmet
  • Author: James White
  • ISBN: 9780812562675
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Galactic Gourmet James White

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      James White

    1 Blog on “The Galactic Gourmet

    1. Marcus Gipps says:

      I read the first of James White s Sector General novels many years ago, having picked it up from a pile of cheap second hand SF paperbacks I remember rather enjoying it, in a pulpy way, and a couple of years ago I read the sequel actually, perhaps that happened the other way around sequel first Yes, that was it marcusgippsvejournal 20 and marcusgippsvejournal 20.I ended one of those reviews saying that there were another eleven books in the series, and that I would keep an eye out for them I cle [...]

    2. Jessie J says:

      James White is such an underrated author I adore his Sector General novels Just imagine that, with all those space battles and impossible conundrums in the scifi books and movies you enjoy, there is an ambulance run by a host of well trained aliens that swoops in and takes care of the situation with skill and understanding.I ve recently tried a precursor to White, and I did enjoy his work, but mostly as a period piece And I ve read the StarDoc novels which don t compare I m sure there are others [...]

    3. Ab says:

      cigarettes are safe was the silly statement in the book, the rest was great.

    4. Valerie says:

      One of the advantages of a well established series is that you can tell stories without having to insert too much exposition This is one of my favorite Sector General novels The problems of the catering department at Sector General had been explored before, but this novel gives one a inside view from the point of view of a chef who has abundant experience with multispecies dining The misadventures that end up putting Gurronsevas in a position where it must and perhaps can save the lives of an e [...]

    5. Dr susan says:

      I love this book I m so very glad I found a copy to buy Gurronsevas, a Tralthan chef, is the narrator He isn t a physician or a healer in the accepted fashion But food can heal many ills, and great friendships are often forged over meals I laughed, I cried, I was sad when Gurronsevas was misunderstood Most of all, I enjoyed this book I have read that James White was a truly gentle soul, and The Galactic Gourmet exemplifies that description, because the gigantic, very alien Tralthan is a truly ge [...]

    6. Annette McIntyre says:

      Sector 12 Hospital has a new head chef The best chef in known space has decided it needs a new challenge and Sector General is that challenge it wants to make hospital food tasty for the patients and the staff Sadly it gets into trouble than is helpful and has to be hidden away on Rabwar, the ambulance ship, which is then sent on a mission to help a dying planet Can the new head chef of Sector General help or will it cause yet trouble

    7. James Rickett says:

      A late entry in the Sector General series good but not great.

    8. Christine says:

      It s been a while since I found a science fiction series that I really enjoyed, but I plan to read by James White Sector General is a multi species hospital filled with strange and unusual creatures that nevertheless come across as believable Some breathe oxygen, others chlorine, and some live underwater, yet this hospital has created environments to suit them all as it seeks to use medicine to be the tie that binds sentient beings.I m not sure where this novel fits in chronological order, but [...]

    9. Danni Green says:

      I picked this one up to discuss it with a friend who was also reading it I liked it, but I wasn t consistently wowed I felt really hooked when I first started reading it, for long enough that the story remained compelling even as my interest floundered, but it just didn t go anywhere exciting enough for me, and the ending was rather disappointing I really liked some of the minor characters though, and would be interested to read other books in this series where those characters play a larger rol [...]

    10. Beth Lequeuvre says:

      I thought for sure I would regret reading a book that was 9 in a series I had never read I just figured what they hey, I like sci fi and I like cooking and I m getting this from a library so it doesn t cost anything to try I m glad I did This was cute Sector General is this huge 384 level hospital ship that serves a multitude of humans and aliens Gurronsevas comes on board full of himself and his celebrity chef status and bumbles and fumbles a bit and spends 3 4 of the book trying to recover Sur [...]

    11. Joy says:

      The Great Gurronsevas isn t finding enough challenge as chef of a five star interspecies restaurant He wants to transform the hospital diet of Sector General, give it an appeal that will further motivate patients to recovery The patients love it, the hospital administrators are the ones that have to deal with the problems his ideas cause.James White s books bring his protagonists through an arc of character development Halfway through THE GALACTIC GOURMET, Gurronsevas is still a distillation of [...]

    12. Scott says:

      Picked this up in a used bookstore 10 books for 5,not bad eh I ve never read any of this series before It was entertaining enough though slow at times The book is about the Galactic Federation s foremost exponent of the highly specialized art of multi species food preparation and his its mission to make hospital food palatable There are some neat ideas in the book on how the main character applies his craft, though his changes get him into trouble on multiple occasions and his arrogance doesn t [...]

    13. Vaughn Ohlman says:

      James White is a fantastic author Light without being meaningless readable by children yet still interesting and fun for adults.And the Galactic Gourmet fits right into the best of James White They say that pride goeth before a fall and our hero is nothing if not proud and does practically nothing except fall Without any of it being really his fault, he manages to practically kill half the staff of Sector General Hospital, get everyone mad at him, and then save an entire planetary population Not [...]

    14. Tracy says:

      Recommend by a friend Rather interesting so farI felt like this was a little meandering and thin on plot The second portion of the book was pretty interesting They make first contact with a species that had previously all but destroyed their planet with dirty technology and were rapidly chipping away at the remainder through their insistence on maintaining a meat centered diet Huh, sounds kinda familiar That part just sets the stage for the truly interesting bit, which is how their past history [...]

    15. Andrea says:

      This book mixed three of my favorite subjects Science Fiction, Communication, and Food I loved how alien communication and misinterpretation was explored in the book I also hate hospital food, and enjoyed the humor surrounding a Chef s mission to Make It Taste Better This is the first James White Sector General book I have read, and while it dragged a wee bit in some places, the humor and subject matter made it worthwhile I plan to read in the series.

    16. Leo says:

      Heston Blumenthal In SPAAAACE A very quick read with decently developed characters I would have liked it much if there was human recognizable gastronomy involved and if the plot did not start dragging on near the end Otherwise, the idea is brilliant and unique A professional chef fixing the food quality in a multi species space hospital Reminded me very much of the Draco Tavern related books by Larry Niven.

    17. Ursula says:

      It was wonderful to read a new to me Sector General novel after so many surely not 40 years This one had a perfect balance of classic extra terrestrial science fiction with foodie interests, medical concerns and even an almost 21st century appreciation of global ecological concerns All hail to James White, surely the undisputed master of xenological medicine in fiction.

    18. Bernard says:

      A fun book about intergalactic cuisine.

    19. Mignon says:

      Lightweight, but enjoyable.

    20. CJ says:

      It was fun but at a certain point I knew the ending and it just wasn t quite as much fun sitting along for the ride as I would have liked.

    21. Pam Bales says:

      The Sector General series is a hoot and a half Sector General is a 384 level space hospital that can handle patients of all kinds The whole series is old fashioned science fiction at its best.

    22. Joel Parisi says:

      Very clever, very amusing, and well crafted.

    23. Kelley says:

      A great companion to the Sector General Series It is a wonderfully fun book.

    24. Aaron says:

      Another SG trimpth

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